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18th August 2011, 2:27 AM
Ok so this is my first rate my team but i think i have a pretty good team over all i would just like some outside opinions on it.
Im using heart gold and platinum version btw just so everyone knows what i have access too.

Beedrill Nature: Adament/ item: ???
Ability: Swarm
EVs: 252 att/252 speed
1) U-turn
2) Poison jab
3)Toxic spikes
4)Double team

Beedrill is my opening poke and i use him for more of a scout and hazard set-up then anything although i have used him to sweep with BP on another team

Houndoom Nature: Modest/ item:???
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 Sp.Att/252 speed
1)Dark Pulse
3)Nasty Plot
4)Double Team

Houndoom is my special sweeper and is overall just one of my favorite pokemon im not really sure what item i wanna use on him yet i was thinking something like wide lens or scope lens but again not too sure and as for double team i put that in there just to have if you can think of something better or more useful feel free to give suggestions.

Kangaskhan Nature:Careful/ Item:Chesto Berry
EVs: 252 Sp.Def/252 HP

Kangeskhan is my special wall and in some cases my physical too. its nto as bulky as most walls can be but he can block a fair amount of punishment. with Scrappy ghosts can still take a hit from headbutt which i have had help quite a bit in the last while and outrage is actually kinda fun to see on a pokemon that isn't a dragon and to be honest i don't think many people will expect it. i have a chesto berry on him for rest just to heal him up but for the most part its only to heal him after a substitute which from his 410 hp is pretty nice.

Donphan Nature: Adament/ Item:Leftovers
Ability: sturdy
EVs 252 hp/252 att
2)Thunder fang
3)Rapid Spin
4)Iron Defense

So Donphan is my physical wall and sweeper. thunder fang to cover nasty water attacks which will more then likely go first but there is always switching. earthqquake for STAB rapid spin for hazards and iron defence to boost my defense up a tad more.

Starmie Nature:Modest/ Item:???
Ability:Natural Cure
EVs 252 Sp.att / 252 speed
2)Calm mind
4)Surf/Water Pulse/ T-bolt

Starmie is one of my favorite pokemon but i cannot decide on what i like best for its final move surf give it the stab and so does water pulse but T-bolt can help a lot some times too. i have found myself changing the attacks after every battle only too need it the next fight and not have it which sucks but over all i have found surf is the better if you have other suggestions pls let me know.

Breloom Nature:Adament/ Item:Muscle band
Ability: Effect Spore
EVs 252 att/252 speed
1)Seed bomb
2)Force palm
3)Swords Dance
4)Thunder Punch

My main physical sweeper Swords dance for a little more kick. Seed Bomb and Force palm for STAB and Thunder punch to cover 4X weakness to flying

Ok this was my first team if you have suggestions please leave them and more then anything can i get some suggestions for items i don't have a clue when it comes to items most of the time :(