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18th August 2011, 4:45 AM
You could say this deck is unlimited but it has mainly cards from the Black and White set. So here goes :)

Deck Title: Not your ordinary Snivy!

Snivy 1/114 x4 B&W
Servine 3/114 x3 B&w
Serperior 5/114 x2 B&w
Serperior 6/114 B&w
Petilil 9/114 x2 B&w
Lilligant 10/114 B&w
Zorua 70/114 x2 B&w
Zoroark 71/114 B&w
Zoroark BW09 Promo B&w
Zekrom 47/114 B&w
Zekrom BW005 B&w
Zekrom 114/114 B&w
Scyther 65/90 HS Undaunted
Scizor(Prime) 84/90 HS Undaunted
Tyrogue 33/123 HGSS

Energy Retrieval 92/114 x2 B&w
Revive x2 B&w
Professor Juniper x2 B&w
Energy Search x4 B&w
Pokeball 97/114 x2 B&w
Pokemon Communication 99/114 x2 B&w
Potion x2 B&w
Life Herb 90/101 ???

Grass x11
Lighting x4
Metal(SP) x2
Rainbow Energy 95/109
Double Rainbow Energy 88/95

This is my first deck and I can't wait until Emerging Powers to be on track with more experienced players, as for build a EP Modified deck I have alot of funds so I will take all recommendations into account.

Thank you.

21st August 2011, 4:42 PM
your deck is pretty good but you should get another scyther in case your one scyther gets knocked out before you get a chance to evolve and what does PM mean

23rd August 2011, 3:34 AM
I always have scyther benched and get 2 metal energies on him until I draw or win scizor then reverse it up xD

PM means private message

27th August 2011, 3:54 PM
I would switch out the Lilligant from B/W with a Lilligant from Emerging Powers.
The Lilligant from EP has Bemusing Aroma, and only uses one energy. Plus, it does 30 damage. Then, you flip a coin. If heads, the defending Pokemon is poisoned and paralyzed, if tails, it's confused. So, either way, the opponent's Pokemon may not be able to attack you again. C: