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5th August 2011, 12:37 AM
So my friend and I are having a pokemon battle for old times sake, neither have us have played in years, so I really want to win. In order to do so I've spent some time on smogon and serebii looking at single pokemon strategies and have come up with a team I think may do well(: Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Again I did get a lot of the individual pokemon's information from smogon and serebii but I wanted to know how the overall team is more so than individuals and how I could improve the team and possibly improve the pokemon to benefit the team more!

At a glance:
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa461.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa143.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa232.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/plmfa/212.pnghttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa350.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa149.png

Individual Pokemon:


Weavile @ Choice Band
Adamant (+Atk, -SAtk)
4 HP/252 Atk /252 Spd
Ice Punch - Benefits from weavile's naturally high attack more so than ice beam or blizzard would. Also has STAB due to weavile's typing so its perfect for KO on dragons and flying types.
Night Slash - Just another STAB move for ghosts and psychic types
Low Kick - To take out Tyranitar and Heatran threats that may switch in on weavile. And also gives it a move to take out other dark types that may pose a threat.
Pursuit - Perfect for a switch in on a psychic type like alakazam, being a dark type it won't deal any damage to weavile and then pursuit will hit it more powerfully if they decide to switch out on it

An all around good physical sweeper for my team I think with the added strength from the expert belt and EV'd attack I think it'd work best for my team either as a lead to do some major damage early on or to save for later on to pick off the rest of my opponents team after theyre damaged..


Snorlax @ Leftovers
Thick Fat
Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)
188 HP/104 Def/ 216 SDef
Body Slam - Main STAB move and does regular damage to most things so after a few curses it should be a good move to sweep my opponents pokemon that don't resist it
Curse - To up snorlax's attack and defense so it can one take a hit better and two sweep more effectively and add on to snorlax's already decent attack stat
Crunch - For any pesky ghost types like gengar with focus blast so snorlax at least has some sort of chance to deal some damage to them
Rest - To inrcrease snorlax's longevity and make it a real pain for my opponent to KO. Also lets me heal after taking damage from setting up a few curses

A very good tank for my team. Can take quite a bit before going out and at the same time pose a physical threat for my opponent. Your typical curselax basically..also I think it'd be a good switch in on most ghost type pokemon that may cause a threat to the rest of my team


Donphan @ Leftovers
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
252 HP/188 Atk/ 68 Def
Rapid Spin - Just to spin away anything put down my opponent without taking too much damage on the switch in
Stealth Rock - After I rapid spin away anything my opponent had down I can effectively set up my own to injure their pokemon on switch in to make sweeping their team a little bit easier
Earthquake - Benefits from STAB and donphans decent base attack stat. Also offers pretty good type coverage
Stone Edge - Good to take out most flying types and the occasional gyarados.

I'm thinking of donphan as something to send out earlier in the match to set up stealth rock early on and then maybe sweep a tiny bit before going down. All in all I don't see it lasting too too long but its mainly there to just get rid of spikes, SR, or TS and then put up some of its own.


Scizor @ Choice Band
Adamant (+Atk, - SAtk)
248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Spe
Bullet Punch - After technician and choice band its a really strong move
U-Turn - Lets it switch out pretty easily and do significant damage before it does
Superpower - Gives it coverage on common switch ins like heatran
Pursuit - Lets it do some damage if my opponent decides to switch out

Scizor would be another good sweeper and because of its typing gives it a good resistance to ice and dragon based attacks. And it doesn't leave my team with any big weaknesses to any one type


Milotic @ Leftovers
Marvel Scale
Bold Nature (+Def, - Atk)
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Surf - Good for STAB and offers good type coverage, again not much to explain here either
Recover - Gives a good chance for milotic to last longer and continue to deal damage
Hidden Power Electric - Gives it some extra coverage and lets it pose a threat on its fellow water types as well
Ice Beam - Offers better type coverage than just surf, good for dragons and flying types.

Milotic has always been a personal favorite. In this set its being used as somewhat of a special tank. Can take a hit and dish out some damage at the same time. Leftovers + Marvel Scale + Recover + Ev's in Defense and HP + Big SDef base stat = A big pain to knock out. (:


Dragonite @ Life Orb
Inner Focus
Mild (+SAtk, -Def)
4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Fire Punch - Lets it be a viable switch in on snorlax threats like lucario and other steel types
Roost - To heal it if it takes a lot of damage and make it last longer
Draco Meteor - Main STAB move, lets it deal a lot of damage to anything that doesn't resist
Superpower - Gives it better type coverage and has significant power

Another physical sweeper that can take most hits pretty well and then take out the opposing pokemon. Pretty straight forward set not too many surprises here

Well thats my team (: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I mean I'm sure it isn't that great but I would just like some feedback before I go out and breed and train this team. Nothings worse than spending hours breeding for the right thing only to find out that it isn't the best thing(: Thank you for your time! :)

6th August 2011, 8:05 AM
It's a good team but I think you have too many physical sweepers. I don't think Scizor fits in well really. You have a sweeper in Dragonite and Weavile so I don't think Scizor is necessary. It would be good to fit in a hazer of some kind to stop stuff sweeping your team. Weezing could do a good job and can also give you electric coverage.

Weezing @salac berry\leftovers
EVs: 252 HP 128 s. atk 124 speed or 124 sp. def \def if you're running lefties
Destiny bond (if you're running salac) or Will-o-wisp
Sludge bomb

9th August 2011, 7:40 AM
I don't know I kind of wanted something with u-turn so i don't get damaged so much on switch ins. And scizor can tank most hits while also dishing out some good power on u turns... weezing seems like it may be too fragile

PT Mismagius
11th August 2011, 5:43 PM
weezing seems like it may be too fragileWeezing fragile?! Weezing is known as one of the best physical tanks out there and is defiently NOT fragile.

I see a few major problems on your team:

1. You have two Banded Pokemon, I think that is pretty unwise as now two of your pokes cannot switch moves. At least give one of the a Scarf.

2. You have no special sweepers. Sure you have Milotic, but he isn't there to sweep and is your only poke that is special.

3. You have way to many physical attackers. I think you should replace Weavile with a special attacker, like Zapdos or Shaymin.

11th August 2011, 10:31 PM
Ohh...I didn't know that...but i've substituted milotic for a better suited starmie and then donphan for a metagross which should be able to last longer and do more damage while still setting up stealth rocks..and dragonite im using as a mixed attacker, i forgot to fix the nature and EV spread of it

22nd August 2011, 7:26 PM
heres my opinion.
use who you think is good. if you want physical sweepers then use em.
in my white i have all physical and special sweepers with no moves to set up like stealth rock or u turn, just all out attacks and that works for me, so if thhis team works for you then use it.