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2nd August 2011, 3:25 AM
Hi all this is my shop. Hoping to make friends, enemies and battlers alike in my quest for pokemon fun, training, and breeding! I only have

-No Hacked Pokemon, you will be put on a ban list if I receive a hacked pokemon from you. All other pokemon are fine.
@Allow me time if you are requesting specific egg moves or natures or ev trained pokemon. I don't like to play pokemon all day long!
-Make me lose out on the trade and you will be put on a personal banned list on the thread as well.
@Become a constant positive trader and I will put you on a recommended list on the thread too.
-I will PM you if I am interested in trading with what you have to offer, please post in thread what you are interested in and some ideas on what you can offer.
@All other Serebii rules apply here.

well here goes

i have a a lvl 49 blastoise with a masterball
a lvl 28 shiny floatzel with a masterball
lvl 41 gabite with a masterball
vaporeon with a masterball
ambipom with a masterball
glaceon with a masterball
lvl 24 pickachu with a masterball
probopass with a masterball
a kingdra with a masterball giratina (UT)with a masterball
clefable (UT) with a masterballramparados lvl 83 with a masterball
rhyperior with a masterball
flareon with a masterball
joelteon with a masterball
leafeon (UT) with a masterball
bronzong (UT)with a amsterball
raichu with a masterball
pichu with eith a masterball or a evolutionary stone
Rotom with PKRS(UT)
dialga lvl 70 (UT) did it with rarecandies
Palkia lvl 70 (UT) did it with rarecandies
charizard with a masterball lvl 48
entei lvl 45 with a masterball
i also have a Dragonite lvl 80 something that is my favorite one so plz offer good for it

i also have a gengar lvl 53
golem lvl 62
alakazam lvl 54
i also have multiple dialgas
and multiple of azelef and uxie and the other one lol so i will now let you all offer me for them ty !

i also have alot of items mainly master balls and each trade comes with at least 1 masterball ty