View Full Version : Samurpede deck :p

27th August 2011, 4:58 PM
this is the first deck I have created in a long time. Its a novice deck but I think its cute :p lots of B/W pokes and a mix of a couple generations. Please tell me what you think :/ Im kinda starting over with the tcg ( been playing online learning new rules, pokemon, and such. ) since there are no crazy cool BW pokemon cards like primes or lv X available or whatever its a fairly simple deck. Please, before you judge look at some of the cards online from their expansion abreviated below because some pokemon have different attack/hp in different expansions.

psychic 9x
water 12x
rainbow energy 1x
health energy 1x
double colorless energy 1x


Cheren 1x
Professor Juniper 1x
Plus Power 1x
Pokeball 1x
Moomoo milk 1x
Revive 1x
Life herb 2x


Oshawott BW 3x
Dewott BW 2x
Samurott BW 1x
Magikarp CoL 1x
Gyarados HGSS 1x
Vaporeon CoL 1x
Venipede BW:EP 3x
Whirlipede BW 2x
Whirlipede BW:EP 1x
Scolipede BW:EP 1x
Roserade C PLT:SV 1x
Seviper CoL 1x
Espeon HGSS:UD 1x
Jigglypuff HGSS 1x
Wigglytuff HGSS 1x
Eevee CoL 3x
Dragonite FB PLT:SV 1x
Snorlax Col 1x
Altaria C PLT:SV 1x
Audino BW 1x