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Wads Fasdf
21st July 2011, 9:37 AM
Hey guys, me and a friend have recently found our old Pokemon games and decided to have a battle. We have a week to make our teams. So I just need a quick bit of advice on what mine looks like.


Starmie - surf
- thunderbolt
- ice beam
- psychic/recover

Starmie will be my lead to destroy things right off the bat. I'm thinking recover over psychic if I choose to use Alakazam.

Porygon - tri attack
- hyper beam
- thunderbolt
- recover/thunder wave

I've never used Porygon in 1st gen but that seems like a fun set.
Not too sure whether to use recover or thunder wave. I'm more inclined to use thunder wave I think.


Rock slide
Ice punch/fire punch

Machamp to do some serious damage with rock slide against the legendary birds/charizard. I know ice punch and fire punch are 2nd gen TMs, I have crystal to get them with. Im thinking fire punch as I've already got Ice beam on a couple.


Rock slide
Body slam????

Dugtrio to take any electric attacks that come my way. No idea what to use instead of body slam. Help?


Confuse ray

Gengar to be a nuisance with sleep and confusion, was thinking about dream eater for the last slot. Or perhaps counter. Could also replace him with Alakazam with the elemental punches + psychic

The last couple of slots I am having trouble with. I'm thinking flying, fire or electric type. Considering charizard, zapdos, arcanine or dodrio.

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. I'm not using Mew or mewtwo because they make fights too easy. Im pretty sure my mate will be using a charizard too.

Sorry if I've put this in the wrong section

21st July 2011, 8:42 PM
First off, I'm glad to see someone else making a 1st Generation Team. Check mine out when you get the chance.

Now, onto the suggestions. First thing would be to give Gengar Mega Drain; it will work wonders against Rhydon or Golem who can cause some trouble. Next, I would suggest either Sand Attack or Mimic when it comes to Dugtrio; you could easily grab a good sleeper move or Status if you're against an Electric type. Machamp doesn't really have the capacity for a good Special move, with the exception of Fire Blast (which could work). Body Slam or Hyper Beam could work on Machamp.

I'm not completely sure what to do with Porygon, it depends on what you're looking to do with it. Finally I would suggest something else with a good Special to absorb Grass or Psychic moves which you're weak to (maybe Alakazam or Zapdos are good options).