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9th August 2011, 5:17 PM
This is one of the first decks I made. I lost it, found it, and modified it, so please feel free to help make my deck better as I'm not the best TCG player.


Chimichar Majestic Dawn (57/100) x1
Monferno Diamond and Pearl (56/130) x1
Infernape Diamond and Pearl (5/130) x1
Pikachu Stormfront (70/100) x1
Raichu Majestic Dawn (45/100) x1
Magmar Secret Wonders (54/123) x1
Magmortar Supreme Victors (6/147) x1
Magnemite Stormfront (67/100) x1
Magneton Power Keepers (16/108) x1
Magnezone Stormfront (6/100) x1
Shinx Diamond and Pearl (98/130) x1
Luxio Diamond and Pearl (52/130) x1
Luxray Legends Awakened (8/146) x1
Torkoal Platnium (100/133) x1
Electabuzz Diamond and Pearl (81/130) x1
Purugly G Platnium (88/127) x1


Fire Energy x12
Electric Energy x 13
Warpn Energy Power Keepers x1


Potion x3
Poke Ball x1
Master Ball Power Keepers x1
Poke Drawer + Stromfront (89/100) x1
Dusk Ball Majestic Dawn (80/100) x1
Plus Power x1
Energy Removal 2 Power Keepers (74/108) x1
Double Full Heal Crystal Gaurdians (77/100) x1


Conductive Quarry Stormfront (82/100) x1


Bebe's Search Secret wonders (109/123) x1
Cynthia's Feelings Legends Awakened (131/146) x1

Pokemon Tools:

Memory Berry Cyrstal Gaurdians (80/100) x1

The only reason almost everything is x1 is because that's all I have. I did just get an Electivire a couple of days ago from an HS Triumphant booster pack, but I don't know what to take out form my deck. Thanks for the help.

Edit: I took out Dratini, Dragonair, and some energies to add two Mareep, Flaffy, 1 Ampharos, and another Chimchar along with an Electivire. I still need to research al lof their info, so I'll update this again later.

9th August 2011, 5:21 PM
It looks good but I think you should have at least two of each base pokemon, so say if Chimchar got knocked out it wouldn't render Infernape useless

9th August 2011, 6:21 PM
I guess I could take out my Dratini and Dragonair to make room for another Chimichar and an Electvire. I mean without Dragonite, those two are almost completely useless

9th August 2011, 6:29 PM
Excatly right.....

10th August 2011, 1:00 AM
You'll definitely want more than one of the base forms. But if you only have a few, try running some Dual Balls and/or Pokemon Communication to get out what you want when you need it. Also some Revives if you have an early base knock out. Supporters are also good to have if you have any more.

10th August 2011, 1:20 AM
okay, thanks. I do have 1 revive, but I've got three other decks running so my supplies are limited.

11th August 2011, 3:42 AM
Naw to slow for unlimited, try this list out

4-2-4 luxray LA
2-2-2 magnezone SF
4 pachirisu (3 energy) optional
2-3 shaymin UD (energy switch) optional
3-4 uxie LA

4 RC

23 electric energy

This is the hammer version, The skeleton is made to basically setup t1 and hit for 100 - 150, I came up with the idea when the format was md-on. Also consider cards like uxie la, Roseannes research, claydol Great encounter's to greatly improve the draw/search power of your deck. everything in unlimited is made for t1-t2 victory, so be certain of how fast you set everything up for.

21st August 2011, 8:09 PM
youll want more of the basic pokemon so you should have 3 chimchars,2 monfernos and 1 infernape or 4 chimchars 3 monfernos and 2 infernapes.and do that for all evolutions hope i helped and if you want to trade or battle PM me your fc