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Midnight Darkrai
6th September 2011, 10:30 PM
This deck is based around healing the damage caused to Zekrom by Bolt Strike and getting energies to it from Ampharos. It still has a few kinks, I realize, but you know, it's a WIP idea XD

I'd love to get your feedback!


3-2-3 Serperior (All Ability)
3-2 Dodrio (Pokebody that reduces retreat cost by two, makes all Pokemon in deck retreat for free essentially)
3 Zekrom
3-1-3 Ampharos (Two regular, one Prime)
2 Cleffa (In case of a bad starting hand)


2 Switch
4 Rare Candy
1 Copycat
3 Professor Oak's New Theory
4 Pokemon Communication
2 Pokemon Collector
1 Professor Juniper


10 Grass
6 Electric
2 Rainbow

7th September 2011, 3:46 AM
You want to heal, how about reniculus and max potion, the reason why I mention this is because it allows you to move damage counter's around, then with max potion you heal a mass of built up damage at a time (if you want max potion back in your hand use junk arm) or build up as much damage on zekrom so zekrom does 1hko's with outrage. Its actually much more effective to run cards like interviewer's, shaymin UD's and pachirisu COL to setup a donk to a fast Turn 1 1hko with zekrom. Relying on a stage 2 to setup a basic has been proven ineffective (reshiboar and reshiphlosion, they're now teir 3 deck's). Also for you're energy line I suggest DCE and electric, with a couple to a few grass energy to increase the effectiveness of zekrom as it is this deck's most dangerous commodity.