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1st September 2011, 10:20 PM
Hey, I'm sort of new to the different aspects of competitive battling, so bear with me... This is the team I plan to have:

Gardevoir- Modest - Trace
-Calm Mind
-Fire Punch

Lanturn - Calm - Volt Absorb
-Thunder Bolt
-Ice Beam
-Thunder Wave

Swampert - Impish
-Rock Slide
-Ice Beam

Skarmory - Impish
-Drill Peck

Aggron - Brave
-Rock Slide
-Ice Beam
-Focus Punch

Ludicolo - Modest
-Energy Ball
-Ice Beam
-Rain Dance

I know it probably doesn't look that great, there is a lot of water.

Also, right now I have a Mudkip with a Silly nature and an Aron with a Jolly Nature. I have a few Ralts, with Docile(synchronize) , Adamant (trace), and Relaxed (trace) natures.

I'm willing to breed (if possible) for the right nature, but my Mudkip is male. If theres anything good that can be done with the natures of Pokemon I already have that would be better, though~

Also, I can't trade or duplicate TMs and I'm not sure how the hidden power moves work...

I'd like to get gold medals at the Battle Frontier, though. And have an overall good team~

1st September 2011, 10:54 PM
And I'm not sure which abilities would be best, either, for most of them.