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4th September 2011, 8:35 AM
This Will be the discussion thread for D&D The Forgotten Gate.

The Player character's..

Seat one - SerperiorQueen - Rose Thorne
Seat two - Pokemon_exceeder - Arro Bitsy
Seat three - Joe The White Knight - Robert The Righteous
Seat four - DragonMaster26 - Altair Ibn la-Ahad
Seat five - Mystic x Reaper - Nex Achron

Will discuss anything that needs to be talked about, in regards to D&D The Forgotten Gate.

The Group at a glance, so far.

Rose Thorne - Elf - Druid / Help of Nature
Arro Bitsy - Halfling - Ranger (Bow and Arrow) / Ranged attacks
Robert The Righteous - Dragonborn - Fighter / Sheer Melee, close combat
Altair Ibn la-Ahad - Fire Genasi - Paladin / Melee combat, Healing friends.
Nex Achron - Human - Monk / Hand to hand combat, Melee,Psion.

Game Play will start soon. As soon as I have the Game play thread up and running I will post a link.

RaZoR LeAf
4th September 2011, 11:32 AM
No permission, no thread. Try again in a week.