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30th July 2011, 5:18 PM
Hi this is my first rain dance team im free for any tips and advice i can also change any poke to one in HG HERE I GO
electrode Role:lead seaking Role: pysical attaker
-rain dance -megahorn
-explotion -water fall
- tunder - bonce
-taunt -raine dance
iteam: magnet item:foucus sash
nature: hasty nature:jolly
ability:static ability:swift swime
evs:252 satk/228 spd/28 atk evs:252 atk/252 spd /4 hp
electode is to use taunt to I am obsesd with seaking
prevent set ups rain dance ,tunder bounce is to get a free hit
rain dance , explotion

dewgong Role healer(sort of ) Omystar Role special sweeper
-safe garde b -hydropump
-stockpile -brime
-swallow -ice beam
-surf -ancent power
item:leftovers iteam wise glasses
nature:bold nature modest
ability: hydration ability swift swime
evs: 252 HP/ 100 DEF/152 SDEF
dew (get it) to it ok hp
i made him healer kinda of wall

Pkmn Trainer Porter
30th July 2011, 9:17 PM
rain dance i hate that move it make thunder a 100% hit.

30th July 2011, 9:48 PM
Your thread is very hard to read, and you've only listed 2 PKMN.

Please read the rules and try again.