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30th August 2011, 9:29 PM
So, I won't lie last season i didn't do so hot, I made 50/50, could have been life (porbably, things we're out of hand for a good 5-8 months), and I'm not digging where the format is going, anyways so I decided to step down and make a few last hurra deck's until the end of the season (even those this is the start of it, where i plan on going back to playing unlimited), a.k.a leisure decks with surprisingly effective result's against such cards as beartic, zoroark, donphan, reshiram, magnezone, etc, etc. Anyways here's the list for righto

3-3 lilligant EP
1-1-1 samurott b/w (ability)
2-1 RSL, UL
1 absol prime
2 tornadus EP
2 shaymin UD

6 grass energy
2 water energy
3 rainbow energy

4 copycat
4 communications
2 collector
1 fisherman
1 burned tower
2 blackbelt
3 great ball
1 rare candy
1 catcher
1 flower shop lady
1 junk arm
1 bianca
1 prof juniper
3 IQ

strategy: Okay, so back (it's raining, sales, not working, nuff sed). setup with whatever and setup initially is everything then work, card strategy's.

Tornadus EP: Is pure setup, set's everything with a t2-t3 setup to t1, with dce and rescue becomes a solid front liner, this is not the donphan counter, contrary to stupid website's (why, you might as well just run samurott with shaymin, better result's)

Lilligant EP: The first match up I had with lilligant was against a 2-2 or 3-3 beartic line, lilligant demolished it. I found over various testing, I have slight issue's on the coin flip however I can over settle it with other kinds of strategy's, being t1 status disruption it gives me tons of setup time for everything else, this actually has the best ratio with tornadus and one of my fav 5th gen pokemon.

Absol prime: Why absol prime, mew prime. I assume with mew prime making it's come back gengar will make as a hefty tech, and seeing that this is a leisure deck I need some kind of fast dark weakness counter.

RSL vs samurott: My various counter line, alot of popular decks have three favorite weaknesses, water, electric and fighting, taken that into account I decided to fit the two strongest on both end's, raichu would have been a good option, but having a dual type at 160 in the deck is more flexible.

Shaymin UD: Absol drop, heal tech, energy switch tech.

It depends on the matchup usually depends on the strategy but it's usually just lilligants and tornadus.

5th September 2011, 4:03 AM
so I went to the league today and I was disappointed because I lost to goth's and reneculus (the baby thing at stage 2 with 90 hp moves hp where ever) anyways he trainer locked me and was using trainer's with gothitelle, so I was like eff that, I'm gonna run trainer lock. so here's the re-edit

3-3 lilligant EP
2-1 RSL UL (or 2-2, switch out for cheren)
1-0-1 vileplume UD
2 tornadus EP
2 shaymin UD
1 audino EP

6 grass energy
4 dce
3 electric energy
2 water
1 rainbow

1 cheren
4 IQ
3 communications
2 collector
2 judge
4 copycat
1 juniper
2 rare candy
1 switch
3 burned tower
1 twins
1 bianca
1 flower shop lady
2 black belt

orignally before the re-edit I just ran that pokemon line with at least 10-12 trainer's, the orignal startegy works, tornadus with lilligant setups, then sweep with RSL, the dual RSL was a though but got droped for trainer lock considering I was running 2 legend box but switched them for 2 rare candy on the spot.

After the re-edit I won, but by only taking a few prize's first hand with lillgant, then sweeping, goths are annoying >.>.