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27th July 2011, 3:47 AM
Please rate my Metagross/Cinccino deck. Its Steel/White with a small hint of psychic

Total Pokemon (28)
Beldum(4) - HS-Undaunted (Common) (Steel type)
Metang(1) - HS-Undaunted (Uncommon) (Steel type)
Metang(2) - HS-Unleashed (Uncommon) (Psychic type)
Metang(1) - Platinum—Supreme Victors (Uncommon) (Steel type)
Metagross(2) - HS-Undaunted (Rare) (Steel type)
Metagross(2) - Platinum—Supreme Victors (Rare) (Steel type)
Metagross(1) - EX Hidden Legends (Rare) (Steel/Psychic type)
Minccino(5) - Black and White (Common) (White type)
Cinccino(4) - Black and White (Rare) (white type)
Skarmory(2) -Diamond & Pearl—Great Encounters (Uncommon) (Steel type)
Skarmory(2) -HS-Undaunted (Rare) (Steel type)
Farfetch'd(2) - HGSS (Rare) (White type)

(4) Energy search
(2) Bebe's Search
(2) Luxury Ball

(12) Steel type energy
(3) Special Steel type energy
(9) Psychic type energy

This is one of my new'er decks i have made...
I have tons and tons of Pokemon Cards. I will post my other decks as well.

Please rate this one. Thanks

30th July 2011, 6:36 AM
Assuming you want an unlimited deck...

First of all, I think you should remove the Psychic type from your deck and make it just Metal and Colourless, for speed reasons. Going for quick damage with Cincinno and using Metagross for late game seems good.

Ideally you want Pachirisu GE as your starter-3 basics makes getting a 100 damage "Do the Wave" much easier.

You can only have 4 of a card in your deck so one Mincinno has to go.

Replace your Beldums with the Hidden Legends one with the "Magnetic Call" Poke Power to maximise your chances of getting Skarmory out. This also has great synergy with Cincinno's "Do the Wave" attack. Go for the Metang from Supreme Victors. You shouldn't be attacking with him anyway (unless as a last ditch scenario) and effectively free retreat sets him above the other Metangs. Metagross cards should be exchanged for the Legends Awakened one with "Magnetic Reversal", but I would personally keep one of the Metal Undaunted Metagross. This should give you decent offensive presence late game.

Your Energy count seems a bit high too. 4 special Metals and 6 basic metals with 4 Double colourless should do you good.

Biggest prob though is the lack of search/draw power with Trainers. Follow the list below though and you'll get a consistent T2 Cincinno at the latest.
Pokemon (21)

Beldum(3) - EX Hidden Legends
Metang(3) - Pt Supreme Victors
Metagross(1) - HS Undaunted
Metagross(2) - DP Legends Awakened
Minccino(3) - Black and White
Cinccino(3) - Black and White
Pachirisu(4)- DP Great Encounters
Shaymin-S(1)- HS Unleashed
Uxie(1)- DP Legends Awakened

Energy (14)
(6) Metal energy
(4) Special Metal energy
(4) Double Colourless energy

Trainers (25)
Pokemon Collector(3)
Roseanne's Research(3)
Bebe's Search(4)
Professor Juniper(3)
Luxury Ball(4)
Super Scoop Up(4)
Broken Time Space(4)

1st August 2011, 8:02 PM
Just make it Psychic and colorless. It's a waste to include the metal type beldum.

10th August 2011, 9:08 PM
You have four Beldum, four Metang, but five Metagross... why? Unless you used a Revive or something on Beldum and Metang, you couldn't use the fifth one. Am I just reading this wrong, or am I missing something? The rest of the deck looks good to me, Cinccino's 'Do the Wave' is deadly with lots of Basics.

11th August 2011, 3:32 AM
If your into the SV metagross, there is a combination useing cards like miasma valley, skarmory FB, and galactic HQ, to hko basic's as soon as they're dropped.