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26th September 2011, 1:48 AM
Well I haven't collected Pokemon cards in years so this will have to be an unlimited deck, so here we go.

Pokemon (26):
2x Piplup (DP) ;393;
2x Piplup (DP: MD) ;393;
2x Prinplup (DP) ;394;
1x Prinplup (DP: MD) ;394;
2x Empoleon (DP) ;395;
1x Empoleon (DP: MD) ;395;
3x Aron (EX RS) (2x 50/109, 1x 49/109) ;304;
1x Aron (EX PK) ;304;
1x Lairon (DP: MT) ;305;
1x Lairon (EX RS) ;305;
1x Lairon (EX S) ;305;
1x Aggron (EX RS) ;306;
1x Aggron (EX PK) ;306;
1x Aerodactyl (DP: MD) ;142;
1x Kecleon (DP: SW) ;352;
1x Skormary EX (EX PK) ;227;
1x Wingull (EX RS) ;278;
1x Pelipper (EX RS) ;279;
1x Mawile (EX PK) ;303;

Trainers (19):
2x Bebe's Search
2x Energy Search
1x Old Amber
1x Fossil Excavator
1x Mom's Kindness
1x Professor Rowan
1x Professor Birch
1x Professor Elm's Training Method
2x Plus Power
1x Dusk Ball
1x PokeDex HANDY909
2x Energy Restore
2x Energy Switch
1x Steven's Advice

Energy (15):
5x Water Energy
4x Metal Energy
1x Multi Energy
1x Boost Energy
1x Delta Species Rainbow Energy
1x Rainbow Energy
1x Double Colorless Energy
1x Call Energy

This deck is mainly based around my Empoleons (including Lv. X, for the beginning of the match) and then my Aggrons (which I have less of, to finish things off), and other Pokemon are just there because of their abilities/attacks and I needed more Pokemon in case I couldn't reach Empoleon or Aggron. A Blastoise, Metagross EX, and Pidgeot set were considered here, but I only have one of each so that won't work (plus they are all Stage 2). Kecleon's ability is nice, and same with Aerodactyl. Skormary EX is a nice Basic sweeper, Wingull-Pelipper really can be a nice two turn sweeper, and Mawile has Call For Family, and his other attack's ability is nice.

Thanks ahead of time everyone!

26th September 2011, 3:00 AM
Hmm, I like what you've got going but i have some major deck changing proposition's.

1. empoleon, md and dp versus pt (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Empoleon_(Platinum_26)) , pt empoleon is pure snipe and it's first attack is what get's things going by reducing you're opponent's hand down to nothing.

2. You're T/S/S (trainer/supporter/stadium) line is very shaky, so let's get thing's shakin
2x Bebe's Search (2 more, or 2 celios network or pokemon communications)
2x Energy Search (replace for rosseane's reaserch, let's you draw both basic's and energy, or energy exchanger to exchange basic energy for special)
1x Old Amber (reduce a fossil excavator for another one)
1x Mom's Kindness (take out)
1x Professor Rowan (take out)
1x Professor Birch (take out)
1x Professor Elm's Training Method
2x Plus Power (expert belt)
1x Dusk Ball (luxuary ball)
1x PokeDex HANDY909 (take out)
2x Energy Restore (power tree or burnt tower, continuous energy restore)
2x Energy Switch (shaymin undaunted)
1x Steven's Advice (take out)

For cards to take out consider cards like copy cat, prof oaks new theory, judge, etc, cards that let you get a new hand per turn. And broken time space and rare candy to increase the evo lines playability, like empoleon and metagross, but i would consider putting in a minimum of 2 T/S/S search and re-draw cards to increase the playability of those cards.

3. Beef against burnt tower or power tree, then make the deck more effective for oyu, don't play it against decks that can benefit from it dropping energy to get ahead.

looking to trade for an empoleon lv.x eh? just use empoleon pt, it does the same thing for 10 less damage and it's continuous.

edit: I forgot this is unlimited uxie LA.