View Full Version : Grass/Fighting Deck; Suggestions needed.

27th August 2011, 4:48 PM
So, I scrapped my last idea of the grass deck I wanted to build.
Instead, I decided to keep grass and include fighting. Why? I shall explain.
So, last night, the 26th, I went to an Emerging Powers pre-release in my city. I was there for five hours, and I had a blast. I was first place in the senior division in the first event, and in the afterdraft, I was also a first place winner, earning me four more packs of Emerging Powers.
Due to the success that I had with the grass and fighting types, I decided to make a real 60 card deck based upon what I had used at the prerelease.

I did pull five Pokemon Catchers in all, one is a reverse. I ended up trading a regular one, though.

Note that all these cards (excluding energy) are from the Emerging Powers set.

My deck;;
x11 Grass Energy
x10 Fighting Energy

Cheren x1
Bianca x1
Great Ball x2
Pokemon Catcher x4; This is my new best friend- literally. This card was probably my key to success, as I was able to switch out the opponent's Pokemon with one of their benched Pokemon of my choosing. That way, I could take out all the low HP basics and gain prize cards quickly.
Max Potion x2
Recycle x2

Terrakion 63/98 x1; I really like the legendary "deer" because they have the attack Sacred Sword, which allows them to do 100 damage. Even though they can't use Sacred Sword on the next turn, they can still use their other attacks.
Roggenrola 50/98 x3
Boldore 52/98 x2; This is my least favorite Boldore, but it can still do 80 damage at max. However, if you flip the coin and get tails, you're going to do 20 damage to him.
Boldore 51/98 x1; I love this card. Power Gem does a whopping 80 damage, with no side effects.
Gigalith 53/98 x1; Rock Bullet is great if you've got lots of fighting energy attached to Gigalith, because it does a minimum of 40 damage, plus 20 for each fighting energy attached to it.
Drillbur 55/98 x2
Excadrill 57/98 x1; I really like both of my Excadrills, due to the fact that they've both got some pretty useful attacks. This one has the attack "Dig", which does 30 damage. However, if I flip a coin and it lands on heads, it will prevent damage and any effects done to Excadrill during the opponent's next turn.
Excadrill 56/98 x1; Oh dear. Drill run is amazing. Not only does it do 80 damage, but when you use it, you can discard one energy attached to the defending Pokemon.

Petilil 13/98 x3
Lilligant 14/98 x2; Another great card. I especially love Bemusing Aroma. It only does 20 damage, but allows you to flip a coin. If heads, the defending Pokemon is Paralyzed AND poisoned. If tails, it's confused. And all just for one energy.
Sewaddle 3/98 x3
Swadloon 5/98 x3; Double Razor leaf is very useful. You flip a coin two times, and it does 50 damage times the number of heads. However, you're taking a chance; if it always lands on tails, well, you're out of luck with that attack.
Leavanny 7/98 x2; Nurturing is great if you're in need of an evolution for one of your benched Pokemon. You can search your deck for any evolution and immediately evolve the Pokemon that it evolves from. X-Scissor is also great, as it can do up to 80 damage.
Virizion 17/98 x2; I like to use Sacred Sword once to deal a massive 100 damage, and since I can't use it next turn, I use Giga Drain to deal 30 damage as well as heal 30 damage from Virizion.

All in all, I think I did pretty well at the pre-release, using a combination of cards from the main event and the afterdraft. There was one little kid who was probably 9, and he beat me once by piling energy onto Darmanitan while it was on the bench. Then, when I defeated one of his Pokemon with Virizion or another grass type, he would bring Darmanitan out and immediately KO my Pokemon.
However, the second time I played him in the final round, I managed to pull a Pokemon Catcher or two and switch his Darmanitan out with some low HP basics, allowing me to take the victory. C:

That was my first time at a pre-release, or modified tournament of any kind, so if you see something that just doesn't seem like a good strategy or such, please tell me and I'll fix a few things accordingly~