View Full Version : 4th gen - last slot suggestions?

12th August 2011, 2:55 AM
I'm still deciding on the last one. What would you use?

Dragonite (Adamant, Life Orb, HP4/Att252/Sp252) Outrage/Fire Punch/Roost/Dragon Dance

Milotic (Bold, LO, HP252/Def252/SpAtt4) Surf/Ice Beam/Hypnosis/Recover

Gengar (Timid, Focus Sash, HP4/SpAtt252/Sp252) Icy Wind/Shadow Ball/Focus Blast/Destiny Bond ... usually my lead

Forretress (Relaxed, ?, HP252/Att80/Def252) Rapid Spin/Stealth Rock/Light Screen/Gyro Ball

Crobat (Jolly, Black Sludge, HP4/Att252/Sp252) Brave Bird/Super Fang/Taunt/Confuse Ray

1. I am feeling like a special sweeper or something with a good special attack would be best for the last slot. Maybe Electric.

2. I am undecided on Forretress' item and attack move. I may swap Gyro Ball for Earthquake. It has almost perfect IVs, so I didn't want to get a new one, but the speed makes Gyro ball bad below a certain speed threshold.