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Ryano Ra
9th February 2005, 1:11 AM
The Authors’ Profile
This was approved by the Fan-Fic Moderator, Dragonfree. Here, authors can post their own profiles about writing. That way, it would be much easier for authors to post what stories they have out, and give out writing tips to their reviewers. Also, they could really go technical and post great comments about their story to attract more reviewers. Well, when doing you profile, please include the following as a base. Once including these, you can add whatever you would like to.

Name: Your username, but real names can be placed here.

Age: Your current age

Strong Areas: Your strong areas in writing; for example, you could list that you are good in length, plots, and descriptions.

Type Of Writing: Your favorite types of writing you like to write; for example, you might like to write Romance, Humor, or Fantasy stories.

Type Of Characters: What type of characters do you like to write? List however many type of characters are easy for you to write.

Current Stories: List all of your current stories that are out. Summaries are optional. For stories, list rating, star-vote counts, genre, ect.

[OPTIONAL] Future Stories: List all of your future stories that will come out. Summaries are optional, but recommended.

Writing Tips: Here, give a few useful tips that can help new authors that are inspired. With all of our combined tips, it could really help many people. The tips could even help yourself.

Well, with that said, I’ll set an example by submitting my profile first.

Name: Serpent Syra (AKA Syra, Sy, Ry, or 'Rawr')

Age: Fourteen

Strong Areas: A few of my strong areas in writing are definitely descriptions and plot. I love to describe everything that happens, which can create vivid scenes and juicy paragraphs. My abilities of description come from my complex mind, since I sometimes visualize things in a different world, a different type of way. I love to create my own worlds with lots of beautiful things and items that'll grab interest, and that's partially where my description talent comes from. My plots always seen to twist and turn my readers, usually because I develop cliffhangers and roadblocks, which means that the plot could be turning into something different when it actually isn't.

Type Of Writing: I am a complete Fantasy Writer, since basically all of my writing tends to fall in that category. I am starting to develop reasonable skills in the Dark Romance department, in which I'll be experimenting with throughout my upcoming years of Pokemon writing. Also, I'm a lover of writing Action Fanfictions, Origin Fanfictions [like how Pokemon started out], and then there are Documentary Fanfiction, as in like Animal Planet specials and such converted in the Pokemon Version. However, you'll be finding a sum of Fantasy pieces and Action fanfictions from me, so prepare for magical adventures, violence, and beautiful new worlds.

Type Of Characters: I love to write dark characters, now that I have been magically touched by the personality of Lucy. I also love to write about two characters developing a hardcore relationship with magical twists, loss, and scenes that'll blow your minds, wondering if they are still together or not. Pokemon Rangers seem to be quite excellent for me to write about as well, and Pokemon Trainers are definitely one. Outside of Pokemon, I love to write about characters who are underclassed or vagrants, as well as safeguards, protectors, kings, queens, royalty families, and guardians.

+CURRENT FANFICTIONAL PROJECTS+http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Aleykale/oat850.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=101958)
“The adventure of a lifetime, accompanied by sheer chaos, deranged legendaries, and the complex universe of the Slinx Insanity Virus. Soon, there will be a Horizon with No Dawn.”

Shadow Beauty (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=91029)
“When people look into my eyes, they see a stronghearted beast. However, when I look at my reflection, I see an atrocious being that does not deserve the Gift of Life.”

The Fairy-Tale Sea (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=90432)
“They say that around the world of legendaries lay an ultimate fairy-tale around an angel who tried to capture one before. However, what Life has to offer now must pay revenge on the rule-breaker.”

Eternity's Prison (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=95755)
“When a warrior takes the life of his own kind, he suffers greatly. With one choice by the legendary known as Latios, shall he be released and die or drown in eternal pain, locked in eternity's prison?”

“Freedom is a blessing from Heaven, a gift that leaves many in infinite happiness. However, when on the brink of death, sometimes, the greatest feeling is giving up what you have greatly cherished.”

“The Gods of the End promised they would end life as fast as they created it, only when the balance was broken. Together, Mew and Mewtwo will destroy the earth, and search until the end of time.”

“Lies, happiness, battles, pressure, blood, sweat, and tears - all will bestuck to the Spiderweb of Life, forever cherished, no matter the outcomes. Come and soar on the wings that hold the memories.”

“Adventure through the land of Kanto, when the shinies were about to be sacrificed. Legendaries have gathered and are ready to exterminate the beasts. The Shining Tempest Legacy is about to begin.”

“Deep within the jungles of Galabonia lies a terrorizing assassin organization known as the Jade Clovers. They fight, they kill, and they win. Live the tale of two assassins as they fight for vengeance.”

Writing Tips: Try using a Thesaurus to replace smaller words with more vivid words. It will make your writing seem more unique, and will have a rather better taste to it. For example, instead of using 'sad' in a sentence, try using gloomy, depressing, cheerless, poignant, or distressing. For 'happy', you could use content, joyful, cheerful, jovial, ecstatic, or even the phrase 'on cloud nine'. Trust me, a Thesauruses give the best synonyms for words. But do not rely solely on the Thesaurus. Make sure the synonym is being used correctly, for their have similar meanings towards one another, not the exact same meaning.

Make a handy pocket Dictionary come to good use to double-check the words, making sure they fit the sentence and the message you are trying to give, whether it is an action or a descriptive paragraph. And make sure to give your characters life, and place them into an original plot and setting. And look what the result is -- a true fanfiction.

9th February 2005, 1:38 AM
Name: Dragonfree. Also known as Butterfree, but usually Dragonfree.
Age: 15.
Strong Areas: Characterization, definitely. It seems to be a natural thing, considering that even *shudders* the original Quest for the Legends was praised for its characters. To tell you the truth, I never actually decide "Okay, this guy is going to be really short-tempered and mean". I just decide "Okay, this guy is named Sean" and his lines magically appear ever after, without me having to bother thinking about it at all. I'm also very good at covering plot holes so that everything makes sense afterwards, which is what every bit of a mystery in The Quest for the Legends came from. I discover a plot hole, I invent something that makes perfect sense and explains the whole thing, and the way that interacts with other plots and all that becomes, though I say it myself, very clever. Who's ever heard of a Pokémon fic that ties in with ideas from Hinduism, where the author wrote a list of like 30 or 40 things that had happened before chapter 15 or so that mattered even though normally people wouldn't really notice them? It's also very, very unpredictable ;)
Weak Areas: Okay... not being a native English speaker means that my vocabulary is not very extensive at all, so no dramatic fancy-worded descriptions for me. In my best work yet, I have managed to replace that with a certain feel to the writing style, but I can only do that when I'm in an exceptionally good writing mood. Basically, my descriptions are kind of dull. (I don't know why people keep telling me they aren't, because they definitely are.) I'm also very, VERY bad at making my fics long (says the person who's written over 200 pages of her main fic <<). The Quest for the Legends is an exception. I need to have some kind of a plot to turn to early in the story, because as clever as it can turn out when I turn plot holes into plot twists, I need to get far enough to have some plot holes. In The Quest for the Legends, I had the trainer journey. In The Type Chart, I had the original plot of The Matrix. But my only other attempts at chaptered fiction have all failed due to simply not being able to do anything with the story after writing the first bit.
Type Of Writing: It depends on my mood, really. I tend to write dark stuff a lot, but then again I can also write humour. At least, it's a rule of thumb that somebody always dies or at least gets injured in everything I write.
Type Of Characters: Depressed ones. Half of my characters are depressed in some way or another. This depression can show itself in various ways, either by violent tendencies, love for sharp objects, isolating themselves, going on and on about their troubles non-stop out of sheer need to get it out, or whatever may suit the character in question.
Current Stories: The Quest for the Legends, in my sig, which is a trainer fic that's rather more Pokémon-oriented than most, with a darker plot that does not involve an evil team, and the character I'm in love with. Then I have one-shots called Irony, Pokémon Master, Sunset Beach, Mew, Legendary Revenge, Last Defense and The Pokademy Awards - all of which are dark except The Pokademy Awards, which is humour. Sunset Beach, by the way, is probably my best piece of writing ever, won Frostweaver's Standard of Excellence award at Pokécommunity, and is, as you'll see if you read his review of it, stuffed with symbolism and stuff. It should be in the Completed Fics section, and it's not long. Try it, you won't regret it.
Future Stories: Well, I've been toying with the idea of a fic about a Shadow Tyranitar being purified. Stay tuned.
Writing Tips: Firstly, listen to everyone. Secondly, don't listen to anyone. Basically, read everything your reviewers have to say, but make sure that you weigh them to yourself and decide whether you're going to do what they say. If one person tells you you're describing too little and another person says you're describing too much, it does NOT mean you should just ignore both of them; it means you should read both of their points carefully, look over your writing and think for yourself which you believe is right. Also, don't give up! Inspiration can hit at the most unlikely moments, and even if you think you've written yourself into a corner, you might just be able to find a hole in the wall and crawl through there, even if that's cheating a bit. After all, that's what the entire plot of The Quest for the Legends is made of, and as far as I know, there's no way to tell now if I haven't told you.

9th February 2005, 2:12 AM
Name: - Billy5772, or just Billy577...j/k plain ol' "Billy" is fine

Age: - 15 EDIT: Just turned 16. Booyah!

Strong Areas - Probably a tie between subtle humor and action sequences. My current fic has some pretty exciting action sequences in almost every chapter. After those two would probably be characterization (mostly through dialogue).

Type of Writing: - Mostly action. My latest fic is probably in the same genre as Spiderman 2 in that it is loaded with action but also has a little bit of emotion in it.

Type of characters: - My characters are pretty diverse but my main characters are usually (I say usually like I've written more than one successful fic) serious with a sense of humor or one of those people with kind of a dry sense of humor who is good for comic relief but serves other purposes.

Current Stories: - Lost in the Haze (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=101190) is my current story. It deals with a lot of things that aren't too common in Pokemon fics. The main storyline revolves around a boy named Chris who winds up on a pokemon journey without a pokemon...and that's where the conventionality ends. He meets a girl named Lucy, who isn't really what she seems. She's quite detached, while at the same time emulating a warm and friendly personality. Her true identity and past are amongst the myriad plot twists that make this fic so enjoyable. Alongside their journey, in a different place but intertwined with the main story (to be revealed how in the story) is a Pikachu who has evolved from Pichu but forgotten how to use electric attacks. In fact, it is revealed that there is an epidemic of pokemon evolving only partially (whether that be losing the ability to use attacks inherent to their specie or physical deformation). Lost in the Haze will follow this Pikachu's journey of "betterment" as he seeks to compensate. The two journies collide eventually, brought together by the appearance of the Haze, a destructive force able to take the form of the legendaries.

Current Stories: - Worlds Away is my current story. It's really a fun read. It has a lot of action and a nice story line with Jack, a scientific researcher from our dimension getting transferred to the world of Pokemon as a job given to him by the D.R.L. (Dimensional Research Laboratory). It is his job, along with his robotic companion and guardian, to scout out this strange world and report back to his own. I think one of the most innovative things I have done with this fic is staging battles between Jack's robot and other Pokemon trainers' Pokemon. It really opens up a wide range of attacks besides the conventional Pokemon attacks and allows for some awesome creativity when it comes to fight scenes (I think that that is really my biggest strength, battle scenes). I have written another one but it is soon to be re-written and I won't mention it.

Future Stories - I've got one coming out in May. I won't ellaborate, just keep your eyes peeled. Wait, that sounds painful, just keep them open.
EDIT: It's out now! Check out this new fic called "The F.O.D." I still can't elaborate on what it's about because you really won't know until like chapter 4 or so. Read it though.

Writing Tips: - Do your best to be creative. Before you post a story, make sure that it brings something new to the table. I've read so many "She got up and went to the Professor's lab to get her first Pokemon!" fics that it's ridiculous. One time I was tempted to reply "I think I've played this fic on my GBA before" to a fic that was straight from Ruby but I didn't because those kinds of reviews are discouraging. That leads to my next tip: always be encouraging to others. I know that that isn't really a writing tip, it's more of a reviewing tip but it's a tip nonetheless. When replying to someone's fic, I always try to accentuate the positive aspects of it rather than focusing solely on the negative. That's it.

Chibi Pika
9th February 2005, 2:18 AM
Name: Chibi Pika, known mainly as Chibi, often called Jade at my school, and I'm never saying my real name --;

Age: 16

Strong Areas: Plot. Ever since I discovered...what it was, I've just been good at coming up with bizzarely original storylines. In fact, even before I made my fic decent, I had already made up this whole intricate saga with Legendaries and Pokégods and a slew of things that were completely my creation. When you add in my "Plot Bits" sections, there's even more fun seeing how many zillions of tiny forshadowing bits I have in just the first 10 chapters and how ridiculously inconspicuous they are. ^_^ Most of them I didn't even put in the fic intentionally, they just happened. oO;

Also, characterization. In the original of my first fic, charcterization was pretty much the only thing I got half-way right because I based my lines off of my friends, so I ended up with rather well-rounded personalities. Nowadays, I don't even have to think about particular traits of a character to get their lines right.

Additionally, I love battles and all-out raw action. Scenes like this are the easiest and the most fun to write.

Weak Areas (couldn't resist): My vocabulary sucks. Although I try to describe vividly, my description often comes across as rather flat, depite the fact that I go on Thesaurus ransackings every two seconds while writing. Also, the beginning of my fic is horrible. I don't know why, I wrote it to the best of my ability, but it's kind of annoying knowing that it drives a lot of people away and gives many wrong impressions about the overall plot....

Also, I hate transition scenes. I hate 'em, I hate 'em, I hate 'em, and nothing will ever change that. So it's a bit of a problem that there are inevitably a lot of them in LC. >>

Type Of Writing: I love suspense, hiding things from the readers is so much fun, and also hidden personalities. Action is my all-around fave, though.

Type Of Characters: Characters based off of people I know, because it makes lines immensely easier and personalities more well-rounded. Also, my Pokémon experiments: Chibi and Razors are two characters in my fic, and for some reason I love writing about how screwed up their lives are. Which brings me to that I love charaters where, no matter how much crap you throw at their situation, they still keep at it and don't let it daunt them. This trait shows itself in many ways in my fic, from indifference the world, to ruthless ambition, to a residing hope in life itself.

Current Stories:
The Legendarian Chronicles (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=5259)
Genre: Action/Suspense
Rating: PG-13 (Violence, blood/gore, language)
Stars: 4.87, 30 votes.

Part I: Birth of a Legacy
Unbeknownst to all, Team Rocket has reached the brink of world conquest, and the only thing that stands in their way are their own top members who have different plans in mind…but when young trainers are recruited to fight Team Rocket, alliances turn deadly as double agents on both sides are revealed, and with no one left to trust, the only objective is staying alive...

Part II: Rise of the Chosen
With all quiet in Team Rocket, hundreds of trainers busy themselves with the upcoming World Championships. But when a twist of events leads to dispute between the top Rocket leaders, a deadly race for the legendaries is set into motion, with the world's top trainers mere spectators in the middle of the most groundbreaking war ever.

Part III: War of the Legends
With Kanto and Johto scarred by Legendary clashes, a long-running conspiracy is finally unveiled, and light is shed upon the true origins of Team Rocket. When the Eight Chosen join the Johto Force to accomplish their own purposes, however, the alliance between them and their Legends is pushed to the brink. It is a risk they are willing to take, though, and only through it will an unlikely solution be unearthed...

Part IV: The Second Revolution
The war is over, but the Revolution is just beginning--the awakening of the most powerful creatures the world has ever known has finally come to pass. But in the midst of a new conflict, the true intentions behind the Chosen pact are finally revealed, and as alliances are torn apart, the balance between human and Legendary comes crashing to the ground.

Part V: Return to the Realm
The rage of the Legendaries cannot be quelled, and even the renegade members of the Order have their doubts about regainign the destroyed balance. but when the Legendaries become mere pawns in the Pokegods' unknown plans, one final legend will come into play. The only question is: is it worth the sacrifice?

I like dark one-shots. ^^ Pretty much the happiest ending I've ever written was a: "The future is gonna suck, but I'm ready and maybe I can change it." X3

Remnants (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=66043) (PG-13): He was mutated for their own purposes, abused for their goals, and yet he still had hope for his fate...until now...
Anew (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2255736/1/) (R): Not all journeys are fluffy and candy-coated, some just go horribly, horribly wrong.
Acceptance (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2327187/1/) (G): When left with no way out, the only remnant of hope often lies in the acceptance of one's fate....
Wings (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=66042) (PG-13): In one second, everything can change. And in an instant, everything you ever knew can be torn apart.
Inevitable (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=66041) (G): Even in the darkest times, a ray of hope can defy the most imminent inevitablilities....
Reaction (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=65697) (G): When a Team Rocket Executive is chosen for destiny, little more than a reaction can betray the Legendaries.
Meaningless (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=67714) (PG-13): There is always something worthwhile in even the most fruitless and impossible quests, even if it is simply the goal itself...
Ambition (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=68839) (G): It started out as a quest for self-satisfaction...it evolved into an obsession for glory....
Different (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=81252) (G): He was different. They feared him. But only Mew knows the truth behind his identity...and his destiny.
They Say... (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=91223) (G):You can't always believe what they say....
Escape (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=116258) (PG): Entei fell long ago...now Raikou has followed suit...and Suicune can't stand it anymore...

Future Stories:
Eternal Darkness (PG-13): An Action/Fantasy, PokéPOV trilogy that is the prequel to The Legendarian Chronicles

Part I: War of the Tribes
In the year 1024 ad, tribes of Pokémon coexisted with humans in equality underneath the rule of the Pokégods. Corruption is at work, however, when a new seventh tribe bands with foreign conquerors to search for the ultimate power that was locked away in ancient times...and absolutely nothing will stand in their way.

Part II: The Quest for the Crystals
With the world on the verge of war, four young warriors rise to the challenge of awakening the great Legendary Guardians that were banished. For centuries, however, great heroes tried and failed to locate them. Could the mysteries of a certain "Four of Destiny" be the answer, or could there be a deeper conspiracy...one that could plunge the sacred realm into battle...?

Part III: The Legendarian Legacy
One last battle in the sacred realm seems to carry the fate of the world on its shoulders when a twist of fate unleashes the ultimate power and engulfs the land in death. The Pokégods seem to know more than they claim, however, and there was a reason they hid their knowledge. A reason that, when defied, will ultimately pay an unbearable price....

Outcasts (PG): A one-shot about how one's place is not always with one's own kind, and when there's nowhere to go, the only escape can sometimes be the in ones you had beside you all along.
Initiate (PG): A one-shot that shows how even the simplest things can lead one to stray down paths one never would have trodden otherwise....
Unresolved (PG-13): A one-shot about how conflict can tear the closest apart, and tragedy can leave the tears unmended.
Searching (G): A one-shot about a fruitless search, and a lost outcast trying to belong...and the answers that lay buried deep within...
Understanding (G): A one-shot about how one final thing can push you over the edge...but within your hatred, understanding can take hold.
Revolution (PG-13): The Legendaries were always the most powerful beings on earth...not anymore.

Writing Tips: Accept your weaknesses! Weaknesses make you stronger. The only way you will ever improve is if you become dissatisfied with your work and always strive to be better. The worse you think you are, odds are, the more talent you have. I dunno why, but things always seem to work that way. Just try not to end up with a low self-esteem, like me, because although admitting your weaknesses will help you improve, focusing solely on them will lead only to you never liking anything you write and always expecting the worst from reviewers.


9th February 2005, 2:40 AM
Name - lilbluecorsola(Blue)

Age - Twelve, going on Thirteen

Strong Areas - I'd like to say Description, but instead I'll say Emotions. While I used to pay a lot of attention to describing characters and setting, I find I focus more on the Feelings that I'm trying to convey One-Shots more now.

Type Of Writing - Mostly dark, emotional(and hopefully powerful) One-Shots.

Type Of Characters - I do Pokémon perspective, mostly.

Current Stories - The ~¤Life of a Legend¤~ series, which tell the stories of the true life of a Legend. So far Celebi, Mewtwo, Jirachi, Mew, Lugia, and Ho-Oh have been written. The series is currently on haitus.

~¤Jirachi's Dream¤~ (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=52369) further explains Jirachi's true predicament and is more powerful than the original, I beleive.

~¤Eyes of Ho-Oh: Final Trials¤~ (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=54263) is my most recent One-Shot. It's also my longest and best writing so far. Ash encounters a silent girl one cold winter night, who happens to be his twin. Sort of.

Ash sees the world as happy-go-lucky, and, being the special child he is, Ho-Oh is able to see the Good of the world through his eyes. He attracts Love, like a magnet. But, Ho-Oh also created another child, one who attracts Hate instead. This enables Ho-Oh to view the two sides of the world at once, both Good and Evil.

As most of you know, lately Ho-Oh has been considering destroying the world because there is too much Hate. But, before the final decision is made, the two seekers of Love and Hate were brought together for a final confrontation to see who triumphs, and the battle may just decide the fate of the world...

Future Stories - Hide and Seek, Unwanted, and Beginning of the End: Armageddon(Will hopefully be my first chapter fic, and the final sequel to LilyPichu's Finality...)

Writing Tips - Try not to stress yourself out over description. As long as you've got a good plot, character development, and most importantly(IMO), emotions, you don't need to have great description. Remember, the point of a story is to convey a message, not confuse everyone with your uber advanced vocabulary. Also, remember to listen to your readers. You're doing this for yourself, and for them. Don't you want everyone to be happy?

Finally, just do your best.

Au revoir! ~<3

9th February 2005, 2:42 AM
Name: animekid
Age: 16
Strong Areas: I guess I'm good at coming up with ideas (hopefully unique) for stories.
Type Of Writing: Can't really say for sure. But so far my ideas or stories tend to be tragic.
Type Of Characters: Seemingly happy characters that have some sort of mysterious or unfortunate past.
Current Stories: The Shining Eevee is about Christopher Parry receiving his grandmother's Pokemon's six baby Eevee. He loses one egg after an attack from a mysterious group that want the eggs. When the eggs finally hatch, each Eevee seems to be unique. Christopher and his new friend, Katherine Malone, must keep running and fighting to get away from a mysterious organization. What is it about these Eevee that makes them special? What happened to the sixth one? This fic takes place in entirely made-up regions and features a few made-up Pokemon.
Future Stories: I have several, and I apologize for being a bit vague for protection purposes (yes, I'm that paranoid). One story is a one-shot about the beginnings of a certain Pokemon. Another is about the great guardians that have protected the world for as long as anyone could remember. And the final idea is about how Red ended up in Mt. Silver.
Writing Tips: Use spell-check and try not to impress readers with a broad vocabulary because it could seem inconsistent with how the story is written. Of course, don't be so repetitive and try to keep from using any form of "There is" (i.e. was, were, are). At least use it as little as possible.

9th February 2005, 3:09 AM
Name: FlamingRuby (but you can call me FR for short)
Age: 20
Strong points: Coming up with ideas, humor, music, and first person writing
Type of characters: I mainly work with the existing characters, but when I do create new characters, I try to base them on me and people I know

Current Releases:

"Adventures in Pokesitting"-Can Ash, Misty and Brock survive a wild week of babysitting a mischevious Azurill? (complete!)
Pikachu's Diary series-Think you know everything about the anime? Not until you've read what Pikachu has to say about it! Take a peek into his diaries for Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Houen, the Battle Frontier, Shinou, and beyond! (on hiatus)
"The Ash and Pikachu Show"- Ever wondered what it would be like if Ash and co. hosted a variety show? Find out what such a show would be like!
"The Adventures of Kochou and the Beautiflies"-Who knew that a Beautifly would give Ash the power to become the handsome mega-popular superstar Kochou? Follow the band's rise to stardom, all while trying to evade two Rockets that want to steal their spotlight!

Coming Attractions:

"Pokemon: The Guardians" Ever wonder what Pokemon would be like as a magical girl anime? Join Ash, his guardian Pikachu Ikazuchi, and his friends as they set out to save their world and Mew's world!
"Ruby Rescue Files" Anima, a girl who could care less about being a Pokemon Mistress, soon learns to appriciate Pokemon when she becomes one herself and joins up with the rescue team Team Ruby.

Gems of Wisdom:
--EVERYTHING can be inspiration! Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open for new ideas!
--Try to maintain a fine balance between too little and too much information.
--Your plans for your chapters are not set in stone; feel free to add to them, delete parts of them, or move events around.
--If you need gag ideas, watch cartoons! Many classic Looney Tunes gags can also be pulled off in the Pokemon universe.
--Listen to music while you work and try to imagine what might be happening in sync with it, or imagine who could be singing/playing the song.

Ororo Munroe
9th February 2005, 3:15 AM
Name: Dani
Age: 20
Strong Areas: I'm told I'm good at keeping the characters in character.
Type Of Writing: Trainer fic.
Type Of Characters: Anime Characters.
Current Stories: http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=53682

9th February 2005, 3:52 AM
Name: clowsui, aka kai or randomheart or dranzers or RH or dom or dominic
Age: 11
Strong Areas: i'm generally even in all, but if i were to pick one? ideas
Type Of Writing: action/adventure, i love to read humor and romance and a/a
Type Of Characters: angsty, adventurous, mysterious, romantic
Current Stories: the new wind of the forest - inactive
living the sppf - new chap needed
Future Stories: organization series - a kh one shot series that talks about the organization from com.
Writing Tips: keep ideas that you want somewhere that you can remember. ideas in stories play a prominient role (as you should know). you may recall your ideas later...who knows? the important thing is, your ideas come in handy real often when you recall them.

9th February 2005, 3:58 AM
Name: HellKorn (HK, Wolfman, PopKorn, David, Dave)

Age: 14

Strong Areas: I actually have three areas were I am decent in. First off, I am probably known for my characters thanks to my main fic, which is also my first fic. Both humans and Pokemon always have personalities that people can relate to, and they are quite realistic. Another might be dialogue. While I mainly a dialogue author, it shows in my writing, which helps get out conversations that could be seen carrying on in real life. Finally, plot twists to an 'basic' idea. While my main fic didn't start out that original (Which is also my first fic), I have learned on how to put in plot twists that truly add to the story, and makes things that people would've never expected come true.

Weak Areas: While these aren't really stand out things, these are things that I can very well improve on. First off, my typos in a fic. While I can easily understand grammar and spelling, I hardly ever check over my fics for typos, which leads to multiple errors showing up in my fics. However, that problem is usually corrected with help from reviewers such as Zimmy. Also, I could get just a little bit better in description, but that isn't a thing that you would notice in my fic, since I am not a main based description author.

Types of Characters: Any type that you could think of. Whether it be a cheerful, caring person, to a one who only dwells on the horrid things in life. I am well diversed in making characters have their own unique personality.

Types of Writing: Pretty much anything, it varies from Trainer Fics, to Shipping, to very Angsty fics. So again, I like to try about damn near everything, similar to my characters.

Current Stories:

Pokemon: Generation Kanto (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=24852)
While many of you are accustomed to the Ash we know in the anime, and some of you with Red of the manga, I believe that both sides could be considered a true story of a whole. I wanted to see how Pokemon would've turned out if it had been more mature, not as 'kid-friendly', as this is what I came up with. The first part of a six part saga, Ash is just the typical trainer who is starting out his journey. While it seems normal enough, he, along with his rival Gary, and a young female trainer that is met later in the fic, soon learn that they are caught up in something that is bigger than what they could ever dream of.

Before they had even started out on their journey, their was a small conflict between two sides, and one man's rage and revenge could change the outlook of the Pokemon World itself. His fight against the Elite Four has come to an ultimatum, either stand by and let him take control, or watch all of Kanto burn to the ground, leaving nothing but ashes in the wind.

As Ash and his two 'friends' venture on, they learn of the secrets that have been going on behind the scenes, and a very dark and morbid plot that not only has the potential to bring down Kanto, but everything in this world as we know it.

Rating: PG-13 (Language, Violence, Slight Sexual References, Crude Humor)
Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Humor
Current Length: 19
Star Rating: 4.61 (18 Votes)

(I know that it sounds like the typical based off Ash journey fic, but out of the more recent chapters it has gotten a lot better. Some foreshadowing starts around Chapter X, and that is when things start to pick up and reveal itself.)

The Origin of the Two Orbs (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=48352)
We have heard tales about how Groudon and Kyogre waged the war between the land and the sea, but what of the orbs atop Mt. Pyre that is said to contain the beasts? What of their origin? How were they exactly made, and how did they work? Did they serve their purpose well? And who was resposible for creating them, and the ones around its mystery.

That is the question that will forever be unanswered by mankind. The only ones who could answer that question are Kyogre and Groudon themselves, but they are in a deep slumber, away from human eyes. However, their is one legend that has been thought to be true to the events, but that tale isn't a happy one. Quite the opposite, it might just be the one thing that may better of being unheard and unknown by humans and Pokemon alike...

Rating: R (Blood, Violence, Gore, Language, Sexual References, and Drug References)
Genre: Action/Spiratual/Tragedy
Current Length: 1
Star Rating: 4.50 (2 Votes)

(The main ideal of this fic is inspired by the first of the third generation Pokemon Video Games, and the two amazing movie trilogies, 'The Matrix' and 'The Lord of the Rings'. I hope to give people background onto the orbs themselves, and while Kyogre and Groundon will appear, the orbs are in truth the main concern of it all. Sadly, it has gotten to be dead, as I haven't updated since I put up the first chapter since late December. I do plan to update it soon though, and I will continue on from there.)

The Truth of the Legend (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=49051)
My first one-shot that I ever made, this was a fic concerning Lance and the trails and tribulations that he has to go through at every battle he must fight through. He tells the world of what really goes through the mind of an Elite Pokemon Trainer like himself.

Rating: PG (Slight Crude Humor, Language, Violence)
Genre: Angst/Action
Star Rating: 4.67 (6 Votes)

Love Is Weird, Huh? (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=49964)
A not so typical Questshipping fic. After his journey through both Johto and Kanto, Kenta relaxes to think about how is life is going in general, and his mind strays to Marina. Trying to come up with the best advice from his closet people, he remembers recieving advice from the least likely person in the entire world, and he aims to try out the advice.

Rating: PG-13 (Crude and Perverted Humor, Violence, Language)
Genre: Romance/Action
Star Rating: 4.75 (4 Votes)

Future Stories:

"Genesis of Malevolence"
This one-shot is a story about how Giovanni's life all began. Why he came to become the leader of Team Rocket. Why he is a man who is hell bent on overtaking the known Pokemon World.

Rating: R (Violence, Blood, Sexual References, Mention of Rape, Drug References)
Genre: Angst/Tragedy/Action

"Pokemon: Generation Johto"
The sequel to, 'Pokemon: Generation Kanto'. Nothing much can be said about this story, otherwise it would be spoilers for 'Pokemon: Generation Kanto'. But what I can say is that Kenta (Gold), Kamon (Silver), and Marina (Crystal) will be appearing in it.

Rating: PG-13 (Language, Violence, Slight Sexual References, Crude Humor)
Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Humor

Advice on Becoming a Good Author: First, read around and check out some high quality works of fanfiction to see how they do it (Five Star Fics for sure, Four Star fics are a good choice as well). Don't try to duplicate it, but know how it is done. Second, get out there with an idea of your own, and show it to everyone. Third, listen to everyone's advice, take it into consideration, and see which ones would help you out. Finally, go forward with that knowledge, and create a memorable fic.

Also, one last thing to mention. If no one reviews your fic, don't give up. But don't keep on posting after around five or so chapters, because you want people's input by then. Try sending out PM's asking if they could review it for you, and if you are good enough, they will stick to your story.

Edit- I do realize that this is probably the longest profile so far, and it will probably stay that way unless someone dares to make it longer than mine. So I would like to thank those who have read the entire thing... personally, even I wouldn't sit through all of that. @.@

9th February 2005, 4:12 AM
Name: Trinx
Age: Twelve
Strong Areas: My strong area? Well, just for sake, my WEAKEST is the vivid words, and my strongest is plots, they just...come to me all the time.
Weak Areas:Vivid words, >_>, describing things, sometimes getting out of one of my character's personality.
Type Of Writing: Fantasy
Type Of Characters: Characters that are loud mouthed, ignorant, etc, the exact opposite of me in real life, :P
Current Stories: Trinx, the Warrior

Writing Tips:Make sure to always try to use vivid words, like for example, instead of say, try announced, exclaimed, shouted, screamed, etc. Also, describe your surroundings well. Organize your ideas so you don't get confused (yes, think of those evil writing classes that you take in school, :P)

9th February 2005, 4:18 AM
Name: RetiredGamer64 or RG64 for short
Age: 20
Strong Areas: I have absolutely no idea. I just started writing. o.o
Improvement Areas: People speaking in quotes. I can't find my communications book >.<
Types of Characters: Many different types. From wickedly evil to unbelievably angelic.
Types of Writing: Anything I can use to make into a good story.
Current Stories: "Tyrant" I've already posted a description elsewhere.
Future Stories: "Love In Peace" Also posted in fic ideas. Cannot be made until "Tyrant" is halfway finished.
Writing Tips: Keep a dictionary and a communications book by your computer. This helps in looking for better words. Inspiration can come in the weirdest ways, Try eating a extra cheese, extra sauce pizza while playing a hamtaro game and listening to Dr. Mario music followed by a healthy dose of Disgaea(RPG) and see what happens!

9th February 2005, 6:19 AM
Name: Breezy (or Jamie, whichever you prefer but since P-Arts is also a Jamie, you can call me my full name, Jamiely. --; Oh yuckers)

Age: 15 (boring age *sigh*)

Strong Areas: Strong Areas? I have a strong area in writing? But I suppose (as I've been told) that I create pretty good plots and cliffhangers along with developing characters.

Areas in Need of Improvement: Misplaced modifiers or basically sentence structure in general (whether it'd be modifying it or variation of it). I suppose updating stories too *shrugs*. Minor grammatical errors as well.

Type Of Writing: Humor for sure followed by suspense then action/adventure closely followed by mystery. Romance is okay as long as its tied in with one of the genres I've said above heh. I'm also a "dialouge writer" as HellKorn and I like to call it since we use uber amounts of dialogue instead of narrative. =P Dunno, I find it easier for the character to explain things than a person looking inside of the story.

Type Of Characters: A mixture of everything from sarcastic to stupid, intelligent to idiotic (which is the same as stupid but meh, needed another "i" word), funny to freaky, you name it, there's prolly some character that has a characteristic like it.

Current Stories: o.0 Whoo boy . . .

Hoenn League: A Brendan and May Adventure

Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor
Rated: PG - PG-13 (Mild language)
Star Vote: 4.65 somethin' rating out of twenty-eight stars (895 reviews at ff.net surprisingly (and only like thirty constructuve reviews sadly -.-)). 'Course more than half of people relating to Muddy and other characters of mine or spamming it up but meh) and around 390 (I belive) reviews here.
Length: 50 chapters (46 at ff.net)

Realizing Fate

Genre: Suspense/LIGHT romance
Rated: PG-13 (Language)
Star Vote: Around 4.82 at 13 votes (44 reviews at ff.net and around 86 reviews here)
Length: 10 chapters

Who Shot Brendan Birch?

Genre: Mystery/Humor
Rated: PG-13 (Language)
Star Vote: 4.89 average at 18 votes (140 reviews at ff.net and around 122 here)
Length: 16 chapters I believe

The Lost Chronicles of Johto

Genre: Parody/Humor/Action/Adventure
Rated: PG - PG-13 (Language again)
Star Vote: Noneya yet (7 reviews ff.net and 5-ish here)
Length: 1 chapter

Those are just the main stream ones but my other fics are The Kero Chronicles, Muddy & Flare, Hoenn Poems, and May I? (t3h revised version). I'm sure I have more but I just can't think of them heh. Finished fics though are Blind, Dignity, Shadow on the Wall, Never Let Me Go and all the past PPG and Hamtaro fics I use to write at other sites. =3

Future Stories: Let's see . . . got quite a number of those too.

The Set (possible new title though): Pokémon are always read in many different ways such as they hunger for the dark, are looking for a friend, have hopes to evolve and other such things . . . But in this case, it's all acted out. Welcome to Pokémon Incorporation, a busy little place where famous Pokémon characters from other stories (request form somewhere in Authors' Cafe) join and . . . eh, got to plan it out a bit better since I'm still scratchy on details.

Some mysteries after Who Shot Brendan Birch? too that I still need to plan out.

Writing Tips: Don't ever give up no matter what anyone says, but always listen to what your reviewers say in order to get opinions on how to improve your fic. Be patient with getting readers and reviewers too.

This one isn't really a writing tip but more of a tip to reviewers. While reviewing new writer fics, especially that of the inexperience, try not to be too cold-hearted. Be specific, point out things, but use common sense too. Don't reword there work so it looks like what they said it wrong when it was fine in the first place.

9th February 2005, 12:21 PM
Name: Pyro/Jamie

Age: 14

Strong Areas: Umm..... er... I honestly don't know! *breaks down in tears*

Type Of Writing: I like to write drama, action/adventure, and things about extremely evil people ^^;;

Type Of Characters: Mary-Sues..... I'm getting better though, they're starting to become more angry, aggresive and sometimes just plain not nice.

Current Stories: Pokemon : The Johto Chronicles

[OPTIONAL]Future Stories: Dead Walk: One Houndoom, lost and without a cause. With the vastly declining population of his kind, he has no idea where to go after his trainer gets killed. That is, until he hears of one pack.. This shows his journey through Thenta as he searches for 'Mons like him...

Blocked Mind (One shot): Through his hatred of Psychic Pokemon, John Forcast made a gym. Not just any Gym, but the ultimate weapon against psychics. All of his Pokemon have been trained especially to take down and challenger foolish enough to bring 'an abomination' in, until one day he meets Will... the Elite.

9th February 2005, 7:29 PM
Name: Raindrop, Rain (also called Lapras, Lap or Sophie, whatever you prefer ^^)

Age: 15

Strong areas: Well..Since english is not my mother-tongue, I believe I can sometimes use a word one time too many. I still try to vary my language and I do my best to figure out phrases and strange words in the dictionary..
I focus very much on my plot and story, which I think is among the most important things in a fanfiction, or stories overall. I try to describe and paint with the words without making it too much (I myself get totally lost in a text if you use about a whole page only to describe one thing). I love to write about mysteries and dark things which confuse the reader as much as the character her/himself; and you get more and more clues along the way.

Type of writing: Many dark feelings and much "there's something evil in all of us" writing, but at the same time that there's something good in all of us. I write mostly about adventure, fantasy and horror I think (I don't like calling it action, makes me think about those hollywood movies Oo), but there's still a small amount of romance in there aswell. If there's no love it can't be human X)

Type of characters: Characters that complete eachother. While one is a bit modest and overprotective, the other can be outgoing and funny. I try to use many different ones. Also twisted minded and helpless characters entertain me aswell XP

Current Stories:

L I N K (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?p=1111757#post1111757)

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Horror(?)
Rating: PG - PG-13


"What would you do if your entire world that you live in was flipped upside-down?"

That same question is asked to Amy Hart, a somewhat normal teenager with somewhat normal teenage problems. She live her unworthy life, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. Everybody she meets seems to hate her for some reason, but she cannot understand why. Is it her way of being, the way she dress? Or maybe her endless passion for the game Pokémon.
Pokémon is what keeps Amy going through day after day. Her soul is wrapped around it, the world and the monsters fascinate her. She doesn't know why, though. There's just something that makes her feel that she is connected to it somehow..

Shortly after her 14th birthday strange things begin to happen around Amy. Her beloved Game Boy starts to act wierd, mysterious sounds echoes in the nights. And most strange of all; that odd man that always appear on the bus, always wearing the same dark clothes, always sitting down on the exact same seat. Always making all voices go down when he passes by.

When Amy walks home from the bus one day, she gets startled when someone suddenly grabs her and take her away to a place she's never been to before. It's the mysterious man again. He speaks in riddles, but reveals that he can give her a life that she always have wanted. If Amy agrees on his offer he will take her to visit another world. Amy immediately thinks that this is some sort of prank by the kids in school, but the man seems serious. She hesitates, but accept the offer. Well, what does she have got to lose?

Writing Tips: Figure out your plot before you start writing. If you don't it usually ends up being confusing and quite random. Every act has a consequence, big or small.
Try not ot use the same words over and over again, it gets repetetive and boring to read.
And mostly of all, try to be as original as you possibly can be! No idea can be wrong if you use it correctly :)

Obsidian Blade
9th February 2005, 8:39 PM
Name: Obsidian Blade, Blooddragon, Sevielle, Cassie
Age: 15 as of 6/11/04, though I still keep thinking I'm 13
Strong Areas: Er, can't this be "weak areas"? I have no idea what I'm good at - been told I'm good at a whole range of things but disagree with them all. -_-; I am good at writing the lines for Raijin, though. O.o;
Type Of Writing: I write action/adventure, drama, angst, romance (only for DBZ, mind), supernatural and anything else that I happen to become fixated on. I'm terrible at humour, however.
Type Of Characters: I love arrogant characters (*cough*Raijin*cough*), adventurous characters and cold, powerful characters. Flaws can be pretty cool to write; I can't stand writing clumbsiness or stupidity, however.
Current Stories:

A Houndour oneshot (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=28083)
A routine hunting trip turns disasterous when a young Houndour and his father stumble on the wrong sort of human... {contest entry piece}, kinda links in with

Raven: Emerald Fist
The Mechyena Saga (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=20054)
Raven Thomas is a strong-willed girl caught under the obsessive rule of her father, a man so stricken by the murder of his wife by criminals that he is willing to go to any lengths to keep his daughter safe, even if that involves training her in the martial arts against her will. Sick and tired of being told what to do Raven finally decides that it's time to break loose: to hunt down the dream of her childhood and train up a team of powerful Pokemon. as Raven is about to find out, however, the world is not going to let her do that so easily.

Chased by a mechanical dog with the power to crunch cars into pieces; haunted by a criminal gang with intentions unknown; eaten by the main support of a sacred tower... all this sort of thing becomes everyday business as Raven attempts to go through the motions of a Pokemon journey as usual. That's rather difficult, however, when your team currently consists of a naive but battle-loving bird, a loyal but rather stupid dog, an arrogant and human-hating dragon and a human-phobic spider. Oh, and being somewhat illegal doesn't help much either...

Just a Girl[/size] (]Twisted Hierarchy
Second person Rattata oneshot (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=52322)
Fighting in the finals, a Rattata comes up against its natural nemesis... {contest entry piece}

Advice to other authors: Read. Anything and everything: the more you read the more you become aware of the different ways of making a story interesting. Even if what you're reading is bad, you can usually figure out why it's bad and make sure you don't make the same mistakes yourself. Examining how published authors describe scenary and characters can also come in handy. Oh, and don't be afraid to write what you want. If you see tons of criticism of journey fics, self-insertion characters or OT/OCs, that doesn't mean you have to scrap any ideas for such fics. Most of the "I hate <some genre or another> 'cause it sucks" comments are based on the bad fics out there, so if yours turns out to one of the good ones you've nothing to worry about. ^^

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
9th February 2005, 9:51 PM
Name: Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune (Also referred to as Flat or Flatulus)
Age: 16
Strong Areas: I do write reasonably long chapters and occasionally go into detail of what is happening. I’m quite good at making my plots different than other peoples; though being different does not always mean good…
Once that is understood I can tell you what I am really good at: Detailed character history, more than would ever be completely revealed but all of it leads up to making a realistic character, not always a nice character but still a realistic one; portraying details about my characters’ personalities and their relationships with others subtly; and being able to think up situations that are interesting to see my characters in.
Type Of Writing: My writing is a bit dark, but the moments when the darkness fades is when the true wonder of my writing is revealed, with the adventures and fantasy that were previously hard to see because of how focused my writing seems to be on the dark side of life.
Type Of Characters: I try to have a range of different types of characters but usually I’m stuck with ones with pasts that have greatly impacted on how they act, usually not in a good way, and truly desire to avoid going back to the way things were before, though they have trouble accepting that they must also change who they are if that is going to be an option…
Current Stories:
Destiny of Understanding (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=52975&page=1&pp=40)
Genre: Adventure, fantasy and just a little bit on the dark side
Rating: PG (Currently nothing has happen to warrant having this rating
Star-Votes: 5 stars, 2 votes, 5.00 average

Writing Tips: It is more important to develop a characters past than their personality, with a well constructed past a characters actions easily flow through the story in a way that seems more realistic, even if you do not mention their past, than if you just created a character with no past and tried making up a personality for the empty shell that they are. It may seem confusing about how this could work, but only when you forget that with a past you are certain to accidentally reveal some of it and then the emotions of the character will be justified to the readers, it is then up to the character how they handle their emotions which will decide whether they are good or evil.
Actions without a good reason behind them are empty, though if they have no reason at all then they could not happen at all

Don’t give up on a fic just because no one has reviewed it or everyone who has didn’t like your plot… Keep it going, one day someone who likes your fic will find it, then they’ll contact their friends which like similar things and then you’ll have a fan base, it could take a long time for it to happen but it is worth it just for the first supportive response you get (As long as it is a detailed response), the others that come afterwards can just be considered a bonus.
Updating at different times of the day and on different days of the week will make your fic be on the first page
No mater how horrible something seems to one person there is always someone else who’ll consider it the most wonderful thing in the world

Elemental Charizam
9th February 2005, 11:11 PM
Name: Elemental Charizam, Charizam, EC, and you aren't getting my real name, BI is on to me....

Age: 15, and 2/3

Strong Areas: Um, yeah, I have to have strong points now? Well, plots I guess, I can write fairly intricate plots, and incorporate random infomation (when I first wrote it) to create twists and foreshadowoing. I think the overall plot. I always descrbe stuff, and I have a good vocabulary too.

Type Of Writing: Action or Fantasy are my favourite genre's, though I often incorporate a bit of Horror into them.

Type Of Characters: Sarcastic or comedic characters are the ones I find easiest to write, along with insanely happy people. I try to vary my characters, and they do come out fairly balanced. Unlike HK I don't have any saracastic fire pokémon at all. None.

Current Fic:
Into The Fire: Rise Of The Red Star (PG 15, Horror/Action)
Adam and George start their journey's across the Houenn region, planning to collact badges and compete in the league. But things start to turn bad when Cinder (Charmander) gets visions of a cursed isle's past, and a former resident and her Dratini keep crossing their path. They're about to be caught in the middle of a celestial war fought between two of the most powerful legends alive...

I would like to point out they aren't 'destined' in a prophecy to save the day or anything. Notice the 'Rise' in the title? Who says anything is saved at all...
I'm gonna shut up before I reveal more plot, just saying it isn't a total Trainer fic, or a total Mystery fic.

Future Stories:

Just A Little Unwell: A very slowly progressing fiction about an insane Mew, who uses her awesome power to destroy her creation... But why?

Week In The Life Of Magma Agent Mark: A sequel to the crappy and ignored 'Day In The Life Of Magma Grunt Mark'. Do not read its prequel, its not neccasery, really. Anyway it's an account of the conflict between Team Aqua and Magma from the eyes of one Magma agent.

Writing Tips: Stay in school. Seriously, the best way to improve is listen to advice, keep writing and to read a few five-star fics every so often.

My long crappy profile. BTW 'Into The Fire' is linked in my sig, in case you wanted to read it.


10th February 2005, 2:22 AM
Edit as of 7/8/06~ I've changed too much. :D

Name: LilyPichu, Lily, now Kairi
Age: 14

Strong Areas: Ideas. Many, many ideas. Flexibility with all genres, as well as one-shots.
Type Of Writing: It varies; I've tries horror, comedy, romance, angst...mostly I retain a simple sense of writing style, evading jargon and of the like.
Type Of Characters: Philosophical ones. Simple ones. 8>
Current Stories: You don't want me to list all of them. XD~
Future Stories:
Finality II. Coming out horribly slow.
Writing Tips:

I'll put this in later. >.>

10th February 2005, 2:35 AM
Always type in Microsoft Word, or any other program like it that will find grammatical errors. Heck, even my AOL has it built in. But, whenever a program notices you wrote a fragment, a run-on, or something wrong, you have to fix it, no matter if you feel it is right.
One note about that, though - the programs can sometimes be mistaken. For example, if you use the name "May", you'll get a lot of grammatical errors where she does something, because the program will think you mean the word "may" and will insist that you change "May answered the question" to "May answer the question".

Ryusuke Hikari
10th February 2005, 3:20 AM
17/06/05-Changed the Rurouni Kenshin title to Eve of Fire.

Name:Kenshin Himura
Age: 14 (nearing 15)
Strong Areas: The Plot of a story is definiately my strongest point. I always back up battles with more excitement and suspense. I always write dark stuff...which seems like everyone is writing. I always put a good-enough description to actually make the character ot setting more "visible" to the reader's mind. I make each chapter as long as I could and try to have "good grammar" at the same time. That's it.
Weak Areas: I can't make chapters over 3-5 pages and I run out of character ideas if there's a lot. My grammar...well, you know
Type Of Writing: Fantasy/Drama/Action/Romance/Suspence stories all in one chapter. :P
Type Of Characters: I write stuff in first-person on the main character now adays. Now, I like writing about beyond imperfect charcters with a very bad past. As for personalities, that depends on the character.

Current Stories:

Pokemon 11 The Movie (AKA The Final Movie) ***FINISHED***
About 8 years since Mewtwo after it whiped all of TR's memories of the events in Mewtwo Returns, Giovanni finds some "left-over" data of Mewtwo from his computer on the research of his scientists. He managed to catch Mewtwo and tries to use it on...Ash's dad!!! Giovanni tries to settle the 20 year long score they have had since they were teenagers. Can Ash Giovanni before it's too late? Currently writing a screenplay and changing the story a bit.

Yeah, it kinda has some Pokemon plot feel in it, but it's a lot darker.
Rated: PG-13 for Mild Violence, Mild Language, Death, Blood, and Gore
Star Count: 3.6
Genre: Action/Drama/Romance

Yu-Gi-Oh! Z-The Return (Season 1) ***Canceled***
About 2 years after Judai fought Koji and left Kaiba's Dueling Academy, an archeologist set out to for the Millenium Items. He somehow managed to find them after digging for them in Egypt. Elsewhere, another archeologist and his son Hoa, brother of Koji, came to Atlantis for research. Unexpectedly, Hoa found an old Duel Disk on the ground. It called out to him, he drew a card and sealed his father in it.

In Domino City, Koji wandered all about the card Yugi gave him. Is it just a blank card or something that will change his life forever?
Rated: PG-13 for Intense Battles, Religious Themes, Death, Gore, Blood
Star Count: 4
Genre: Action/Drama/Romance/Horror

Future Stories:

Sonic Adventure 3 (AKA Sonic Chronicles)

Rated: PG-13 for Harsh Violence, Mild Language, Death, Blood, Mild Lyrics, and Gore
Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama/Romance/Horror

[center]Eve of Fire
[Coming Soon[center]
Summary Soon.
Rated: R for Harsh Drama, Harsh Violence, Intense Battle & War Scenes, Death, Mild Language, Blood, Gore, and Religious Themes
Genre: Uh...ALL! LOL

Writing Tips: Take your time. This isn't a race to finish a fic first. Don't do what I just did for this profile(not writing it out first). If you're out of ideas for the plot, use things that happened in your life.

Will continue later.

EDIT: Finished! :D

Burnt Flower
10th February 2005, 3:20 AM
Name: Burnt Flower (SilverFeather - Patricia)

Age: 17-18

Strong Areas: I'm quite good at writing stories that either have long or short length while using lots of decription (especially if they're particularly bloody). I manage to add some sort of irony into the plot to make it a bit unpredictable.

Type Of Writing: Horror. But I also like to write Drama/Action and maybe one day... Romance.

Type of Characters: I find it easier to write characters that have some sort of mental trauma and are prone to insanity...

Current Stories:

A Life's Worth (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=58584)
Summary: Amongst the destroyed ruins of her world, a little girl cries for her dead mother, grief-stricken and alone. When she is given the chance to bring her mother back to life, will she be willing to take it or is the price too great?
Rating: R
Star-vote Counts: 5 stars, 4 votes, 5 Average.
Genre: Horror/One-shot

Within One's Reach (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=60213) Summary: The prequel to a Life's Worth. A jealous, vindictive boy living in the streets, wants everything that he doesn't have in his wretched life. When a certain Pokemon visits him in the night, how will this event change him for the very worst?
Rating: R [Dark Themes/Violence]
Star-vote Counts: 5 stars, 3 votes, 5 Average.
Genre: Horror/Drama/One-shot

Two of a Kind (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1368932/1/)
Summary: The world changed horribly when Ash, Misty and Brock met a seemingly ordinary girl named 'Haruka'. But Haruka has unimaginable powers, and she uses them to destroy everything in her path in order to get revenge on one person - Misty, after she is the only witness to see the murder of twelve people in a fire. And how does a secret laboratory where human experimentation used to be done fit into all this?
Rating: PG-13 to R [Violence/Blood/Gore]
Star-vote Counts: None. It's on Fanfiction.net but soon to be posted here.
Genre: Action/Drama/Horror

Making Two Dreams Come True (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/381288/1/)
Summary: Women aren't allowed to have Pokemon in a faraway land, but 13 year old Katie joins her dear friend Kevin in a Pokemon journey under special circumstances. A tragic accident happens, and Katie now has to fufill an impossible dream as the very first female Pokemon trainer.
Rating: PG-13 [Blood/Stupidity...]
Star-vote Counts: None. On Fanfiction.net only. Will never be posted here...
Genre: Romance/Action/Drama

Future Stories:

[B]The Emotionless Mask of Love
Summary: Anabelle is a sad and frustrated wife who has many problems with her difficult husband. She finds a Luvdisc one day and uses Attract on her husband in an attempt to make him love her once again. See how desperate one woman is to receive love - at all costs...

The Path Towards Insanity
Summary: An AAML story. Lonely and distraught Ash Ketchum wanders aimlessly through a dark forest, when they bury Misty, who lost her soul thanks to a Shedinja. Some strange Dark Pokemon promise to bring her back if he manages to pass three tasks...while keeping his sanity intact.

Clipped Wings
Summary: Six years after her death, Misty's spirit goes back to Ash to see how he's doing. Little did she know that her loved one had long since moved on...

Writing Tips: Really think a lot on your plot. Try to make it as original as possible, and try to stay as far as possible from all the cliches that abound in stories. Write every plot point, every detail, every feeling that you will write into your story on a journal so you won't have too many problems with Writer's Block. And finally...

Use a spellchecker.

10th February 2005, 7:42 PM
Name: ladyumbra
Age: 17
Strong Areas: description, plot design
Type of Writing: adventure and pokemon pov one shots
Type of Characters: enigmatic characters that are hard to predict what they will do but charismatic so they capture your heart.
Stubborn characters who like to argue.
Current Stories:

A Pokemon? Master: when a ditto becomes a trainer, trouble can’t be far behind.

what lies within (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=47245) : a Young women beings training against her will, searching for a weigh to allow humans to harness pokemon powers

Shadow walker (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=53436) : a boy unable to travel by day due to a disease forges into the nighttime world of pokemon.

Sands through the hourglass: set in Australia the first part of at trilogy, this story takes us on a whirlwind adventure of self discovery. Political takeovers and internal battles.

Pokemon fanfic academy; watch as trainers learn the right ways to write pokemon fanfic.. Or else.

Times change (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=51715) : 500 years in the future the world is a far different place. And for 3 people it’s about to become a life or death battle for survival of the fittest (sequal/sidestory of what lies within)

Future Stories:
Adventures in the fizzeh zones; read on as fizzy bubbles members navigate their ways through the zones eagerly onto to have the strangest things happen to them.

? A possible collaboration with my triplets.
Writing Tips: spell check is your friend. Teach your spell check to recognize pokemon names. Always end your chapters when you feel they are done regardless of length.

Hey Micky!
11th February 2005, 1:11 PM
Name: Micky Onimusha
Age: 15
Strong Areas: Fic ideas, characters, procrastination (sp?)
Type Of Writing: Fantasy, "Trainer Fics", well written-stuff. I'd say humour but most "humour fics" aren't exactly the hugely humourous, it just doesn't pass off well IMO.
Type Of Characters: The arrogant, cocky, anti-ash jackass. And people I know, since I'm too lazy to ceate characters (I simply rip-off my friends)
Current Stories: The Power Within [Rewrite], Rated 4.50* out of 8 votes.
Writing Tips: Rewriting is a good thing ;)

Torkoal Stu
11th February 2005, 5:19 PM
Name:Torkoal Stu but my friends call me Stuart and wierd people call me Stuey.
Strong Areas: Having wierd things in my writing and sometimes plot twists.(not in fics but in school work but I will add some in my fics!) Also Describing; I am ok but not extremily good!
Type Of Writing:Fiction; Journey type things! I really can't describe.
Type Of Characters: A mixxed bunch involving good and evil; Nice and Smart ect.
Current Stories: Well I have two a Pokemon fic called "Journey of A New Trainer!" and a Yu-gi-oh Fic called "Yu-gi-oh! Dueling Legends!" the links are in my sig!
Future Stories: Either a Sonic fic, a Digimon Fic or another Pokemon fic but not a Trainer one!
Writing Tips: If you find that you have missed out a good part of your story just Rewrite like I did in my Yu-gi-oh fic! I re wrote the first chapter! Also don't do what I did; don't change tenses during text!

11th February 2005, 6:50 PM
Name: WaterTrainer243, SulliMike23, SullyMike23, or just Mike
Age: 18 (I turn 19 March 11,)
Strong Areas: Length, plot, spelling, somtimes even grammar.
Type Of Writing: Romance, Drama, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Military
Type Of Characters: Usually I can make up my own characters based off my personality as well as my real life.
Current Stories: The Little Mermaid: Pokemon Style, The Terminator: Pokemon Style, Curse of Fate, plus many more on fanfiction.net and thepokemontower.com
[OPTIONAL]Future Stories: None yet.
Writing Tips: none available.

12th February 2005, 2:00 AM
Name: Dias
Age: 18

Type of Writing: Fantasy, Horror, Non-Pokemon

Strong Areas: Description, I would think. That is at least my favorite part of writing, reinforced by a strong vocabulary and my love of words. I suppose plot as well, as I usually delve deeply into its structuralization, oftentimes building bridges that may not even be crossed in the course of the story. I usually create histories and characters and places and events that have happened before the story (which may or may not even be mentioned in the writing) to make the world more real in my own mind. I've been told I have good flow, but that is rather subjective.

Weak Areas: Planning. I usually have in my mind points A, B, and C, sometimes find myself at a loss to fill in the gaps between those points. I also am not particularly known for the use of a lot of dialogue. My characters tend to have a lot of inner monologues, and I believe more can be said through an expression or an action than a spoken word.

Type Of Characters: Though I write characters of myriad 'types,' as it were, I suppose my favorites will always be the ones plagued with mental dilemmas. I find myself writing psychopaths, sociopaths, or flat-out psychologically defective characters with labyrinths of twisted thoughs and behaviors. Other than that characters may just have inner-conflicts which generally come to be more challenging than the main conflict of the story. I detest writing characters that are continuously happy, bubbly, et cetera. They annoy me in real life and do so in ficticious realms.

Current Stories:

Codex Anathema
Final Fantasy Tactics

'After defeating the group of demons known as the Lucavi and preventing their plot from casting dark dominion over Ivalice, Ramza Beoulve, now a king, finds himself without purpose. With religious and political reformation swelling around him, the noble feels lost in the ebb of time. All soon changes when an unidentifiable being steals the Zodiac Stones, the instruments of the Lucavi, from his castle and begins to raise those Ramza had slain...

Now the young king must reclaim them once again, but all is not as it seems. Plots even more diabolical then before are set in motion, and Ivalice is no longer the target. Ramza must also resist the allure of Hell, the promises of power, and defeat his own demons that hunger to take control..

So begins the War of the Forsaken.'

Future Stories:

None yet planned.

Writing Tips: Use a thesaurus.

Wondrous Sableye
12th February 2005, 2:36 AM
Name: Wondrous Sableye(Wondrous, Sableye, WonSab, Kevin)
Age: In 9 days I will be 13.5
Strong Areas: I wouldn't really know, I haven't yet posted more than a prologue…though I guess I have the vocabulary down pat. I'd probably suck at making my own plot, though, I come up with stuff on the spot, I don't write an entire chapter without editing through the first bits, then PMing the first draft to a couple friends, maybe asking an expert opinion.
Type of Writing: I'm capable of writing sugar-laden stuff, but I very well could end up vomiting the contents of my rib cage out…I prefer to write stuff that has a half-light/half-dark tone, a "twilight fic," if you will, a fic with more than its share of tragedy and woe, counterbalanced with a handful of happy moments scattered throughout the story. A pinch of humor and satire doesn't hurt, either.
Type of Characters: When I create a character, I typically pour what I'm feeling at the moment into the character. If it's a pre-existant character, I simply add those feelings to their normal persona.

Current Works: ^.^;Ehehe… NONE… Would ya believe it?

Future Works:

Brooding Silence, Breaking Dawn(tentative title)
A Soul Calibur II fic I'm working on. The preview is a couple pages back, with the prologue, from the viewpoint of Soul Edge.

13th February 2005, 9:22 PM
Name:Dilasc... just dont ask why. Its random.

Age:19 with the mindset of true enigmatic understandings

Strong Points

Vocabulary with a fluent, if not spiteful and sarcastic tongue that comes from a life of knowing drama.

Description, for according to my reviewers as scarce as they are, for every scene is colorful.
Characters, for we are not cookie cutter characters, we are all unique!

Opening scenes as every actor, salesman, government weeniehead, etc. knows that something that starts nicely is good. Drama, refer to my acting.

Humor is something I hopefully have, but I think I do in some sadistic, sarcastic and parodizing way, with many jokes abound. 1337 +V anyone, channel 1337, and teh pwn! Am r0XX0r3st ch@nn31 evar!!111 LOL n00b!

Ideas to Plug is always good for backup. If you ever need them, they're stored in that cluttered yet empty warehouse in your peanut sized brain, and there it is! Story maintainer, or even a filler if it needbe!

Weak Points, for even I have them, I'll admit without shame.

Competition is a problem. Perhaps it is the wrong word, but I have to deal with loonies, noobies, and experts who draw all the attention away from me. At least my small crowd has been useful. I guess thats good.

Timeliness is a weakpoint. Its been a few months since last update. Blame college, blame MMORPGs, but dont hate me! Still read!

Motivation is fading. C'mon people, read, tell me what ya think, would ya? Im beginning to feel forsaken and unwanted.

Types of Characters: Well, as I said, there is no character who is anyone's carbon copy, nor a Mary Screwball. Most characters tend to be realistic with a sense of dramatic anger, or sadness only emphasized to tune you in that there's realistic. Even the pokemon are unique, for there's a patient totodile with a sense of guilt, a cowardly Spinarak who seeks only to eat and fulfill primal, male urges. By human standards, rape and then eat other bugs, usually female and smaller. There's more, but Ill stop spoiling.

Current Stories:

Better and Tougher, the Real Adventures isa piece of garbage I made on fanfiction.net and it sucks! Its long, with nearly 50 chapters of work, yet its bogus!

Dust to Deceit! (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=14629) Now here we got something good, if not a bit neglected and underappreciated. I can tell you tons of advertisemental bull, but Im not into capitalism, so just read and see fior yourself if you want it, eh? Please?!

Tips: Read the works of those with experience at writing good, dare I say such as myself, but I refer this to noobies anyway. Trust me, I learned from watching those who knew, and I copied and applied. It's not plagerism because there are many applications of styles I use, but my work is my own!

Speak it before you type it. If it sounds good orally, then it'll look good on paper. I'd want to be able to take your story, print it up, and read it to people with all the dramatic emphasis I use and have it make sense, and flow like a bladder ready to empty!

Description is a hearty tool! Use it, tell us what people are doing. Dont go overboard, but what monotone lame-arse characters do you goons spew up! Seriously, give them life, because I'll tell you that your characters must have stiff backs after all their standing around. Descripion gives a sense of drama, passion, and feeling. These things draw readers, ya dig?

Mix copper and tin. If you do, you'll get bronze, and you can remove the impurities from... wait a sec, wrong tip! My bad!

Future Works: Uh.... I have uh, something! Anyways, MOVING ON!

13th February 2005, 10:59 PM
Well, here I go.

Name: I'm known as Charlemange, Lakayal, or SC. You here can call me Chuck. =P
Age: 14
Strong Areas: Jeez, I have no clue. I think I'm good at action scenes- I love the emotion, the fast-paced feeling. I think it's true that if you enjoy what you're writing, it ends out being so much better.
Type Of Writing: Angst. High-tension, slightly violent stories, sort of show the edgier side of things, with a wide range of different types of personalities.
Type Of Characters: I actually enjoy most to write characters together with totally clashing personalities. It's just fun. I think, though, that I'm best at light-hearted characters.
Current Stories: Right now, I'm working on Red Moon (http://serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=54838)

Red Moon is a story whose plot takes tons of unexpected turns, though, these turns could be predicted if you 'read the signs', per se.

Basically, the story begins when 15-year-old Enya Red is tossed into alliance with an underground 'terrorits' operation. Thier opponents are the wildly popular SUN polotical party, a productive idealist group with a hidden agenda.

What does it have to do with Pokemon? Hmm, well, Pokemon are essential to the hidden plot.

Writing Tips:

-If you don't like your story, don't write it. But, that doesn't mean if you get writers' block, you can drop it.

-In the real world, there are no "good guys" andf "bad guys"; just people with conflicting motives, beliefs, and morals. To write a believable story, this is essential.

-Not all Sneasels are bloodthirsty; not all Pikachus are friendly, not all Squirtles are stubborn. Just because they're that way in the TV show doesn't mean they have to be in your fic.

...yeah, so, there's me, in a nutshell. =/


18th February 2005, 5:17 PM
Dunna why I never noticed this thread before.

Name: Iveechan; Katelyn

Age: 20

Strong Areas: Characters, action scenes, emotions (like being successful with description of fear and rage). To elaborate on characters, I'm pretty good at making them memorable and identifiable. It's hard to describe.

Type Of Writing: I don't write often but I have a few genres under my belt; humor, horror/mystery, angst, action, and adventure. Humor and adventure are funnest to write, though horror and angst has its merits.

Type Of Characters: Characters are just fun. In humor I go to extremes, like making one character angry a lot and another sensitive and so on. I tend to be better at naive characters, probably because I'm pretty naive myself.

Current Stories: Guilty By Design (unfinished), Wild Side of Bruno (finished), escape from Jynx (finished but open-ended), Outside Looking In (finished but open-ended), Ballad of the Bone Daddies (unfinished, Nightmare Before Christmas), Guide to Ruby and Sapphire fiction (unfinished), Revenge of the Johto Gym Leaders (finished), Hunt for the Forest Emperor (unfinished)

Future Stories: Just Another Day (about Misty as if she were being hired to act in fan fiction; had the concept before Dragonfree's "Life of a Character"), Desert Dragon (Zelda fic, one-shot about a 17 year old Ganondorf catching and taming his gerudo stallion), An untitled idea about a boy who has to care for a pregnant Machoke, Second-hand Smoke (originally written 5 years ago but lost, it was about a young warrioress who seeks out cyborg Smoke to fight an unknown danger), Quest for a Nest (short about a heavily gravid Magmar searching for a place to lay her eggs... it's better than it sounds), Snowflake (a Christmas special parody about an albino Hitmonchan who has the power to make it snow)

Writing Tips: Try to imagine your story as if it were a movie; if there's a trivial scene that's boring to write, like someone eating breakfast, then simply skip it. Try to convert action into words. Think and use your mental (or a real) thesaurus to prevent repitition of words in a paragraph. Most importantly, place yourself beneath your character's skin. Try to feel what they feel, think what they think.

18th February 2005, 5:31 PM
- Furret Flurry 12 (FF12 or Will if you'd prefer)

- 17 (18 in July!)

Strong Areas
- Um, I have no clue, someone help me out here!

Type Of Writing
- Um, I don't know that either, I just write and see what happens

Type Of Characters
- Various, strong, cowardly, any really, I'll try out anything I guess

Current Stories
- Spaced Out - Two scientists, two trainers, a Pokémon Professor and an alien pilot become close friends under unusual circumstances and, when their ship is infiltrated by the robot girl Alex, badness just happens on their small ship.

Future Stories
- The Prophet Of Nature And She Who Is Without Equal (Revised Version)
- The Prophet Of Nature And She Who Is Without Equal 2: The Prophet returns - Kimi/Iris is overseas in the 4th Gen region where she meets Sami, a young girl hoping to be a great co-ordinator. When Iris sees Ash and her memories are restoreed, she seeks out a way to bring Sage back.
- Elite Idol, A Johto Journey - Two trainers leave New Bark Town on a normal adventure, when a mysterious theif attacks them instead of Elite Four Karen, trouble ensues and one of the trainers becomes overly obsessed.

Writing Tips
- Nothing that nobody else has already said.

Lady Myuu
20th February 2005, 1:25 AM
Name: LadyMyuu, Princess Myuu...

Age: 16

Strong Areas: I go for emotion over description, I do my best to describe things but I tend to get the review that 'your description is good, you don't go overbored but... its not to less.'
My plots our my keys and everything ells falls into place. (though I am not good at grammer checking @.@)

Type Of Writing: I like a good old fantasy with some drama and maybe a little romance. Action is fun if I can write it well enough XD

Type Of Characters: I'm not so good with the depressed characters or angry ones but I have plenty of happy/horny/dirty/evil types. If given the chance I can do about anything.

Mending: *discontinued*
Fallen: *writing in secret*


Into my woods: A story about a sixteen year old girl, living in a time before pokeballs and pokemon trainers and how she must begin her quest (not pokemon quest) to find her brother. But finds that upon entering the ilex forest meets a strange young man, hears rumors of a deadly beast... and gets snowed in for the winter...

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/littlemystery

Writing Tips: Don't ever force yourself to write, you could lose intrest in your story and feel like your a slave to it. Thats never the way, ever. You may be writing it for reviews but if you don't have your groove then your story could take a downfall. Write when you feel inspired, I look at art and other stories to get inspired. I talk to people about my stories or there's to get inspired...
never force yourself unless you know once you get started you'll be fine.

21st February 2005, 1:14 AM
This was approved by the Fan-Fic Moderator, Dragonfree. Here, authors can post their own profiles about writing. That way, it would be much easier for authors to post what stories they have out, and give out writing tips to their reviewers. Also, they could really go technical and post great comments about their story to attract more reviewers. Well, when doing you profile, please include the following as a base. Once including these, you can add whatever you would like to.

Name: shaun
Age: 14
Strong Areas: plots
Type Of Writing: action/adventure/sci. fi/romance/any thing anime
Type Of Characters: cranky acting ones(like vegeta), dummys(like goku)
Current Stories: pokedigiballz rating:y7-pg/action/adventure/comedy/romance pokemon clear and gemini generations y7-pg adventure/action/comedy/fantasy
[OPTIONAL]Future Stories: none
Writing Tips: you have to create good characters

21st February 2005, 1:15 AM
Name: silverblaze09 or SB(no other names like Sblaze, or sb). If you know my real name, good for you.

Age:16 (got a problem with that?)

Strengths: Well, I'm going with description and grammar/spelling.

Writing genres: Oooooh, I'm gonna go with fantasy(boundaries are virtual. literally.), war-type action(massive destruction. I'm loving it), and a little lightheartedness(sorry, don't do "dark and stormy nights", more like "it's raining again, means it's time to trounce another evil sucker").

Character types: Ohhh, die-hard, obnoxious mercenaries mostly, with a clan or two thrown in the mix.

Current stories: Bwahaha, Battlefront I: Legacy of the Warriors

Future stories: Battlefront II: Western Light

Writing tips: 1. Chat lingo doesn't work in fics. At least if you want people to read it.
2. Spelling/grammar. If you don't have a spellcheck on your computer, get a proofreader.
3. THINK!!! USE YOUR HEAD!!! Yep, startling advice. If you wouldn't read it, other people probably won't.
4. Plot. If you can't think of something other than "He got his first pokemon, trounced Team Whoever in the first three days of his journey, whopped the League on the fifth day of his journey, was a respected PKMN Master for the rest of his life, the end", I'm gonna sic my rabid man-eating chickens on you.

My three cents and two mils' worth.

21st February 2005, 6:48 PM
Name: Scrap, (or you can call me Xian)
Age: Sixteen

Strong Areas: I write my best if I incorporate my stories with a unique twist, and I am best at gritty, dark horror and surrealism. I enjoy taking a unusual viewpoint in my stories, too.

Type Of Writing: Horror, Surrealism, Dark Romance

Type of Characters: I tend to write characters that are loners, and/or looked down upon by the rest of society. I don't do giggly popular characters.

Stories: Still in Progress
You'll be seeing those fanfictions soon..

Were: Blood and Honey
I won't reveal a lot, but it involves the werewolf mythology and a lot of violence. Rating: R for violence and sexuality.

One o' Clock Fox

Childhood's End

Writing Tips:Plan ahead on your plot so you don't run into Writer's Block. Make it as original as possible, because in a way, if you copy the same tired old formulas for a pokemon trainer's journey, you aren't writing-you're plagarizing from the original idea in a sense. Use proper grammer, spelling, and punctuation.

22nd February 2005, 1:08 AM
Name: Brandon, or Paint_Palette

Age: 10, just because I'm young doesn't mean that I'm not a good author!

Strong Areas: I'm good at creating interesting plots.

Type Of Writing: Realistic Fiction, I like to take Pokemon and make them come to life!

Type Of Characters: Mean, snobby characters are fun to write about.

Current Stories: I only have one out so far:

I Believe I Can Fly!- A young orphan Wurmple dreams of becoming a beautiful Beautifly, but what if things don't go as planned? What if he evolves into an ugly Dustox instead? (I have nothing against Dustox, okay?)

Also, he's not the only one with a dream! A 10-year-old girl named Jenni dreams of becoming a master Pokemon Co-Ordinator! And she plans on using Wurmple to help her! Will she manage to catch him?

Rated PG, star rating pending, and it's a Drama/Action/Humor fic.

Future Stories:

Title Unknown- In Commonwealth Elementary, a new segment in science is starting. It's Pokemon! Brandon only has 9 days (spring break) to catch a Pokemon, will he make it by the deadline? And what Pokemon will he catch?

And at the end of the year, there is a huge science test about Pokemon, followed by a Pokemon Battle Tournament at the Battle Tower!

Writing Tips: Just follow your imagination, it's your story! You can make your character fly to the moon if you want to!

23rd February 2005, 3:47 AM
Here's me:
Name: Hikashi
Age: 12
Strong Areas: Plots, Spelling, Puncuation, Grammar
Type Of Writing: Normally romance, fantasy, action/adventure
Type Of Characters: Heroic, Daring, Brave, sometimes mysterious
Celebi meets a human girl and grows to love her, breaking the rule that all pokemon should follow.Future Stories: None yet, but I'm thinking!
Writing Tips: Use your imagination, it's your story, your idea, your mind! And don't sadden when someone flames or gives you constructive critiscism. They are just either mean or trying to help you improve your writing, and everyone makes mistakes!!! Don't worry if you get a bad review!

23rd February 2005, 4:22 AM
Name: Sebok
Age: 18
Strong Areas: I am strong in writting mostly about what really goes on in a girls' mind and usually put the boys in very amusing and compromising positions that cause the girl to think he is something of a pig, but comes to love him later on.
Type of writting: I like to think of myself as a reteller of tales that some people may have forgotten while still keeping an amount and element of originality that can make it a mixutre.
Type of characters: Mostly comical characters who know/interact with romantically-linked characters and often do silly or crazy things to get them together. There are sometimes also characters who would stand in the way of destined love. Some of them can be adulterous, so keep an open mind.
Current stories: Right now I am writting Jewel of Atlantis; this is my link here. I have only written two chapters and my only reader has been Flamingruby, but I would like to have more.
Future stories: I usually write the stuff I am currently working on until I feel it is time to end things.
Writting Tips: TO any and all writers out there, keep up your work and never give up dreams (I myself hope to be an author), and these are my words, "Sometimes to look forward, we must look back".

23rd February 2005, 7:54 AM
Name: Brinstar, or Eric
Age: Nineteen
Strong Areas: Humor, emotion
Type Of Writing: I love to write Trainer fics. I know they're generally hated but I don't give a damn. They're my favorite genre and what I like to write about Pokemon-wise. I also write loads of poetry, lyrics, short stories, and memoirs.
Type Of Characters: I like to write about characters that are cocky lazy jackasses, or shy quiet kids who think to themselves more often then they speak. Either way I love to write about teens.
Current Stories:
Diamonds in the Rough: My main Trainer fic which centers around the up and coming Pokemon Trainer Eric (named after me). The story details the events I encountered while playing through my Pokemon Sapphire game, of course highly elaborated and changed in areas. It's also a funny fic, which lots of slapstick humor between vicious battling.

Seeds: Another Trainer fic set in Johto, and in the same universe as Diamonds in the Rough. This fic takes place a few months before Diamonds however. It is unfinished and on hold until the summer when I have more free time.

Future Stories: In the Sky with Diamonds: The sequel to Diamonds in the Rough. The title is named after the Beatles song. Tells the continuing stories about Eric as he travels along the Sevii Islands and prepares for the Twilight Tournament.

Metroid: A fic I am planning about the Metroid series.

Writing Tips: Have fun and pace yourself. Also, make sure you write at your own pace, otherwise you will burn yourself out. Do everything in your power to put what's in your head onto the paper/word document with enough description to give the readers an image as well.

14th March 2005, 4:39 AM
Name: Shadow Flame [aka. Oblivion0807]
Age: 13
Strong Areas: Plot and character, so I have been told...
Type Of Writing: I can write a mean fantasy, and I don't particularly fail in any other areas.
Type Of Characters: Actually, I don't have problems with any types of characters.
Current Stories: The Beast of the Sea, rated PG(may become PG-13 later). It has been discontinued until early summer.
Future Stories: I plan to make the Beast of the Sea into a trilogy, then maybe do a fic about a pokemon, not a trainer. Maybe I'll do a non-pokemon after all this is over if I'm not in college yet.
Writing Tips: I'm pretty new, so I don't have much. Just summon up your best talents and go for it. If you lose inspiration, just head oer to a well-rated fic like Dragonfree's and look it over. That always helps me. Listen to your superiors(ie. praise the mods), and above all...


Jesse GS the II
14th March 2005, 4:53 AM
Name: Jesse Barboza (aka Jesse GS the II, J. B. Warner, Wavy Gravy, and QuickRick)
Age: Eighteen
Strong Areas: Plot structure, character creation, and sophisticated humor
Type Of Writing: Comedy scripts, either TV or movie
Type Of Characters: Mature, satirical, and often cynical
Current Stories: "Pokémon: Intensity" Seasons 1-7 (currently reposting); 1ACP01 "The Fall of the House of Ash"; 1ACP13 "The Way We Were (Unfortunately)"; 2ACP07 "A Flockwork Orange"; 2ACP20 "Last Exit to Sootopolis"; 5ACP21 "International Lampooned Vacation"; 6ACP09 "Japanese Idol"; 6ACP12 "Sploosh"; "Pokémon the Movie 8.5"; "Ken Akamatsu's Love Hina: The American Way"
Future Works (hopefully): 1ACP11 "The B**** is Back"; 2ACP05 "None Like It Hot"; 3ACP05 "The Bridge on the River Kawaii"; 3ACP11 "Three's Not Company"; 4ACP06 "A Few Pretty Good Men"; 5ACP11 "Blackface Killer"; 5ACP22 "Homeward, Gagged and Bound: The Unfeasible Journey"; 7ACP11 "One Flew Over the Yoo-Hoo's Nest"

Brian Random
14th March 2005, 6:30 PM
Name: Brian Powell (Not my real name)
Age: 21
Strong Areas: Plot, descriptions
Type Of Writing: Whatever comes in my head
Type Of Characters: Whatever inspires me

Current Stories:
Pokemon Impact
Genre: Action / Adventure
Now a completed fanfic! Meet Black Jack, the veteran pokemon trainer who prefers smashing heads and drinking beer rather than be a pokemon champion. If you want action, this is the one fanfic you wanna read!

Pokemon Impact: Series 2
Genre: Action / Adventure
Black Jack returns to make another Impact! This time, he, Ash and others embarks on a new adventure in the Orre Region, where a new and mysterious criminal organisations intends to wreck havoc everywhere.

Comedy One-Shots starring TR:
James's Moneymaking Scheme / Double Blast Off / That Pesky Pichu / Only Fools and More Fools / The untalented Team Rocket / Feelin' Lucky, Punks? / Don't Quit Your Day Job

Shipping One-Shots (based on various love songs):
AAML: Against All Odds / If you're not the one / I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing / Big, Big World

AAMayL: Lovely Day / True Colours / When You Say Nothing At All / I'll Stand By You

Possible Future Pokemon Stories:
More TR Comedy One-shots
More Shipping One-shots
More Pokemon Impact
Region of the Dead (Horror)

Possible Future Non-Pokemon Stories:
No title yet, based on Star Fox
No title yet, based on Sonic the Hedgehog

Writing Tips:
1. No one likes short fics, your fics should have enough descriptions to give the reader an idea of the characters and scenery. Length is also useful as it would keep the reader reading the chapter. For those of you who makes fics short... you can do better.

2. Think of a story that'll have a 'spark' of excitement. For examples: Put in a little suspense for each chapter or make the action more exciting.

3. Plot is also important. Makes the readers think 'Hmm, this is new..."

That's all I can give for now. Laters.

14th March 2005, 8:05 PM
Updated 2/11/07

Name: Orange_Flaaffy
Age: 23
Strong Areas: Song writing, character development though backstory, bringing realistic depth to mythical (non-pokemon) beings, writing pokemon and humans as animalistic
Weak Areas: My worst area would be spelling hands down.
Type Of Writing: Fantasy, Humor, Adventure, Melodrama
Type Of Characters: I like to write funny moments, which I think every character has. I also love naive optimistic characters and bookish nerds.. But I think my all time favorite type of character to write is the type that acts meek on the outside but is really bull-head, stubborn and opinionated on the inside.
Current Stories:

The Water’s Reflection

AU fic- Humans no longer the masters? A young female doctor not of the lowly human race gets her world turned upside down by a rare discovery.

Pokemon - PG- Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters so far : 5 - Words: 4159 Updated: 10-13-03


Evolution Of Fable

Original Character/Original Trainer/Journey/Pokemorphs

Every world has its stories, its forgotten people working droning jobs with little consideration or hope toward the future. The Pokémon world is no different. For a fable never truly fades with time, it simply evolves.

Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 12,021 (being worked on :)

Writing Tips: (I will add more tips as I think of them and update this post if that is okay with everyone)
1) Don't feel as if your story must be perfect right away.Trust me when I say not even classic novels are perfect in real life.
Such feelings can cause you to rewrite a beginning chapter again and again, never getting you any farther in the story in the long run.
2) Don't take everything reviewers or how to write books say to heart. If you follow everyones way of thinking but your own you may find yourself 'fixing' a plot other and other again, back and forth, without making it all that better.
3) Do try to leave anything that is now popular in our world out of the pokemon one. If you put such things in it will more than likely date you story in a very bad way.
4) Never forget that although pokemon may act human like sometimes they are animals when all is said and done, remember that giving them animal mannerisms will add a depth of realism to any story.
5) Try to think up something other than an Eevee as your characters starter. Now, this does not mean you can't use one, but think of it this way: Does your character, with the plot you've worked out, and everything else that makes him\her who they are, really need an Eevee or odd colored pokemon in order to be worth writing a OT story about? If your answer is yes I suggest you need to get back to the drawing broad on making their personality deeper.

29th March 2005, 3:41 AM
Name: Umbrazard, In real life it's Andrew
Age: 16
Strong Areas: I definatley think my plot and characters are good, no one can attest to this since my fic is only in its 1st chapter but...
Weak Areas: Grammar. I hate Commas
Type Of Writing: I like Action/Adventure with a dash of Romance
What type of characters do you like to write? I like writing about girls actually, I most definatley respect women more than men.
Current Stories: Haito Adventures A Trainer type fic with a much deeper plot set in a new region with new Pokemon. 5 Stars, 1 vote so far (because it was deleted) Action/Adventure

[OPTIONAL]Future Stories: Not Titled The prequel to Haito Adventures. Focuses on the past that was responsible for the events of Haito Adventures (Not a Trainer Fic)

Not Titled I've been toying with the idea of a fic about a girl who discovers a government plot to destroy all Legendaries by cloning Hybrid Legendaries.

Writing Tips: Basically write how you want. Other people may not like it, but someone will. Trying for 100% popularity will only hurt your writing ability. Oh, and always include an Umbreon in your story lol.


Draconic Mage
29th March 2005, 4:08 AM
Name: I don't use the name 'Draconic mage' anymore. Most know me a as Winterlord, which is commonly shortened to Winty or WL. But I'm slowly chaging all my usernames to Pysks.

Age: 14

Strong Areas:maybe plot? Most of the fics that I write that actually have good plot get ignored due to their very bad titles.

Type Of Writing: Humor/Fantasy

Type Of Characters: I usually don't like writing Human characters. When I try to do ones that are like me in personality, I get yelled at fore using over used personalitys. If people would just use characters like themselves, it wouldn't be a problem. But no, everyone wants an anti-social character who only says five words in a chapter. *anger*
Current Stories:

Netbattle: Breaking the metagame
Well, it started out as nonfiction, but it just turned into fiction. I guess it's realistic fiction.
PG, very mild language
I don't think anyone has givein it a star rating yet. Probably a low one do to the fact that it's riddled with typos.

Future Stories: Yes, I do intend to do a 'n00b writer' paradoy. It's not going to be like any other Paradoys, since the oppsite of what's supposed to happen happens.

Writing Tips: Grammar is spelled with an a. 50% of all shippings used in fanfics are stupid. Pikachu is not really that powerful. Pokémon is spelled with an é. Not Pokemon, or Poke`mon, or even Pok`emon. Smiles are annoying. I'm not very good at netbattle. Levels don't exist. Misty is older than Ash.

Cap D. Blue
29th March 2005, 4:27 AM
Name: DragonMaster13 or DM13
Age: 13, going on to 14 in July.
Strong Areas: Dialouge, mainly. I'm okay with description, but my dialouge's great, IMO.
Type of Writing: Humor (I try), Romance, Action/Adventure; one-shots
Characters: One original based off of myself. I like to use the anime PKMN characters. So sue me.
Current Stories:
Ho, Ho, Hoenn (no longer on the forums thinking about re-posting); PG; 7 chapters; 4 stars, 2 votes 3.65 stars average.
A Little Talk (re-posted but no replies); PG-PG13; no stars/votes; one-shot
Valentines (AAML) (I might repost it); PG; nostars/votes; one-shot; based on a "Calvin & Hobbes" comic.
Future Fics: "Traveling though the Past" (working title) Summary: May and her boyfriend (if you've read my fics you'd know who I'm talking about) travel though Kanto and Johto, facing humorous and dangerous situations. Rating: PG13 Post Date: Depends. I need to find time to work on it.
Writing Tips: Every one has their own style of writing. Be yourself. Your imagination is your most useful tool and friend. Use it. Be original! Don't use the "waking-up-late" trainer fic like everyone else. Find something that you like that is different and write from the heart. "Editing comes after your first draft." - Forrester, Finding Forrester

Emma Iveli
29th March 2005, 5:50 AM
Name: Emma Iveli

Age: 18

Strong Areas: Dialouge

Type of Writing: Comedy and crossover

Characters: Both olgenal and Anime as well as the occonsal American character.

Current Stories:

My Life in Anime: The sotry of a Pokemon training robot piolet named Emma, who finds out she's a Magical Girl. Contains characters from many anime.

My Life in Anime: Fighting Spirt: Sidesotry to My Life in Anime

Evil Emma Returns: Another sidesotry to My Life in Anime this time in a thris person perestive.

Who will get the gold: Kinky (Emma's Magical Girl masscot) threatens Lucky (The Lucky Chrams Masscot) for his gold.

Kinky's Christmas... with a Talking peice of Poo?!: Kinky spends Crhistmas with Mr. Hanky of South Park fame.

My Life in Anime S: Emma's story countes as she gains more eneimes as well as new friends.

Kinky Meets More American Masscots: Kinky's vaction takes her to many more American Masscots.

Kinky, What Are You Doing?!: Kinky deicesds to theaten Emma's Dewgong so that she will Emma's most trusted masscot.

My Life in Anime: Time Troboles: One of Emma's emeimes alters time to erase her from exictance. Has Mina and April from Pokemon Angel futre selves in it as Maggie's futre daughter

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1): A begiening trainer named Mina Koki finds out she a legendary being known as a Pokemon Angel. There are 17 of them each one has the power of Pokemon, Mina is Ice Angel. She dicedes to find the other Pokemon Angels while being attacked by members of Team Aqua. Durring Vol 1. she finds 6 of them: Rock (Beth), Dragon (Maddie), Water (Megan), Grass (April), Dark (Anne) and Fire (Deborah). As well joined by three other girls (Maggie, Kia and Maya) as well on ocation Mina's rival Peter, Mina's crush Matt and Ash and the gang.

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1.5): Quite leteraly a sequil to both the 2nd and 5th Pokemon movies.

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2): Mina and the others contune on their jounrey, first they find Fighting Angel and then discover TEam Magma is now after them too. Vol. 2 also has more stuff on Mina's hobby (Anime) introudces few more characters as well

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2.5): Mina, Ash, Maggie and the rest must stop Team Magma from altering the past.

Pokemon Angels: (Mis) Adventes: Beofre the Pokemon Angels were reborn they had wacky misadntures: From avoiding Water Angel's cooking to Flying Angel telling a story that will one day resmble anime to Rock Angel and Niormal Angel fighting over love. It is pretty random.

All but Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1) and (Mis) Adventures arn't on this site, but I plan to put Pokemon Angels (Vols. 1.5 & 2) up.

Future Fics:

True Destiny: Another My Life in Anime sidestory in third person persetive.

My Life in Anime PA: Emma's life has gotten more itnersting first she's gotten into Angelic Layer and now Team Aqua and Team Magma has sent two super powered angents to stop her as well as Hoeen's only two members of Team rocket also after her. With help from Emma's incrasing number of friends she can handl;e anything.

My Life in Anine: Kinky's a Human?!: A sidesotry tsking place in the middle of My Life in Anime PA, one day Kinky finds herself to be transfromed into a human. Now, she, Emma, Washu (Tenchi) must find out what caused this. was it caused by a mytous young man who keeps shwoing up. Well onthings for sure since Kinky's human she can't steal guns.

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 3): Mina and the rest counte their journey. After fidning (and mistaking for a boy) Steel Angel, Mina keeps on getting in situations with Peter that makes Missy Belive that she is in a Rumiko Takashi- esque relationship with Peter whioch both deny. Do they really love each or hate each other?

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 3.5): Mina along with the three othert groups they keep meeting deiced to meet up for the Anniual Sakura Feswtuival in Arukas Town. After a run in with Team Rocket Maggie loses her Powers and must restart a stage in her training, the Crystal. Now with Maggie with no emotions, Matt deicdes to comfort her. Which causes a chain recation among the firends. This story is more romace then the others.

Pokemon Angels (Vol.4): After finding Posion Angel, Mina and the others began to have dream telling them to explore other regions. Meanwhile Team Aqua devolps a plan to finnaly get them once and for all. Enjoy the finnal Vollume set in Hoeen for a long, long time.

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 4.5)/ My Life in Anime: A Diffrent sort of Magical Girl: When Mina and the gang get to Tokyo where Ash and the rest have been staying for quite a while they thought it would be just a noramal visit. But when they all go to a beach paty hosted by Emma and Mint (From Mew Mew) Kia and a lot of ther people get kidnapped. What does it have to with Decantso f the Pokemon Angels, Will they be able to save them? What do you mean that two of those that were kdnapped get kidnapped on reguar basis? Join the fun as Mina and Emma meet again for the first time. this will cary both names

Pokemonga Diaoh: Ash and the gang deiced to help out Pro. Birch at his old high school and have cople adventures with 6 of the student and two teachers. This is a cross over with Azumagna Diaoh.

Writing Tips: If you have imangiation but can't draw, write. I leanred that the hard way.

29th March 2005, 6:43 AM
Name: Groudon80, my real name is Eugene(but my REAL Russian name is Evgueny)

Age: 14

Strong Areas: I like to write gory scenes, so I describe them as best as I can, just for you to vomit on your computer screen!

Type Of Writing: I like gory, desperate stories, but I will soon try horror too.

Type Of Characters: Characters that are tough, they have a helluva lot of problems.

Current Stories: Ancient People (PG13), link in banner in sig. Its rated PG13 for gore, and language. Beware, some chapters are REALLY disgusting, and those with weak stomachs(that aren't bulemic) should read/review. I appreciate ANY INPUT. RATE PLEASE!

Writing Tips: I really was helped a lot by reading the "advice for aspiring authors" thread. I basically just went from crap, not even deserving one star to okay overnight.
I just really like to write my story now, because I like writing gory stories.

30th March 2005, 3:09 AM
Hnn...I suppose I should update this. [12/13/05]

Name: gladdecease.

Age: 15.

Strong Areas: I like to think I'm a strong detail writer. I only develop original plots, with the possible exception of stories from my younger years. Also, I'm pretty good when I get going or on a roll, which doesn't happen often anymore. --'

Weak Areas: Timing. And planning. Right now, I have like half a dozen scenes from my trilogy figured out in my head, and none of it even close to what's happening now. Right now is the boring, slowly rising action part which I hate to write. And I never have regular posting unless all I'm doing is rewriting some errors and otherwise reposting. Even then, it's usually not regular.

Type of Writing: Humor. I don't even try, but I make the most ridiculous slapstick-type humor scenes, though my story is going to end up pretty serious. I suppose the humor counteracts the serious-ness...? But I doubt it. Also, I make a pretty mean Romance or Supernatural when I've got a good idea. And ones where I analyze the thoughts of a character in a scene or episode.

Type of Characters: I haven't made any new characters yet, with the exception of Mizuna, who is a quite angsty. Amnesia is always a fun thing to work with, as are multiple personalities. I haven't really gotten deeper into her personality, so otherwise she's a bit flat.

Current Stories:

Trovita Thoughts: Misty was watching throughout Ash's battle at Trovita, right? Were her thoughts really on the battle, or something else?

Sootopolis - City of Love: Titled 'The First Awakening' on ff.net. AU. Misty never met up with the others at any Togepi Convention; where did she go when her sisters took control of the gym, then? The story of where she went and the re-meeting of her and some old friends. Book 1 of 3...4 stars, with a 4.32 average after 19 votes.

Prophecies of the Summoned: Now that Misty is back, everything is back to normal, right? It was...until a new friend who became close to one of our heroes is in danger of being destroyed for the knowledge she contains - a knowledge that, inexplicably, is connected to a strange occurance from a lifetime ago - literally. Book 2 of 3...5 stars, with a 5.00 average after 3 votes.

Sunrise, Sunset: The Teen Titans are a group of teenagers who fight crime. As teenagers, they face issues everyone faces. Sometimes, however, these issues are more powerful when one has superpowers. Delves into the changes the characters face as they grow up through the show. Shown through one-shots at the time periods mentioned above. Sadly, no one has reviewed it...or even posted, other than myself. TT

Heart Break: "And here I am, sitting in the shadows of their love, silently loving him..." Misty's parents coming back into her life push her to tell Ash the truth...and it breaks someone else's heart to know Misty and Ash cannot be together. One-shot. No star-rating yet.

Future Stories:

An Unescapable Twist of Fate: It started with a Pok&#233;mon journey and a fishing trip, but turned into something so enormous that nothing can stop it now...well, except for them. With everyone's nerves being torn at, and the final part of the prophecy coming into fulfilment, something may be said one might regret. Book 3 of 3.

Writing Tips: Give it your all, and never give up on a story unless you've totally run out of an idea. If that happens, chances are you didn't plan out your plot at all, which you should do to be successful. It also helps when writing out the subplots and the story itself. Also, you might want to consider outlining chapters before you write them, crossing off plot points as you write them.

Spell checking can never go wrong, as long as you pay attention to what you're correcting. Switching 'Psyduck' for 'Seduce' is not the right thing to do. I should know.

Linkage to all of the stories except the ones on fanfiction.net [@ this (www.fanfiction.net/~gladdecease) link] above is in my sig. If you read 'em, I hope you like 'em.

31st March 2005, 3:02 AM
Name: kawaiizanzan (aka Zanney, Zanzan, or my real name, Suzanne. Call me Suzie and you die!)

Age: "I am 16 going on 17..."

Strong Areas: Although I am a newbie here on SPPf I am a seasoned fanfic writer... It all began when I wrote a story about pokemon, not knowing it was fanfiction... I am told my character ideas and plots are very interesting. However, that would normally be up to others to decide. I don't review my own fics and you prolly don't either.

Type Of Writing: Well... I like many style of writing. I enjoy poetry, songfics, fantay, romance, action/adventure, and many more. It all depends on what compells me to read...

Type Of Characters: I really enjoy creating any and all kinds of characters. Every story needs a vast variety of charaters and I try not to skimp on the variety.

Current Stories: Sadly, none of my stories have been perfected enough to be posted as of yet. I will update this when my first fic "What REALLY happened to the Ghost of Maiden's Peak" comes out.

Future Stories:

Fortunatta: The pain she now felt was for the loss of her trainer, or rather, her friend. She remembered him as if he’d never been gone, as if he were still with her. She remembered his entire being; the way he smelled and the way his voice sounded. She remembered the name he’d given her, too. It was right before he left the world of the living that he’d named her Fortunatta....

What REALLY Happened to the Ghost of Maiden's Peak: The title says it all. Sorry about being vague. It's just that I want this story to be a HUGE surprise.

Writing Tips:

1. When you have writer's block NEVER let yourself fall behind. Brainstorm, share ideas with buddies, do SOMETHING to get rid of that pesky block. That's what I do.

2. ALWAYS finish most of a story before moving on to the next one. You don't want to leave and forget about a story. It's sort of like neglecting your pet. Just don't do it.

31st March 2005, 3:24 AM
Name: Scott Millard
Age: 14
Strong Areas: Plot
Type Of Writing: Adventure
Type Of Characters: Characters that are based off of me. Anything that was my personality, since I can relate to them.
Current Stories:
The Flaming Truth (extinct)
[OPTIONAL]Future Stories:
One with a name I'm not sure about yet.
Summary: On a far away land, a pokemon's popularity is based off of how their parent(s) bred. A misfit Treeko learns that a powerful evil is attempting to take over the land, using strategies similar to Adolf Hitler. Alongside his friend, a female Teddiursa, he travels to stop this evil menace. SIDE PLOT: Treeko tries to discover his true past. He was brought up believing that his mother gave birth to him alongside a Ditto. But when he discovers that she was lying, he tries to discover who his true father is.
Writing Tips:
If you want to use a First Person point of view, trying using characters that you can relate to, so you know what they are thinking and what they would do.
Try to think up every major detail of your story before writing. If you start your story with no idea of what would happen, you will neglect your story trying to think of a plot and end up forgetting about it.

Blaziken's Emberz
1st April 2005, 8:20 PM
Forum Names:
SPPf, TCoD: Blaziken's Emberz
BMGf: Dark Bashamo
PC: Pokémon Master Denny (Although I do not go there anymore)

Actual Name: For those who can't tell in the last screen name, my real name is Denny. I own the restaurant, yes. >_> I get that a lot.

Age: 13

Strong Areas: Like Dragonfree here, I always revise and/or revamp. It's something that I've always done ever since the days of Life of a Trainer. This is my tenth revamp. I always get good criticism now, so, therefore, I'm sticking with this story for quite a while. I cover all parts of a fic - My plots are unique, and my description, great. Length is always good, except way back when, when it was only one page on MSWord.

Type of Writings: I started off with comedic fics, but now, I've noticed I don't like the "kiddy" stuff anymore. I went on and am going for PG-13/R fics. They are fully dramatic now with lots of action and fantasy in there. There is blood, gore, and alchemy? No, swords and guns. Yes, it's getting more violent in my fics - but that's the way I do things now. Realistic.

Types of Characters: First, Trevor Swanson, your brilliant mind and idiotic in some places. Natalie (Last name never revealed), your crazy, yet friendly, er...friend. Now, Thatcher Greslin - orphan, no family, and no knowledge of Pokémon at all.

Current Stories:

+-+Tarnished Scars+-+ (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=59791)
"The Deeper the Cut, the More the Soul is Pierced"
Currently Rated 5 Stars [4 Votes, 5.00 Average]

Future Stories:

-+-+-+-Eternal Malevolence-+-+-+-

It's another trainer fic, but with a darker side - almost like "Tarnished Scars" in a way, but with another plot, new characters, and beasts, dragons, and chimeras. Don't forget griffins! This is the darkest fic I have ever did, and involves a group of bandits...

Writing Tips: Never be frightened pertaining to writing a masterpiece in words and text. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you follow your heart, mind, and soul, and you can accomplish any task that falls in your path, both in writing fics and in life. If you need help, contact a friend or myself to aid you in your quest in fiction or life. There's always someone you can trust when writing a fic, and that person is yourself...

~ BE ;257;

Shining Lugia
2nd April 2005, 12:08 AM
Name: Shining Lugia here, but outside, it's Gabby (short for Gabriella)
Age: 12, going on 13 (wow I'm too young....)
Strong Areas: ......Uh, I dunno, I don't pay attention to that. But people do tell me that I make good plots and spelling.
Weak Areas: DESCRIPTION! A little grammar.
Current Works: The Orbs of Balance, Our War: Bloodstained Battlefields
Works Coming Soon: Shadow Hurricane (prequel to)---->, Shadow Hurricane: Life's Wrath
Tips: For writer's block, talk to friends, do something about it. And if you are juggling to many fics, work on one at a time. Trust me, it works.

2nd April 2005, 8:44 PM
Name: Mistystar89, Mist
Age: 15
Strong Areas: I'm very good at description, POVS, vocabulary, and emotions of my characters. I try to improve at everything I can do like grammar, spelling, etc.
Type of Writing: I like Comedy and Romance most but I also include Adventure and some Suspense.
Type of characters: I use adventous, determined characters and give each character how they stand out like Janet, who is a romantic and a matchmaker. I like to put up some evil characters too and of course hilarious characters.
Current Stories: The Adventures of Yoshi-the link is at my sig.
5 star rating, almost 3,000 views
Future Stories: I'll be making the sequel to The Adventures of Yoshi soon, maybe a pokeshipping story with contestshipping and Rocketshipping though it'll be a while but look forward to the sequel. ;)
Writing Tips: Always have a thesaurus with you to improve your description and vocabulary and take your reader's advice and have fun with your story and be as creative as you can be.

Max Slasher
10th April 2005, 1:52 AM
Name: Max Slasher
Age: 16
Strong Areas: Good at description and vivid storytelling. Though my chapters are short, they pull the reader in and make them beg for more...I hope.
Type of Writing: Usually Romance with some Angst...or just action.
Type of Characters: Strong but break down easily. If it's a fic about Sonic, however, I use a character to their actual persona.
Current Stories: Shadow: Tormented Past (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=60974) "Shadow the Hedgehog barely survives the fall from ARK and realizes his destiny. My Idea on how the new Shadow the Hedgehog game will be.
Future Stories: None planned...unless 'Shadow' does well.
Writing Tips: Don't write something that you know you will never finish. I've done that many a time. Also, have fun with what you're writing and get become one with your characters. It makes you put your soul into you story and it becomes much better.

10th April 2005, 10:57 PM
Name: Blue Pokemon Master (Blue or BPM are common, for short)
Age: 16, turning 17 in less than a month ^^
Strong Areas: I am strong in creativity, and I like to make surprises in my plots. My characters can often have depth.
Type Of Writing: Adventure, perhaps fantasy. And sometimes romance.
Type Of Characters: All kinds. All kinds of appearances, personality, dreams.
Current Stories: Pokemon War: What would happen if Team Aqua & Magma's persistence to achieve their cause, even giving Team Rocket a hard time, led to a massive war? Find out by reading this fanfic!
Future Stories: Kingdom Saga: A creative story placed in a Kingdom, where a young Pokemon trainer enters a tournament in which he embarks on a journey to become King.
Writing Tips: Same stuff as previously mentioned. If you're not yet used to writing without many mistakes, proofread your chapters at least once. Be creative; don't rush!

Yuugis Black Magician
18th April 2005, 12:55 AM
Name: Jacob
Age: 14
Strengths: I can write up a good history of my stories.
Types of Writing: Well, right now A Trainer's Passion (of the Tales of Passion series) is an Fantasy Trainer Fiction.
Type of Characters: Serious and dangerous, and of course under dogs. Darker people too.
Current works:

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/Scrapdreams/Tales-of-Passion.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=59079)
Rated: PG-13
Rated: Four Stars {I think}.

Future Works: After A Trainer's Passion I'll begin work on the sequel series, "Detective Shogun."

19th April 2005, 4:10 PM
Name: Nekusagi-chan
Age: 16
Strong Areas: Can write nice, long fic, and make readers feel emotionally connected to characters. I write pretty descriptively, and try to keep the story interesting. Sometimes I shift viewpoints; at times, I use dream sequences and symbolism to draw readers in deeper. Also, I add interesting plot twists on occasion.
Type Of Writing: Teen angsty stuff, drama, occasional humor, shippy(Diamondshippy, Pokeshippy, Steeltulipshippy (Bashou/Domino), Neobrocketshippy (Brock/Domino), Neoshippy, whatever you call Jessie/ Mondo shipping, suspense, mystery.
Type Of Characters: Most of my ficcy is Team Rocket oriented; however, I’d like to write some nice Pokeship fic.
Current Stories: Only one right now on Serebii: Broken
Basically a fic, set around the events leading up to, of, and after the Origin of Mewtwo CD drama. It tells the story of Giovanni as a lovable high school sophomore (seriously) and his troubled relationship with Delia. Bring tissues.
[Future Stories:
Kanto Idol: A fic/skit I’ve almost finished typing. Basically, Domino, both TR agent pairs, and Gio attempt to audition for Kanto Idol. Imagine American Idol meets The Simpsons meets Napoleon Dynamite meets the best HoSo never made, and you get the idea. (Maybe)
Blood: I plan on starting this as soon as I finish Broken. A weird sci-fi/drama fic where Ash’s deepest, darkest secret is revealed, Gary has a rare compound in his blood that TR needs badly for experiments, and a whole lot of character’s lives intersect in this trippy, suspense-thriller fic. Hoo boy, this is gonna be fun.
A Youthful Indiscretion: This is teh fic I started before Broken and never finished. Domino gets squealed on by another agent. Mystery-suspense antics ensue.
Unnamed Brock/Domino shipping fic: Good, all-Kanto GL falls in love with a cold blood killer. Romance/angst ensue.
Writing Tips: Try to get into your character’s frame of mind and see them as humans. That’s my only tip.

19th April 2005, 10:47 PM
Name: NEO GOHAN; real name: John Priest (don't make fun of it, it's my greatgreatgreatgreatetc. grandpa's fault, plus, I'm thinking about getting it legally changed anyway)

Age: 14, but birthday is May 20th, right around the corner.

Strong Areas: actually, I hate writing (stems from hate of essays), but I'm plannin a future anime, and I figured SEREBIIForums might get some good publicity and editing.

Type Of Writing: I like action like DBZ, and though I like strange humor, I'm just not got at fitting it in a story, so I limit it (though what I have planned is hillarious!!!). I didn't even know what I'm doing was called a cross-over until I got my second post, but that's because I never heard that online term at school.

Type Of Characters: I like tough, serious, smart, and gifted people, like in DBZ(serious and smart do not include GOKU, n.o., but he fits the others.)

Current Stories: haven't started the fic, but i'm workin' on it.

Future Stories: DBPL... see my sig and the link at the bottom.

Writing Tips: well, I haven't started, but I'm doing a thread where I put info such as character lists and terms and you comment about it. [it just might work... {BOOM!!!~:P} 'back to the old drawing board...']

P.S.... Don't forget to post! (but no rating it one/two star(s) w/o posting why or flaming, flaming's against the rules anyway and rating bad w/o posting why will only start the greatest manhunt since I chased this girl around the classroom trying to hit 'er over the head with a textbook for making fun of me ^fangs^)

19th April 2005, 11:22 PM
Name: Teal, Terry, (T[h]eresa)
Age: 14-15 (june)
Strong Points: believable characters I must saay. All my characters have a motivation behind them, and are different from one another. They don't just see the world in black and white, there's tons of grey thrown in there, however some characters still do see the world like that.

I also posess the ability to describe in obscene detail, blessing and curse it seems. Although I do have a strong poetic-ness to my writing, overall as I said it is a blessing and curse, elegant yet it turns people away.

Type of Writing: Can't really say. Some would call it adventure, others would call it action, but I can't reall decide if it's either. Adventure is heavier, not so much fighting as plot. We'll go with adventure.

Type of Characters: Dark. All my characters have insanely dark overtones, and the only light-esque character in my current fanficc isn't really a good guy at all. His family was brutally slaughtered, he is a cold hearted murdered, and his entire point of life now is to create a war to end all wars. Dark.

Current Stories:

Shattered: My darkest story ever to say the least. Stars the famous Serynade

[Will finish later]

5th May 2005, 11:26 PM
Name[s]: Dragonfire, Blaziken's Emberz, Dark Bashamo, Cobalt, Denny, Pokémon Master Denny.

Age: I am 13 years old.

Strong Point[s]: I've got to say that my characters are my strongest point in all areas of my fic. This really stands out. People say I make the characters realistic and in many cases, comedic, dramatic, or insane. I believe it was Elemental Charizam who stated that.

Weak Point[s]: When it comes to description, especially when being criticized on The Cave of Dragonflies' forums, it's sometimes overdescribed or underdescribed. That really irks me. That's the reason why I keep editing my fics: To please the critics in the field of description. I shall beta it from now on - not for grammar, but for description.

Current Fanfiction[s]: None. I am planning fourteen Fanfictions, about seven of which are one-shots. Five are trilogies, and the other two are sagas: not long sagas, short ones.

Future Fanfiction[s]: I am only giving you the titles for my five trilogies. Nothing else, because if I was giving you summaries, I'd be here to midnight:

Tarnished Scars
Eternal Malevolence
Dreamless Nights
Doubts of the Perpetual Mind
Dragon's Flame (I'm thinking of changing to Dragon's Roar)
Wounded Allies (A military Fanfiction)

Writing Tips: Use dictionaries and thesauruses as resources as often as possible. Check your grammar, reread your stories to ensure it is good. Use paragraphing, quotation marks, length, description, plot, and characters. And make sure to let people beta it for you, just in case. A good person for the job is jirachiman876 - he's really good at notifying the tiniest of things.


6th May 2005, 12:37 AM
Name(s): Negrek or Negrek the Slugma

Age: 16

Strong Points: I believe that my strongest points are action scenes. I am very proud of my pokémon battles, and I work especially hard to keep description balanced with action. I am also fond of my plots; they tend to be very winding and layered. I like to keep people in the dark and cause them to question their assumptions. And I'm pretty good at spelling, grammar, yaddah yaddah yaddah...

Weak Point(s): Romance. I suck at it. I don't really like to read it, and therefore cannot write it. You will see none of it in any of my fictions, at least up to this point.

Genre(s): I generally prefer OT fiction, and what I write is more or less along those lines. I also write one-shots on a variety of topics. Generally, my stories tend to be action/adventure with a bit of sci-fi/supernatural/mystery/fantasy mixed in.

Current Fanfiction(s): None on these forums. On FF.net, my main base, I have a few...

The Ninetales' Curse-- My first fiction, completed.
Clouded Sky-- My current fiction.
Here We Go Again-- Parody. Current side fiction.
Memory-- One-shot.
Broken Metronome--One-shot.
Was, Is, Will Be--One-shot.
Ugly-- Half of a one-shot pair with "Common."
Common--half of a one-shot pair with "Ugly."

Future Fanfiction(s): Lots in the works...

The Illness-- Pokémorph 'fic.
The Star Chaser-- Third in my pseudo-trilogy.
Demon's Breath-- Lugia one-shot.
Perfect Logic-- Porygon2 one-shot.

And a couple as of now titleless files floating in my computer.

Writing Tips: Don't ever think that you're too good to improve. Think before you write. Think, "Would this be how someone would actually act in this situation?" or "Would somebody actually say that?" Realism is very, very important, even in fanfiction.

And burn your thesaurus. They're a crutch and a terrible one at that. You'll use words wrong and look like an idiot while doing so. Don't use a word if you don't know what it means, darnit!


6th May 2005, 2:24 AM
Name: RedHall
Age:18 (19 in sixteen more days from today)
Strong Areas: Writing is not really my strong point. However, I can come up with some pretty good plots.
Type of Writing: I like to write humor with a little bit of romance and vice versa.
Type of Characters: My characters are usually based on other characters in the story. For example: In my current story, Andy is very similar to Brock in the respect of his reaction to Officer Jenny. The difference is that he only goes for Jennys.
Current Stories: "A Pokemon Parent Trap"

6th May 2005, 2:37 AM
[Name] Icyrain
[Age] 14

- description (or so I'm told)
- plotlines
- character development

[Types of Writing]
Outside of fanfic's I write fantasy... Or was writing fantasy, until I got a major writer's block... But for PokeFic's I generally prefer trainer fic's over oneshots... I like seeing a character and their pokemon develop together.

[Types of Characters]
Characters that are sorrowful, and situations, are quite simple for me to conjure up, as I tend to be a rather melodramatic person at times. I like to write characters with depth, emotion, and intelligence.

[Current Stories]
- << Soul Awakening >> (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=62738)
---Chapters 1, 2, and 3

[Writing Tips]
Eat cheese! Lots of it... or, if you prefer actual advice, don't try and force a story out... let the story come to you. If you force it, your story will sound terrible. Another thing: read lots of books! The reason I am able to describe well, is because earlier I read mountains of books, including the dictionary at times (yes, I'm weird), and now have a vast vocabulary that defies what most fourteen-year olds possess. ;) *Go nerd-ness!*

T.W. North
11th May 2005, 9:35 AM
Name: T.W. North
Age: 13
Strong Areas: I'm great at writing descriptions, battlescenes and (I hope, haven't tested it yet) Dialogue scenes.
Weak Areas: Plot. Compared to my sister my plots are rubbish (and half the time unimaginative). I sit down for hours and nothing comes...hate it. Personality...not so much having their personality come out slowly (I'm pretty darn good at that) but when you have to just describe it straight off (like when trying out for RPG's)...can't do it for hell. >.<
Type Of Writing: Lurve writing fantasy and battles (which often come under fantasy). Most of these are non-pokemon fics. Hate pokemon fics.
Type Of Characters: I like to write about big, burly characters most of the time, but also intelligent characters...who are usually pretty skilled at a weapon of sorts. Common, but...meh.
Current Stories:
Everywhere Everything
Basically how the world can change from familiar to strange in a matter or seconds. Can't remember the reviews, if you want to read it, you'll have to dig for it in the Non-Pokemon fanfic section

Team Terror's Reign
Don't bother reading it, I gave up ages ago.

Future Stories:
Bus Ride (title may change)
About a boy who can has sort of psychic(sp?) powers that allow him to read people's life-stories. Basically a whole lot of mini-stories telling the lives of random people.

The Sky City Series
Hopefully these three (hopeful books) won't be posted here because I want to get them published. It'll be a long wait though as I'm still on Chapter Seven of the first book. XD
Writing Tips: RULE NUMBER ONE: Don't give up/be lazy. That's my one weakness. Almost all the stories I start I never end up finishing. You must be viligant (not sure if it's the right word to use though...)
RULE NUMBER TWO: Don't use cliches! If you do...well your probably doomed from the start. If you use them on purpose on the otherhand, it might be okay, but you should try to avoid them at al costs. (something I'm failing at rather alot lately).
RULE NUMBER THREE: Be imaginative! Don't do something that everyone else is doing or has already done! Your never going to be successful if you don't. Almost all classic books were a first in their time. You can do it too! (That last sentence sounded wierd...)

Crystal Walrein
12th May 2005, 10:13 PM
Name: Crystal Walrein (also Cross Stinger, Devlin, Deoxys, regice, just follow the links)
Age: 16
Strength: News reports and research papers on Pokémon. Also strong in adapting the movies.
Weakness: Drawn-out fiction, e.g. plays.
Type of writing: Reports and articles. Sometimes entries.
Types of Charactes: In the stories, Pokémon and their trainers, and governments. Most stories involve European trainers.
Current Stories on SN: Ditto and Castform banned from standard tournaments in Spain (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=64946) (Associated Press style article); The Mewtwo and Deoxys Lecture (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=62858) (a lecture on Mewtwo and Deoxys)
Future Stories: A Look into Team Rocket, Feebas and Magikarp Exposed, Rayquaza labelled endangered species by Brazilian government (AP), Latios molested in Indonesia (AP)

25th May 2005, 6:41 AM
Name: Vortex but my IRL name is Mike.
Age: 16
Strength: Description manily and I'm somewhat good at character devolpment.
Weakness: Grammer! XP
Type of Writing: Anything goes with me, depending on my mood.
Types of Characters: Pokemon and trainers, usally the story is starring people though.
Current Stories: Pokemon: Southern Tournament, about a tournament, a legend yada yada sick of repeating it lol. and I Promise, my new Hoennshipping fic!
Future Stories: Cascading Shadows about a girl caught between good and evil and on the run from both sides and has no where to go to but her old boss who has been missing for years. Silver's Desire about the story of the rival, Silver/Kamon.

Kain Blackthorn
26th May 2005, 8:58 PM
Name:Kain Blackthorn
Age:12, although I can write PG-13 stories.
Strong points:Well, it could be creating situations between the characters.
Weak points:Everything isn't a strong point.
Favorite genres:Humour, Action/Adventure, and also some shippy fics (:D)
Current Stories:Crystal Quest[B] PG-13. Genre still unspecified.

26th May 2005, 10:40 PM
I don't know why I've never bothered to post my profile. I'm just lazy now days. Well, anyone who actually cares will be able to look at my upcoming works now I guess.

Name: Saya (Rachel)

Age: Thirteen

Strong Areas: Most people say my ultimate strong point is description, but sometimes I'm not so sure. At the moment, though, I do agree with them. My description and writing has improved imensely over the past two months since I last posted a chapter on Learning to Heal the Hurt. I'm getting better at length too. Most of my chapters tend to be 8-10 pages on WORD. Last year I was barely getting two per chapter.

Type Of Writing: I am an action/adventure type of writer. Most of my stories end up encorperating fantasy of some kind too. I love fantasy. Though I love to read romance, I'm not too keen on writing it.

Type Of Characters: Angsty characters who are angry at the world tend to end up as my main characters. They usually end up with one happy-go-lucky friend. I don't know why, but it just happens. I guess I stick them in to lighten up the story a bit.

Current Stories:

Learning to Heal the Hurt - Book I: Fire Red (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=1648547#post1648547)
This is my rewritten Learning to Heal the Hurt which is now out. Rated PG-13.
Summary: It all began on a completely normal day. After a freak accident happens that changes thirteen-year-old Talia O'Connel's life forever nothing is ever the same. Running off to get revenge on Pokemon for the death of her mother Talia is completely lost in her rage. And when she finds a strange red stone out in the forest, unbeknownst to her, an inevitable string of events has been put into play. Will Talia be able to survive this madness?

Future Stories:

Books II & III in the Learning to Heal the Hurt Trilogy

Learning to Heal the Hurt - Book II: Blue Steel
The sequel to Fire Red. Rated PG-13.
Summary: After barely escaping the evil clutches of Team Steel and the devastating destruction of the S. S. Cactus, Talia O’Connel struggles desperately to bring the severed strands of her life back together and learn the ropes of her new quest. But after the cruel death of one of her close comrades and the continual threat of Team Steel, Talia is overcome with the extreme grief and pain of her difficult quest. And now, with her endless fight against the stone she’s meant to protect coming to a head, Talia is extremely close to breaking.

Learning to Heal the Hurt - Book III: War of the Stones
The final book in the Learning to Heal the Hurt Trilogy. There is currently no summary for War of the Stones. Rated PG-13.

Writing Tips: Useful tips...hmm. Well, I'm not too good at this, but one thing I can say is that to succede in writing you should never give up. Oh, and absolutely DO NOT forget to use description. That is what half the writing is about.


26th May 2005, 11:22 PM
Name: Hunting Guard (Daniel)
Age: Fifteen
Strong Points: I suppose my strongest point in my writing is the description. I try to describe everything I can. Another would be that I, due to the fact of talking almost non-stop in real life, can create a good dialogue.
Weak Points: My weakest points would have to be length. I have improved since i started here as ralts'r'us, but I still can't compare to some of the other writers on here. My average chapter is usually around four pages on Microsoft Word.
Current Stories: At the moment, I am in the middle of writing/posting Afresh, my Animé fic, and Human, my controversial fic. The reason I say it's controversial is that the main character will be gay(don't read that if you are reading the story).
Future Projects: Apart from the fic I'm co-writing with treeckoknight23, I have ideas all over the place, inspired by everything I see. I get inspiration from almost everything, it's crazy.


Kain Blackthorn
27th May 2005, 12:21 AM
My profile updated.

Name:Kain Blackthorn, DSX, WildHunterX in FanFiction.net, also Gate.EXE.
Age:12, but I can write PG-13 stories.
Strong points at writing:Maybe creating situations between two or more characters.
Weak points:Everything else.
Type of Writing:I prefer writing humorous fics, but I can write also Action/Adventure, and some shippy fics (:D)
Current Stories:Crystal Quest (PG-13) Genre still undefined.Maybe Humor, maybe shipping, maybe something else.
Future stories:None for now.
Tip for aspiring authors:NEVER GIVE UP. No matters if someone says "your fic sucks!!" or "you are a fing writer!!!!", never leave a story uncomplete. Try to become better everyday. There is always a tomorrow.

Black Angel
27th May 2005, 12:51 AM
Name: Black Angel (B.A for short)
Age: 15
Strong Areas: Original plot. You'd have to have read any short story or fanfic I've ever written to actually know this, but I can pretty much come up with an original idea out of nowhere, then again anyone can if they work hard enough.
Type Of Writing: I usually lean towards action/adventure and sometimes romance.
Type Of Characters: My main character is usually a guy. I try to change their personalities around everytime, one could be full of himself, another clam and secretive, another perveted and greedy and etc. My female characters usually follow the same personas except I've tried a new one. Innoncence is what I'm currently doing with my newest female character, she's asks a lot of questions, can't see how perverted her brother is and usually gets him into rather awkward situations where other's might question their relationship.
Current Stories: Two Sides of The Same Coin. (PG-13) Everything seems obvious at first but in later chapters you'll start to question both the protagonists and the antagonists actions and motives.
Future Stories: None planned as of right now. I may do a one shot soon, but if I can't get enough support for my current fic I may go back in to the trainer fic genre once again.
Writing Tips: Most have been said before, but I'll lend some advice. Have an idea you think is great? Go with it. Someone tells you they don't like it? That's their opinion, there are still those who like it. Don't take honest critism to hard listen to what they say and improve on it. Don't let too many good reviews get to your head either or you'll start slacking off.

27th May 2005, 2:32 AM
Name: Michelle, Saber, Moombaforce on FF.

Age: 14

Strong points at writing: Suspense, Lengthy plots

Weak points: Grammar, Ending fics. >D

Type of Writing: Drama, Adventure, and Romance mostly. I like writing crypitc stories that dont show their true faces until the end.

Current Stories: Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates. Action, Romance, Drama....neh.

Future stories: Pokemon Revelation, Sevii, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier. Possibly some one shots, I'd like to give it a try.

Tip for aspiring authors: Take inspiration from everything and let your ideas bloom from there. Tell me about an author who hasnt gotten inspiration from another source and I'll eat my shoe. >D

29th May 2005, 7:06 AM
Name: - The Cheshire Cat, "Chessy" to very few, Tyranitar, T, and Braxton
Age: - 14
Strong Areas - Well, I have a strange talent in horror/suspense, because of the terrible things that go on in my mind :D I also have a strange sense of humor, so I couldn't exactly tell you that I have a nack for humor, but one thing I know that I do have is the ability to over describe things ^^;
Type of Writing: - Horror/Suspense by far. Not to mention adding comedy, fantasy, and adventure to the mix, which is an odd combination if you ask me.
Current Stories: - Mostly all of mine have been deleted because I did not finish them :P But I am currently working on a real-life novel that I have devoted every available second to, and I am going to stay committed to it. You could look for it in couple of years if you wanted. It is going to be called, "Tainted Dreams: Part I: The Revelation." I can't really tell anyone more than that, but it is going to be a three-part trilogy divided into *gasps* three books!
Future Stories - After I make my debut with "The Revelation," I plan on releasing two other books called, "Tainted Dreams: Part II: The Revenge" and "Tainted Dreams: Part III: The Resolution."

Cipher Admin Anti-Shipping
29th May 2005, 9:44 AM
Name: Rafael
Age: Fourteen
Strong Areas: Something which involves a lot of description. I'm a piner for perfection, so I always make sure whatever I'm writing is perfectly descripted and also I love writing intellectual dialogue
Type Of Writing: I've only ever attempted to write Adventure/Journey fics of which I try and twist as much as possible
Type Of Characters: Any type, that would help the storyline. I love funny and adept characters with a lot of depth to them, of which most of their true selves don't get revealed till deep within the fic
Current Stories:

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness-My story prediction of what the new game will be like. A boy whose past is cloudy to him and is notorious for having premonitions has all his life questions answered and is set on a journey to stop Cipher's evil plans.

Tips for other authors: Take your time and be creative. Trust me, thinking of ideas is a lot harder than getting grammar right. If you think grammar and spelling take a lot of time, ideas can take even more. Daydream a little, it could really spring up some ideas for you when you're bored

30th May 2005, 3:20 AM
Name: Klaus

Age: 15

Strong Areas: I would have to say,comical type of writing with ironic comedy and
refrences to the real world. And making it dark and kinda depressing, and get to you mentally.

Type Of Writing: Horror,romance and adventure with a tad bit of violence.

Type Of Characters: I can kinda write with every character. My favortie kind of character is ones I can twist into my own liking.(A.K.A Making Misty, the most beautiful thing in the world, making Max into a perverted little child.You get the drift)

Current Stories: The clash of the Legends.
The Redford Trainers.
Kris and Taylor's Adventure:Johto

Future Stories: Revenge of the Mimes and A look into the past: The history of Kris.

Writing Tips: Always make sure its understandable to others and put a little of yourself into it and don't give up just because of what someone said.

Water Spirit
30th May 2005, 1:52 PM
OK, here we go! ^_^

Water Spirit, WS, Spirit, yeah, whatever I get called XD


Strong Areas:
Hmm... definitely good with imagination, creativity, imagery and currently getting stronger with description. Originality is by far a strong point, along with writing closely to the anime. Twists, cliff-hangers, suspense - I guess I'm lucky to be quite well rounded, however I also have many weaknesses.

Type Of Writing:
Romance, Action/Adventure, Fantasy - the same as my reading interests. Currently, my two fics are both AAML/AAMRN.

Type Of Characters:
Well, to be honest, I find all characters fairly easy to write. I'm pretty flexible about writing any type of character, which I suppose give me a bigger variety for character development. It's strange, you ask me to write a character and I'll just get on with it – whether the final product turns out good or not is up to you! XD

Current Stories:
At the moment, only two:

Fate and Destiny of Friends – (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthead.php?t=14334)

Misty has been looking after the gym for her sisters and receives an invitation to attend a Pokemon Demonstration at the Sootopolis Gym. Secretly knowing that her friends in Houen are journeying there, after an email from Ash, she reunites with them and ventures with them on a number of unforgettable journeys through Sootopolis and forward to Ever Grande City, where Ash is to compete in the Pokemon League…

Ash and Misty’s friendship has reached a pinnacle height after their trust and relationship strengthens through the difficult tasks they both have to endure. Along with the help of their friends, they brave the powers of Nature after the Blue Orb at Mount Pyre is stolen, face the Legendaries of Houen, battle through the raging seas, and dangerously face the challenges of love and romance.

An imaginative novel that is enjoyed widely by a variety of readers and continues to relive the spark of hope that the romance between Ash and Misty still burns to this current day.

Reunited For Christmas – (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=51272)

A one-shot AAML set during the festive holiday where Misty returns back to the group to spend Christmas with Ash, Brock, May and Max. Shortly after their reunion, Ash confesses that he has yet to buy presents for his friends. On his tour of the town, he manages to find his ideal gifts, with Misty’s help, though a certain surprise is left for the disappointed female…

A heart-warming, festive story that lightly entertains in the mood of Christmas with a delightful twist that is sure to leave a ‘shocking’ statement.

[OPTIONAL]Future Stories:

Hmmm…. I don’t really know whether I should fill this out because I don’t think I’ll be writing any more… maybe I’ll put them up and then I can always take them down:

Sacrifice For a Dream:

If I do go through with writing this one, it is going to be very long and detailed and above all, time consuming – hence, my difficult decision to complete it.

Forced to accept her destiny to become the Gym Leader of Mistville, Marina has grown up despising Pokemon and the prospects of becoming a Trainer. With the constant verbal torturing of her brothers, she has become independent, with the exception of her closest friend Cody, who dreams like most boys, to become a Trainer. Understanding that his friend does not want to become one herself, he holds back his dream to stay with her and to help her avoid the constant nagging of her relatives to become a Trainer. But Marina knows the time has come. She can’t bear to see Cody suffer the loss of his dream because of her and knows that she must make a sacrifice, a sacrifice that will help Cody fulfil his dream…

Saving Cerulean:

A possible one-shot/mini story that might make its debut in the summer. Cerulean City is under threat of the notorious Team Aqua, who plan to take over the city where “Water Trainers are Born”, to control those who wish to train Water Pokemon, and to convert them for their own malicious deeds. As the Leader of the Cerulean Gym, Misty puts up a terrific defence in an attempt to repel the organisation, only to fall at their hands as a captive. On his journey back to Pallet, Ash and friends hear the news of the devastating ordeal at Cerulean when they arrive in Mrs. Ketchum’s living room. Without hesitation, Ash rushes off to save his best friend and her hometown from the evil-doings of Team Aqua, hoping that she is safe and well and not lost to him and the world she is loved by…

This will be a short story that I might have a go at writing on holiday so it will probably be up at the end of the summer holidays.

Just For You – A Pokeshipper’s Tale:

Perhaps a possible name change for this but I know a number of you are looking forward to this one. ^__^ Making a debut in the summer – we hope.

Thirteen friends are living together on an island located in the Orange Archipelago – though perhaps not ‘who’ you are expecting. Yes, thirteen Pokeshippers are living together in a massive lodge equipped with everything they’ll need to get along together. This story will bring to life some of the users here at SerebiiForums and put them to the test as friends and fellow shippers, as they encounter a number of adventures and put their skills to the test on living together as one with possible elements of romance between some of the characters…

Water Spirit, Peach, gladdecease, xsweet_peax, Stacee, Coral_Eye, MistyMix89, pokeplayer984, PokeProphet, Brian Powell, Blazing Charmander, General Solcray and DragonMaster13 – prepare yourselves for the journey of a life time!

Writing Tips:

OK here we go then – Water Spirit’s Top Ten! ;):

1) Use a thesaurus. It’s great for when you get stuck for words and is perfect for variety. One of the best books ever created!

2) Be original with your ideas.

3) Make sure to proof read your work for mistakes (something I really need to do more of ^_^).

4) If you’re stuck for ideas then listen to some music that you think relates to the scenario that you’re trying to relate to, or even by writing in a place that you are familiar with – preferably with a window because this usually helps for inspiration.

5) Allow your imagination to wander and trust your instincts.

6) One thing that I always hate when reading a fic is when the speech isn’t paragraphed properly – it gets confusing when speech is next to each other, so every time someone speaks, make sure to paragraph it so that it’s away from the main text and other speech – it basically makes it easier to read. ^_^

7) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s one of the joys of writing. Accept other’s advice, as they are only trying to help you and it will also help you to become a better writer as you learn from your mistakes.

8) Writing is an art enjoyed by the author, regardless of what the world may think of it. Don’t feel disheartened by negative comments against your work – accept them and accept any advice that comes with it. By doing this, you realise and discover problems and weaknesses you may have in your work and this will help you to improve it further, or to improve future parts in your story. It creates a manner of self-achievement and more of a joy for readers that you want to share your work with.

9) Something I tell everybody who asks me anything about writing – don’t go on a desperate search looking for inspiration. Inspiration strikes in different ways and at different times. Some people go looking for it and others let it hit them. Though from my personal experience, looking for desperate inspiration is like looking for the end of a rainbow – it can’t be done. Inspiration is everywhere around you and if you take your time and understand all the possibilities around you, the inspiration will find you or in other cases, you will find it. There is nothing in this world that can’t spark some originality or inspiration for those who enjoy the art of writing – waiting and understanding why you can’t find your inspiration achieves much more than desperately looking for some and resulting in nothing or poor quality that isn’t up to your usual standards.

10) And then, there is always the case with writer’s block. Perhaps a writer’s most dreaded and hated enemy, it can be difficult to get rid of. However, there are ways to overcome it.
Firstly, understanding what the problem is and reading over your work again can help to jog your memories for ideas, or what can also help is to personify the situation. This can be hard, however, for those who can do it, the exercise can be very rewarding.
Put yourself into the scenario that your characters are in that has caused you the writer’s block, or place yourself in the setting etc. – whatever it is that has caused the problem. Now, relive in your head what has just happened in the story up to the moment of the writer’s block – with you pretending to be the character/part of the situation. What would you do next? If this was happening to you, what do you think would happen next? If you can’t imagine yourself as the character, what would you do personally, in this situation?
By asking these questions and living out possibilities in your head, you can often overcome the writer’s block and still come up with great ideas to carry on with. However, remember the rule to this exercise – you must still keep your characters in their roles and your ideas after personifying must be believable to the rest of the story. You couldn’t just have Jimmy who is very shy, turn around and beat up all the bad guys with his bare hands because that is what you would do in the situation. ;) The idea of using yourself if you can’t imagine yourself as the character can give you ideas that you can base and perhaps use, or alter and adjust to fit your character’s scenario. This idea is similar to a normal drama exercise of stepping into the character’s shoes but works great for writer’s block if you can manage to use it effectively.

Well, there you have it. You’ve learnt a little bit more about me and hopefully my advice might be useful to some of you but if not, well, hope all goes well for you and your writing and ignore my waffling on. ^_^

Ted Toss64
30th May 2005, 2:53 PM
I feel honored to join the Inner Sanctum that is this forum:

Name: Brendan (Real)

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Strong Areas: I like to write stories people don't write about normally, pokemn or no. I've lately been writing alot of Fanfics relating to Pregnancy. Some would find it wierd for a guy like me ot write about that in almost every fanfic I've done. I manage to keep it clean as well.

Type Of Writing: I did an Epic that lasted two years. I kid you not, it took me two whole years to finish. I like to write Adventure, Fantasy and stuff that normally don't happen in my fanfics.

Type Of Characters: I prefer to use Original Characters. That's why some people are confused by my writings sometimes. Almost all of them ending up having kids as well.

Current Stories: I pasted the following (numbers retained) from Fanfiction.net:

1. The Ultimate Battle: Ted Toss VS Ash Ketchum (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2175334/1/)
Summary (as of Ch 7): Only Ted and Ash Remain. This is it. There can be only one winner! Read on to see the surprise ending to this awesome battle!
Pokemon - Fiction Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 7 - Words: 10845 - Reviews: 8 - Updated: 5-26-05 - Published: 12-16-04

3. Hurricane Kyogre (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2410235/1/)
Summary: Based on the 1995 Movie "Free Willy"--with Kyogre playing the Whale! After getting captured by humans, Hurricane builds a close friendship of trust with two teens. In return, the teens vow to free him once again.
Pokemon - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 621 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 5-26-05 - Published: 5-26-05

7. Advance Generation (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1837955/1/)
Summary (as of Ch. 6): Joined by Cal, Fin and Katrin reach Mt Moon-only to run into Wes, Rui AND their dad! Not only that,Ted and Wes battle Team AQUA AND Team MAGMA! If that's not enough, Wes discovers Team Shadow has a VERY Powerful Shadow Pokemon!
Pokemon - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - General/Action/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 11677 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 7-11-04 - Published: 4-27-04

15. Pokemon Pregnancy (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/781738/1/)
Summary: A Girl becomes pregnant by a pokemon anf gives birth to a Pokemon-Human hybrid. Did I mention Ash is leader of TR?
Pokemon - Fiction Rated: T - English - Mystery/Supernatural - Chapters: 12 - Words: 15684 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 12-24-03 - Published: 5-17-02

9. Pokemon Pregnancy: The Alternate Ending (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1842107/1/)
Summary: Alternate Ending to the above Fanfic.
Pokemon - Fiction Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3003 - Reviews: 0 - Updated: 4-30-04 - Published: 4-30-04

14. Pokémon: Fusion Evolution (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1169388/1/)
Summary: Part 1 of my Pokemon Epic!
Pokemon - Fiction Rated: T - English - Action/Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 8 - Words: 10523 - Reviews: 8 - Updated: 12-24-03 - Published: 1-9-03

11. The Evil Empire (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1655881/1/)
Summary: The War in Kanto Unscripted.
Pokemon - Fiction Rated: M - English - Action/Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 28923 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 3-8-04 - Published: 12-24-03

10. Ash Ketchum Must Die (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1763573/1/)
Summary: The war in Johto Unscripted.
Pokemon - Fiction Rated: M - English - Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 12 - Words: 20413 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 4-27-04 - Published: 3-8-04

List all of your current stories that are out. Summaries are optional. For stories, list rating, star-vote counts, genre, ect.

Future Stories: None at this time.

Writing Tips:

1. Don't make your work Review Driven. If you do you're no longer writing the story. The reader is.

2. Be prepared to recieve negatve critique. If someone doesn't like something about your story, they're entitled to say so.

3. Beware the trap of Contest Fics! Sure, it's fun to do if you have alot of online friends but you're also pressured to make everyone's Oc "look good".

4. Write in a way that is most comfortable ot you.

5. Don't Plagarize. I sue in particular.

6. Don't rush out chapters. People will loose interest.

7. Have an idea for what you want to write as you write it.

8. Use proper Grammar, even if English isn't your first language.

9. Don't be afraid to put a fic on hiatus if you need a break. Everyone feels the need sometimes.

10. Write because you ENJOY it.

1st June 2005, 6:21 AM
Name: purple_drake, pd, Doctor P

Gender: Female.

Age: 18

Strong Areas: Uhm... word usage - or so I've been told. I've also been told my depth of character personality is excellent, and been complimented on my pokemon battles - particularly the choreography. Plus spelling and grammar; rarely have my readers needed to point out mistakes. Oh yeah, and length. *sweatdrop* I write an awful lot.

Type Of Writing: I'm not actually sure. Fantasy would be a definate; but I prefer using the pre-made pokemon world as opposed to creating my own, so action/drama I guess would be the main genre of my fanfics.

Type Of Characters: When it comes to my own characters, I can go with anything; I love creating diverse characters. But I also love using the canon characters - whether the ones from the anime or the manga. Not Ash; we see heaps of him, but I prefer to look deeper into the personalities of the minor characters like the gym leaders/Dani/Lance and so on. I believe they're shamelessly underused.

Current Stories:
Heart of the Magma (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=64156) - Short story
When Team Magma was first formed it wasn’t intended as a Team in search for a perfect, ocean-less world. It wasn’t even a Team in search of domination. It was a Team in search of information and knowledge.
But what happens when the leader’s wife dies in childbirth? What happens when she leaves behind his only child, a baby daughter? What happens when her father pins all his love and care upon her? And what happens when she begins to yearn for adventure?
What happens?

Choice and Consequence (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=62267) - Chaptered fic; currently at chapter 8.
Alto Mare. The city of water. For Keegan, it is the city of chains. Found upon the water eight years ago, as far back as she can remember Keegan has lived with her foster parents in the sprawling city; but her memories are incomplete. Her closest friend is an eevee who has been with her since before her memory began; her most prized possession is a gold-chained fire stone pendant, given to her by persons unknown.
Tired of her restrictive parents, Keegan runs away; to search for her dreams and test herself against challenges. And on the way, discover her past. But outside her sheltered life it is a whole new world; her inquisitive nature and her perchance for disregarding the rules soon puts her under the eyes of friends and foes alike, and she realizes that for every choice there is a consequence.
The question is, will her decisions carry her along the relentless path to discovery?
Or will they destroy her and leave her in despair?
4.5 stars, 6 votes

Future Stories:
Brother My Brother
When two eevees are left abandoned by their trainer, the stronger vows that they will never again be owned by another human; swearing that he will protect his brother from servitude. Whatever the cost...
This one's a pokemon PoV.

Games of Dominance
This is the planned sequel to Choice and Consequence; I'm not gonna put a summary just yet, so I'll update this when it comes closer to the time of release.

Writing Tips: Meh, there's not much to say that hasn't already been said... I guess the thing that helps me most (aside from having lived on books and daydreams my entire life) is: trust your instincts. If you're unsure about anything, ask yourself whether it 'feels' right. I'm not saying you won't need to work at making ends meet and stuff like that; but, for example, if you want someone to die, don't just kill off a random character. Ask yourself whether it's really right for the story.

Kain Blackthorn
3rd June 2005, 5:12 AM
Profile, updated again.

Name: Many names. I never use the same name at two sites. I'm Kain Blackthorn here at SPPf, I'm Gate.EXE at PMM forums, I'm WildHunterX at FF.net, etcetera.

Age:12, although I always write PG-13 stories.

Strong points: Uhhh.....

Weak points: Everything else.

Type of Writing: I like to write adventure stories, but I also write humorous one and sometimes some shippy fics (:D)

Current Stories:


Pokémon: Project X- A new life, a new chance, a new species. Face who are you, or escape to the world, X.

Future Stories:

The PokéMon-ologues(Humor): What the Pokémon have to say. Expect anything come from these critters, they are wide-minded and foul-mouthed!!!

Life of A Champion(Hoennshippy/Humor):Brendan is the Hoenn League Champion. He is also May's boyfriend and has Wally as his punchbag. His life is supposed to be perfect, right? Well, it ISN'T. Wait to find out why.

Writing tips: Err.... Well, just never get under too many pressure. If you need to rest, rest. If you need to write, write, but never get under too many pressure. That destroys writers. I say it from own experiences.

3rd June 2005, 8:15 PM
Name: Zappy, or Zapper, or Zap. Lol.
Age: 14
Strong Areas: everyone tells me that this and this might be wrong, or I need to fix something, but my ideas are good. ^^
Type of Writing: uh... Pokemon stories? j/k, Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure, I love to read, so, I write what I know. :D (which sometimes is not alot)
Type of Characters: Funny but serious type characters, I guess
Current Stories:http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=66165 The Chronicles of Celebi

Future stories: hopefully good ones... I have this idea about a Zubat... but that's all...
Writing Tips: "Write what you know."- some famous author said that, and I agree. Plus, if you have a really good dream, write it down, you never know... it might help you.

3rd June 2005, 10:15 PM
Name: Steve (real)

Age: 13

Strong Points: When a really good topic falls out of the sky and hits me on the head, the words just flow out.

Weak Points: Motivation. Sometimes I just don't feel like writing.

Type of writing: I love SciFi and shipping stories/romance, but my adventures are good too
Types of Characters: I tend to use only the characters I like, the ones that I know the personality of. For OC's it takes a while for me to build a good description, but they turn out great.

Current Stories:

Adentures of the USS Pokeship- co-authored with PokeProphet, a pokeshipping spin-off of Star-terk and Star Wars.

About 3 other fics in progress, one epic quest kind of thing, one hoennshipping and one pokeshipping. They won't be done until around Christmas, need alot of work. Aren't posted anywhere.

Writing Tips: Write when you feel like it. Don't force somthing good, sometimes the words will flow, sometimes the river of ideas will run dry temporalily. Hey, no one's making you do this, do it on your own time.

8th June 2005, 9:25 AM

Name: Saber

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Strong Areas: Angst, character delving. I like pain, it's fun to write, fun to see, fun to READ! MWAHAHAH! Alright, maybe not. I do like writing Characters....most of all. Insights from both Pokemon and Human as well. Conveying feelings I guess. Humor too. I have a bit of humor in me, but it's always fun to put it on Word and make it 'clever.' ^_~ I can also do drama if the occasion arises for it, and that's always a fun thing to do as well.

Type Of Writing: Adventure/Romance/Drama all the way. So basically, angsty trainer fics. ^_^;;; Anyhoo, I was predominatly a Romance writer till a while ago, when the idea for PR: CoF came to me. Now, I've found my love for adventure, and will continue to mix the two genres for a good long while.

Type Of Characters: Characters based on real people. I usually take experiences I've had, or that people I know have had, and incorporate them into my work. This gives my characters a well rounded out feel, although sometimes I think they get a bit 'Sue-ish' at times. To me, my characters are are like air. I cannot live without them, they are invisible, but always there.

Current Stories:

Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates

The price of power can be a great one. The line that divides good and evil is thin. When the world is tipped and the scales of balance uneven, a plan is devised, and three unwitting heroes are thrown into a maelstorm of chaos on a seemingly simple quest for eight badges. What lies within will be tested, what screams to be let out is set free. Saber Midori, Chris Hoaka, and Kai Ishiki will be tested beyond their limits, they will be pitted against countless of challenges....including each other.

Currently on chapter......15. :3

Future Stories:

Pokemon Revelation: Omnipotence

One and a half years have passed since the last Inidigo Plateau Tournament took place. Kanto has been rendered peaceful once more, but the people of it will never forget the sacrifices it took. For one girl in mourning, the newly announced Sevii Islands Crystal Cup Tournament is one way to rid herself of guilt, and put her skills to the test once more. But the Islands Made in Seven Days still harbor many secrets, and it's up to Saber Midori, Chris Hoaka, and Kai Ishiki to unlock them.....before someone with a malicious agenda does instead.....

Not sure when that will be out....o.o;;;;

Pokemon Revelation: The Soul of Refraction

With the Magnet Train completed in Saffron, and five months after the Sevii Island Tournament was won with a climatic battle, Saber Midori gets a call from Professor Oak. There is a challenge from an overseas professor, and before you can say 'hell yeah', Saber is on the case. But what started as a simple enough competetion soon turns into a full scale game of teaching, love rivalries, and the awakening of the Life Giver and the Dusk Bringer. When the world sides with one, who will have the compassion to forgive the wrongs of the other?

o.o;;;; Mucho later in the year....maybe.

Writing Tips: Never give up. If you have the will, then you can improve. Do or do not, there is no try. -Yoda

10th June 2005, 5:47 PM
Name:Snake(Dimitris is the real one but call me Snake)
Age :13
Strong Areas: Balanced, best at descriptions, emotions, action and narration.Humour as well.
Type of writing: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Descriptions
Type of characters: Mixed
Current Stories&Future stories(Together because the first one is not complete yet): The Key to Hidden Power I, A path of pain and The Key to Hidden Power II, Darkness conqueror(still waiting the finish of the first one)

I'm a new author so be mild if you rate or comment my story... I just wanted to be an author, it's cool. So is Medicham, one of the stars of my first story! ;308;

Mr. Blonde
10th June 2005, 7:07 PM
Name: Jason
Age: 17
Strong Areas: Creativity, description
Types of Writing: Action/Adventure, Fantasy
Types of Characters: Various. Sarcastic characters are a personal favorite.
Current Stories: The Helping Hand (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=68393)

13th June 2005, 7:08 AM
Name: Pokeplayer984 (John Charles Jester)

Age: 22

Strong Areas: The plots. You get ones that seem used at first. However, they contain a twist that make them end up being VERY different from other fics.

Type Of Writing: Romance. No matter what, my fics contain romance.

Type Of Characters: I suck at making up charcters. So I tend to go with ones I already know. I do, however, like to change their charcter. Understand though, it is only meant to work with the story and nothing more.

Current Stories: (I will provide a link for quick access to each one.)

Completed fics: (Note: If you have comments on the completed fics, please PM me.)

Misty's Miracle (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=45079): Romance. My first Ash&Misty romance story. Rated PG-13 for multiple accounts of sex. All of which are handled in a mature matter.

Rate: 4.27 out of eleven votes.

Summary: Ash and Misty have been married for some time, and Misty wants to have kids. However, after failing at even becoming pregnant for so long, they decide to find out what's wrong. When Misty discovers that she has a rare condition that makes it increadably hard for her to become pregnant, and has a good chance at killing the baby if she does, how will she react? And, if she does become pregnant, will the baby survive?

Final Battle Saga (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=45558): Adventure. (Contains small accounts of Romance.) Rated PG-13 for violence and a small sex scene. (Note: Currently being remade due to how bad it was.) (Possible rate change for remake.)

Rate: 4.5 out of 8 votes.

Summary: Ash has finally become The Pokemon Master of the World. Team Rocket finally succeeds at capturing Pikachu and taking it to the boss. When Ash arrives at the base, he soon discovers that he must not only Pikachu, but several legendary pokemon as well. Even one who was thought to never be seen again.

The Trials of the Pendant (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=55064): (The first fanfic series I ever made.) Adventure. (Contains multiple accounts of Romance.) Split into three parts in one thread.

Rate: No current rate in this fic. Would like some votes please.

Part 1: Rated PG. Rated for violence.

Sub-title: The Pokemon Super Bowl

Summary: A mysterious pendant of extraordinary power is found. A tournament is thrown to claim position of it. Get ready for the tournament battle of legendary pokemon that decides the fate of the world.

Part 2: Rated PG. Rated for violence.

Sub-title: Celebi's Revenge

Summary: After losing the tournament, Celebi seeks revenge. With the help of an old friend, will he succeed in getting the pendant once and for all?

Part 3: Rated PG. Rated for violence and small accounts of death and language.

Sub-title: Mew's Betrayal

Summary: Mew has become the new protecter of the pendant. However, she is unable to control it and it controls her. Soon, a new evil arrives and seeks the pendant. When the two combine, can the world be saved or is the world doomed at the hands of this truly evil pokemon?

The Untitled Poem (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=91381): (My first poem.) (Title not decided yet.)

Rate: No current rate. Would like some votes please.

Summary: A small poem based on a charcter in Final Battle Saga.

Fics I'm currently working on that have already been posted:

Super Smash Bros. Melee: Smashers vs. Smashers (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=74151): Adventure/Romance. Rated PG-13. Rated for language and violence. (Currently on hiatus. High possibility of being deleted.)

Rate: No current rate. Would like some votes please.

Summary: The villians of Nintendo have joined forces, as part of a plot to destroy their enimies. The kidnapping of their loved ones takes place, and it's only a matter of time before the heroes join forces to save the ones they care about.

The Shadow Puff Girls (A Powerpuff Girls fic.) (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=89214): Adventure/Action. (With some romance.) Rated PG. Rated for increased violence with small accounts of death.

Rate: No current rate. Would like some votes please.

Summary: Mojo Jojo and Him, the Powerpuff Girls' toughest villians, team up and create three evil girls with the same powers as the Powerpuff Girls. However, Him betrays Mojo and the evil girls are more than they seem.

The Deadliest Tournament (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=84319): Adventure/Romance/Tragedy. Rated R. Rated for violence, swearing, gore, death, suggestive dialouge and nudity. WARNING! THIS IS A STORY THAT WILL HAUNT YOU FOR LIFE! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Rate: 3.5 out of 2 votes.

Summary: Team Rocket launches the ultimate evil plan to make them unstoppable. They kill off the entire force of the Elite with just one pokemon. A tournament is thrown to decide who will be the new members of the Elite. However, Team Rocket with legendary pokemon that are pure evil and seem unstoppable. Can Ash and Co. stop their evil plan or is the world doomed to suffer at the hands of these possessed pokemon that have no heart? (Warning: Sad ending.) (Warning: Long Chapters. Each so long, I need two posts to do them.)

A Pokemon Christmas Carol (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97890): Drama. (Several accounts of Romance.) Rated G. (Though it will chill you to the bone and make you think otherwise.)

Rate: No current rate. Would like some votes, please.

Summary: Charles Dickens' most famous novel, Pokemon Style. (Note: Interperted from the book.)

The New Trials of the Pendant (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=121045): Adventure (With small accounts of Romance.) Rated PG-13. Rated for extreme violence and death.

Rate: 3.00 out of 2 votes

Summary: Sequal to The Trials of the Pendant. New evil comes and dares to destroy the ones that banished the pendant. With how powerful the evil is, it will take the power that was locked away to save the world.

Upcoming fics:

So in Love (A Sonic the Hedgehog Romance Fanfiction.): Romance. Rate is currently unknown, but likely to be R/NC-17 for very descriptive sex and harsh language.

No current summary, but the idea is for the new Tails/Cosmo shipping. Inspired by my favorite love songs. Coming Late 2006.

Writing Tips: In all truth, if you are making a short chapter for whatever reason, please make it descriptive. Find any way possible to make up for the length. Without description, don't expect the serious readers to take you seriously.

Whew! Finally updated. Well, I await all who read my stories.

Emma Iveli
14th June 2005, 4:49 AM
Name: Emma Iveli (Up date)

Age: 18

Strong Areas: Dialouge

Type of Writing: Comedy and crossover

Characters: Both olgenal and Anime as well as the occonsal American character.

Current Stories:

My Life in Anime: The sotry of a Pokemon training robot piolet named Emma, who finds out she's a Magical Girl. Contains characters from many anime.

My Life in Anime: Fighting Spirt: Sidesotry to My Life in Anime

Evil Emma Returns: Another sidesotry to My Life in Anime this time in a thris person perestive.

Who will get the gold: Kinky (Emma's Magical Girl masscot) threatens Lucky (The Lucky Chrams Masscot) for his gold.

Kinky's Christmas... with a Talking peice of Poo?!: Kinky spends Crhistmas with Mr. Hanky of South Park fame.

My Life in Anime S: Emma's story countes as she gains more eneimes as well as new friends.

Kinky Meets More American Masscots: Kinky's vaction takes her to many more American Masscots.

Kinky, What Are You Doing?!: Kinky deicesds to theaten Emma's Dewgong so that she will Emma's most trusted masscot.

My Life in Anime: Time Troboles: One of Emma's emeimes alters time to erase her from exictance. Has Mina and April from Pokemon Angels futre selves in it as Maggie's futre daughter

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1): A begiening trainer named Mina Koki finds out she a legendary being known as a Pokemon Angel. There are 17 of them each one has the power of Pokemon, Mina is Ice Angel. She dicedes to find the other Pokemon Angels while being attacked by members of Team Aqua. Durring Vol 1. she finds 6 of them: Rock (Beth), Dragon (Maddie), Water (Megan), Grass (April), Dark (Anne) and Fire (Deborah). As well joined by three other girls (Maggie, Kia and Maya) as well on ocation Mina's rival Peter, Mina's crush Matt and Ash and the gang.

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1.5): Quite leteraly a sequil to both the 2nd and 5th Pokemon movies.

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2): Mina and the others contune on their jounrey, first they find Fighting Angel and then discover TEam Magma is now after them too. Vol. 2 also has more stuff on Mina's hobby (Anime) introudces few more characters as well

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2.5): Mina, Ash, Maggie and the rest must stop Team Magma from altering the past.

Pokemon Angels: (Mis) Adventes: Beofre the Pokemon Angels were reborn they had wacky misadntures: From avoiding Water Angel's cooking to Flying Angel telling a story that will one day resmble anime to Rock Angel and Niormal Angel fighting over love. It is pretty random.

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 3): Mina and the rest counte their journey. After fidning (and mistaking for a boy) Steel Angel, Mina keeps on getting in situations with Peter that makes Missy belive that she is in a Rumiko Takashi- esque relationship with Peter whioch both deny. Meanwhile Team Aqua and Team Magma ups their efforts as Team Magma creates a new wepion while Team Aqua deices to control their friends with Jonthan's Hypno. Do they really love each or hate each other? Will they prevail?

All but Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1) and (Mis) Adventures arn't on this site, but I plan to put Pokemon Angels (Vols. 1.5 & 2) up.

Future Fics:

True Destiny: Another My Life in Anime sidestory in third person persetive.

My Life in Anime PA: Emma's life has gotten more itnersting first she's gotten into Angelic Layer and now Team Aqua and Team Magma has sent two super powered angents to stop her as well as Hoeen's only two members of Team rocket also after her. With help from Emma's incrasing number of friends she can handl;e anything.

My Life in Anine: Kinky's a Human?!: A sidesotry tsking place in the middle of My Life in Anime PA, one day Kinky finds herself to be transfromed into a human. Now, she, Emma, Washu (Tenchi) must find out what caused this. was it caused by a mytous young man who keeps shwoing up. Well onthings for sure since Kinky's human she can't steal guns.

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 3.5): Mina along with the three othert groups they keep meeting up deiced to meet up for the Anniual Sakura Feswtuival in Arukas Town. After a run in with Team Rocket Maggie loses her Powers and must restart a stage in her training, the Crystal. Now with Maggie with no emotions, Matt deicdes to comfort her. Which causes a chain recation among the firends. This story is more romace then the others.

Pokemon Angels (Vol.4): After finding Posion Angel, Mina and the others began to have dream telling them to explore other regions. Meanwhile Team Aqua devolps a plan to finnaly get them once and for all. And when they do Mina and Peter must realize their feelings, do they really have feelings for eacvh or don't they? Enjoy the finnal Vollume set in Hoeen for a long, long time.

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 4.5)/ My Life in Anime: A Diffrent sort of Magical Girl: When Mina and the gang get to Tokyo where Ash and the rest have been staying for quite a while they thought it would be just a noramal visit. But when they all go to a beach paty hosted by Emma and Mint (From Mew Mew) Kia and a lot of ther people get kidnapped. What does it have to with Decantso f the Pokemon Angels, Will they be able to save them? What do you mean that two of those that were kdnapped get kidnapped on reguar basis? Join the fun as Mina and Emma meet again for the first time. this will cary both names

Pokemon Angels (Vol. 5): Mina and the gang head to Johto, there they meet Flying Angel who (due to reasons that were sted in Vol. 2.5) is a huge anime fan. However Team Aqua and Team Magma deiced a new tatic: beiengs created from Pokemon DNA and when Tema Rocket (not the Hoeen branch) get itno the mix things get difrent. What even stranger is that these bings atre like something from Magical Girl sereis. Now join the action.

Pokemonga Diaoh: Ash and the gang deiced to help out Pro. Birch at his old high school and have cople adventures with 6 of the student and two teachers. This is a cross over with Azumagna Diaoh.

Writing Tips: If you have imangiation but can't draw, write. I leanred that the hard way.

14th June 2005, 5:08 AM
Name: PunkPrincess927

Age: 15

Stong Areas: I guess I'm just pretty average right now. But my brother told me (as far as description goes) that it's good. Not like Dickens, but not lacking like Hemingway. I could probably use some improvement on all the areas of writing. ^^;

Type of Writing: I like stuff that's emotional, and deep, dark. Not too good at action, but I like reading action books and whatnot. Bits of romance, though I don't like too much, and lots of comedy to tone down the seriousness/darkness.

Type of Characters: Lots of sarcasticness, but also a darker side. Bad asses, but also gentil if in the mood. Dark and Mysterious, loners or having few friends, a temper. Haha, basically me.

Current Stories: Only one.. as seen in my sig.

Future Stories: Not quite sure, I'd probably stick to the general Harry Potter sort of thing, maybe do a sequel. Or even do one of the stories we came up with in my Creative Writing class, I got a lot of good ideas from that class.

Writing Tips: Don't listen to anyone unless you've read some of their work. If you know they're good go with it, and respect them. You don't have to listen to everyone persay, but at least acknowlege everyone's comments, and try not to get into fights with people when they diss your writings. They may have a point. That happened to me the first time I posted something on here. It got pruned eventually, because I became inactive on serebii for a while. At first I was angry, but I later went back and red my hardcopy of the fic, and realized it actually was 'bad'. Take any and eveyr writing/english class you can (if you're still in school), they really do help, even if just a little. Always take your time, and proofread. No matter what your readers demand, you are the one who makes the decisions, and you have a right to do what you wish. If you'd rather play catch with the dog, do it, when relaxed like that you could get some great ideas! Don't ever stress, if you do, just walk away for a while. That's all I have.. heh

The Burnt Shadow
15th June 2005, 2:14 PM
Name: the Burnt Shadow


Strong areas: Well my best ones would have to be ideas. But I'm getting better on description.

Type of writing: Action, drama, sometimes dark and sad.

Type of characters: mostly dark characters, people who don't really have good memories to remember. People who always gets pretty serious with their enemies.

Current stories: The Renegade Saga (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=57801) (It's in my sig)

Summary: A boy named Shade has escaped from his own team known as the Black Rayquazas. He doesn't have a lot to remember about his past. On his way he encounters a few of his old allies, who're trying to get rid of him. One of his oldest allies, a childhood friend, stops talking to him and he becomes her prey. Shade now wanders the world trying to stop all evil acts and to find a bit more about his childhood before he was taken from his parents.

17th June 2005, 4:58 PM
Im not new at this, but I came here...
Name: Nashua

Age: 17

Strong areas: People say that I'm good at description.

Weak area: Not being able to finish a story once I start it

Types of writing: Action, tragedy and romance(somewhat)

Types of characters: Hmmm.....I mostly use original characters that I made up, and some famous musicians that I make into my characters. However, I have to change their names to avoid getting sued.


Current stories:

Future stories: "Back to Kill"--the story of a psychotic killer who gets out of jail in order to do the one thing that he wishes-to kill an innocent woman.

"Fallout(working title)"--Two longtime friends, Tanya Slater and Sonja Tates, find themselves in relationships that appear to be all on a good road. However, when Sonja and Tanya find their boyfriends cheating on them, their lives(and the lives of the people around them) are changed forever--and nothing will stay the same.

17th June 2005, 11:02 PM
Name: ~Forlorn~
Age: 15
Strong Areas: I'm mostly a descriptor, as I'm not a fan of excessive dialogue. It's a cheap way to make your story seem long.
Type Of Writing: Personally, I enjoy writing fantasy stories and legends.
Type Of Characters: I work best with characters who seem believable, such as a teenage sophomore with emotional problems. :D
Current Stories: None, though I used to have one that was deleted.
Future Stories: Currently working on a story about a soldier from Atlantis. He has been frozen by an ancient dragon and washed up on the beaches of Italy, where he begins his search for the legendary Gates of Time, which will take him back to the world he once knew.
Writing Tips: USE A THESAURUS!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. A vast vocabulary will greatly improve your story, but try to use words that the reader can still understand.

≈*Virulent Tsunami*≈
17th June 2005, 11:48 PM
Name: ~*Commander Blizzard*~

Age: 13, nearly 14.

Strong Areas: Well, I'm a very creative person, and I can come up with ideas on the spot. That helps whenever I write Fics. Some ideas I use have been planned for days, some are spur-of-the-moment. I'm good at length as well usually. People have described my latest writings as short, but not so short that they're insufficient. My plots are decent, I think. Ever since I began my new Fic, my description skills have really improved, as noted by readers.
But, overall, my strongest point is my gift for bringing characters to life, so to speak. Back when I was writing my old Fic, my best(only) area was my ability to make the characters standout and have distinct, seperate personalities. I consider this my strong point.

Type Of Writing: Well, I'm used to writing Fantasy(although my most recent Fic has a take on Historical), but I suppose I'd do well at Romance if I tried.

Type Of Characters: Funny characters are my best point. I have a good sense of humor, and I can usually implement that into my Fics. I'm serious at times too, so I can portray that as well. Basically, it's my own traits which shine through in a character.

Current Stories: I have one Fic currently, called Hoenn's Legacy. It's a summary of the Kyogre and Groudon War, with a few of my own twists in it. However, it focuses upon the Regi Trio, who participate in this War. After the actual war finishes, I take it into my own hands, detailing the reawakening of the Regis, their lust for revenge on Kyogre and Groudon, and the mistake they made in reawakening the two. Their endeavor causes a new war, one in which they must join and defeat the two Titans once and for all. Currently at Chapter Three, with a few regulars(an improvement on my old Fic, I must say), and it has been voted 4.40 Stars out of 5, decided by 5 individual voters(not including me, I didn't vote, and I won't, as it would make me come off as conceited if I gave it a high rating). I think I am doing much better with this Fic, as more than just my closest friends have reviewed. People I don't even know have reviewed it. What I would really like, however, is the professional review of a professional writer. Most reviewers come in, call it outstanding, and depart. Not precisely what I want. Without constructive criticism, I have no idea where my weak points are, and what I can improve on.

Future Stories: After I complete Hoenn's Legacy, I will be writing the sequel to my past Fic, the Skull of the Cubone. The title will be Dreamcatchers, and I hope it will do as well, if not better, than my current Fic.

Writing Tips: Use Microsoft Word. Typos, while normal, are a turnoff to most readers. Correct them with Word, and you'll have a stronger audience. Or, if you haven't access to Word, you can ask someone to beta your Fic(which I'm doing with my Fic). Thesauruses and dictionaries are your friends. Use them, and your writing will improve tenfold. Write about what you're most comfortable with. If you are awful at Romance, but an excellent Fantasy writer, go with Fantasy, and you'll get more readers. Advertisement. That was the downfall of my last Fic. With my new Fic, my entire sig is devoted to advertising my Fic, and I believe that is what may have roped in some of my readers. Generally, interestng pictures draw in curious reviewers. If you can't get a Banner, do as I have, and find pictures which pertain to your Fic. Whether they be Sprites or full-blown illustrations, it doesn't matter, as long as you have some sort of picture to intrigue potential readers.


Dubble Flux
21st June 2005, 4:29 AM
Name: Daniel
Gender: Male

Strong Areas: I feel comfortable with humor, drama, and action. I base almost all aspects of my stories from a myriad of my life experiences. My absolute strength is vocabulary. I'm good with length and story development. I'm good at plots and I'm extremely creative. I have literally hundreds of original ideas for fics (They're just not my preference for writing) so I can come up with very detailed description with the setting and characters. I can make an all time distinct character to be remebered by all. I can definetly make a charcter to rise and stick out over the others.

Type Of Writing: Humor, Action, Drama, Real Life Experiences. I can make a story strike a chord with a reader with the real life stuff. I like writing about the inner struggles of a character that we all face with ourselves.

Type Of Characters: Very varied types of characters, I have the capacity. Not the interest. I base lots of facets of character (or the entire character themself) on people I know. Almost all my main characters right off the bat have the ebonic flavor and ghetto background I was grown up with. I can relate and elaborate these characters for I know the struggle. Growing up grief-sticken is a gift and a curse. You lean very heart-felt leasons that make you morally, mentlly, and emotonally stronger than ALL others. The con is you miss out on so much in life. Described to the MAXXX! Very profound protagonist and even antagonists.

Future Story: A work in progress. Taking very long 'cause I'm spending every serene moment I have planning the plot, characters, and all that other stuff. Hopefully out by December 2005. I'm gonna work a few chapters ahead, just in case.

Writing Tips:
Perseverence, yo!
Never make promises about what you can do and that "it'll get better" If it can get better later, it can get better now. Nobody ever built a reputation on what they're going to do tomorrow.

Shining Lugia
23rd June 2005, 2:09 AM
My profile, updated.

Name: Shining Lugia
Age: 12 going on 13
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: Plots, making up characters, dialogue, spelling, grammar
Weak Areas: Description, though I'm getting the hang of it. Length in chapters, a bit of maturing my stories a little.
Type Of Writing: Romance, Action/Adventure, very little of Horror and Humor
Type Of Characters: It usually depends when it comes to me. If the personality fits the story and the character, I shove that personality to them, whether it be snobby and ditzy or kind and caring or evil and cruel.
Future Stories: None yet.
Current Story: True Confrontation
Writing Tips: Well, when it comes to writing, just have fun! Make sure you have a clear view of what's in your head, and write it down so that other people can not only read it, but see it in their minds as well.

23rd June 2005, 4:01 AM
Let's see....?

Name-I don't want to tell.... wow that was pontless......?

Strong Areas-Well I think I'm pretty good in humor and crossovers. I can handle crossovers very well. I think of a lot of crazy ideas I think are really good and I make about pretty long stories. I like to stick with one fic at a time so I don't have to worry about a lot.

Weak Areas-I think description. I can describe things pretty well its just when I do, it looks like I'm forcing every detail down someones throat.

Type Of Writing-I love to do Humor, Adventure, and Crossovers. Though sometimes I would like to do something else.

Future stories-Maybe or maybe not?

Past Story-A Long Orre Story-When Ash, Wally, Brendan, May, Ed, Double-D, and Eddy end up in the future. A lot of crazy stuff hapens!

Current Story-The Chaos Emerald Frontier-When Dr. Eggman, his henchmen, and Team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy, and Vector), end up in the Pokemon world. Well let's just say things get CHAOTIC for our heroes from the past story!

Type of Characters-Well if I ever decide to add original characters then I'll make them funny comedians, greedy hogs for cash, or anything I could be feeling at the moment then thats would they will become.

Writin Tips-Never give up on a fic and just try your best! That's what I do even if people don't like my stories.

lara lynx
23rd June 2005, 8:30 PM
Name:lara lynx
Age: 12
Gender: female
Strong ideas: i'm good at description, and making plots
type of writing:i guess i mostly write romance
type of characters: already made up ones, or ones based on people i know
currant stories: Private Emotions - contestshippy. Look in my sig for the link.
Future stories: none of them have names, but all are contestshippy
Writting tips: try not to rush and use plenty of description.

7th July 2005, 6:44 PM
Name: Mizu Gal (username change)
Age: 11 @_@
Gender: Of course...female
Strong places: Urm, gee, i don't really know! I'm Ok with describing, I guess I'm pretty good at hooking attention (with my fics, of course) quick updates...
Type of Writing: Contestshipping all the way!
Type of Characters: Drew and May all the way! lol
Current fics: Beyond the Desert Sands and Dragon Master- check my sig
Writing tips: Enjoy writing! don't torture yourself!

-Pichu Gurl ;172;

Seijiro Mafuné
27th July 2005, 10:55 PM
Name: Soujiro Mafuné/Seijiro Mafuné (we're sharing this current username for the story-writing. The boldened name is the one shared.)
Age: 17
Strong Areas: I'm pretty decent with writing the plot and giving descriptions, although most times I'm having to deviate from what I originally wanted to, since it's gone from my mind. Acidic humor is one of my specialties, too. (It's the sort of humor Douglas Adams is famous for.) Also, I can't escape nonsense.
Type Of Writing: Humor and Action/Adventure. Although I need to wing it up sometimes.
Type Of Characters: Mostly male trainers trying to become the best. Not really good with females, although the ones I do write are hardly weak and prissy girls.
Current Stories:

Pokingmon Hearts - The Outtake Version
The original story was good... this one is just the parody. Trust me on this... it's only the outtakes. Therefore, it's no wonder it has a low quality.

Rated F for being a lackluster story.

Pokémon Johto - The Funne Version
Read the story of Kenta, as he goes on a quest to become the Champion! That is, if he actually gets brave enough to do so.

From the darkness, forth came a light.

A realistic view. A corrupted world. A fallen dream.

Pokémon/DARKNESS Crossover. The prequel to the Saga.

Three dots. (Saga of the Remaining)
Pokémon/DARKNESS Crossover. A young lad finds himself thrown into a doomed journey, as his true origin comes forth.

Writing Tips: Be yourself. Never write stuff just because you have been challenged if you feel uncomfortable about it. Use proper grammar and remember to think as the character. Don't Sue. The End.

30th July 2005, 11:50 PM
Name: Sengfire
Age: 21
Strong Areas: I am good in plots, skills, and charecter control
Type Of Writing: I like writing fantasy and sci-fi
Type Of Characters: I like to write with charecters who have great personalities.
Current Stories: LIST TO LONG. I have written over 23 stories
Future Stories: Ultimate Heroes 2. The Day In The Life Of Johnas
Writing Tips: 1. NEVER EVER GIVE UP. I didnt and i got published.

intergalactic platypus
11th August 2005, 10:31 PM
name: buttersgirl
age: 16
strong areas: emotional scenes, avoiding cliche, description
type of writing: angst and drama. frequently incorparates romance, but all pretty angsty
types of characters: the anime characters with new dimensions and plenty of problems
current fics: always, my romantic tragedy story. nobody said it was easy, my story about the price of loyalty and illicit love. and of course stalker, which im writing a sequel to, about mistys dangerous obsessor.
future fics: a darker sequel to stalker called the trees have eyes and an angst one shot in which ash finds out the whole pokemon world is a figment of his mind, and after his brain damage he began living in a delusion at a mental hospital

12th August 2005, 8:34 PM
Here is my profile. I am not a new author, just to let you know. I am an ex-author, also known as Blaziken's Emberz. Anyway, here is my profile: v3.

-+-+-Denny's Profile-+-+-
My Name: Of course, my name is Denny, but my user names consist of the following, in order from my first ever screen name on a site (The Pokémon Tower), to the most current: Pokemon Champion, Pokemon Master Denny, PokemonMaster, Pokémon Master Denny, Blaziken's Emberz, Dragonfire, Dark Bashamo, Cobalt, Cobalt Lightning, Selestius

Current Age: I am 14-years-old.

My Gender: I am a male.

History of Denny: An SPPTV Special: The History of Denny

A long time ago, I always told my friends that I'd make my own Pokémon television show with my own characters. They asked me if I'd prove it. I did. I started working on my first ever Fan Fiction: Markus's Adventure. It had absolutely no description, as most of my teachers told me I tended to overdescribe and drone out the story, making it tedious and boring.

My friends loved it and wanted me to write more. I wrote another novel: A Night to Remember, a PokéShipping Fan Fiction which was also part Advanceshipping and Kisshipping. It was a rumble between the girls. I never planned any template for either of those fics, but I was blessed with great reviews on the first site I joined: The Pokémon Tower.

Denny's fics received great admiration, but one review would change Denny's perspectives on the Fiction community ever.

One day, I was checking my e-mail, and it stated I got a review from the Pokémon Tower. It was not hate mail or a flame, but one of the most critical reviews ever in my career. It stated, "Work on your Fiction better. You have a great and vivid imagination, but put your description to the test.

I was shocked. I didn't know what to do. In the meantime, I joined Pokémon World, a site with a text-based RPG. I joined, and was part mod. I was PokemonMaster then. And I soon changed my Tower name to Pokemon Master Denny. I still didn't learn anything about the "é". Misty101803 showed me one day as well.

Then, I worked on a Crossover: Digimon + Pokčmon. Few reviews were given, but soon enough, I wanted more. Searching the web, I saw Serebii.net. I don't recall how I got there, but I fell in love with it. It was so accurate in the Pokémon World, but I never saw their forums. Soon enough, July of 2004, I joined, as Pokémon Master Denny.

I worked on Life of a Trainer, still not planning anything at all, but going on as I did, as the fics from the Tower gave me a three. I looked at Selestio Maniolla, also known as Bloodstained Swords by Aleyquala also known as Ryano Ra, erm, Serpent Syra.

I learned that description was key, and I started to learn more. Life of a Trainer was a four-star hit, but I wanted more.

Denny soon began a secret project: one that would begin his career.

Tarnished Scars. Tarnished Scars was a revamp of Life of a Trainer, which was also a revamp of Markus' Adventure. Still, I never tried the planning thing. I just chose a plot, and bam, posted it. Much criticism. I changed to Blaziken's Emberz then, just for people to know I loved Blaziken. I kept at it. Tarnished Scars was near completion, and soon enough, I posted it. It was a hit. Five stars everywhere, but then, I went...to TCoD.

Deja vu.

I got a 3 out of 5 for over/underdescribing. I left there, and started again, after leaving Serebii for 3 months. I came as Dragonfire. I posted Revamp 2, or Revamp 4 for all novels, and began again, but soon, I had a change of heart towards newbies, and left Serebii again, posting in many forums as Cobalt, Dark Bashamo, or Cobalt Lightning respectively, but soon, I yearned for Serebii. I came back, and I thought it was worse, and started to make these stupid "Get Out" things. I was banned, but had yet another change of heart. This was like a home to me. I couldn't leave it. I explained everything to Joe, and here I am today.

From hero to zero to hero again; he's Denny. And he's back.

Types of Writing: The majority of my writing are trainer fics, but one was a Crossover and one a Shipping.

Strong Areas: I am particularly good with plotlines and characters, as I was told, especially by my earllier fics with my characters, and keeping close to the world.

Weak Areas: As Negrek said in one of my threads: malapropism and realism. I have to get a little more in-tune with the fic, and use words in the correct sense.

Current Stories: None.

Past Stories: Markus' Adventure
A Night to Remember
Ash Ketchum: Digidestined!?
Life of a Trainer
Tarnished Scars

Future Stories:

Bloody Turmoil: The Draconian Trilogy
Thatcher's back and he befriends an egg. Not a Cyndaquil, an egg. It hatches into one of the most rarest, most powerful draconian Pokémonius, the ancient creatures of Greece, Draimond (copyrighted and all - no sprite or art as of yet), a dragon with extraordinary powers beyond belief. Will Thatcher befriend this new Pokémon, or will hell break loose and friendships destroyed?

Undying Heroes: The Life of a Brigadier General
It involves the main characters of Pokémon, twenty-five years in the future. The Colonel, Misty Waterflower, the General, Ashton Ketchum, and Lieutenant Colonel, Brock Slate. They are under siege as Team Magma and Aqua are at war, and the Underground, a hidden Military Camp in Viridian City, is trying to stop them from proceeding.

Team Rocket has fallen trying to battle the two most evil teams, dying with honor...or have they? Find out in Undying Heroes. The title will also be explained soon enough.

Hell's Gift: The Inheritance Trilogy
Part-trainer. Part-wolf. All hell. Join in the life of {name uncertain}, as she, an innocent girl, has been cursed with a gift - a gift to kill. She, along with her dog companion, a Poochyena with a scarred eye, travels the world illegally, trying to run from fate. Or is fate trying to run from her? Find out by reading this trilogy.

Type of Characters: I create many characters with many personalities. Some are witty, some timid, some brave, some serious, some ominious, and many more.

Writing Tips: Plan your fics ahead of time, learn to use correct spelling by using a thesaurus. Don't use malapropism, try not to over or underdescribe, use betas if necessary, use realism, make friends and try to understand the world around you. I normally go outside, inhale some air, go for walks, like Shigeru Miyamoto, and get inspiration. Never give up on your hopes and dreams, and always go for more. That's how you become great.

+Selestius - Dawn of the Moonlight+

Tetra Seleno
12th August 2005, 9:17 PM
I'm no stranger to the world of writing, but this is, in fact, my first time writing Pokémon fiction.

Name: Tetra Seleno, but please, just call me Tetra for short. 8D

Age: I'm currently sixteen years old.

Gender: Male.

Strong Areas: First and foremost, humor. I've been told that a lot of my jokes are hilarious, even when I don't intend them to be. Some reviewers say that it comes natural to me, so yeah, go with that if you want.

Battles are another thing I excel at. Even if I think they're blocky and slow at times, people seem to think differently and say that they just flow well.

Types of Writing: Humor, Action/Adventure, and Angst.

Types of Characters: People with flaws. This ranges from vanity, depression, ego, insecurities, addiction, bad habits... no one's perfect, right? However, the thing I stress is that even if they're not shining saints of virtue, truth, and love, they're still good people... sometimes.

Current Stories:

The Eternal Skies

Although the conflict will bring the end of time,
You can find salvation in the eternal skies.

When Norman White accepts the Hoenn League's offer as Gym Leader, May's life took a turn for a worse. Little does she know, the worst is yet to come... a novelization of Pokémon Emerald.

Rated PG-13 for violence, occasional gore, and occasional swearing.

Writing Tips: Know your strengths. Practice makes perfect, so practice whenever you can. Worship your beta-reader and your reviewers. And never, ever Sue.

12th August 2005, 9:52 PM
;330;Well I've been writing for a while, but I in't know this existed.

Name: I have many, Shiny Flygon, Dragon Rider, Rick, Drake. But If anyone here doesn't call me Shiny Flygon ,or S.F. for short, heads will roll.


Gender: Dude

Strengths: Originality. My new pokemon are completely hand made. My plots are self made, and my characters are made up('cept the ones in my AAML and New Land, New Heroes).

Weaknesses: Everything else. Length, I'm getting better. Humuor, s'alright. Romance, learning, but not doing so badly. Action, ok that shouldn't be here I'm good at that. Description, getting better. Unhappy endings and far out plot twists(such as main characcter going baddy, can't do at all.

Characters: Oddballs, stand outs, loners and generally real "characters"

New Land ,New Heroes
You always have a choice, just sometimes all the options are unseen.

My AAML, Christmas in Cerulean
A 31 day promise, where will this lead I wonder?

Emerald Lands
3 kids, 3 titans, one world and a Tropius afraid of the water. Who knows what will happen?

Writing Tips: Endurance. Sometimes it may seem hard to write a long fanfic, but if you keep going one paragraph at a time, the rewards are endless(unless it's not very good :p)

14th August 2005, 1:35 AM
Ok, here we go.

Name: Just call me Typhlogirl.

Age: Fourteen going on fifteen. ^_~

Strengths: I am good at writing completely random comedy, but I am also good at writing dark and depressed stories. I don't like writing romance, not because I dislike it, but I just find it difficult. I also believe that original ideas work best. My ideas usually come out of the blue, which is good. ^_^ But my best strength would have to be stories of freedom and discovery.

Types of writing: I am a mixed bag. I like writing in many different forms like script, first person, third person, etc.Any kind of writing style works for me. The type of writing style I use depends on the story. I have to experiment a bit before I find one that is just right.

Types of characters: Usually my characters have a dark past, which I exploit. But I suppose that's a popular sort of character. I can't stand little princess characters that everyone loves. My male characters usually have something to prove, while my females are strong and poweful.

My stories:

PokeTalk: The pokemon based talkshow! (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=74905)!! (Comedy) Rated PG-13

Full of ridiculous and random comedy, PokeTalk is not really a story, but a group of episodes of a Talkshow hosted by yours truly and my assistent Micheal the Typhlosion. They interview many of your favourite characters, including the Elite Four, many legendaries and sometimes just random groups!! The characters may seem out of character, but that just adds to the ridiculousness of this fic. Be warned, some of the episodes contain swearing and adult themes. Nothing major though. If you want a laugh, just swing by! PokeTalk is rated 5 stars.

The Pokemon Rebellion (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=75049) (Drama) Rated PG

The complete opposite of the light hearted PokeTalk, The Pokemon Rebellion is the story of Larmo, a Linoone treated cruelly by his trainer. One day, Larmo has had enough, and he frees himself. Larmo believes no pokemon should have to serve a trainer, and starts to rally a group of followers. Together, they make a stand against the race that has ruled Pokemon kind since the beginning of time. What follows is the dramatic tale of a group of Pokemon who decided the fight for the rights of their kind, and for their freedom. The Pokemon Rebellion is rated 5 stars.

Soulless: The story of a Game Corner pokemon (One Shot) (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=80409) (Drama) Rated G-8

A one shot, Soulless is the feelings of a young pokemon forced to live her life in the darkness of the Celadon Game Corners cellar. Her life is a cage. She has no escape. These are her feelings.

Shadows in the Night (One Shot) (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=86471) (Drama) Rated G

Spotanious one-shot I wrote when feeling particulary inspired, it's about Koga and his Daughter, Janine, and their relationship with each other.

Writing tips: Be true to yourself. If you want to write a story about a trainer with a shiny pidgey, then you write that story. Your imagination is a valuable tool not to be wasted. ^_~


Lil Brother
14th August 2005, 2:04 AM
Whee. :D

Name: Lil Brother.

Age: 13.

Strengths: Some people have said I write some good humor, so let's go with that! I also like to write death scenes for some reason.

Weaknesses: Horrible description and spelling.

Types of writing: Pretty much everything, just what I feel like when I begin to write.

Types of characters: I like the kind of character that has huge challanges. Characters that try their hardest, but never seem to succed. My male characters are usually defensive or complete jackasses. My female characters are either indepent with a mind of their own, or extremly weak and pitiful.

My one Story:

Destiny Deoxys Remake PG-13
Taking characters and situations from the original and almost completely changing them, it's pretty much a totally different story. Filled with plenty of gore and some occasionly cursing. This time, there's a deep, hidden backstory behind Deoxys that will result in utter chaos and catastrophe.

Future Stories:

Sequel to Destiny Deoxys Remake Tenative Title
I haven't really given it a lot of thought, I'm trying to complete the first one before thinking about sequels. Although I do have a vague plot in mind.

Birth of a Star Warrior Tenative Title
A prequel to the Kirby anime, this goes into the war of Star Warriors vs. Holy Nightmare. It will be focused around Meta Knight and Knuckle Joe's father (name still undecided), and will go deeply into how exactly Nightmare was created and who he is in league with.

14th August 2005, 8:11 PM
Um, you didn't say if the stories have to be published here on Serebii. Well, I'm going to make the profile anyway. Just so you know, I post my stories on Fanfiction.Net, but I might post my Pokemon fiction here.

Name: Blade, Kit K.

Age: Just turned fifteen. Aiyee!

Strengths: Well, I consider myself a pretty good plot planner/deviser. Also, I've been told that I'm good with character chemistry and character realism. (Anti Gary/Mary Sue, that is)

Weaknesses: I tend to forget to proof read in my ephoria of finally finishing a chapter. Aah...oh yeah, also, I tend to stray off while working on one chapter if I am currently interested in some other subject and start writing about that.

Types of Writing: I write anything, actually, but I prefer humor, romance, fantasy and angst-y literature.

Types of Characters: Now really, if I would only write about a certain set type of character, the story wouldn't be very different from the other. No, the kind of character I write about is the kind of character it needs to be to apply correctly to the story. Okay...that sounded weird and nerdy. But I do enjoy writing carefree characters, intelligent characters and emotionally troubled characters. They're really interesting, I think.

My Stories:

The Escapades of Ron Weasley by Ginny Weasley

The actual name is The Many Escapades and Accidents of Ronald Bilius Weasley, as told by Ginevra Molly Weasley.

Summary: It's just a bunch of crazy stories about the ridiculous attempt at a normal life Ron leads. Yes, this story is not in the dramatic, horror and sorrow-strucken England we know and read about in the books, but a much more merrier and carefree place where they are not constantly worrying if they're future murderer is standing on the other side of the door. Basically, Ron gets into several bad situations on his own because he's so silly and stupid. Yeah.

Genres: Humor. Lots of humor. Also, romance and...humor. I can't stress it enough.

Rating: Ouch...uh, well, I can't really answer that too thoroughly, 'cause that could risk the secrecy of the...plot, or whatever it is. It varies. Yes, that's the rating. Variable. Right now, it's pretty much E, but it is soon gonna...I'll stop there.

The Rendall Chronicles

My only Pokemon fiction.

Summary: Rachel, sixteen years old, is, of course, preparing and planning for her pokemon journey through Kanto. She's a very stressy and worrying person, so of course, she doesn't wanna screw up, so she makes a schedule. However, someone up there has a thing for spontaineous actions.

Genres: ...well, it's pokemon. Pokemon is just it's own genre, if you ask me. It's Pokemon with a bit of humor, journey, angst, and perhaps, romance.

Rating: Well, I think it's appropriate for fifteen year olds and up, but that's just me. Ahem.

South Park High

Ah...my first published fic, and probably my most known one. Apparently, people assume I don't like reviews. I-uh-no.

Summary: Quite shortly, Cartman has a thing for Wendy, Wendy has a thing for Stan, Stan has a thing for Wendy, no one knows about Cartman's thing except for Kenny (so far), drama.

Genres: Lots and lots and LOTS of drama and romance. Holy freakin' crap. And humor. Its South Park.

Rating: ...*blushes*...definitely M.

Those are my mainstream fics, if ya know what I mean. I also have another HP fiction, Wit Beyond Measure Is Man's Greatest Treasure, a story about a bunch of original Hogwarts students going through their sixth year. I also have a few oneshots, although only one is published.

Writing Tips: If you have an idea and know that someone else has probably done it, don't hesitate. Just write it and show it, 'cause no matter how many people make the same plot, your story is your story. Also, if you write on the computer like me, always remember the sacred code...


You mustn't forget. Always bear this holy, magnificent technique of preservment close to your heart, and you will hold the key to many a great pieces of literature.

Also, don't rip directly. My first tip does not mean that you can rip someone elses fic and say its your. No, I meant you can WRITE your own fic, even if it happens to have a similar plot to someone elses story.

That's my profile.

Raichu Master
14th August 2005, 8:59 PM
Name: Raichu Master

Age: 16 (17 in october)

Strong Areas: I fear I really have no strengths. No one has really ever replied to my work when I posted Fan Fics in the past, and my english teachers are all idiots. "That was good!" "I enjoyed reading it". Blah! No critiques...I don't assume that I'm the best though. I'd have to say I have quite the imagination, and I suppose I do will with coming up with plots. Description is ok for me, I do it well, but it's metiogre like everything else. I'm good at character development I guess...no two characters in my writing are ever alike.

Weak Areas: Being discouraged from writing on, because I read my earlier work on the Fan Fic I'm writing and it's full of errors that I should have known better to make and correct, but some how I missed them when revising.

Type Of Writing: Fantasy. It's what I read and enjoy to read the most, so why not write something that you love to read yourself?

Type Of Characters: They differ, I tend to be unbiase when I'm developing characters or reading about them

Current Stories:
The Legend of Zelda: The New Hero Of Time
Rating: PG-13
Reason: Violence
Summary: A new threat as throttled the land of Hyrule by the name of Cendron, and he's come for only one reason, to rule the land. How he came there, and where he came from is yet to be known. He strikes it rich when he finds that a very special baby has been born when he walked into the mist of the celebration going on in Hyrule Castle and the marketplace. Prophecy has told of another Hero of Time that shall rise up and defeat yet another evil threatening the world, and on this night, the baby was born into the world with the mark of the Triforce embedded on his right hand. A minor set back to Cendron, he enters the castle while the festivities begin in the marketplace and kill the baby's father, the king of Hyrule and his mother, obviously the queen of Hyrule. The young babe's name? Link, purposefully named after his ancestor. Now it is his destiny to conquer the evil that has shown itself and rid the land once and for all of the evils that plague the peaceful land. But will he survive?

19th August 2005, 10:13 PM
wow this place is really serious ^^, My name is Mimi, Im 17 now, i think ym strong areas are in romance, and tragedy, my main weakness is typing lol i make way to many typos, btu that is why there are beta readers ^^;; um.. i love advanceshipping, and u can find a link to my story below, if u want me to read anything i love reading about adventures and love and basically anything, ima great reviewers i love giving advice, so feel free to msg me ^^ thankies

19th August 2005, 11:15 PM
Name: Act

Age: I've been told 18 several times, 20, 16, 17... take your pick.

Strong Areas: I'd say grammar if I thought it were true, but unfortunately I'm much better at harping people about grammar than using it myself. My favorite part of writing is characterization, and I think that is probably my strengh. Dunno.

Type Of Writing: I'm a sci-fi fan, but OTs are jolly when they aren't crap.

Type Of Characters: Well-developed ones.

Current Stories:


My first serious fic, methinks. It's an OT, and I've been told it's not too bad. The link is in the signature.

Sincerely, Feebas

An older one-shot o'mine. I love feebas. Do leave them be.


My newest project. Do take a look at it. And no, it's not an OT.

Future Stories: Oh, billions. I just haven't thought of them yet.

Writing Tips: Put effort into your fics :)

20th August 2005, 3:06 PM
Name: bloodstone
Age: 13
Strong Areas: imagination
Type Of Writing: fantasy/magic.
Type Of Characters: mostly females, magical/special, beautiful and sometimes vague.
Current Stories: ...I can't list all 20+, the ones on serebii are "the frozen child", "earth, flame and water" and "bae"
Writing Tips: I'm an aspiring one myself. >>; But don't give up and be discouraged by reviews. always put in description

21st August 2005, 4:43 PM
Name: Zita, though I go by White Wolf Zita on fanfiction.net
Age: 13
Strong Areas: Creating believable but strange creatures and characters with weird pasts. I am good at describing things, though I over-do it on occasion. I am good at writing about depression, exhaustion, and hunger.

Type Of Writing: I must admit humor is probably my best category. I also love action/adventure. My humor stories are well-liked by a lot of people, I am proud to say.

Type Of Characters: Sharp tempers or really timid people, often those whose parents have been way too over-protective. I am good at dishing out angst, too.

Current Stories:

I'm currently starting to write the story of a shiny Houndoom named Seilem, (pronounced SIGH-lum) struggling to understand who and what he is and overcome the challenges (particularly trainers) of being "different."
I WILL NOT BE USING THE OFFICIAL SHINY DESCRIPTION OF A HOUNDOOM. See, put the Houndoom sprite in paint, go to image, and hit invert colors. That's what he looks like.

Future Stories: I have a yet-to-be titled little twibble I've been thinking about involving a three-headed legendary thats heads (in the form of three different legendaries) have been separated. No clue where that will go, but I know it will involve an emerald pendant.

Writing Tips: NEVER make your character perfect. Stick to FAIRLY NATURAL hair/eye colors. DON'T give your char flaws for the sake of it, make them real and beleivable.

POKEMON ARE PEOPLE TOO, not just some robotic fighting machines. Heck, I once had an Ivysaur character that would caue you some pain if you interrupted his favorite show.

Also, NEVER ever ever ever EVER have your character catch a legendary for use in battle. NEVER! Like a legendary's gonna listen to a puny kid?

Lastly, trainers aren't likely to stay home "studying" until they're like eighteen before hitting the road. If they do study, they will logically do it with a Poke'mon of their own on hand to observe and get to know.

Dang, I can rant!:D

Chronicles Death
25th August 2005, 6:02 PM
Name: Chronicles
Age: Thirteen
Strong Areas: I'm mostly good with PLOTS AND LENGTH. Yup, but not actually the best. I can also do descriptions pretty good. But they get on my NERVES whenI type it.

Type Of Writing: I love writing HUmor and Fantasy. A little action. A TON of Adventure. Trainer fics need those! Romance is added, but I usually feel sick with it. Doesn't stop me though...

Type Of Characters: I love to write funny character with an agenda, with cooky freinds and a dark freind with a past. Mainly cuz I'm all three of those. Except for the past thing. Usually, my main character will be funny with and agenda. Mainly because I'm used to them. They're my most used personality! I also use outcasts, or people who are... Not exactly happy with everyone for no particular reason. But tey usually will have a reason...

Current Stories:
A Trainer's Passion
Kanto Saga.
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure and Romance
Rating: PG: 13

Chronicles of Life and Death
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romace
Rating: PG-13

Future Stories (Pokemon Fanfictions)
Normal Fic
Genre: Adventure, Action, Romance
Rating: PG: 13
Probable Release: October

My Immortal
Genre: Action, Romance
Rating: PG 13
Probable Rlease: December

Future Stories (Non-Pokemon)
Story of my Old Man
Naruto, Normal Fic.
Genre: Romance, Action, Adventure
Rating: PG-13

Writing Tips: Make your chaps more than five pages. Makes the chaps go faster and more things can fit into it. Also, double check each and every chapter. And use less common words. Oh, yeah. Make sure you describe everything. Stop to smell the roses. (Stop and explain) Use only three periods if you're gonna do those multiple period things. Also, double space and type the real words, don't use 'u r syck'. Write, 'you are sick' properly.

4th September 2005, 9:02 PM
Name: Butch

Age: 14

Strong points: Brainstorming, scripting.

Weak points: I don't describe things too well.

Type of Writing: Adventure, Comedy, Drama (the most powerful genre of literature)

Current Stories:

Super Ash Bros. Melee (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=73880)-An action/comedy rated PG-13 for violence & rude humor based on a Newgrounds Flash movie by TX2. It's about when Ash got jealous that he's not in Super Smash Bros., he makes his own game Super Ash Bros. Melee. This fanfic is divided into three. The 1st & 2nd are out and the last is coming soon.

Future Stories:

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Gates to Other Worlds-An advernture/drama/comedy rated PG-14 for language and violence. Taking place later in the FMA series, Edward & Alphonse somehow go through a Gate to worlds familar to some people in the real world (as in right now in 2005).

Wolfhunters 2-An adventure/action/drama rated PG-14 for violence, language, some sexual themes, & some blood. The sequel to an RPG. First, there will be a comic of the prequel.

Writing Tips: Originality rules success.

4th September 2005, 11:31 PM
'Tis about darn time I got a Round 2-it to do this...

Name: Quackerdrill, Quacker, Matt, That Guy Who Draws the Taco...

Age: 16, though often believed to be 13...

Strong Areas: Ummmmmm.... give me a moment... That's a good question! BACON!!

Weak Points: I tend to overuse commas, and because of my fascination with human nature, my writing probably won't suit people who like more Pokemon-heavy fics. Also, description is not my bag; I tend to just give the reader enough info so they get the idea. Oh, and my chapters are REALLY SHORT.

Type of Writing: Well, I'll pretty much write anything, but I absolutely love to have some kind of deeper meaning inside, all wrapped up so only the most insightful reader can understand the true theme. Oooooh...

Type of Characters: I really enjoy developing characters and making them believable. Most of them are based on people I know, and I love to give them dialogue that not only helps move the plot, but allows a peek at their personality. Double Ooooooh!

Current Fic(s):

An Awakening (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=132611)- A story surrounding how a trainer inside the Game Boy game discovers that she is inside a game. Kinda my take on the cliche 'stuck in the video game world' fic, just reversed.

Pressure (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97023)- My take of a traditional, dramatic fic. With some mystery tossed in for flavor. On hiatus, though. Check it out if yer bored.

-One Shot(s)-
Frozen (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=75560) -A little depress-o-thon I wrote about a trainer who loses a loved one and is stuck to realize the consequences... in my opinion, the best thing I've ever written!

The Meeting (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=86813) - Heh heh. A little comedy dealie I wrote after the Revolution/Wii controller was revealed. It's a take on what I think an average meeting between the developers at Game Freak is like... only cranked up to eleven. Definitely the polar opposite of the above! Don't take the style seriously- it's just for laughs. And so I can make fun of Satoru Iwata and all his false seriousness.... hee hee. (Man, I'm such a nerd.) XD

Writing Tips: Um, don't listen to me about how to write right... er, correctly. Also, If you read a fic please review it. Closet/Silent Readers are no fun. Take it from someone who's been there. -_-;

Flaming Lip
4th September 2005, 11:43 PM
Name: NiGHTS

Age: 12

Strong Areas: Charecter Relations and trains of thoughts, personallities. Incorparating different genres into one story. My abillity to ryhme XD

Weak Areas: Description, uh... comitment... I give up to often.

Favorite type of writing: fantasy... though I like most types of writing anyway.

Type Of Writing: Poetry, and other sorts (normally incorparated into one story)

Type Of Characters: I am best at charecters simmilar to my self ie: Cynical, lazy, sarcastic :P

Current Stories: Tempus Fugit: A Cycle Reborn
I can't say much as the story has just began, and I am keeping secrecy... It pretty much starts out like normal journey story, but will evolve and mutate into something completly different. It takes place into periods of time, revolving every now and then. One at the dawn of time in a utopic nation (albeit faltering, with shifting fronteirs and the utilization of oil and gas), and present time. It revolves around Rachel who is reluctant to become a trainer (but has to by law).

Future Stories: Along with the other two parts of the Tempus Fugit Triology, I do have something in mind... Still in idea stage though.

Writing Tips: Uh... Keep trying and try to start simple, don't bite more than you can chew.

The Big Al
5th September 2005, 12:27 AM
Name: The Big Al (or TBA for short)

Age: 20

Strong Areas: Plot developement

Favorite Wring Style: Political thrillers

Current Story: Battlefield Tamamushi: The Ultimate Tournament: Alex was a typical trainer when he was envited to battle in the Tamamushi Invitational. However, little does he know, their are evil forces at work in Tamamushi. Can he and his Pokemon win it all, can they even survive it all. Uses orginal Japanese names for Pokemon, most attacks and cannon characters.

Possible Future Story Ideas
The Great War: A Tenchi Muyo fanfic that takes place in a Babylon 5 universe based on the last half of the Tenchi Universe anime. The Earth year is 2296 and the emperor of Jurai has gone mad. He has ordered the arrest of the Royal Family. However, this brings Jurai into a state of civil war. When Earth Frieghters are attacked by forces loyal to the Emperor, the Earth Alliance is forced into the war on the side of Princess Aeka and those loyal to her. Led by General Katsuhito Masaki on his Omega Destroyer the Polaris, a combined Earth/Jurai fleet tears deep into the Empire straight for it's heart and the monster that sits on its throan.

Mirror Mirror Pokemon Style (One Shot): Ash, Jessie, James Meowth, and their Pokemon are thrown into an ulternate reality where they all are really evil and Team Rocket rules the country. When Lt. Surge and his freedom fighters mistake them for their evil counterparts, they have to convince them they aren't really evil (or get shot). However, what about their mirror selves now let loose on their world? Can they even return to their world?

Pokemon: Schooled (Working Title): Characters based off of my current fic. Erika thought she was the luckiest high school girl in the world when she was one of the candidates to become leader of Tamamushi Gym. However, her nasty rival Kaede is also a candidate. Can she pass the trials and become leader. And that's only the start as enemies appear from the shadows, likes of which have been never seen (and no it's not the Rocket Gang).

5th September 2005, 12:48 AM
Name: guineapiglover(Nickname:Anna)

Age: 10

Strong Areas: I can be pretty descriptive, and I like giving my characters cool items. I usually have everything planned out, and I am pretty smart, (don't give me that look, just because I'm one of the youngest players doesn't mean I'm stupid or immature, I probably have more imagination, and you couldn't have guessed my age, could you?) and I am a beginning writer, but I get good scores on writing, and exciting things would happen in my stories if only people would reply! (hint, hint!)

Writing Style: I like to write sad stories, as well as fantasy stories with people blessed (or cursed) with magical gifts.

Characters: I like characters with dark pasts and mysterious gifts, as well as ordinary characters who have their world turned upside down by Pokemon.

Current Stories: Me and My Bulbasaur, Sanra's Story, and Shattered.
Currently, no one seems to like Sanra's Story, Me and my Bulbasuar is doing fine, and Shattered is, I think, one of my best stories yet. At least, it will be. *glares at everyone who doesn't want to reply to her stories*

Writing Tips: No matter what people tell you, when you're an author it's good to daydream, and don't be afraid to put yourself into the stories! Reading other stories are good too, and exploring around finding stories that no one bothers to reply to might hook you up with a great fic to read while you're thinking of more chapters for your own story! Many stories here ought to be published, but at least everyone gets to read them, right?

There! Say, is 10 too young to be here? I mean, I am very mature. Many people who are much older then me make spelling mistakes, I like to look back and correct them. I can handle violence and gore, although I usually keep away from those, and no one, I repeat, no one should treat me differently just because of my age.

Pinecone Tortoise
11th September 2005, 6:00 AM

Name: Pinecone Tortoise. But call me Piney. ^^

Age: Old enough.

Strong areas: Characterisation. Well, that's what I'D like to think. ^^

Weak areas: Narrative time and endings. Y'know, I don't think I've EVER finished a story. Oh, and GETTING TO THE ACTION.

Style of Writing: Complex? Eh, more description that is healthy... and rather character/culture orientated.

Style of Characters: Erm... really complex. Lot of insight. Believable? Mature, mostly. Or at least, age-wise. ^^ I just find it a struggle to write and enjoy writing about ten year olds.

Current stories:

COUNT - the Voyage (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=88819).
Centred around Merry Ironbark and her family as they venture deep into the ocean on a deep sea research expedition to make or break her mother's name in the scientific community. But Professor Pamela Ironbark, scientific upstart and mother of three, made quite a regrettable mistake - she allowed her brother, Claudius - a clown by nature and profession, to come along and bring some of his buddies, too. Whilst her kids were delighted at such a loved source of entertainment, the rammifications on the direction, nature and even the purpose of her voyage went very swiftly off the charts. Also features some of the anime characters - though (as most of you will be pleased to hear) as mature adults NOT paired/involved with each other/OCs and WITH believable personalities (or so I'd like to think). Meh, give it a go. It's got a few laughs in it. ^^

Future stories:

Possibly... There's something in the water(main). *looks around* Anyone seen Surface?

Writing Tips:
Well, IMO, it's your characters that will make your break your story. If you're going for a serious story, use believable characters. Base them on yourself and be realistic. The more 'normal' your characters are, the more complex, balanced and natural they are, the more your readers will relate to them and enjoy your story. ^^


11th September 2005, 1:19 PM
By god, I've left updating this for too long. Over a year. O.o

Name: Katiekitten

Age: Four. :D *hums happily*

Strong Areas: Description, grammer, spelling, plots, writing in general.

Weak areas: A tendency to procrastinate, an over-fondness of adjectives, (which I've been working on, in my defense) and first person.

Type Of Writing: Meh, changes. It was, as I put before -> [XD DRAMA/MISERY. I can't help it. I just love going into the thoughts of the characters in bad situations, such as death/near death/loss of a loved one/ectra... XD] But now? I've discovered the world of romance, and now I'm hooked. Fluff abound!

Type Of Characters: Any. I tend to lean toward female main characters in original stories, but when dabbling in Naruto, I choose male. I just adore the Akatsuki.

Current Stories:

Too many to count. >.<

Phoenix (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=106794)

My current fanfiction. A story about a girl, and that is all I will tell you. :p It's an action filled adventure, and somewhat of a tragedy. A clip from the piece:

The howling cry of the wind whistles across the land, a cloud of dust billowing in its wake. The angry bubbling of fiercely boiling water accompanies it, as it soars across the tortured landscape, rising to the bloodstained heavens as gouts of fire erupt from below. Volcanoes spit sulphur into the atmosphere, forming odious clouds that in turn release swaths of acid rain upon the newly formed continents. The crash of water on rock as the sea writhes and boils, splashing upon the lava and cooling it. Creation. Wonderful, isn’t it? So much wild, unrestricted power raging freely. It still surprises me that life could have been created from such unrelenting fury. Fate works in funny ways. The birth of everything: of time, of reality, of life, of death, all in this single episode. The day the first granules of time began to fall, slipping through the thin, graceful neck of the hourglass to land softly at the bottom, crumbling to dust. How beautifully it sparkles, shining like a falling star, mirroring the thousand births, the thousand deaths, the many years captured in a single moment. How silently they fall as centuries pass, cascading down like a golden fountain. The glass signifies the beginning, and the end. For all things shall end, some day. Even the great hourglass will eventually crack and crumble into dust. The ultimate end.

The Final Dance (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=115896)

My one shot, a small story on perish song. It won best one liner in the christmas awards! *boogies* XD

A clip from the piece:

A pear tree, once laden with blossoms. Around it, darkness.


A closed bud, sprouting off a shriveled twig, its colours dictating peace and serenity, a soothing blend of soft pink and white. The last to bloom, for all the others are dead and gone. Alone.

Slowly, the petals unfurl, showing their splendour to the world. A fragment of hope in a world of darkness. The withered tree sways in a prevailing wind, the flower holds on with all its might, to the spark of life swiftly slipping from its grasp.

It fails.

Sceinrhew (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=124564)

A courtroom drama, detailing an odd subject... XD

A snipet from the piece:

The fervent mutter of many voices echoed throughout the courtroom, bouncing off its pristine white walls to slip through the thin air and dance around the prison hold. The captive, a tall figure in his early twenties, grimaced as their whispered words twirled around him, taunting him, infuriating him.

“…five times! He’s a danger to society…”

Who are they to judge me? What do they know? Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing but the lies they have been spoon fed over these last couple of years.

He clenched his fists, snarling.

“What a monster! He should be executed, the mere thought of him running around makes me shudder…”

I am no monster! I am one who does what I was created to do. They think they have ‘free will’, they think they control their lives. How wrong they are. For everyday they go along the path already laid out for them in life. As do I. We lived in harmony for so long, a perfect balance that enabled peace between us. Yet when I prospered, they blamed the faults of their own on me!

He growled, eyes burning with rage.

Will they shudder when they realise that their death lurks amongst their ranks? That the enemy comes from the inside? Will they look back upon this day with sorrow, knowing that an innocent died proclaiming the truth? For they blame the effect, not the cause.


As the Cold Wind Blows... (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=127302)

A three page oneshot based on the forging of the Qin dynasty in ancient china. =D

A snipet from the piece:

“Please come back to me…”

A small figure knelt in the bloodstained soil, sobbing quietly as she clung to a motionless form, her bowed head streaked with mud and grime.

“You promised that you’d never leave me…”

Crystal tears dripped off her petite chin, pattering onto the dusty sands as she drew the body closer to herself. Her armour dug painfully into her stomach, pressing the chain mail into her tender skin, but she ignored it, shaking slightly as she gazed at the lifeless figure. Her chestnut hair was cropped short, pieces peeking out of the edges of her steel helm as she carefully brushed coal black curls away from his ashen face.

Flickering memories flashed before her, of a well built man dressed in a golden p‘ao, his grey eyes twinkling as he walked towards her. Of the care in his once hard features, melting as he gently drew her in to a kiss.

How different he looked now, splayed across the dusty sands, his sightless eyes staring up endlessly at the cloudless sky. Blood dribbled from the corners of his open mouth, sliding down his pale skin. His proud nose was broken, a large gash running down his cheek. But that wasn’t what killed him. She ran a finger over his golden armour, once new, it was now scratched and dented, a crimson slash across his chest plate revealing the stroke that’d felled him.

12th September 2005, 8:40 PM
Name: Frost

Age: 20

Strong Areas: Creating Characters, Creating deep and involving storylines with a plot twist here and there. staying true to the anime style of battling while writing.

Type Of Writing: I'm a big fan of romance, but action/adventure and comedy is where I'm really trying to go for now.

Type Of Characters: My main characters, recently, have been older, and have already established themselves in the pokemon world. and those are the characters that are easiest for me to write. others include female characters, and NPC's I do need some help in the comic pure comic relief department since most of the comedy I create is rather cynical and a bit dry.

Current Stories: as of right now I dont have any "finished" pieces... cause i'm wierd like that. but here goes

Life of a Gym leader: Features Kaiune, gym leader of Shadow City (a city that was created under Mt. Pyre) and a look into his near everyday life. On one of his usual attendances to a Gym leader's confrence, a threat by an evil organization was made that could easily destroy the ties that bind humans and pokemon as we know it.

Born of Fire: Features Tyke, a scrappy young fire trainer and his two friends setting off on their own pokemon adventure expressing their love of pokemon and perhaps, each other.

The Betail Chronicals: (wow this one's old) this is a story of Neko, a young man who waited to become a pokemon trainer untill he was 16. he leaves his hometown in Goldenrod City to become the best their is. but will the challanges of having Team Rocket always at his back keep him from his dream?

Writing Tips: One thing I've seen a lot of young and/or new writers is the want to have as much detail as possible. the problem with this is that if so much detail is put into every part of the story, then the storyline itself will become lost. something that I do to keep myself in check is to write down the bare bones of the scene first and then go over what I want or need to elaborate on to keep the story flowing while at the same time allowing the reader to feel involved.

this next one is directly connected to my own writing style. Sometimes Short and sweet is the best way to be. For example. you dont want to have a battle scene that's so caught up in detail that you loose the excitement of the battle. On the other side of that though, you dont want to be so cut and dry that when you have a scene that requires more vocal interaction between characters that your readers go "what was that scene for again?"

That's all for now

12th September 2005, 10:26 PM
Name: Ookami-sama, but some of you may refer to me as just Kami-sama.

Age: XIX

Strong Areas: Backgrounds, storyline

Type Of Writing: Dramatic ___

Type Of Characters: Gym leaders, NPCs, anthros, ect.

Current Stories:

Kore Shou Kotonashi- Aria tries to be a good little Mary-Sue, but everytime he tries, something terrible pops up. Will he ever get a break?

Pokemon HighSchool ReDUX- An improvement over a project from two years ago. Now with half the characters and twice the angst.

Writing Tips: If you don't like what you're doing, then your audience won't either. Also, if you're thinking of doing a Christmas or any other holiday special, start writing it two months in advance. I'm still working the bugs out of something I wrote for last Christmas.

15th September 2005, 3:22 AM
Name: Orion Master. You can call me Orion or Carlos, though.

Age: 19

Strong Areas: I'm pretty good at character development. It's the area I've been focused on the most, and I think I make a good job in it. My characters always have interesting traits and personality, as I like to have a variety in the cast. I'm also good at plot. I can add many twists and turns, and even add something that's seemingly unimportant, but that'll be of major importance way later on. I have somewhat creative stories. I'm so-so at description. I don't go into much detail at times, but I think I have a good balance. Not too few for you to remain clueless, and not too much to bore you down.

Type Of Writing: I like to write Fantasy and Adventure mostly. My main focus in fiction is Pokémon. I have a Journey Fic I had big plans for, but that I'll probably won't post here. I'm trying to move away from Journey Fics, though.

Type Of Characters: Any kind. As I said, the characters are always my main focus. I like to write more about characters with a big problem or conflict, as this provides good ground for development. I also like to have characters with an intriguing, mysterious or sad past. I don't leave the qualities behind. All my characters have their ups and their downs.

Current Stories: My latest Fic, and the one I'm intending to finish is "The Uprise of Cipher" (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=86217).

Genre: Adventure. Pokémon-based (Not Journey...).

Summary: Ten years after the new Cipher fell (Pokémon XD.), said organization has achieved a complete take-over of the Orre Region. Using Shadow Pokémon and their endless troops, Cipher came back from the stumbling they took twice, and now they control the population by means of fear and destruction.

As they achieved total control, they also got rid of the two Trainers that brought them down in the previous schemes: Wes and Tom. After the Orre population witnessed what the powerful organization was capable of, no one's been eager to try and oppose it. Absolutely no one...

Will this sick organization continue to perform its immoral and evil acts? Will Orre ever be freed? What will become of the entire Pokémon population in Orre? The answer lies within Cipher's Headquarters themselves...

Rated: PG-13

Writing Tips: Just keep on writing. I was a complete neophyte until recently, and I just improved. Try to structure your idea very well, before starting to write. Always follow the advice of others, as that'll help you improve a lot. And most importantly: never lose hope. I did lose faith in my writing twice, but I still stood up, and I can say I miss it all. Even if not many people reads your story, keep it going. As you improve, more people will read your creations. :)

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior
17th September 2005, 1:05 PM
Name: Shucklemasterj
Age: 13
Strong Areas: I am good in plot, origonal ideas
Type Of Writing: Murder Mystery- series
Type Of Characters: I like to write about detectives, or unwanted characters, I like all my characters to be pokemon
Current Stories: none, all of them have been deleted cos no on e posted in them and they went past the final page
[OPTIONAL]Future Stories:
The Heart of Murder (PG, Rating may change)- the new winner of the silver conferance, Danny is murdered during the celebration in a wooden villa. His faithful Sneasel, Mark (the head of security at the silver conferance) and Kelly (a doctor) try and find out who murdered Sneasel's trainer. Sherlock Holmes' style murder mystery
moderat violance, mild use of language, a strong PG, may become a PG-13

Writing Tips: If you get an idea, write it down anywhere almost instantly, because the Idea can easily go way

23rd September 2005, 2:30 AM
Name: Sengfire, Levon Snell
Age: 21
Strong Areas: Space, Romanti, Horror, Adventure
Type Of Writing: Fantasy
Type Of Characters: Fits The Story, The Hero
Current Stories: To Many! Published: Birdman, MARS, Krystal Clear
Future Stories: Mars 3: Blue Oasis & My Pokemon Series
Writing Tips: Always use plus not +

25th September 2005, 3:54 AM
Name: LinksOcarina (Robert)

Age: 18 (19 in October)

Strong Areas: Nice characterization, planned out storyline with interwoven characters and plot elements, also very good at character development.

Type Of Writing: I prefer Fantasy, because I am a fantasy nut (LOTR, etc), but I can write it like an Action packed novel, a simple mystery, etc.

Type Of Characters: Strong, Silent types, shy characters, mysterious characters, hotheads, even ambitious characters.

Current Stories: The Journey (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=82175)

[OPTIONAL]Future Stories: None as of right now, focuing on The Journey

Writing Tips: Even if you feel like no one is reading your fanfic, just keep writing the story, youll eventually gain some support and some people who will read it, lurk it, and comment about it.

25th September 2005, 4:11 PM
Name: Flameboo

Age: 13

Strong Areas: Dialogue and Description, though I'm not bad at writing fight scenes, if I do say so myself. Also, I tend to give my characters a likeable feel, even the villains of the story.

Type of Writing: I write humor is I'm feeling light hearted, but I usually write darker fantasy. The plot usually isn't to save the world. It's more of a more personal struggle.

Type of Characters: Everything. From vicious mutants to singing Ninetails, there are a whole lot of characters. I also have a knack for making new Pokemon (Which, if you read Neaska's Gift, you will be seeing a lot of.)

Current Stories: Neaska’s Gift (I will be posting in the Fiction area soon)

Writing Tips: Ever got writer's block? Listen to music, or watch a movie. The trick is to pick a movie or music that's right. For instance, if you’re writing a fighting scene, pick something in the Action or Suspenseful category. As for music, pick the fastest or loudest thing you know. Your writing depends on what you see and hear.

2nd October 2005, 4:37 AM
Name: Togepicute ^-^;

Age: 13

Strong areas: I don't have one...yet.

Type of writting: It all depends on my mood...I can write something really sad (atleast for me) or the happiest thing in the world.

Type of caracters: I told you above everything depends on my mood!

Current stories: May and Brendan: A New Adventure.

Future Stories: It Happened To Misty.
Doing things only once can ruin you life
Writing tips: Never force yourself to write! Then your story will screw up.

Ari Rockefeller
3rd October 2005, 6:24 PM
Name: Ari Rockefeller

Age: 23

Strong Areas: Character development, plot development, fight scenes, dialogue

Weak areas: Excessive length (almost to the point of being long-winded), transitions

Type Of Writing: Crossovers are my bread and butter, but I also enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, and martial arts stories. The more surreal, the more fantastic, the better.

Type Of Characters: I like to write tragic heroes, people who overcome a lot of tough odds, and people who come from less than stable homes.

Current Stories: Heroes of the Multiverse - my fanfiction opus, if you will. I call it an "uber-crossover"
Kanto Sentai Pokeranger - a Power Rangers/Pokemon crossovef fic. Coming soon to serebii.net

Future Stories:
Pokeranger VS. Power Rangers - Anyone who's familiar with the Super Sentai series (the source material for the Power Rangers shows) and has heard of or seen "Gaoranger VS. Super Sentai" will get what this is about - an all-star line up of Power Rangers drop by to lend Pokeranger a hand.

Dinos in my Pocket (working title) - For each Power Rangers season, there is a crossover featuring the team from the previous year. As I started Pokeranger while Dino Thunder was still going, I plan to write a crossover in which Dr. Oliver's team of Power Rangers helps fight against a common evil.

5th October 2005, 2:26 AM
Name: The Cheshire Cat (Chesh, Chessy *VIPs ONLY!*, Cheshire, Kitty, Cat, T, Tyranitar, T-tar, Alice panther, and Braxton)
Age: 14
Strong Areas: Description, plot, setting, character-personification, and length.
Type Of Writing: Horror, Fantasy, Humor, and Mystery. I couldn't even make a sappy romance if I wanted to >.<
Type Of Characters: I am excellent in producing ALL personalities of characters. I do, however, enjoy making devious, evil, and comical characters that don't really give a damn what the other characters whisper about them behind their back XD
Current Stories:"The Serebeth Noob Trials"
Rating: PG-13 to PG-14
Release Date: 10/02/05
Star Rating: No Current Star Rating
Genre: Parody, Humor, Fantasy, Horror
Summary: A tale morphed from the online premises of the Serebii.net Forums in a twisted setting of a village plagued by an ancient evil that threatens to consume the world as it nearly did so many centuries ago.
Future Stories:Real-life Novel: "Tainted Dreams I: The Revelation"
Rating: N/A
Release Date: --/--/--
Star Rating: N/A (Not a Forum Exclusive)
Genre: Dark Humor, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, Mystery
Summary: When one of three teenagers discovers a mystical pendant, they soon find their lives changed as it transports them to a new world full of eternal darkness, rain, and a looming evil that has awoken from a muderous slumber, searching once again for power over a place that once was thriving with life, soul, and energy. A tale plot concieved solely by (c) 2005 B.A.D. Burks.
Writing Tips: My only advice is to write what you enjoy, enjoy what you write, and study to learn how you can improve your writing to its fullest extent, personalizing it to a style that is easy and comfortable for you.

Eternal Daydreamer
7th October 2005, 12:47 AM
Name: Diva1
Age: A solid 14
Strong areas: Originality and really odd stories. *blushes*
Type of writing: Odd long, humor stories or long adventure stories. Can't write a good romance story though.
Type of characters: Laid back cool characters mostly.
Current stories: I haven't posted any yet...
Future stories:
Not So Sensational- Four mystical rings called the Rings of Kygore were forged over a thousand years ago when the world was new. In modern time the Sensational Sisters have found them, and this is what happens.
Writing advice: Originality! You don't have to copy other people's works to be a good writer.

jhoto moto
17th October 2005, 5:37 PM
Name:jhoto moto or Jh or Ryan
Strong Areas: Don't know but I think description and lame humour
Type Of Writing: Comedy,adventure with some romance,quest
Type Of Characters: Ryan,Jonathen,Lora,Cassandra
Current Stories: Adventures of Four friends
Future Stories: Run Away, Soul, Inner Me, Drag
Writing Tips: I have none I am a bigginer and am new at writing fics so can people give me advice on making a good adventure romance

Thats all.

Metarock Sam
17th October 2005, 10:49 PM
The Authors’ Profile
This was approved by the Fan-Fic Moderator, Dragonfree. Here, authors can post their own profiles about writing. That way, it would be much easier for authors to post what stories they have out, and give out writing tips to their reviewers. Also, they could really go technical and post great comments about their story to attract more reviewers. Well, when doing you profile, please include the following as a base. Once including these, you can add whatever you would like to.

Name: Metarock Sam, Sam ,Herman, Hermanator
Age: 15
Strong Areas: Im good at writing Plots though I tend to get lost in that and sometimes forget to add description
Type Of Writing: Fantasy stories.
Type Of Characters: Well I like Writing Heroes , Villans but not so much cutsie characters
Current Stories: Sams Pokemon Experience
Writing Tips: Use good Punctuation and remeber every character counts.

18th October 2005, 2:06 AM
Name:SnoringFrog - SF, the frog, SFrog, ZFrog, Ethan

Age: 13

Strong Areas: Coming up with original ideas, and being inspired by the weirdest things. Maybe my description, I don't know.Sometimes I can come up

with realyy great titles, or write a fic if I'm given just a title.

Weak Areas: Sometimes, coming up with good titles. It's weird, I'll draw a blank on one story, and come up with literally 25-35 ideas for another.

Getting emotion into a fic the way I want it, and sticking with one story. I get inspired too much, I've got so many new ideas I want to work on, as

well as my older stories from a few years ago I want to rewrite and attempt to make them at least mediocre. Trying to connect two sendtences with

a comma. I caught myself doing that multiple times today.

Type Of Writing: Dark fics, everything I've written recently seems to revolve around death. The one that doesn't ends with lots of death. I write a

little bit of humor, and I'm trying to get better at poetry. I want to be able to do good length, not humorous poems, but so far my best is a 6-line

comedy about a squirrel. Recently I considered stopping writing Pokemon fics, but I don;t thin I will. As long as I get good ideas, I will continue

writing them, but even if I do stop writing Pokemon fics, I willl continue writing other fics, and will continue reading pokemon fics.

Type Of Characters: Not quite sure. My characters are all so varied it's hard to say. Although I seem to have trouble writing first-person a lot of


Things I like to read: Anything with a good plot and decent description that is well written. Nothing I love more than a well-written story. There isn't

really one specific genre I enjoy more than others, but I do like horror.

Thinks I don't like to read: Some fantasy, Redwall and Lord of the Rings(if those are fantasy) are great, but there's alot of fantasy I don't care for.

Anything predictable. I don't like stories that you read the first two paragraphs and go, "Oh, he's going to save the world, but not right befoere it

blows up." And you already know everything that's going to happen. I try to avoid that in my writing as well. I'll write a story that seems predictable,

one that you just know will turn out perfectly in the end, adn then switch it all around from 'happily ever after' to 'the torture and grief continues on

and on.' Just to confuse people a little bit. Anything poorly written or that lacks a good plot.

Current Stories:
The Saddened Journey - TSJ follows an eleven-year-old boy named Eric who has just lost his entire hometown in a tornado predicted by an Absol as

he seeks his revenge on the entire species. I am currently working on a revision, so I will end up with another thread, and a new rating.

Sevii Islands: Intertwining Destinies - Can't really give much of a summary, since I only write the chapters that are from Absol's point of view.

Someone else does the main plot, and another person does the chapters from a trainer's point a view.

Future Stories: All of these are non-pokemon fics.

No Witnesses(pending title) - This story follws assassin Cid Vulcan as he lives his life after being abandoned by everyone he knew. He is heartless,

and has no remorse for his actions whatsoever. (There's a preview of the rough draft of the first chapter here in the Author's Cafe somewhere.)

Tod(pending title) - Death has never had so much trouble with a person before. Tod has met death quite a few times in his 350 years, but has

outsmarted the Grim Reaper at every time. Will he ever die? (cookies for anyone that figures out why I chose Tod for the name.)

Amidst the Oats - After being enslaved in the oats fields for countless generations, hope has finally found a place to roost and thrive once more. The

heart of a young man named Von who hopes to free his people from the dictatorship to which they have been enslaved so long.

I've got a legend I'm working on writing that will hopefully turn into a fic, but I'm not sure how well it will work.

There are others, but I don't really have time to type them up right now.

Writing Tips:
-If you get stuck with writer's block, don't worry. Keep thinking about it and you'll get through it.
-Make sure to pay attention to your reviews. While you don't have to do everything a reviewer suggests, most of the time their opinions can really

help a story.If I ignored my reviews, my stories would never get much better, but thanks to people like Negrek, Act, and Saffire Persian, I can now

see lots of problems I overlooked in my story.
-Use a thesaurus! They can be a great help to a writer! Make sure to use your mind as well. Sometimes the thesaurus of your brain is the best

thing you can use.
-Don't fret about getting it perfect the first time. There will always be time to rework your fic later. At first, just get your ideas on paper(or

monitor) and fix them up later.
-Read lots of books and well written fics to get ides about different styles of writing. Lots of times this can be one of the biggest helps to an

-Try not to be redundant. Avoid using the same word more than once in close succsession, and maybe even more than once in the chapter(this

refers mostly to adjectives and adverbs). Don't start all your sentences the same way either. It gets very annoying and bland.
-Revisions always can help. If you keep rewriting your fic, and making it a little better every time, you should come up with something good. While

revisions aren't always necessary, sometimes they can do wonders for a story.
-Pay attention to your surroundings in life. Lots of times a good idea will come to you from the oddest of places. I've got some ideas in my head

that hit me while watching the National Geographic channel. One idea I have came to me while observing a dragonfly when I was mowing. "Amidst

the Oats" came about as a result of ranodm babbling and my brief fascination with the word 'amidst' one day at lunch.

28th October 2005, 3:23 AM
Name: Ledian_X
Age: 26
Strong Areas: Length, drama, comedy, action and romance.
Type Of Writing: Superhero action adventure/comedy/romance/drama stories
Type Of Characters: Human characters, meaning they have heart and emotion. My characters vary a bit.
Current Stories:

Starbolts: New Beginnings- a story of tragedy and triumph featuring the future of Earth's heroes and a story that will change their lives forever.

Future Stories: Dunno yet. Possibly have a Starbolts baddie come back.
Writing Tips: Good grammar, Good descriptions, scene breakers and length all take part in a good fic. Pokemon or otherwise.

28th October 2005, 8:55 AM
name: ritz
age: 12
strong areas: dark poetry. Nearly all my publicly exposed stories are poetic. Ya'know, making you all depressed and sad when you read it or something.
type of writing: poetry. Or a reasonable facismile thereof. (probably spelled that wrong..)
type of characters: frantic or depressed, usually. Most of my productions are first person, like a letter almost.
current stories: haven't had a chance to post any here, but...
future stories:
all of these are complete, but short.
Judgement- main character is mewtwo, and he's on trail. What is fairly vague, I need to improve it. Italics are like song lyrics almost, just breaking up and spicing up the writing a bit.
Flight & lots of other poems- dark poems where the main character is barely described, and a few are fairely confusing. Usually bad things happen.
writing tips: try to write down details right as they come, so you won't forget them. Like yesterday night, I collapsed before I could write down some details. Now I forget were I fell asleep. Also, don't spell like me. I probably made a bunch of spelling errors I'm too lazy to check, sorry.

29th October 2005, 5:45 PM
Name: Dilasc, Daniel

Age: 20

Strong Areas: Description, Plays on Words, Characterization, Twisting the English Language

Weak Areas: Luring a Fanbase, Sometimes I Rush Chapters to Completion, and Screwups Brought About by My Wordplay and lack of doublechecking patience

Type Of Writing: Drama, with a little bit of everything involved. After all, why settle for ONE topic, when you can have everything from a space travel and a Pokemon journey all in on

Type Of Characters: Dramatic and deep characters, but I think all kinds of characteers must be utilized to the fullest.

Current Stories: Dust to Deceit: Read it! Seriously though, it's a deep story that's a trainer adventure, except that it's not a trainer adventure alone, with legendary Oni demon masks, Spacemen, murderers, and firebreathing Rattatas, this is a story you'll just have to read to understand.

Future Stories: Maybe someday...

Writing Tips: Before you type it, speak the words. Let them roll off your tongue, and listen carefully. If it sounds like it works with the English language, then put it in! If it sounds like crap, try saying something else! It is important to get a feel for proper English and to understand how to utilize and manipulate it.

29th October 2005, 11:39 PM
Name: I would prefer Dude-z or Dudeomega..
Age: Currently 11, 12 in March of 06.
Strongest Areas: Creative Thinking.
Weak Areas: Spelling and details....
Currently on Serebii: Joltorb Rises
In the future: Early next year i'm planning 3 stories(see sig)
Writng Tips: Grab a freind and brainstorm! Two minds are better than 1! Learn from what your critics point out and work on that.

PS EDIT: I try to spread out on diffrent charicters and writng styles...

8th November 2005, 8:09 PM
Name: jetx but you can call me Jet, maybe someday I'll reveal my real name...
Age: 11, but don't underestimate me, I'm the best story writer in my class!
Strong areas: Similies, personalities and some description.
Weak areas: A few, I improve using reviews, I try to make my fic better every chapter...
Current story: Shroomy's adventures, very liked by my schoolmates, it's about a breloom, he can be innocent but also rough, in chapter 3 his bad side sperates him from his trainer and that's where everything goes downhill...
Types of writing: Adventure, a bit of romance in the first few chapters but that doesn't last long, I don't enjoy writing romance. Action and sort of fantasy but not much...
Future stories: I don't have plans for one, I want my current to become really popular...
Writing tips: Make the reader hooked to it, so they always get exited about cliffhangers and talk about thier exitement for the next chapter...

RaZoR LeAf
8th November 2005, 8:45 PM
Name: RaZoRLeAf (also known as PorygonX, PX, Dan)
Age: 22

Strong Areas: Character design I expect, something that stems from RPGing. Check my tips for an understanding of this. I try to spend a lot of time building characters, from their appearance and personality, even to their name, making sure it sounds right and fits into their personality to a certain degree.
Weak Areas: Hard to pin down really. When you make a character post for an RPG, there's only one main person who you are trying to portray, but with fiction, you have to use many more characters and usually equally. This is difficult sometimes, I find I have things that need to be said, but don't fit into a certain characters personality, so they get little 'screen time'.

Type Of Writing: Mostly action/adventure. I try to add bits from other genres into this. I'd give anything a go except full blown romance. The most I'd do is affection between characters, just so long as they weren't clich&#233;s.
Type Of Characters: Anything really, as long as they have depth I could probably write them. Most of the characters I make are well rounded without any major personality issues or things, but i'm working on improving that by creating characters with more history to them.

Current Stories:

Legend of Zelda: Battle for Hyrule (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=67987) - *****
A Zelda fic obviously. Everything you think you know about the creation of the world is a lie. A being as old as the world itself is released, and only the three avatars of the Triforce have any chance of defeating it.

The Night Serebii Went Insane (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=76287) - *****
A comedy fic, written with people from the #spp chat room. It began as a joke, and developed into something more, but only gets written when I feel like it. So there are often months between chapters. The next and final chapter is in development hell.

Future Stories:

Generation Omega (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=92475) (preview) - No Rating
A trainer fic with a twist. Set in a future where pokemon have been ravaged by a virus and now use nano technology to survive, a trainer sets out across Kanto to live his dream, and experience the Indido Omega League.

Writing Tips: This tip is coming from my experience of RPGing. Spend as much time as possible creating your characters. Make a basic character form (Name, Age, Gender, personality, Description, History) and fill that out for your character. Then keeping adding whatever needs to be added until you can look at it and think "Yes, that IS my character". Do that for all your primary characters, and make a basic one for secondary characters. That way, no matter where you are in your story, you have a file to refer to with the important details in.

Remember it's YOUR fiction, nobody elses (usually). Don't change your own ideas because someone doesn't like it, or suggests you add what they do like. Don't feel pressured to churn out a new chapter because someone wants to read more. If you rush a chapter, you'll regret it afterwards.

Guitar dude bill
12th November 2005, 3:41 PM
name: blingin G, short for blingin gangsta, just call me G if your too lazy
age: 11 years, 5 months, just read my profile for crying out loud
strong areas: entertainment, action, things that make it fall into the category, just can't stand boring fics
weak areas: kinda personalities, but i try my best, grammar I'm not so good at
current story: the sandrunner chronicles: the adventure starts
writing style: action, conflict, lots of battles and rescuing, with adventure
stories in future: maybe a sequel to my current one
tips: make stories that have good replies longer, and don't have much commanding in battles, but have a bit

12th November 2005, 4:05 PM
Name: Knightblazer

Age: 14

Strong Areas: Well, I usually have a great plot, but it usually runs away... (T.T) I'm about average in length, and OK in descrpition. I am able to devlop a character throughly, but its not really that good. I do tend to repeat some words, espically 'said'. I stink in spelling, so I usually type on word before posting. My grammar is rather lousy, too.

Type Of Writing: I like to write Fantasy/Adventure stories. But from time to time I do write some Humor and perhaps emotional ones too. I'm currently venturing into Romance and Horror, so... yeah.

Type Of Characters: I would usually perfer to make more emotional or carefree character, since they're almost the total opposite of me... :X

Current Stories: Two!

† Ash † [Compelete]

Summary: A Dark Romance story between Dark Mewtwo and Mew. Its the end of the world, and the two nearly omnipotent gods face each other for the last time...

Gerne: Dark Romance, Horror/Tradgey

† Splinters † [Compelete]

Summary: A rather twisted mirror fiction to Ash. Having stabbed the Nail into her heart, Mew fought and lost against her nemesis. But yet, Mewtwo dosen't let her die, but instead does the unthinkable...

Gerne: Dark Romance, Horror

Forgotten Heroes: Legend Of Dragodell (A Neopian-based fic) [On Hiatus]

Summary: Long Ago, war broke out between the Draiks and Krawks, with each species wanting to be superior to the latter, However, a figure rose from the cries of those who wanted tis pointless war to end, wich had caused nothing but pain, sorrow and death all around. He was Dragodell. Using all his power, Dragodell seperated the two species, abd vanished, only leaving behind a crimson gem that is now said to hold the very soul of Dragodell. Now, war has risen once again, and there were a couple who gave birth to a twin consisitong of a Draik and a Krawk. Fearing for their safety, the couple seperated ways, taking thebabis away. The father took the Darik, while the mother took the Krawk. The two were named; Lucifer Elemental for the Draik and Lucied Elemental from the Krawk. The couple then took seperate ways. Thirtheen years later, Lucifer and the entire village, while attending his father's Knighting cermony, all were trapped and turned into monsters. Lucifer too, turned into one, and trashed the Catherdal Of Dragodell into rubble. Somehow, something happened and Lucifer was turned into a Krawk. Now, he learns the prophecy and his truth!

Gerne: Fantasy/Action

Stats: On a verrrrryyyyy long hold.

Writing Tips: Never be afraid of writer's block, if you meet one, relax and chill out; it could do wonders. Improve on your english, and always listen to review by intelligent people who give you contrsive critizims. And also read a couple of five-star fics from time to time, it helps a lot. Seriously.

21st November 2005, 9:32 PM
Name: Alyssa Picariello
Age: 16 (soon 17)
Strong Areas: Being able to write a long story, use of vocabulary.
Weak Areas: minor grammar usage
Type Of Writing: Fantasy, Magic, Romance, etc.
Type Of Characters: I like to write about people.
Current Stories:

Caitlin's Aventure at Hogwarts

Caitlin Delacour, a half-blood witch experiences years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardtry. She meets Harry, Ron, and Hermione and becomes friends with them. Caitlin who is part Veela overcomes the challenges over prejudice and racism primarily from Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, and Parkinson who is in Slytherin.

Caitlin's Sisters, Fleur and Gabrielle develops a distant family relationship with each other since Caitlin is forced to live with Mr. Delacour's Grandparents in Britain.

24th November 2005, 4:02 AM
Name: Dawnstar (usually called Dawn)

Age: 13

Strong Areas: I am quite good at getting into the mind of my character. Why is this so? Well, I thank it to a book called 'Black-Eyed Suzie' by Susan Shaw. It went inside the mind of the character and brought the character to reality. I'm learning to do this myself thanks to books such as that one. I'm quite good at understanding animals, especially cats. Living with 8 cats has given me that strong point. I have a wide vocabulary, even though not the widest, I can use a variety of words for my stories instead of using the same one about 6 times in the same paragraph. I understand grammar, so I am able to make sentences in my stories understandable, not just confusing. Such as my current fic.

Type Of Writing: I enjoy writing...not sure what exactly. Maybe Fantasy, sometimes Science Fiction, and just Fiction. But Realistic Fiction most of the time, when dealing with Pokemon I can't say that, but I try to make it realistic.

Type Of Characters: Animals best, or animal-crossed humans. I've never been a fan of the human species, and I understand animals such as wolves and cats quite well. I have quite a great ability to write as a cat I have found.

Current Stories:

Speaking to the Human (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=95746)

Hello Human, I am a Memuuraw, or as you Human say, a 'Delcatty' Pokemon. I was made 'imperfect', by human standards. I am not a Pokemon that originated from the Continent of Moon in my genes, nor the smaller Continent of Sun, from where 'Shining' Pokemon come. I was made by Human, number 12 in a set made customly for Human whose request was for specifically made Pokemon. Only one abovely child woman enjoyed my presence, and gave me my call. But my imperfection of run-off of orange dye from my optical sensor made them toss me away. Now I am unsure of my fate in a world where the lone miniatures are trampled upon and the Human see me as debris in their path.

That's the plot as spoken by Dalisha. I used complicated grammar to show her intelligence. I'm so smart! *flicks dying light bulb on head*

Future Stories: I don't plan ahead.

Writing Tips: Don't use the same words over and over again. Think of an original plot and a good way to convey your story to the reader. LEAVE ROOM FOR CHANGE IN YOUR PLOT. Don't just have a set plot where you know what will happen all the way...my tactic for writing is...thinking of stuff right on the spot. If the idea is liked, I continue it, if not, I procrastinate to the point of the topic dying. Use many details, don't be unoriginal if you can help it...that's really all I can think of right now.

24th November 2005, 7:19 PM
Name: ImJessieTR
Age: 28

Strong Areas: I like taking characters from the anime and trying to make them a little more 3-D, especially members of Team Rocket.

Weak Areas: Sometimes what sounds good when I'm thinking about it in the shower doesn't translate to the written page well.

Type of Writing: Although I tried a scifi fic (Professor Oak and the Rainbow Wing), I truly feel more comfortable in either personal stories or mythological ones.

Types of Characters: I like bringing the darkness out of good characters and bringing the light out of bad ones. Hence, in my TR Trilogy, Tracey is trying so hard to please Giovanni by capturing Mew (because Gio doesn't remember he's tried this already) and ends up nearly destroying the past and future. Giovanni is spoiled and arrogant but is also dedicated to his mission and to his family, rather blood or his "extended" family. Ash turns more and more away from humanity and seeks to become one with pokemon. Brock's heart has become like stone when he thinks of what Tracey did. Molly, never getting over having her imagination come alive when she was a kid, grows into a psychotic woman still pining over her imaginary father.

Current releases: See my sig and please review. That's all of them.

Future releases: God, I wish I could come up with one. I'd like to see TR take over the real world. I'd like to do a story about a Kingdom Hearts show in DisneyWorld (like that's ever going to happen), but doors to other worlds really do unlock and Disney characters get trashed by anime ones.

Writing Tips: Think outside the box/TV/videogame.

Lovrina addict 4ever!!!!
24th November 2005, 10:49 PM
Name:Citolim, Sean(My real name)
Age: 12
Strong Areas: Plot, Length(But give me some time for this!), Discriptions(unless my hand starts cramping!).
Type Of Writing: Adventure/Dark with a little humor mixed in.
Type Of Characters: Anything based on a person I know
Current Stories: Combined Worlds:Combined Power (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=96182)
Future Stories: Rocket Flares: Sequel to CWCP. Only two loose leaf pages ino it and someone dies!!!! YAY!!!
Writing Tips: If you want an interesting event, base it off something, but modify it to the point where it fits your plot. Ex: Based off of Ratchet and Clank 4: Original:An evil orinization captures 4 heros nd puts these collars on them. All they have to do is press a button and they'll die. Modified: Nascour claims he needs to get these machines for himself, because he bacame unconcious after Lovrina's death. He gets the machines, and modifies them so hey funcion exactly like the collars. Then, while Sean, Chris, Tyler, and Jacob are sleeping, he injects one of them into everyone.

27th November 2005, 3:35 PM
I should be updating my profile now, it's been ages. -_-

My name? You don't need to know. It's my work that is important to me and hopefully to you.
I am eleven years old and have been writing fanfics for months now...lost count, but anyway, that shows that I have had experience. Lots. Yeah.
I am concentrating on one fic, although I have made about seven or eight, I am only concentrating on You're Not Alone, which is PG-13, and there is a link to it in my signature.
My strengths, I don't know. I do have some, but it depends on who's reviewing. If a 23-year-old stumbled uppon my fic I would get loads of crit. If a 12-year-old read it, they would give a few slices of advice and think highly of it or something. But for sure, my main strength is spelling and grammar.
A few writing tips for aspiring authors: Always go over the fanfic rules before posting, if you read them or not. Proofread, and don't let a fanfiction or ten take over your life. You have a life, and that's what's most important. If you can't keep updating your fic because something's going on, it's OK. Your readers will understand.

13th December 2005, 11:50 AM
Name: Pisces
Age: 13 {14 nxt year feb}
Strong Areas: suspence, imagination, description, originality
Type Of Writing: Fantasy/adventure stories.
Type Of Characters: i like to write female characters because they are more emotional and easier to descibe than us boys. always, the main characters are beautiful but not mary-sue
Current Stories: Earth, Flame and Water.
[OPTIONAL]Future Stories: the sequel to Earth, Flame and Water, Earth, Flame and Water the pokemon version and lastly Beauty
Writing Tips: always add in description but not so much it gets boring and not so little we dunno what is happening

13th December 2005, 12:47 PM
Name: xXSapphireXx, Sapphire, Saph or Sapphire Milotic.

Age: Eleven

Strong Areas: For me, I'm good at making plots and giving personalities to People and Pokemon. Nothing Special at all.

Type Of Writing: Romance/Action/Adventure

Type Of Characters: Females and more Femine Creatures. Females are more easier to write about, and boys usually go for them, so by creating female characters, and males will be a little more easier to write.

Current Stories: None are up...

Completed Stories:

~Getting Her Back~ and ~My Happy Ending~

Future Stories:

~Johto Beginnings~ Three children, are travelling through Johto, with one of them wanted by someone. His father. His father, sends his henchmen to chase him, hopefully getting him to join him. Will the three stick together, or split up due to agruements. Will romance bloom between them?

Writing Tips: Always keep your head up and take your time in writing.

Shadows Follower
13th December 2005, 1:04 PM
Name: Shadows Follower

Age: 15

Strong Points: My characters I would say. Descriptive I'm good at but could improve. Orginality.

Weak Points: Spelling for sure!

Type of writing: Fantasy/adventure with some comedy of course.

Type of characters: Has to be dark characters who are really good guys inside. (Like my main character at the moment)

Current Stories: Trainer for hire (Rated 13)

Future Stories: Pokemon: Corrupted Light (Working out the a few bugs before I begin to write it.)

Writing tips:Go over your work to make sure you haven't made any mistakes. The amount of times I haven't done this is incredible.

4th January 2006, 8:53 AM
Name: Butch.
Age: 14.

Strong Points: Originality and Unpredictability.
Weak Points: Procratination equals no Presentation.

Type of Writing: Starring Pokemon as main characters.
Type of Characters: Varies, but not cliched.

Current Story: Fullmetal Alchemist: Other Worlds
Future Stories: A sequel and a side story to my comic Wolfhunters.

Writing Tips: Originality, creativity, and unpredictability.

5th January 2006, 1:39 AM
Name: Sempris (i.e. Blue Moon Wolf, Flight of lost hope,...)
Age: 15
Strong points: My characters and sometimes my plots. (Some need the extra push, if you know what I mean)
Weak point:Err, Description! I need a decent thesarus in this house! My vocab bank is on empty...
Type of writing:Angst/disturbing/random Fics.
Types of characters: Characters that are sarcastic, stubborn, and mentally disturbed. (Wait... That sounds like me...)
Current Story: None as of the moment. Though I am working on a few.
Future Stories: A story called Axis, and one more which I have yet to name.
Writing Tips:Go with what you think. If a reviewer says he/she doesn't like something, tell them to deal because it's your story and not theirs. And when writing characters, keep them down to Earth and not crazily hacking somebody in half for no reason.

5th January 2006, 3:39 AM
Name: Darkfire Storm

Age: 16 going on 30 X3

Strong Areas: I make attention catching, vivid, and detailed openings. I also (usually) have an unlimited suply of inspiration and cache of plot twists to keep people guessing. I also have an enormous vocabulary. Much originality too.

Weak Areas: If I don't write on something for a few days, I loose interest and the story dies. I also get bad writer's block >.<

Type Of Writing: Fantasy, action, adventure, I want to improve my horror, I'm so-so at humor, but I really get into the dark writing and violence at times.

Type Of Characters: Solemn and/or troubled characters that do or don't find the light, mostly with traumatic pasts, or amnesia. Vicious and outgoing personalities. Hey, sounds like me! <3

Current Stories: The Legacy of Darkfire - A young woman's soul is tainted by darkness. Will she find the light before it's too late for her... and the world?

Writing Tips: Make yourself write throuh writer's block, it goes away so much faster. Even if it's not on the story. Or if it's a fanfiction, watch the show/play the game/read the book and ideas will come much easier.

7th January 2006, 12:11 PM
I've decided to re-do mine as if I editted my last one no-one would notice, I've learnt since then.

Name: Jetx or Jet

Age: 11

Strong Areas: I can be good with description and suspence.

Weak Areas: I'm not the greatest with grammer! ;)

Type Of Writing: I write disaster fics, always something bad happens and the main character is there to clear things up.

Type Of Characters: Characters with imagination. Haunted by their emotions and thoughts, troubled.

Current Stories:

The legend's betrayal. (PG-13)
I've only done one chapter and people are saying its my best fic ever.
A remoraid is enjoying the new truce between groudon, kyogre and rayquaza. The weather is permantly nice, remoraid swims off and finds kyogre. Kyogre gets to know the remoraid when there is an earthquake! The sky is washed over by clouds and it rains fire, blasts lightning and rips up giant waves. Around kyogre and remoraid everything is dieing, Kyogre swims off to see who the traitor is. But when kyogre returns to remoraid, something is different, kyogre will never be friendly again!
I got some good reviews for it too. look at one Polirick made on my website: Polirick's review. (http://s13.invisionfree.com/Jet/index.php?showtopic=264&st=0&#last)
Here's a small bit of it:
Ok... that was possibly the best pokemon fiction I've ever read!

Here's a bit of blingin G's

But still I think this has a very good plot. Very descriptive. Very effective. Very interesting. It's a good length, not too long, not too short, just right.

Shroomy's adventures
I'll do this thing soon. :X

Future Stories: I have some in mind!

Writing Tips: Let your imagination do all the work, push your imagination to its limit. And write on word!

7th January 2006, 8:32 PM
Name: DarkGirl (sometimes DarkCharlie)

Age: 13

Strong Areas: Creating good characters. I just find that it comes naturally to me to create and develop original characters without making them Mary-Sue's.

Weak Areas: I am not the greatest at description.

Type Of Writing: Action/Adventure... Pokemon type stories.

Type Of Characters: I find it easy to write many different types of characters. I find that it helps if you write down on paper what you want your characters to be like.

Current Stories:
Kanto Journeys: (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2609032#post2609032)
The tale of three teenagers, Charlie, Danny and Ray, who travel around Kanto. Their enemies, Team Rocket, now have more common sense than in the anime, and romance may begin to blossom... But one thing's for sure; there is plenty of battles and adventures to be had. Let the Kanto Journies begin...

Umbreon Eyes (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2624537#post2624537)
A short fic through the eyes of 'Star' the Umbreon. How he was captured from the wild, and his thoughts on his new trainer, Miriam Bold.

[OPTIONAL]Future Stories:
Johto Journeys
A sequel to Kanto Journeys.

Hoenn Journeys
A sequel to Johto Journeys. (I doubt I'll ever get 'round to actually doing this one for quite a while...)

Northern Lights
I'm still not sure about this one, but it takes the group from Kanto Journeys to a region in the Arctic... Haven't actually thought this one through much at all, so I don't even know whether it'll actually happen.

Writing Tips: Wow! Already mentioned this! I find that it helps if you write down on paper what you want your characters to be like.
Anyway, some more... write on Word so you can use Spell Check.
If you make grammer mistakes, correct them.
Read through your fic before you post it. If possible, get someone else to check it through, too.
If you are going to write an original trainer fic like I do, don't make the characters all have a similar personality and don't make them Mary-Sue's. (Characters who don't really have weaknesses.)

Timid Kyogre
11th January 2006, 11:19 AM
Username: Timid Kyogre, but you could call me TK, Timid, or Kyogre :P

Real Name: Kelly

Age: Currently 11 years old, turning 12 in August 24th

Strong Areas: I write what comes to my mind. I enjoy writing fantasy and I always use my imagination in fics. Without it, the fic will sound like a boring documentary O.o

Type Of Writing: It depends really, but I like fantasy and horror most :P but I'm not THAT good in horror, so yeah.

Type Of Characters: Well, I like to make unpredictable events happen to them. I try to make all of them different, blah blah blah.

Current Story:

The Forgotten Enchantment (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=102124)

Don't feel like explaining, really :P Actually, I don't know how to explain o.o;;; but the first chapter'll probably explain most of it.

I have to admit, at the first few chapters, I wasn't very good, but later, I improved.

Writing Tips: Use your imagination. Without it, the whole fic will probably be dumb. If you're not interested in the fic anymore, stop writing it, and don't force yourself to continue writing it.

~Timid Kyogre

Ace Kenshader
13th January 2006, 5:04 AM
Here's my profile:

Name:Dark Amethyst (my nickname is Ace).

Real Name: Andrew

Age:13, but 14 on the 19th of March

Strong Areas: I'm kinda good of writing long stories, and pretty good of making bios of my characters.

Type of Writing: I think the type of stories I write are action stories, and maybe fantasy.

Type of characters: I can make lots of characters that are different types, like a tomboy girl, a quiet child, a cheery person, a brainiac, a action loving guy, a sports lover, and a punk.

Current Stories: did not start my first story, but I will in the future.

Writing Tips: When writing a story, you gotta know about the characters you create, so find a piece of paper, and write everything about you're character.

That's my profile.

The Red Butterfly
20th January 2006, 2:36 AM
Name: Ceruleanwaterflower

Age: 14

Strong Areas: My strong areas are plot ideas and cliff hangers for each chapter also humor. I'm also getting pretty good with romance and mystery writing as well.

Type Of Writing: Well I'm sort of all over the place, I like to write humor but I LOVE to write drama as well! Now, all I've been wriritng lately is romance one-shots.

Type Of Characters: I like to write about people with problems or who are very sarcastic.

Current Stories:

The Diary of an Invisible Trainer: A stroy about a girl named Jadie who ran away from home due to her anger towards her parents. She hopes to break away from her "Invisisblity" and become a well known trainer just like her brother along with respect from her parents!

I also have a little collection of one-shots (pokeshipping and contestshipping).

Future Stories: A story about Pike Queen Lucy's Journey to the top!! It starts out about her wishing she was a queen when she was little then her struggles until she makes it as Pike Queen! I would also like to keep practicing with my romantic one-shots and eventually make a chaptered fic one day.

Writing Tips: Try to make it descriptive so we know what you're talking about! Also, even if you're not the best at grammer, try your best and try to improve. That shows that you are relly are dedicated to your writing.

Power Shot
20th January 2006, 3:00 AM
Name: Power Shot

Real Name: (censored by Power Shot)

Age: 16

Gender: Dude, and there will be no questioning this

Strong Areas: Suspensful writing, I can make a whole lotta suspense out of one scene. I create a mood that is pretty intense, if I can get it right. I mostly do action stories about Zelda though I have sold out and I work on a shipping fic now. So, I'm an even on all areas.

Stories: These are all on my sig, should anyone reading this actually care enough to look at them.

The Legend of Zelda: The Shattered Sword~

After the Wind Waker, the Master Sword was shattered into pieces. Ten years later, on New Hyrule, Link must gather together the Elemental Medallions of the Madra and revive it before its spell on Ganon stops and he is released again into the world. Includes the introduction of two new races: The Madra and the Shana.

A Forgotten Legend: The Tears of Salvation~

Have you ever wondered how the Great Sea of the Wind Waker came into being? Follow the adventures of Jarred the Bombchu appentice and the Resistance as they fight to free their land from the evil Ganon for good.

The Stylish Adventures of the Ruggedly Good-Looking Andrew~

The NaNoWriMo fic with laughs, the true story of my summer vacations in Greece. Note: Some things have been changed to make me look cooler!

After Hoenn: The Journey of Faith~

A story about Ash and May set ten years after the anime is long over. Ash is dead to the world, living under the name of Keean in Orre, trying to forget about May, who married Drew. When Ash visits his mother and May leaves home with Max and Brock searching for him, will a chance encounter bring Ash back to May?

Other Notes From Me: Review please. I know that sounds lame, but I'm trying to get some serious reviews on what I need to work on, because I want to be a real writer one day.

Future Plans:

Shattered Memories: The First Saga of Chronos~

In Ledian_X's Starbolts, heroes are not only the ones that wear the blue suit. Now, in the city of Zepther of the Great Lakes, a new type of hero will emerge. Inspired by greats like Wolverine and Daredevil, a hero made of metal, unable to touch or feel will transform the city of Zepther into a safe home as Chronos searches for the truth about himself, about the past he can no longer remember.

Elemental Charizam
20th January 2006, 8:32 PM
Name: EC aka Adam

Age: 14-15

Strong Areas: Uhum... According to my English teacher, interesting use of language O.o Personally I'd say my strongest point is in the conceptulising stage, and thinking up plots.

Type Of Writing: Fantasy and Original Trainer, mainly, but Horror is a favourite too. I'll have a go at pretty much any genre, really.

Type Of Characters: Cynical and sarcastic, or cold and withdrawn are the ones I find easiest. Obviously those are only the surface attrivutes oof the characters, but I can't answer the question in any way than with them XD

Current Stories:
Into The Fire: Rise Of The Red Star
In the exotic land of Houenn, two freinds, Adam and George, set out on the journey of their lives, to explore Houenn and defeat all eight gym leaders to gain entrance to the revered Ever Grande tournament. But when Adam's Charmander, Cinder, gets strange visions of a blinding light and groping shadows, does the answer lie with the mysterious April? And what does it all have to do with the dissapearance of her old home, Scerra Isle?

All answers come with a price.

Future Stories:
A terrible blight rises from the ancient Twisted Wood. The demons of old are reborn stronger than everin their path with the massive power of the enslaved elements. This time, will the divine intervention of the Godess be enough to stop the hordes that enroach on her lands, or will the heathen Gods triumph?

With her old champion fallen, time is running out.

Writing Tips: Where vocabulary is concerned, try and use as varied word usage as possible. Use whatever words fit best with image you're trying to convey; don't worry if they are counted as high vocabulary or not.

On another topic, learn how to use the common apostrophe. It's abused enough already.

The Doctor
21st January 2006, 10:08 PM
~Edited on 13th September, 16:50 pm~

Name: The Doctor

Age: Let's not get carried away!

Strong Areas: Parts in a story really rich with description, like a battle, links to past chapters leading to the denouement and ways of setting up my plot (I'm not sure if that's the same as above). I've also developed a new flair for random comedy a la Breezy/Saber.

Type Of Writing: Journeys, good vs. evils, secret organisations and some that are close to the original source. Even though I like to tweak it a bit.

Current Stories:

The Hoennian Dream

Golems sealed away, terroist organistaions, prophecies, cursed jewels, betrayal, vengeance, death, soul-selling, a slowly dawning apocalypse...welcome to Hoenn. (Banner by Saffire Persian, faceshots by Pokesho; cancelled)

Future Stories:

Fire, Rain and Leaf

Years ago, Giovanni had a showdown with Ethan Cameron to the death. Ethan promised that his child would bring down Giovanni once and for all...now his twins Jack and Laura tour the Kanto region, Gym Battles and Contests galore await. With it lies a greater fate... *This is connected to my fic on FF.net, Battle Frontier, NOT to The Hoennian Dream.* (Banner by Bay)

Neo Genesis

It's been two years since the Mewtwo incident and slowly life is returning to normal. In the region of Johto, Taylor Butler is starting his journey. But what comes next involves a lone trainer named Kamon, the resuurection of Team Rocket, his friend Crys, five legendary Birds, three legendary Beasts and a secret organisation....just what is The Trinity? (Banner by Saffire Persian)

Irons In The Fire

Ten years ago, Daniel Char Sr. dazzled audiences with his film debut, Pokemon Kanto. Now, however, his son shall take the rein. Shortly after gaining critical success with the remake of his father's debut, FireRed and LeafGreen, Danny Jr. is set to gain his first lead role in the upcoming Mystery Dungeon, along side his father's old friend Ethan J. Pikachu and his female co-star, Chelsea Torchic. What follows next, however, is a palava of events involving a flirty Smoochum, a goth Mr. Mime, a penny-pinching Meowth, a shoplifting Clefairy...and a washed-up Psyduck. But hey, whoever said making movies was easy?

Kingdom Hearts Trinity

A few months after the fall of the Organization XIII... Ryu Tajiri is a cadet for the Arcadia City Military and is taking his Advanced Cadet Studies. Shortly after the first session, however, his world is attacked by a race of dark creatures and his mentor Garu is wielding what looks like a large black key..."A Keyblade?"

Writing Tips: Include a rough plan for your next chapter. Go through any ideas you have until you find the one that fits.
Read the Advice for Aspiring Authors and the Fanfiction Rules threads. The majority of fan fictions are closed because the authors have failed to follow the guidelines set.
Take criticism with grace. Start insulting your fellow forum-goers and you will face a ban as well as a closed thread.

27th January 2006, 6:50 AM
Name: ~RaikouRider243~, Raikou Rider, Josh

Age: 18

Strong Areas: Spelling and Grammar...my absolute best strong point. I will usually only have one or two spelling errors per chapter at the very most.
Planning. I will have the ENTIRE story planned out before I start writing chapter 1, and I will deviate from the plan only rarely once the fic is underway.
Battle Scenes. The transition from the RPGlike turn-based battle script to the actual fight in the fic is almost seamless. That is my secret to writing battle scenes. My battle description is where my best description is.
Use of Music. To my knowledge, I was the first SPPF fanfic author to make the use of music in a fanfiction, and at least two other authors here (Billy5772 and FlamingRuby) have done the same thing. I always have an appropriate music track for a scene.

Weak Areas: Pacing. Since I suck at writing scenes of comic relief, like classroom scenes, etc., my fics tend to be faster-paced than they should be.
Character Development. Making round characters is something I have a lot of difficulty with simply because my filler scene writing sucks. Also, in the original version of The Johto Saga, my three main characters turned out to become quite Gary Stu. A certain reviewer said they still were a little bit so when I posted my latest version...
Lack of Inspiration. Ever since I started writing my Pokémon Origins series, I haven't been able to move away from it. Every fic idea I have had (I've had one involving the legendary birds, one involving just one of the legendary Beasts, and a few others) have seemed to merely rehash the plot of my first series.
Lack of Complexity. I have not been able to work in a significant side plot alongside the main plot of a fic, making it lack depth.

Type Of Writing: Adventures are all I write.

Type Of Characters: I like to write characters that are laid-back for the most part but can critically think when necessary.

Current Stories: Pokémon Origins - Volume I: The Johto Saga (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=50665)
Three college students of Ecruteak's premier university have their dreams of three legendary Pokémon of the Burned Tower come true, but at what cost? Rated PG for mild language. Rated 4.82 out of 11 votes.

Pokémon Origins Volume II - Return of the Beasts (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=72421)
The Ecruteak historical documents speak only of one side of the legend of the Beasts. Explore the other side of the legend with characters from The Johto Saga in addition to new, unforgettable faces. Rated PG for mild language and mild to moderate violence. Rated 5.00 out of 2 votes.

Future Stories:
Pokémon Origins Volume III (working title)
Two years after awakening the trios of mystical Beasts, the balance of power among the legendary Pokémon is upset, and the battleground is the Sinnoh region. The Beast Riders are the world's only hope against the conflict among the noble Pokémon. Can they rid the world of the power-hungry, legend-hunting masterminds who seek to conquer the world?

Writing Tips: Don't try to force the story--let the words come from your heart and the story should write itself. And if you get the highly annoying condition known as Writer's Block (actually when is a more accurate word), just put the fic away and do something completely unrelated.

Once you get a good inspiration for a fic, write a detailed synopsis of EVERY chapter in the fic. Two to four paragraphs per chapter should suffice. If you cannot write that much for a chapter without going into great detail, either you need to think about the fic in deeper detail or completely scrap it. The key to finishing fics is to know almost exactly what will be going on in every chapter.

Saffire Persian
3rd February 2006, 4:36 AM
*Updated Dec. 10, 06*

Name: Saffire Persian
Age: 18

Strong/Weak Areas: Personally, I believe my strong points are the characters - I love to delve into character relationships, simple or complex. My weak areas are probably proof-reading (I dunno, maybe I'm a bit impatient?) and battle scenes. No matter how much I like them, I never seem to be able to do it quite right.

Type Of Writing: Fantasy/Adventure/Drama... all types, actually. My favorite, however, is by far Fantasy. Although my type of writing also ends up being very character oriented no matter what I do. POV-wise, I've generally kept to 3rd person, however, I still love first person, and oddly enough.. 2nd person, to me, is quite fascinating and really fun to do... So, yeah. And I'm now in an obsession with second.. because I really, really like it for some odd reason. *shruggs*

Type Of Characters: No specific type for me! I love writing all kinds of characters with a variety of personalities.. I suppose you could say I like to stray into the darker sort, but meh, I like them all.

Current Fanfics

http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c37/Saffire88/requiem12.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2264374#post2264374)
[Pokémon POV/Adventure/Drama/]
[Current Chapter Up: 2]

Harrowed by perplexing visions, Castor the Absol's endless search for their meaning sends him into a journey that will disprove everything he once believed.

http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c37/Saffire88/metamorph.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=108555)
[OT Short Story/2nd Person]
[Current Chapter: Changing Skies Pt. II]
It is the inevitable constant that governs each passing moment.
Children Grow Up. Friendships Fade. Dreams Die.
Or so we think...

Current One-Shots

http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c37/Saffire88/tie2s.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2665319#post2665319)

[Original Trainer/2nd Person/Drama]

You should've noticed it before. (But you didn't.)

Come, and relive the memories. (Don't worry. Time will freeze, Eternity will wait, and Death will stop its inevitable course for these few precious moments. For they are yours, and forever will be.)

Transcending Destiny (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=100181)

After years of searching, Joel finally believes he has the key to, perhaps, transcend the destiny that has been laid before him.

http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c37/Saffire88/loyalty2.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=3055071#post3055071)
[Comedy/Romance/2nd Person]
[Complete] [/b]

The war is on! The bugles are blazing, the bells are ringing, and the drums are sounding! Ready, steady, go!

Future One-Shots

[Spring/Summer 2006]

Come play - you will, won't you?

[OT/Drama/1st Person]
[Spring/Summer 2006]

When Daniel finally returns home, he finds a stack of letters in his sister's room - letters that he sent her during his Pokémon journey.


What does it truly mean, to be human?

[Spring 2006]

"I always wondered why he'd go back, time and time again. But now, I do -- even if it took me dying to realize it."

[Summer 2006]

They say that bells are always ringing at the top of Mt. Pyre... but why? Katherine is about to find out.

[Spring 2006]

For humans, Multiple Personality Disorder can be a bad thing - but for a Dodrio, Singular Personality disorder is all the more deadly.

Future Stories

[Original Trainer Fanfic]
[Summer 2006]

What was supposed to be a routine trip to Agate Village for Luna Altaira, turns into a journey she never would have imagined.

Writing Tips: I dunno if I can give anything of value, but when it comes down to it, some of the simplest things I can give are, for one thing, use a spellchecker! If you don't have MS word, download Open Office for free. Also, don't make your characters flat and boring, make them dynamic - don't make them over the top, but make them interesting enough other people can connect to them. Also, have fun when you're writing your stories! Write what you want to write, don't write what others want you to. If you don't have fun writing your stories, you won't go anywhere with them.

*Banners made by me ^^

3rd February 2006, 6:27 AM
Name: Dolphinxx
Age: 12
Strong Areas: dunno
Type Of Writing: Animal
Type Of Characters: Animals
Current Stories: Zara:The Life Of A Cheetah
Writing Tips: Description,Description,Description.

3rd February 2006, 8:06 AM
Name: DS, Demise, Demise-sama, Massacre Author, Block Writer, or Weirdo

Age: Just to let you know, I'm eleven.

Strong Areas:writing humor, I can never ever stray off the path of writing humor. Probably a suspense moment might be included in my fics, but rarely. Writing humor may be one thing, but I also have a strong like to evil things.

Weak areas: Unable to write what I want because it's unlike me, things like; sadness, romance, and good quality mystery. Maybe a bit of it. ;.; Loss of inspration, no reason to write the fics anymore.

I used to be junk at vocabulary, but I have discovered the theasarus! I might start writing new words and the definition whenever I read a book. And now I have discovered...THEASARUS. COM!!! It's really helpful...^_^ yup.

Type of Writing: You guessed it...HUMOR! Also sarcasm. My path will always be humor, don't know, don't care.

Sometimes my description doesn't make sense...Of course I like writing evil things, so don't sue me if I kill someone in the fic, it goes as I plan. I might even kill my favorite character. But who knows...*BUM BUM BUM*...they might be raised from the dead. o_O

Though, chapters of my stories...usually come out after one day, I always have the story in my head...in blocks...I already know how to end sad ones. ^_^

Type of Character: Naughty, sarcastic, sane, dense, smart, dopey, stupid, evil, nice, the list keeps going.

Mostly, I like shaping evil characters, that's fun. Smug people might be my favorite. Giddy because I'm modeling them after a certain annoying friend IRL. Of course my favorite one is naughty charcters, I could finally shine my evil self onto paper. ^_^

Though, sometimes I sorta like to model them after myself, because I'm emo! -_____- Or not...

I have many mysteries, and I like mysterious characters. So, what I hate writing is thier descriptions and names. So, the character wouldn't be too much of anything in the genre except mysterious. Thus, making it more easier for me to note flex out thier personalities, but, for me, it's hard to keep the person a mysterious character. You know me, I explode with secrets that I'm dying to share, and I will.

Current Stories: None yet, I'm still working on ALL of them. I don't think it is worthy of being posted.


Eleven Years
PG 11 [Why you ask? Because I'm eleven.]

Summary: A boy embarks on a aimless journey, undecided where he'll go. He wanders into many lands, and faces many foes. He used to be an imcompetant ninja in his dojo. He finally noticed his purpose, within a girl that he is equaled with. A breakout of a demon woman, Haya, whom he trapped with the help of the other ninjas, caused him to leave.
He searches for Haya, wanting to kill her, for a reason unknown, but he has a strong will to become stronger.

On the Sly

Comedy/Serious/Drama PG 11 for minor swearing.

CO-WRITING it with Literate

[A bit serious, and a bit dramatic, but mostly comedy. It's not a parody...either...]

Summary: Naruto and his squad has been sent on a mission to Tokyo, Japan, by the Hokage, Jounins, and Chunins. They are to destroy a traitor's documents of their Hidden Villages, and to go to school.

They find that living a normal life, is harder than they suspected. Squad Seven were forbidden to use their ninja skills in the public or the midst of others, and not share any information of the Villages with any body.

Yet, when things are going roughly in school. Kakashi reports that there are other ninjas who wants to kill them.

Current Area in Serebii: Chapter One
Current Area in Modifying: Chapter Three
Current Area in Writing: Chapter Thirteen (All in one week...)

Stories on HOLD:

Not much...Okay so there are, but it's at a low go...here are the list of fics that might fortunately make it onto Serebii forums:

Troublesome Trio
Humor PG 10+
A Journey of three troublemakers who went through a lot before becoming important people. <Note> I overwrited it with a commercial. T^T I'll have to start from the middle.<Note> (Ha, it's going into the trash heap.)

Through Crimson Eyes
Humor/Suspense PG 10+
It's glum to travel with a rival. Journey of a Champion, who has to become a new person. (Out the window, *get outta here!*)

Through Azure Eyes
Humor/suspense PG 12+
An eevee looking for a cure out of pokemon form. Formally Champion of Hoenn, now pokemon. Against her wishes, she gets captured, would this new life corrupt her search for a cure? (Might be buried under my minds.)

Arise of a Dark Lugia
Humor/Suspense PG 12+
A very peculiar journey, with a task hard to keep, and unbelievable teams. (I might pick it up after a year...maybe...)

WBS: Writer's Block Show
Humor PG 10+
Uh...Just a random story used to beat out my hyperness. If you are a fan of certain pokemon or gymleaders, I advise you to not read it when it comes out. Otherwise you may read it for your own amusement. I would post some of the contents to warn you before the episode. (I have writer's block for a Writer's Block Show. Ain't that exciting. And YES, people, I know 'ain't' isn't a word.)

Future Stories: The things that I have listed up there. ^^ AND:


Tainted Cherry Blossom
PG 13: Serious/ a bit of Drama/ a very teenie wince of humor/ Gore (Yes, heed my warning about PG 13. Guys, it sounded reasonable...for something like that...*mutters: it can't be just PG 11..*

It was a regular day at the Hidden Leaf Village. *sees people running away* T^T Guys it isn't anything about the story on the plot! It's sort of another dimension, and it doesn't have anything to do with the main Naruto plot. And don't worry, it won't be crappy.

A major massacre had happened in Hidden Leaf village. Certain ninjas from squads have been murdered one-by-one. Though, authorities don't know who did it. Readers would know. (It's open murder...so what? :D) After the village have obtained peace and something called the golden time, an unlikely person...betrayed those who knew the person as a friend. It wasn't the assasin's fault, it was the other side that thirsts for power and free will. The part that was holding him/her back from killing and wreaking havoc, as been over powered.

(I better shut up, before I spill any more beans. :D)
Coming soon. Late 2006...Or maybe earlier. It's undecided....

Tips: Sometimes people who give harsh crits can be judge to be a flamer. Well, not all people out there is nice, they give harsh crits to help you improve, if you take it the wrong way, then you will not be able to continue writing. Take harsh crits the positive way and you'll be able to overcome harsh insults and such. And keep writing.

If you are persistent, please improve your writing before posting another story. Who knows? Maybe that story might be better than the last one. And people would see major improvement.


AND remember...uh...the tips...yeah.

-^~^- DS

3rd February 2006, 8:06 AM
Name: Literate

Age: 13

Gender: Girl (Although, my actions and thoughts are of male. I think.)

Strong Points: Plots, ideas, characters. But mostly plots and characters. And grammar....And dialogue. For some reason I can always make the characters realistic. o.O

Ideas: I can get them after seeing/reading anything. I try not to get them sometimes, but I just do. I dump most ideas I get, though.

Plots: After one or two days after the idea. Or after I find that I need to put some more action into these things. I can change it during the actual writing too.

Characters: I can make any kind, anytime. They're just so easy to do. Most are self-inserts and since my personality ranges from cold-hard depression to overly enthusiastic to mysteriously silent, I can make any character.

Weakness: Lack of attention. I never seem to finish long stories. Maybe I'll write a one-shot. And spelling, though I usually catch myself on that. Description, lack of attention, I just get a bit bored doing this, I'd rather a psychlogical stories with no background no nothing. Length.... I never can make it long. The only near-completed story I wrote was only five chapters.

Type of Writing: Serious-kind humor. Serious and solemn and things. I can easily come up with agnst-type stories. At least that's what my friend says. Mystery, mystery, mystery is my recent obsession. ;p

Type of Character: Pretty smart like me. Sane, at least. Then the varities just go on and on....

Stories Up Now:

Through Emerald Eyes
Through Emerald Eyes is a first person narrative by Celadon Viridian, the current champ of Kanto. She has been enjoying her peace and quiet until, out of the blue, strange weather patterns appeared. Now it was up to her and Cyan Indigo, her companion, to investigate the problem in Johto, for now.
Chapters: 4
Currently: Being left to die. I'll come back to this idea later.

Me first one-shot:

Time Will Tell (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=114646)
'Hook...Line...And Sinker...'
Think you know what it's like to have deja vu? Think again.

From Me, Myself...and Nothing
'Congratulations Literate, you have now broken the second wall...'
-Note: This is extremely short.-
Seven walls...to break...the seven barriers...can crack... When all are gone...broken into shards...madness and insanity will come... The second is gone...

Future Stories:

~| Project Assassins: |~
-PG to R-Mystery-

||| Assassins- (Original) |||
--Arc 1 (Title Pending)
--Arc 2 (Title Pending)
--Arc 3 (Title Pending)
||| Decipher- (Epilogue) |||
-- Shot 1
-- Shot 2
-- Shot 3
-- Shot 4
||| Back to the Past- (Presequel) |||
-- (Pending)
||| Following Footsteps- (Sequel) |||
-- (Pending)

-PG-13 or R-Mystery-
For death, gore, and adult concepts.
'Is there a meaning in life?'
Travel back to ancient China, when the dynasties still rule. Step into the lives of four young assassins, staking their own lives for nothing. Experience the pain and sorrow of their past, ones that can't be related with. And find out what they truly wish for. Life or death.
At Ch. 6: Mirrored Memories

Back to the Past
-PG-13 or R-Drama/Mystery-
For something...
'What really happened before?'
Before they were assassins...before they threw their lives away...something happened...
It tells the stories, every single word...what they experienced, every single moment... It tells the hopes, every single sound...what they originally wanted, every single wish... It tells the dreams, every single thought...what they would want to have gained with their life, every single thing... And it told the times, every single second...when their futures were crushed... It told everything...
Coming in 2007 or 2008

Following Footsteps
-PG-13 or R-Mystery-
For something...
'The assassins left a huge mark in history...'
She was raised in a prominent family, with everything she wanted and wished for. She was taught the manners of a princess, showing respect to everyone she met. She was told the story of the Ning's fall, everything from the start to the finish. She was the only daughter of the last Ning Empress of the Middle Kingdom. She was YiJing, and now...the second Ice Heron...
Coming in 2007 or 2008

For mildy adult concepts.
--Summary not avaliable--
Coming in 2006 or 2006

Future One-Shots

On the Other Side of the River
For simply mild read.
'What's is on the other side of the river?'
Ever wonder what insanity has to offer?
Coming in Fall 2006
(Note: I know it's a one-shot; I just don't have time to write it.)

After Dark
For mild horror unsuitable for young audiences who read at night.
'There are dreams... and there are nightmares...'
From creaky floors to howling winds, see what paranoia does to some people...
Coming in Fall 2006

Future Fanfiction:

Diverse Existence
-Co-written by-darcstars-litestars
For craziness and magic.
'...hell's angel...heaven's devil...'
--Summary not available--
Note: Darcstars and I wanted to co-write something. I suggested this to her a few weeks ago but she denied it then. Just now she said she wanted to do it. -_-
Coming in Summer 2006

-Not Yet Rated-Fantasy/Mystery-
'Have you ever wished eternity would end?'
"Find him. And tell him to stop this disaster."
-Cosmos, Keeper of Order
Look out the window, the day is passing, ever quickly or ever slowly. Stare into the sky, the light is moving, steady darkening or steady lightening. Glimpse the ball of flames, view the sphere of white, what a sight to be seen. Now what if someone thinks past all the facts of space, all the times and places, all things real and imaginary... No one can, can they?
Note: Started it.

Chaptered fics tend to take longer to come out. ^_^'

Tips: If you first want to post a fanfic, check the basics. See if the grammar is near understanding, and check the spelling of each word. So you'll have a decent fanfiction when people look at it. Okay?


3rd February 2006, 8:29 AM
so I'm doing a repost--so sue me! the old one is deleted, and this has most of the same content (with a LOT of added content). :P

My Pokefiction resume

Name: Ash_Junior

Age: 18, STILL never been kissed, and VERY proud of it!

Strong Areas: I'm pretty good at writing long fics. I'm mediocrely strong in the areas of plot, and people have told me that I have good characters. I feel that I can draw people into my fics more than most, simply because of the amount of countries and their original cultures, sheer numbers of Pokemon I have made, and enormous backstory for all of it. Another of my strong areas is my ability to churn out work (when I'm in the mood). Recently I made a fic that was nine pages long in Open office (available for download at openoffice.org) in, are you ready for this, an hour and a half. that's probably about my average speed of writing, but I have a lot of RL distractions, so I don't write as much as I could.

However, I definitely consider my strongest area the fact that I can write faster than most people can read. I write a lot and I write often.

Weak Areas: If I had to pick one major weakness in my writing, it's that I generally can't stick to what I planned for the fic. Just ask Elemental Charizam about the Hell Hath no Fury plans that I sent him. Partway through, I switched tacks completely.

Type Of Writing: Oddly, even though I generally dislike romance in my own personal life, I've found myself drawn to it when I write more often than not. I consider myself a pretty good romance author, as well as a good action/adventure author, with, of course, a little bit of subtle humor as well. But I don't limit myself to any one particular type. I can do anything, I'm sure, I just choose not to do certain stuff.

Type Of Characters: that's easy. The gung-ho take-no-prisoners, we-will destroy you girls; relatively silent, yet admirable male heroes; antagonists; and Ash and Misty. For the most part....I've made some memorable stupid characters (ask Saffire Persian about my original Retribution. Just....try not to look puzzled when she jumps up and down and yells about sticks and stones).

Complete Stories:


What If... (http://www.geocities.com/ash_junior_labs/whatif.htm)

On an otherwise uneventful night, Ash becomes poisoned by Beedrill. Things that have been hidden are brought to light, feelings are brought forward, all while everyone is desperately trying to save his life. Will they succeed?

Read What If...and find out.

The Clone of Ketchum (aka Ash_Junior) Presents:

Now available to read on a forum near you....

an Ash_Junior production...

Narrator: Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower were the best of friends...

Scenes of their life fly by.

Written by Ash_Junior

Narrator: He wrecked her bike...

A picture of a mangled bike flashes across the screen

Directed by Ash_Junior

Narrator: She wrecked his life on his Pokemon Journey...

Scenes of Misty arguing with Ash and hitting him with her mallet flash by

Anything and Everything done by Ash_Junior

James is sitting at a table, and glances at someone out of camera view. "I don't like it." he says.

"What don't you like?" Jessie demands.

"He only put one card down!" James complained.

Narrator: but they would never be more than that, until-

A scene of Ash sleeping, when suddenly he is jolted awake by Misty's scream

A flash-by scene of Misty cornered by two Beedrills

A flash-by scene of Ash throwing a rock at one of the beedrills

flash-by scene of Ash lying on the ground, blood pouring out of his chest

A scene of Misty crying near a campfire, "I never got to tell him," she sobs, "And now he'll die thinking that I hated him all this time!"

A scene of Brock and Gary in the woods, next to Ash, with two unconscious beedrill in the background, "I'm going to lay it on the line," Brock says, "Unless he gets medical attention in the next two hours, he WILL die four hours after that."

Narrator: Ash Ketchum is injured to nearly the point of death...and secrets that have waited for years will have to surface...

a scene of an EMT, shouting to a helicopter pilot, "Red line it to the max or we'll lose him, now go as fast as this bucket of bolts can possibly go!"

Ash looked up at Misty and asked, "Misty, do you really love me?"

Misty looked up from where she had been crying, "Yes, Ash, I do. You know that better than anyone else."

"Then get rid of that stupid mallet!" Ash said, grinning

Narrator: Now a small band of Ash's friends must band together to find the people behind this attack, and find an antidote...before time runs out...

Butch, smirking defiantly, "Shut your mouth, Before a Beedrill flies into it."

Narrator: Brock Slate...

Misty looks at Brock, "YOU got a date? I mean, I heard you, but YOU got a date???"

Narrator: Gary Oak

Ash grins at Gary, "So...you were beaten by a girl...I wonder what happened to all your claims of being able to defeat anyone?"

Narrator: and introducing...Mandie Kepling

Mandie grins at Gary, "I can take on any guy I want, except maybe Bruno of the Elite Four...anytime, any place, and come out victorious..."

"Mandie," Brock said, "Wanna go out on a date with me?"

"you left the town for several years, but now, suddenly, you want a date with the infamous Mandie Kepling...YOU WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH ME???" Mandie demands.

Brock swallowed, wondering what was going on, and squeaked out, "Yes?"

Mandie grinned from ear to ear, "Okay."

Narrator: But will they be in time?

"Ash? ASH? ASH WAKE UP!" Misty said, shaking him.

Narrator: Will this bring them closer together?

"Misty, I never thought that I would ask anyone this, but will you marry me?" Ash asked.

Narrator: or will it drive them further apart?

Misty glared down at him, "Oh sure! Always thinking about your Pokemon, aren't you! You never think about anyone else."

Narrator: And will their efforts be enough to save his life? Find out...on Serebii Fan-Fiction Forums!

"Uh...Acme Window Washers! We sell ski masks on the side!" James says, dangling from a rope during a storm, and wearing a ski mask.

*black screen*

"You idiots!" Meowth complained, "You strapped me ta you's back, and now I can't see!"

What If...

by Ash_Junior

”Some Things Never Change" (”http://www.thepokemontower.com/authors/ashjr/neverchange.txt)

A rather odd AAMRN (Ash And Misty Romance Novel, for those who don't know. It's not a novel, but that's what I always call AAMR) that was written towards the beginning of my Pokefiction career. It's still somewhat good, if a bit Dependant on capital letters (I was terrible back then, remember). If you're looking for a few cheap laughs, take a look.

A Pokemon Christmas (”http://www.geocities.com/ash_junior_labs/oneshots/christmas.htm”)

It's been several years since Ash Ketchum retired from training Pokemon and took a professorship at Pokemon Tch. Now there's only one more thing that he needs to make his life complete....A sweet AAMRN centered around Christmas, this is definitely better than Some Things Never Change

The Choice (”http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2298905/1/”)

My original May/Misty jealousy parody, I was reading a lot about how people were annoyed with the cliched May/Misty finding out Ash was seeing the other, and swore to break them up/make Ash like her/get rid of the other, and eating the brains of anyone who got in their path (okay, so I made that last part up). This was my solution, and eventually led into The Battle of the “M”s

The Battle of the “M”s. (”http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2303310/1/”)

A parody of the many May and Misty jealousy fan-fics, this is just the first chapter. I've got the rest lying around somewhere, but none are as good as this one. I suppose it could work as a one-shot, but it was meant to be done as a chaptered fic.

Fishing Opener (”http://www.geocities.com/ash_junior_labs/oneshots/fishing.htm”)

Ash and Misty are participating in the Blackthorne City Fishing Contest on the Lake of Rage, when they come in for the day. A storm during the night forces them to remain in Misty's personal Johto retreat. What in the world do they have to talk about?


All's Well that Ends Well (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=98734):

A trainer comes to Oak's lab to recieve the starter Pokemon that has been dreamed of for years. However, there has been a break-in, and the Pokemon have all been stolen! Will our intrepid hero apprehend the bandit? And, more importantly, will the hero ever get his starter?

An askance look at what has become a badly cliched beginning for journey fics...the theft of a Pokemon, a la GSC.

WARNING: this fic contains extremely good plot twists and is written in the 2nd Person.

PorygonX (”http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97061”)

What would happen if a Porygon were to regain consciousness without being controlled in laboratory conditions? What conclusions would it reach? This chilling one-shot provides one clue to these questions.

Engaran Wars Trilogy and Related Fiction

Blaine: The Search for Moltres (”http://www.geocities.com/ash_junior_labs/oneshots/blaine.htm”)

Blaine has been searching for the legendary Moltres his entire life, and now he thinks he knows where to look. Will he find what he was looking for, or has he spent his fortune in vain?

One-shot that I was inspired to write while I was writing the Battle of Cinnabar Island in Operation: Celebi.

Prologue to the Engaran Wars Trilogy; Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen's Saga
http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y120/Ash_Junior/Hell-Hath-No-Fury.png (http://www.geocities.com/ash_junior_labs/HHNFMain.htm)

Six years before a young man named Ash Ketchum wakes up late on a very fateful day, future Indigo League Elite Lorelei Belle Winters runs away from home to begin her journey...only to be swept up into a conflict far greater than anything she had ever imagined possible. In the icy wastelands of Nuschantz, among a deadly civil war, she has a mission to complete, and won't let anything stand in her way.

Spin-offs of HHNF (Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen's Saga

Bugsy: The Johto Reconquista

Currently hosted on my geocities site (but not connected to the library), Bugsy: The Johto Reconquista tells of what happens when Bugsy leaves HHNF mid-fic and returns to Johto to fight against all the different teams that had taken it over.

Someday, probably after Time of The Titans (see below), I may come back to this. Once I get a working title page and stuff up for it, I'll post a link to it.

Johto: A New Beginning
http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y120/Ash_Junior/Johto1.png (http://www.geocities.com/ash_junior_labs/newbegin.htm)

Sarah Gilchrist, a former Loyalist Blizzard, is recruited by Gym Leader Steven of Blackthorne City to be one of his Gym Trainers. Two years later, however, after a short trip to Azalea Town with Lorelei Bell Winters, Sarah is inspired to embark on the Johto League challenge. Every one of her five foot six inches an anti-hero, Sarah often makes choices radically different than one would expect from an average Johto trainer. When Team Rocket steals one of her Pokemon, this is self-evident. Has Team Rocket met its match in this woman and her crusade to bring it down?

Like the Bugsy fic, this is also on hiatus. I definitely want to get back to this one, but I've got to continue with my momentum and finish work on the Engaran Trilogy before coming back to this. By the way, this is the only trainer fic of mine that has survived (I accidentally deleted my other one, which had a talking Meowth, a pair of Rockets, and a Pichu kicking their collective derričres. Be glad that it is no more).

Book 1 of the Engaran Wars Trilogy; Operation: Celebi
http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y120/Ash_Junior/OperationCelebi.gif (http://www.geocities.com/ash_junior_labs/celebi.htm)
(Links to the chapters won't be there until ~3 PM 2/3/06

use this one until then:

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y120/Ash_Junior/OperationCelebi.gif (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=85042)

eight years after the events in Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen's Saga, Lorelei Belle Winters is back, this time as part of the Kanto Elite Four, along with Karen, Bruno, Agatha, and the Champion, Lance. Giovanni is captured during a crack-down on Team Rocket in both Kanto and Johto. That capture sets in motion a series of events that is impossible to stop. Before long, the unbelievable has happened--Kanto has been invaded.

for proper mood, turn on the Imperial March (Star Wars, John Williams) or the Evil Saroman/Mordor music from LOTR....


Ash_Junior Laboratories Inc. presents…

An anchorwoman sits behind a desk. You recognize it as JNN, or the Johto News Network. This announcement interrupted your favorite program, but it said it was breaking news, so it should be good. The anchorwoman looks up, a jubilant grin on her face, “We are pleased to announce that Giovanni, former head of Team Rocket before the Global Police’s recent crackdown on crime, was caught yesterday afternoon by Tintian Border authorities as he attempted to flee the country.”

Imagine a world where you thought evil was destroyed forever in one shining moment. Pokemon forever free to live their lives, with the occasional trainer coming along and trying to capture one or two….without Rockets to harass them.

A man in a simple black uniform sits behind a simple wooden desk, and looks at a girl with dark red hair, “I want this to be clear, Peters. We can have no mistakes.”

The woman nods, “I understand. There will be none. Giovanni will be dead within seventy-two hours.”

Imagine a world, full of peace, and warm feelings. A peace where evil has no foothold.

Indigo League’s Champion, Lance, stands before a group of reporters in a press conference. His face looks haggard, his hair rumpled, his suit untidy, as if he had been in a fight and hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. I regret to inform you that Giovanni will not stand trial.” He holds a hand up before the press can shout, “I assure you, were he still alive, he would indeed stand trial, but I regret that he died in his sleep last night.”

If you still have that image in your head, bash it to pieces, and imagine a world of exactly the opposite.

A press conference where a man of distinctly Asian nationality stands next to a woman who looks like she came from a tropical climate. The woman speaks, “We, The leaders of Team Magma, Jiang Fernandez,” she motions to the man beside her, “And myself, Joan Paula Jones, leader of Team Aqua, both hereby accuse Champion Lance of murdering Giovanni in his sleep, with his own form of cowboy justice. We give him twelve hours to produce information to prove his innocence.”

What if all your worst nightmares about the world….

The two leaders of Magma and Aqua look into the camera once again. “The twelve hours have passed, and proof of Lance’s innocence has not been brought forward. Therefore, we are announcing that Team Aqua and Magma will be merging into one team, Team Maqua, to remove the blight of the Indigo League from the face of the earth, and avenge Giovanni’s death.”

Came true….

Cassidy, at a video phone, speaking to the man in the black suit behind the desk, “Engaran Central command? This is Cassidy. Things are on schedule, and are going smoothly. Operation: Celebi, should be pulled off without a hitch.”

In one month?

The man in the Black suit is speaking to the girl with the red hair again, “The invasion of Kanto must take place in exactly one month, or all our plans will be for naught.”

The girl looks him in the eye, “Everything will be ready by then, sir. I stake my life on it.”

The man in the black suit smiles faintly, “Oh, you are, Peters, make no mistake of that. You most certainly are.”

Operation: Celebi

The camera is focused on Butch and Cassidy, standing together on a naval vessel. The camera zooms out to reveal an aircraft carrier, then zooms out further to reveal an entire armada of a HUGE number of ships, two thirds of which are separating from the main group, and heading off in another direction. If you had timeto count them, they would number 2,250 ships total, consisting of aircraft carriers, submarines, destoryers, cruisers, frigates, and troop ships. The sky is nearly black, and at first you can’t see why, but then as the camera zooms out further still, you begin to see thousands of planes, flying Pokemon, and dragons flying in patrol patterns above the massive fleet.

Coming soon to Serebii.net.

A jet roars towards the camera, and just at the point of impact, the screen goes black.


Operation: Celebi...

Current Stories: Book 2 of the Engaran Wars Trilogy; Retribution
http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y120/Ash_Junior/retri.jpg (”http://www.geocities.com/ash_junior_labs/retribution.htm)

Kanto is in ruins, a shadow of its former self. Engara has total control of the country, and has handed the reins over to what is left of Team Rocket. But there are some that still resist, in the face of overwhelming opposition and death if they are caught. They are the brave men and women of Rocket-Bane. And they will not rest until Kanto is once again free.

Retribution was another of my earliest pieces that survived an accidental mass delete. Basically, I started the story with the idea of an underground bunker and a bunch of Kanto starters defending it. Throw in some safari zone stuff (ask Saffire about the sticks and stones), and you've got a crappy start to a crappy fic. As I went on, I explained to myself that TR had control of the surface, and the people of Rocket-Bane wanted to free Kanto. This link is to the old version, and is more of a teaser to the upcoming version than anything else. It gives a basic lay-out of Rocket-Bane and its inhabitants and their customs. Don't worry—the real thing will be WAY better.

Future Stories:

Engaran Wars Trilogy Book 3; Time of the Titans

I don't want to give much away, but here's a teaser trailer for you all...

[leaves blow across the other-wise black screen, and a voice that sounds like it belongs to an old person speaks]

Long ago, When The Titans ruled the Earth, there was man, and there were Pokemon.

[the screen fades in to an ancient, ruined tower, partially buried under black volcanic rock]

The Humans were content to let the Pokemon have their space, and had petty squabbles among themselves.

[sounds of swords clashing, heavy things smashing into each other, and screams begin to be heard]

Before the Colleon of that time, the ultimate of any of the Pokemon Titans, who ruled far above even the legendaries, changed everything.

[screen flashes a brilliant silver, when it fades, it is of a giant battle around the tower, that shines a bright silver, and humans and Pokemon are fighting against each other. Sounds of many different attacks, beating of wings, beating of hooves, and other sounds of war can now be heard]

Colleon knew his time was fading, but he knew that in the heart of the Tower of the Titans, there was a jewel that would extend his life...indefinitely.

[suddenly, the scene is inside the tower, and a silvery being with eight tails approaches a jewel that is laid in the center of a table. The screen flashes silver, when it fades back in, it is of a map of the Pokemon world, and it moves towards an island chain northwest of Kanto]

The humans were defeated, and most were driven off to an island chain that would be known in later millenia as the Engaran archipelago. Colleon was free to take the jewel, but he held off, unsure of the consequences of his act.

[Colleon looks at the jewel, and paces back and forth in front of it, then leaves the room]

Then, as his two thousand years as a Titan were almost up, he took the one chance he had to remain alive.

[Colleon hobbling forward and taking the jewel out of its place, screen turns black, then, suddenly, human screams can be heard, but the screen remains black]

The jewel extended his life, and gave him even greater powers, but it also turned him into a creature of Darkness. Into a thing of ultimate evil. Into Lokrye.

[ the sound of thunder, but no more screams, and the screen flashes silver, and the black outline of a dog-like creature with two tails can be seen. Its head seems to turn towards the light, and the screen turns completely dark]

He ravaged the country-side in his search for humans, not resting until he found every one.

[picture of humans fleeing with whatever they had]

But there were some that joined with Pokemon, legendary, Titan, and the rest, to put this being down...forever. They were led by a man known only as Gerahid.

[picture of the back of a human shouting at Pokemon and a few humans, then the screen goes black]

They took the battle to Lokrye's very tower he had stolen from the human Titans, and there, they imprisoned him, unable to actually kill him, where they thought he would be safe for all time.

[picture of the silver tower, and the dead bodies of many humans and Pokemon]

After this, Gerahid dissapeared, never to return to history's light. Time passed, and Gerahid became a name that parents named their children. More time passed, and Gerahid became a man of legend. More time passed, and history saw another Gerahid rise up and lead his people to victory before he was struck down, and Lokrye briefly escaped before being imprisoned once again in his dark tower. Time passed...and Lokrye drew strength in the passage of time, biding his time...he vowed the nexttime he was released, he would either die, or be victorious...no more going half-way.

[silver screen, outline of the dark figure from before, but lying down, resting.]

And he won't stop until everything and everyone that ever opposed him is dead and gone. He will not stop, until the entire human race is completely, and utterly destroyed, and the few remaining Titans along with them.

[Thunder again, black screen]

Time of the Titans

This is the fic that I'm working up towards. The ultimate battle. absolutely powerful Pokemon pitted against each other, with mankind, caught in the middle, taking sides as well. It will be like a version of World War III, about thirty years from now. With Pokemon. And Legendaries. And super-powerful Pokemon even more powerful than that (the afore-mentioned Titans. And no, they aren't captured. They don't even come to our dimension that often. Only in times of great emergency).

Possibly a RL (Timeline?)/Pokemon CO, replete with standard sci-fi alternate reality stuff...featuring Seymour the Scientist (ya remember the MT. Moon guy?) as a prominent character.

Maybe a fic with the Samurai that Ash met in Viridian Forest way back when he first started. About how he catches up with Ash, and battles him again...

Maybe a sequel to What If...as I have had several demands to do so. At one point I was going to, but then I got interest back in finishing HHNF/O:C


have I piqued your interest?

I hope so.

As you can see, I have a lot of experience writing. All in all, I've probably written around three hundred pages MS Word. I'm proud of that achievement. And that's all in the last four or five years (not sure on the exact date I started writing). Some people are lucky to get to fifty pages MS word. For me, that's only five chapters.

I'm in the process (have been for over a year) of getting a personal website up and running. If you're interested in taking a look around, click on the banner below:

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y120/Ash_Junior/Ashlabs.jpg (http://www.geocities.com/ash_junior_labs)


Writing Tips:

1. Listen to people with more experience than you do.

2. ignore flames that say to give up. writing is a skill. The more you practice, the better you'll be.

3. try creating a Pokemon or two. If you're having trouble starting, try blending two established Pokemon into your own, or try *shudders* an Eeveelution. Whatever you make, put it into your fic, and make it better because of it.

3b.for an example of a Pokemon I made when I was starting out, I have a Poke named Vulithe. nope, not an Eevee. it's a Vulpix/Growlithe cross, made when Ninetails breed with Arcanine. The evolved form of Vulithe (who evolves with a Fire Stone) is Arnine. I was gonna do Nine something, but since both Pokes have "nine" in their names, I couldn't really do it.

Disclaimer: I have only done the Johto: A New Beginning Banner. The other banners were done by Scrap (HHNF), Saffire Persian (Retribution), and Tezza/Topaz of WoC fame (Operation: Celebi/Ash_Junior Laboratories).

5th February 2006, 12:15 AM
Name: Look above
Age: 18
Strong Areas:
Well I don't want to decide for myself so based on other's views, I nail description and paint pictures clearly. Sometimes I've been critisized for painting them so clearly it leaves nothing for the imagination.

Which brings me to my weak areas. I don't draw the line right. I either go overboard or not far enough with pretty much everything in my life.

One of the hardest problems right now is character developement vs plot speed. You know how those intros to books develope characters but take away from from how fast the story progresses. In my blessed-creativity-inducing-ADD-opinion, I'm all for speed, "let's define them in the action scenes",(that my veiw) but one of my friends thinks I need more growing up time in my story. ...but then again he reads BATTLE history books that are so big&boring I'd have a stroke looking at them, that's why I'm posting it here for some other opinion.

Type Of Writing: My writing is always loved fanticy or science fiction. Personally I like to make the unreal have a dull sence of realism to it.

Type Of Characters: Anyone with a particular stuborness or lack of something that makes them odd. Usually I like to make hard core people that laugh arrogantly in the face of death, or overly determined characters.

Current Stories: The Fall of Nawkamea
An intense sequel of events shrouded in mystery. Something is about to errupt from an acient phrophecy and its up to a very odd conjuntion of characters to find out not only that they're in threat but to figure out what they must do or what they are actually up against. The plot doesn't show it's true shape for a long time nor do some of the best characters show up until its almost a third of the way over.

It is immensly violent and hardcore in some of the later chapters. I'm suprised no one decided to tell me anything about it. I really need reviews from a larger audiance. What's wrong? What's right?

Also as a almost joke, I put up Adjel the Ruthless.
I don't expect much to come from this but I decided there must be alot of uncreative people out there so I did a pokemon one portraying the view of a villain.

Future Stories: I might put up a story about space fleets and a certain universal connection that's descovered between them and a twist of aliances.

Writing Tips:

When writing dialogue:
Remember to include any physical descriptions of the speaker and listener, like them turning their head down or twittering their thumbs.

Also there's more than the word said...
Said /Stated /Spoke /Told /Instructed
Remarked /Suggested /Prompted /Commented
Presumed /Assumed
Demanded/ Ordered /Commanded
Pronounced /Articulated /Clarified /Elucidated

Specified, verified, confirmed, reinforced

Inquired /Questioned /Asked/
Pleaded /Begged /Requested

Laughed /Giggled /Chuckled /Chortled /Cackled
Scoffed /Sneered /Jeered /Mocked /Ridiculed /Chastised /B******
Taunted /Teased/ Harassed

Warned /Threatened

Barked /Snapped /Expressed
Burst /Exploded /Exclaimed /Announced
Bellowed /Uttered
Yelled /Hollered /Cried /Shouted /Spat
Screamed /Screeched /Shrieked /Squealed
Snarled/ Growled /Howled /Roared

Advertised /Promoted /Endorsed
Boasted /Bragged /Claimed
Cheered /Encouraged /Rooted /Applauded

Whined /Groaned /Moaned /B****ed /Grumbled /Complained /Cried/ /Bawled /Whimpered /Wept
Droned /Yawned /Drawled
Nagged/ Criticized

Mumbled /Murmured /Muttered
Whispered /Chirped /Squeaked /Peeped
Stuttered /Sputtered

Interjected /Interrupted /Intruded

Lied /Denied

Answered /Replied
Retorted /Countered
Added /Continued /Ended /Started /Began

Huffed /Breathed/ Panted
Gasped /

Thought /Considered /Contemplated /Pondered /Wondered /

Remember that you don't forget to include all the senses.
There's more than sound and light in this world.

And last of all and by far most important...
When it comes to making a story your story, that means there should be something that is overall different and completely orginal about it, giving it meaning.

7th February 2006, 4:10 AM
Redoing my profile, since my last attempt was like, futile (whatever that means :D)

Over the year, I have developed new skills, strengths, weaknesses, as well as better attitude. :)

Username: Ratiasu, although I'm considering a change.

Name: Cynthia. Isn't that nice? ;)

Age: 11, turning 12 on May 17th

Strengths: Illustrating emotions, grammar and spelling, vocabulary

Weaknesses: I tend to confuse my readers, and there's the occasional attack of the typo, and I catch WB too easily. I get it every month. Just deadly.

I'm writing You're Not Alone, filled with action and adventure and all that, and I recently started Sayuri, an original trainer fic that has more to it than just collecting badges. ;)

My characters vary. I guess that's it.

Advice: Always use the criticism you get. You will improve greatly. I have learned this through experience.

I started out like this:

Ash walked up the hill. The wind stirred his black hair. A yellow mouse perched on his shoulder. They were starting a new journey.

Now I'm like this:

A teenage boy, perhaps around fourteen years of age, treked up a slope and reached the peak. The wind swirled around him, marking his triumphant steps. A yellow mouse stared into the horizon with his human friend. A journey, a quest of some sort was waiting up ahead.


18th February 2006, 2:20 AM
Name: Chareon...

Age: 16 in four months!!!

Strong Areas: Well, if I have to brag about myself, I'd say my plot and my vocabulary. For a while, the only salvation to my horrible writing was my storyline. Now, I have discovered the thesaurus!

Type Of Writing: Fantasy stories, all the way. It's the only thing I've ever typed and probably ever will. My father is a writer for a living, and I have learned much from him. When I write, my chapters are short and sweet, but I must remind myself not to rush the information out. I'm getting better though...

Type Of Characters: I absolutely love writeing klutsy, sweet and smart but immature. I also enjoy writing the exact opposite for contrast.

Current Stories: Currently, I'm working on a Pokemon fan fic titled The Price of Freedom (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=128142&highlight=Chareon), which is now on revision 2.
I'm not going to do much of a reveiw, seeing as that I would give away too much, but here's a bit... New trainer Miyah discovers she has a much higher calling than she ever imagined as her suspicious new powers take her and her Pokemon on a journey to separate right from wrong.
At the moment, my rating is at four star.

I also have written a short story trilogy, which is known as the Charidian Trilogy. Only the first third is posted, Change of Fate (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=128416&highlight=Chareon), and it could really use some reviews. The next two parts will be posted as soon as Change of Fate gets more readers.

Future Stories: A Pokemon fanfic titled Sagacia... I've started on it already, I'm just waiting to post it.

Writing Tips: Don't ever take criticism the wrong way. That's the worst thing you could do. I know from firsthand experience that your pride at your new story can be smashed into anger quite quickly. Be patient, and explain yourself if your readers are wrong. If they aren't, then listen to their advice! They have the editing advantage of not knowing what's going to happen.

-that's all!

;196; ~Chareon

18th February 2006, 4:51 AM
Name: Clockworkz

Age: 18

Strong Areas: Descriptions, plots, vocabulary, imagry, grammar and spelling
Type Of Writing: Fiction, normally in Naturalism, while expressing existentialism.

Type Of Characters: I like to describe characters that share things in common with me. I can identify with them better, and I feel more into it when I do that.

Current Stories: Team Rocket: The Unremitting Strife, still in progress.

Current rating: PG-13 (may become R later on...). Current Star Vote: 4 stars. Action/adventure.

Future Stories: Still in its conceptual stages: Team Rocket: Scientific Exploits (working title). To be done in a journal-esqe style. This will outline the backgrounds of the Mewtwo and Armageddon Projects, as outlined in the Pokemorph MUSH's timeline. Permission pending. The story will be written if I am allowed to write it.

Writing Tips: Read a lot of books. Make sure you read some of the great authors, like Camus, or Faulkner. Extend your vocabulary that way, and delve into a greater understanding of the English language by using professional examples. Try to use a thesaurus as little as possible. It can make your work sound less genuine, especially if you tend to air the side of simplicity.

24th February 2006, 4:20 AM
Name: Sandra or Hikari_Blaze.
Age: 12
Strong Areas: I'm good in writing humor and insanity stories. That's my specialty. My other good points is romance.
Type Of Writing: Romance and humor.
Type Of Characters: I use my Pokemon team from Sapphire and anime/manga characters like Sakura and Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura.
Current Stories:

New Story:
Fusion Fantasies - A girl who seeks revenge on Cipher. A boy cursed by the spirit of an unusual Mightyena. Cipher's back and when the path of these two cross, they'll do anything to stop Cipher. For themselves and the region of Zondia.
Up coming chapter: Battle of the White Fox and the Red Wolf
Rated PG-13 for violence and language.

I wrote a lot of other stories but too lazy to list. Look at fanfics in the link in my sig.

Weakness: Drama, tragedy, and angst.

26th February 2006, 6:37 AM
Name: Mackenzie or CelestialTime93
Age: 12 (turning 13 this Spring)
Strong Areas: Descriptions, clothing designs for characters, detail, and fantasy series.
Type of Writing: Romance, Drama, Fantasy, and Action/Adventure, and the occasional funny love stories (Just Like Heaven, A Lot Like Love, etc.).
Type of Characters: I try to stay within the same ranges, and the only crossover I've ever done is Kim Possible/Pokemon series called "Pokemon Generation." I had to transfer the Kim Possible characters from Disney cartoons to TV Tokyo Anime. It was pretty hard, but I finally got it. The first book is finished, and I'm editing the second one.
Rating: G to PG-13 (rarely any higher for Pokemon fics)

Current Stories:

Old: Pokemon Generation #1: A Forgotten Relative: Ash doesn't know that he has a 20 year old cousin. That is, until now. Meet 20 year old Kim Possible, a girl who could do anything, including saving the world. When these two reunite after 10 years, adventure immediatly follows, as Giovanni is out for revenge on the two half-cousins. Now, only the powers of Pokemon Generation that is joined together with the two half-cousins and their friends (the elements of Pokemon) can save them, and help the team find Ash's missing father. Book one of 12.

New: Hidden Legends of Mysteria: 10 years after the series, Ash and Misty, now married, are 20 years old, and their adopted son's godfather, Brock, is 26. When Sean comes home for the holidays, these three soon learn that their son is not home for the holidays at all. He's after Misty's pendant, the one that Ash gave to Misty on Christmas! But what happens when Misty gets hurt and ends up in the hospital, and Sean is still after her pendant. Ash, Brock, Pikachu, and some old friends, are gonna have to do whatever it takes to stop Sean before anybody else gets hurt. But, what secrets does the Pendant of Mysteria hold?

The Butterfly: Featuring Mairead Nesbitt's "The Butterfly" from her CD, "Raining Up." The dopplegangers of Lugia and Ho-Oh attack Ash during a normal day in Pallet Town. Now, Ash, his baby cousin, Matt, and his friends, must travel to the Crystal Caves to find the real Lugia and Ho-Oh, and reunite the two sides as one. Can they make it back to Pallet Town for the Spring Festival?

Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story: Ash just turned 9 years old, and his father, Daniel, takes him to the Pokemon Ranch, where he meets Dreamer, a racing Rapidash, the fastest of his friends. But when Dreamer falls during a race, Daniel recieves news from Nurse Joy that Dreamer must be put down. Heartbroken by the trauma, Ash is determined to get Dreamer back on his four feet and start racing again. Inspired by the incredible true story, and the movie from Walt Disney Pictures, "Dreamer".

Upcoming: Pokemon Generation #2: Hidden Legends: The adventures of Pokemon Generation continue, as the two half-cousins, Ash and Kim, along with their friends and family, set out to the Orange Islands, where Team Rocket is out to capture the Pokemon Generation Guardians. But what happens when they are caught, and their forced to confess the secrets of Pokemon Generation and the Legendary Pokemon? This is the fiercest battle yet! Book 2 of 12.

The Pikachu Star (Korean Character Names): Pallet Town and Cerulean City was under attack, leaving behind scars that would never heal of the people, and a lover is taken away from Jee-Yoo (Ash), as Yee-Sul (Misty) is forced to marry the evil Lord Yae-Hyeong, the one who had caused all of this destruction, including the cause of Jee-Yoo's death, with one of his soldiers shooting him while he was protecting Yee-Sul. But when Jee-Yoo miraculously comes back to life, after Yee-Sul's capture, he soon realises that the only way he's going to stay alive, is if he could find and rescue Yee-Sul before Lord Yae-Hyeong marries her in seven days. Meanwhile, Yee-Sul weeps over what she thinks is Jee-Yoo's death. But when she overhears one of the soldiers that Jee-Yoo is still alive and he's coming to get Yee-Sul, her hopes are much too high to be let down. And so, the magical journey on the seven nights of The Pikachu Star begin. Will Jee-Yoo make it in time?

Ho-Oh and Articuno: Out there, in the Pokemon World, there are a total of eight legendary Pokemon, known as Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, and of course, the two leaders, Lugia, and the extremely legendary Ho-Oh, whom can only be seen through the eyes of one boy.......

Meet 16 year old Ash Ketchum, a now great Pokemon Master, and his friends, 23 year old Brock Harrison, 12 year old Max and his 16 year old sister, May, and Ash's long time friend, 16 year old Misty Waterflower and his Pikachu.

When the group meet a mysterious woman that looks like a woman version of Misty, things begin to get strange. Giovanni is after Ash, as bait for the legendary Ho-Oh. Heard of the news that Giovanni and Team Rocket are after Ho-Oh, the woman springs into action and searches for Ash, who had ran off mysteriously into the woods, after a strange psychic occurance. But what danger has Ash gotten himself into? And who is the strange woman, who looks so much like Misty? Coming March 2006.

Weaknesses: Tragedy/Angst, explict adult fics, little kid fics, anything over the rating of PG-13 is out of my bounds of strength.

1st March 2006, 3:39 AM
Hmm. Might as well post somethin' here.

Name: StellarWind Elsydeon (Just Stel would do. ^^)

Age: Eternal. Stuck on this particular planet for 20 years.

Strong Areas: Worldbuilding. ^^ I absolutely love taking worlds and giving them my own twists. I also have a major fondness for description (very helpful for aformentioned worldbuilding, let me tell you) and I consider battles and to some degree action scenes to be my forte' otherwise.

Weak Areas: FILLER. I can have major plot points set up but the filler between them can get me stuck for bloody decades. ^^;

Type Of Writing: Well, I usually write strange Fantasy/Sci-Fi hybrids - usually serious, but more often than not with their moments of comedy. I also like writing one-shots from the perspective of characters that have little background to them, trying to give them some kind of a back story where the games or series didn't (this includes some PokeMon POV fics.) I do quite a bit of original writing, too, but I'm yet to actually post any of it here, so... Eh. ^^;

Type Of Characters: I have a fondness for characters with more than a dash of mystery about them, scholarly, intelligent characters, or just about anything that comes to my mind, really. I don't really limit myself to specific kinds of characters. They just burst in my mind and kinda write themselves. ^^;

Current Stories:

Resonance (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=98230)

My current ‘ongoing’ work – A trainer fic set in Hoenn. Or at least, that's what it wants you to think...

Finished Stories and One-Shots:

Blades (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97598)

The story of a Scyther that has come full circle, told from her point of view – based on a Scizor belonging to an RP character of mine. NOT for the faint of heart or the canon-obsessed.

When Life Is Just Re-VOLT-ing (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97599)

Ever wondered why do Voltorbs blow themselves up of their own free will? Exactly.

Hades (Non-PokeMon, Digimon Tamers) (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97601)

What happens to Digimon that die but their data doesn’t get absorbed? Renamon finds the answer… Set before the events of Digimon Tamers.

Sealed in Ice (Non-PokeMon, Final Fantasy VI) (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97600)

Tritoch, the frozen Esper, reflects on the world and the passage of time.

Writing Tips: What can I say here that hasn’t been said before? Just keep your fics readable, don't jump between tenses like a crazed Spoink, mind your punctuation, grammar and spelling and always remember. When the clock strikes seventeen, remember the magical feathered walrus! ^^

2nd March 2006, 5:53 AM
Name: SigCMugen
Age: 17
Strong Areas: Description, plot and character development. I find these areas the easiest to right about because I think of it as just writing down my exact thoughts, and that's what makes it easier for me. I also find it fun to describe vivid scenery using similies and metaphors. Oh, and I LOVE contradictions, or oxymorons. Things like:

His appearance symbolized the beginning of life anew, his long flowing brown hair gently cascading along his back, his white trench coat trailing inches above the dirt and gravel road beneath him. His wingspan reached several yards, tip to tip, his black ominous feathers neatly aligned one atop the other, the pattern representing the pureness and order of the Stairway to Heaven. The Angel of Life, the Dove of Resurrection...Lucifer.These kinds of descriptions are my favorite to write, because to me it seems easier to visualize within my own mind. It sets the boundaries of the character's appearance without having to say, 'It's kinda like this, but not too much like this.'
Type Of Writing: I love to write Fantasies and Sci-Fi. However, I still try to retain a sense of believablity in the plot and overall story. So I'll never be the one to write a story about zombies created through alien abduction (weird example, I know). That's just not me. I like to read stories that seem plausible, even possible to happen, and that's visible in my writing style and preferences.
Type Of Characters: Emotionally hardened characters, characters who blame themselves for the most out-of-your-hands reasons...I like to write and develop these kinds of characters, because I feel that if I were created into a character, that that's the type I would be.
Current Stories:

Invisible Silhouette
Welcome to Fuego, a land of strength and ferocity, a land of honor and determination...a land in fear. Welcome to a land veiled in darkness, a land afraid of its own shadow...
Welcome to a land ripe with natural talent, a land with new faces and breeds of pokemon.
In this land, a new evil calls all the shots. An evil that is forever present, yet never visible. An evil that's unique, yet generic.
Welcome to Fuego.

[OPTIONAL]Future Stories:
Fullmetal Alchemist: Equivalency
Set in the world of the popular anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, this tale begins with a recap of the incident within Laboratory Five. The truth of the Philosopher's Stone has been revealed; now the Elrics have been backed into a corner, from which there is no right way out. On one hand, they can abandon their quest for the Stone's power, and accept the bodies that they created for themselves. But on the another, they abandon their very beliefs as alchemists to forge themselves a tool with which they hope to regain everything.
Feeling lost and unsure, Edward Elric leaves behind his younger brother Al to conduct some dangerous research...but what returns isn't the 'Fullmetal Alchemist'...

Writing Tips: Obtain as much criticism as you can, and add it to your own. Remember though: no amount of constructive criticism in the world outweighs your own thoughts and feelings. Take what other people say, and run with it, but make sure that at the end of the night, your result is something that you're willing to back with all of your soul. Even the slightest doubt within yourself can damage everything you've worked for, as well as your hopes of gaining anything in the future. And never compare yourself to anyone but you, because otherwise you'll get nowhere fast. One thing that you need to realize, is that there will always be someone out there who is better than you, period. So it's a fools errand to try and best any and everyone with whom you cross paths. In the end, you should only compete with yourself.
Interesting Fact About Me: I love fence hopping! And just jumping in general. I also love using my feet; so I love things like 'dribbling' a soccer ball, or playing hackey sack. Without my legs and feet, I'd die...

5th March 2006, 10:21 PM
Time to update mine:

Name: Kamex (previously Blue Pokemon Master)
Age: 17 (18 in a few months)
Strong Areas: I've got creative ideas.
Type Of Writing: Action, adventure... that type of thing at the moment. I also tend to put a little romance in my fics, without enough to make it a major genre, but then who doesn't? Lol.
Type Of Characters: I like to write about heroic characters. I also like to write about characters that do bad things because of a harsh past, such as a horrific incident that happened when they were young. But in general, I like to write about as many different kinds of people as I can.
Current Stories: I've had Pokemon War, but my current fic is Doppelganger. It's about a boy who didn't find himself worthy of going on a Pokemon journey, but when he finally does, not only does he make many friends, but the journey itself is more epic than any normal one. Why? Because he ends up learning to be psychic throughout the journey so that he can hold his own as the hero in an ancient civilization's conflict. Makes for an interesting story, eh?
Future Stories: Well, I've got many ideas, but until I choose one I'd better refrain from explaining any...
Writing Tips: I don't remember if I said this last time, but don't write when you're too bored too. It'll only make you write boring material in your boringness (if that's a word). Either get yourself more inspired, or wait for another time to continue your fic.

Mysteria Pearl
6th March 2006, 12:57 AM
New: Hidden Legends of Mysteria: 10 years after the series, Ash and Misty, now married, are 20 years old, and their adopted son's godfather, Brock, is 26. When Sean comes home for the holidays, these three soon learn that their son is not home for the holidays at all. He's after Misty's pendant, the one that Ash gave to Misty on Christmas! But what happens when Misty gets hurt and ends up in the hospital, and Sean is still after her pendant. Ash, Brock, Pikachu, and some old friends, are gonna have to do whatever it takes to stop Sean before anybody else gets hurt. But, what secrets does the Pendant of Mysteria hold?

Mysteria, huh? That's pretty cool, cuz my name is Mysteria Pearl (not in real life)and I love AshxMisty, now I wanna read it :D

Infinite Master Sceptile
6th March 2006, 12:23 PM
Name: Infinite Master Sceptile, A.K.A. IMS
Strong Areas: I love creating intricate plots. My weakness is my incredible laziness.
Type Of Writing: I have ambitious plans but nothing to show for it so far. I aim to write an epic trilogy about a war.
Type Of Characters: I like to write about outsiders, people on the fringes of society, reluctant heroes, and heroes that become villains.
Future Stories:
The Auranian War
For years Kanto has been at war with their ideological opponent, Aurania. All efforts have converged upon the Sevii Islands. Kanto has systematically driven the Auranians out of nearly every Island. The Auranian army is now holed up in Sevault Canyon, awaiting the Kanto attack. Participating in this siege is a private by the name of Mike Surge. With his Elekid and Pikachu, he marches into battle, totally unaware of the reverberations this will have upon history.
Clouded Jewel
It is October 31st, 1997. Emilio Harmon's birthday. And the beginning of his journey. And he has just been to the morgue to identify the body of his alcoholic father. Not an auspicious beginning for a kid from the slums of Saffron. Also very unlucky is the fact that his starting Pokemon is a Purple Jeweled Staryu (with a penchant for waffles).
At the same time, three kids in Pallet are awaiting impatiently their birthday, where they will claim their birthright.
There is a man named John Terrance, hiding in the mountains, plotting a 'hostile takeover' of massive proportions. He will stop at nothing for vengeance.
In the corridors of power, business continues as usual.
One person sits at a chessboard, waiting for someone to make the first move.
Three children of privilege in the rich community of Pallet wait impatiently to begin their journey.
Death will be the least of Emilio's troubles.
You thought you knew Pokemon?
Think again.
Writing Tips: Be persistent. Procrastination kills fics. Don't be lazy like me.

18th March 2006, 4:27 PM
Name: Dragonfire, soon to be .:Pyroken Serafoculus:.

Age: 11, but don't think I don't have as much experience - or skill - as some of the older authors. You'll regret your judgement. I'll make sure of it XD

Strong Areas: Getting the plot onto the Word document. Period. I have a sixth sense that goes off when anyone - including myself - writes sentences in an indecent manner. Even if the smallest phrase is misused, I sense it just as distinctly as I would sense a blow to the head.

Weak Areas: Description. I know all the tips experienced authors give to less experienced ones, but I don't have the instinct for description that I have for other areas. I can learn how to have plot twists and other things that point out a good fic, but description is one of those things that I have to have a seventh sense for in order to use well, and I don't have that seventh sense. I just don't have it.

Type Of Writing: I prefer Adventure fics over anything else. Maybe it's because I myself am adventurous, or maybe it's just that feeling we all get when we read about someone going on an adventure. I'm not sure why I like it.

Type Of Characters: I like characters that are dark and efficient, yet have quite a temper; who use brain over brawn and often dislike some other character, therefore putting a bit of dry humour into the fic. They don't show any of their emotions (save for anger) to all but their closest friends, and so are often regarded (incorrectly) as heartless and emotionless. Sort of like me, actually.

Current Stories: The Upholder of Duty, which is, of course, an Adventure fic. You can find the summary in my signature. I'm feeling lazy today.

Writing Tips: Kids, remember two things that I specialize in:

1. If you're going to try and make something good, read, and read professional, completely error-less stuff. It's the only way you'll get the sixth sense that I have. I've been spending my entire life reading whenever I have had free time, and that's how I've got a feel for what sounds right and appropriate for the mood you're trying to develop. This way, I learnt perfect grammar before I even had an English class about it. I found out when and when not to put articles even before I knew what 'the' and 'a' were pronounced as!

2. A way to proofread that makes the job a bit less intimidating is to write one sentence, proofread that, write another sentence, proofread again, and so on. It definitely seems to the mind as a way that requires the least work, even though you have to proofread the same amont of sentences. Also, after you finish a paragraph, reread it to see if it flows right. If you're using the method I said earlier, there's a good chance that your sentences are short and snappy. The only time the method I said does not apply is if you're inspired, and you're on a roll. You wouldn't like to break up your inspiration, now, would you?

3. Here's something that I figured out when I read The Pokemon Rebellion. We all hate short and snappy sentences, don't we? But they can actually be used as a useful tool. When you want to create a mood of a type of dreaminess, as if it's like a dream, use long, flowing sentences, and when you want it dramatic or scary, suspenseful, use small and snappy sentences. It really puts the reader into the mood you want.

I'd write more, but I'm lazy, and my hands are getting sore, so that would be all.

19th March 2006, 8:00 PM
***The Tales of the Mistress of Water: My fanfiction works***

~UPDATED September Eight~ (Will update from time to time, so look at the date!)
Latest Update: Finished posting "Take Fifty Five!" and right now am working "Mori" and "Nothing, Everything". "Mori" will come in September (I hope) while "Nothing, Everything" won't come out for a little while (January 2007 at the latest ).

Name: Bay

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Plot: My stories are not really the most plot driven. Usually when dealing with plot, I would make the scenes more essential to the theme of my story.

Types of Writing: I liked to write parable stories, poetry, history, War, and Fantasy.

Types of Characters: I usually go for characters that are just human, whether it be a real human or Pokemon. My characters would make you think they are perfect, but they have their own flaws.

Strongest Point: I can organize my stories really well. Also, I can write good descriptions and how to write what is going on a character’s mind.

Weakest Point: My grammar is not my strongest point. A few times I might make grammar mistakes. Also, I tend to change the original scenes and put in a different scene if I felt that scene is not good. Sometimes I cannot makeup my mind which scene is better fitted with the story. (Happen liked that with one of the novels I was writing and that led me being unhappy with that project and stopped it all together).

I have some good amount of writing experience(mostly stories and poetry not Pokemon realted), but I kind of stop writing to learn how to write better stories dealing with plot, grammar, character developement, etc. and better poetry on writing themes better. For now I am writing from scratch but as time passes I will get better and better each step in the way.


http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b62/Vicky2006/rtdxsz.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2926446#post2926446)
Heart of the Sea (Parable/Drama/Chaptered Fic)
PG 13
Chapters: Eight
Progress: Completed!
Rating: Five Stars
A fisherman is about to call it quits for not having caught a single fish for forty days. On the forty-first day, the fisherman is suddenly going to have the biggest catch of his life, until it is taken away from him. (Based off from the novella The Old man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway).
(Banner made by Saffire Persian)

http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b62/Vicky2006/Takefiftyfivecopy.gif (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=132807)
Take 55! (Comedy/ Multi-Part Short Story)
PG 13
Chapters: Um...actually, it's a one-shot but broken into three parts =O
Rating: Four Stars
No one says making movies would be easy! Join two producers Mell the Swellow and Pidge the Pidgeotto as they are going to try to make a Pokemon movie with unexpected results. Wars, dramas, and a shortage of cameras will make them really worry about the picture now!
(Credit for the title goes to Pyroken Serafocuslus and banner made by me. )

How Sneasel Got Its Claws To Be So Long (Comedy/Drama/Short Story)
Current Progress: Done
This short story is actually going to be part of the other short stories in a project started by Smile Guy called How Pikachu Came to Have Red Cheeks and Other Short Stories (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=114150). Basically it will be a little ditty of why Sneasel have long claws.

How your imagination can run wild at times! Anyways, here are a couple of works coming soon:

Nothing, Everything (Drama/Suspense/ Chaptered Fic)
{I actually got quite a chunk of chapters done already, but not going to post it yet until things at college settled down. Um...more info can be found at the preview thread of it }
Winter 2006/2007
PG 13/R
Current Progress: 41% Done (Cureent writing Chapter Tweleve)
Everything is hidden from us. Is it good to keep secrets?
There comes a time when questions need to be answered.
Now is the time.
But sometimes, answering the questions will not be easy.
Not only that, but are you ready when the answer comes to you?

Benice Norni's paintings of Legendaries had always sparked the imaginations of many people, both old and new. What is intersting is there is a story behind his paintings. That will later led a group of people on searching the answer to the questions this classical Pokemon artist had left out. (Summary pending).
(Based off from Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code").
(Banner thanks to katiekitten)

Mori (Drama/One Shot)
Mid September 2006
PG/ PG 13
Current Progress: 100 % Completed (but still needs to be posted ^^;)
{ Yep, the story is done! ^^ Still, it won't be posted for a while. Needs some editing. ^^;}
Gabby Norris, a Grass Pokemon Trainer, was traveling through the region of Norte. While traveling, she found a nomadic tribe whom they call themselves the Dartars. She will then learn how Pokemon are not only used for training and coordinating. Also, she will learn a little history of the Dartars from a girl named Mori Mahn.
(Banner credit goes to CHeSHiRe-CaT, used to be The Cheshire Cat)

The Different Types of Love (Drama/Horror?/Tragedy/One Shot/Non Pokemon)
July 2006 (Will come soon I hope)
PG 13
{I know I got "Mori" to do, but I felt like doing this project after being inspired by Literate's story}
One night a mother fell in love with the man of her dreams. The only problem was she has to take away the most precious gift in order to gain his love. Soon, she will learn an important lesson.
(Might change the title of the story. :/ )


Pure Distance (Drama/One Shot)
Coming Fall 2006
PG/ PG 13
Jamie Bliss always dream of training a Suicune ever since he was a little boy. After coming back home from journeying a couple of regions, he saw an injured Suicune and took it home to take care of it. While taking care of Suicune, he will find out about Suicune that he had never knew before and will have a conflict on what to do with Suicune.
(Banner thanks to CHeSHiRe-CaT, used to be The Cheshire Cat)

Perappu's Song (Fantasy/Drama/First Person Pov/One Shot)
Fall/Winter 2006
Let yourself follow the beating of the drums, your heart listening to the lyrics coming from the heavens, and your mind thinking of memorable friendships.
(Banner credit goes to Amazingkiss)

The Game (Drama/Suspense/Chaptered Fic)
Spring 2007 (not sure yet)
Three Pokemon hunters from the well known hunting organization the Pearl Scythers are going to embark on a journey they will never forget. The hunted Pokemon will teach them a little thing about surival, teamwork, and consequences. Who knew a game can be both nerve wracking and enlightening.

Tips on writing: There will be times when you believed this scene does not seem to fit the storyline. Try a couple different versions of that scene you do not like and see if you really want to change the storyline a little bit, but no not do it too much or else you will be making a whole new storyline you might not like. Also, if you seem to have writers block, it is good to take a break for a few days and then looked at the story again. Lastly, when writing description, try to make it flow and not like a big grocery list.

Sono Nanatsu Heika
21st March 2006, 12:12 AM
Name: RubyWyvern, Ruby, Wyvern, Mind-o-mag
Age: 13
Strong Areas: I am quite good with... well nothing but when i write it turns out pretty good.
Type Of Writing: I enjoy writing fantasy, horror, and mystery cause thats what i like to read.
Type Of Characters: i mainly write about vampires, edward elric, gundam, that sort of thing
Current Stories: none are out right now but a gundam book is coming out (see fan fic commertials)
Future Stories: a fullmetal alchemist story is in the works called Fullmetal Alchemist: Chain of Broken Memories.

2nd April 2006, 4:56 PM
Name: Luckmage/Firey(on some other sites)

Age: Fifteen tomorrow!!! ^^

Strong Areas: I'm good in...er...fantasy and imagining things. No, really! xD Oh, and writing in first person!

Type Of Writing: Fantasy/Action/Adventure

Type Of Characters: I like writing "impudent and snappy" characters.

Current Stories: Kaleidoscope of Worlds: Fantasy/action/adventure thingy.

[OPTIONAL]Future Stories: None for now...

Writing Tips:

1) Just keep writing or "wait" until you get an appealing idea.

2)Always, always, always write in the point of view that you find easiest to write about. xD It can make a whole lot of difference in your fanfic.

10th April 2006, 1:08 AM
Name: Yes, I finally revealed that my name is Jillian.

Strong Areas:

I've been told I'm good at description, but I'm really good at creating plots and lovable characters. I always put a lot of history in some of my stories too.

Type Of Writing:

I'm really good at making readers agree with the antagonist.

Type Of Characters:

Characters that are profound thinkers are the ones that are most fun to create, but I like to make a great varity of characters with tons of different qualities. So, I like to make them complex.

Current Stories:

Genre: Action/Drama/Suspense

(Big project)

Future Stories:


In the late Classical Period, a Ditto, who calls itself Rinlado, is inspired to make music after listening to Mozart's 'Don Giovanni'. The only problem is that Pokemon aren't looked as worthy of making music. Can this little Ditto prove them wrong?

The Great Butler
10th April 2006, 3:00 AM
NAME: The Great Butler. You may call me Emperor Butler, peon. ;)

FINISHED FICS: "Pokémon XD: Enigma Shadow," "Super Trouper"

CURRENT FICS: "Pokémon XD^2: The Return of Shadow"

STRONG SUITS: People say I have talent for creating good plots and characters, and I've also recieved praise for showing how to wisely use an 00ber Legendary in a fic. ;249-d;

WEAK SUITS: I have trouble with description, and sometimes I totter uneasily between mimicking the battle styles of the anime and the games.

CHARACTERS: Very realistic is what I like to do. Characters with troubled pasts, personality flaws, et al.

PLOTS: I'll do anything, if I can do it right.

The Pokemon Master
10th April 2006, 2:12 PM
The Pokémon Master. I need no other (though some abbreviate, and call me TPM).

??? (you need not know my age. It is an unnecessary and insignificant detail).

Strong Areas:
Coming up with the story, and even writing and proofreading it. My descriptions, ideas, plot, and humor are good (at least according to my readers...) as is my grammar.

Weak Areas:
Occasionally, I have trouble writing the story the way it is meant to come out. I finish a Chapter (or Chapter Part), look at it, say to myself No way is this ever going to be considered good... and promptly delete the whole thing and start again. Also, I'm nitpicky. I look over and over again for the slightest error (even whether or not I've used 'é's instead of 'e's for words like "Pokémon". I am usually much more forgiving when I criticize another author's work, though.). Together, this generally results in a much slower rate of writing than I could have otherwise.

Type Of Writing:
I like to write Adventure fiction more than anything else. It's mostly because that's about all I've read for my entire life (starting very early on. Think babyhood). I do try to introduce other elements to the story, however, including another favorite: Humor. I like to give readers a good laugh once in a while. Also, I tend to use first-person/Pokémon point of view. I find that it gives a better insight into the character than third-person. Also, I've gotten quite a few complements on in-story viewpoint swaps (not to mention the number of viewpoints). I also like detail, but not too much. I find that paragraphs of nothing but detail are pretty boring, not to mention that not many people (or characters) would just stand there for long enough to take in a paragraph's worth of detail (unless the view was something particularly breathtaking).

Type Of Characters:
My characters are a mixed bag. I borrow some created ones, and create some of my own. I prefer not to drown my readers in their life story all at once, though, letting it unfold over time (with the notable exception of main characters).

Current Stories:
The Legacy Continues. There's a link in my sig, so get over your laziness and scroll down a little if you want to read it. It won't kill you. This is a Pokémon fiction, and it is an adventure fic. The Prologue may seem unoriginal (as pointed out by my readers), but I'd like to think that it has now attained a split from that (my readers haven't complained about unoriginality for a while now). If you want more details, read it (I'm not posting an introduction to it. I'd probably end up writing a few pages worth).

Future Stories:
None for now...

Writing Tips:
Picture the scene you are describing in your head. Give enough details to give your readers the picture, then add more as the piece unfolds. Too much detail all at once is just something I really think detracts from the overall attraction of the story, no matter how vivid a mental picture I receive.

Use the chosen viewpoint of your fic to its fullest extent, while at the same time remembering its limitations (if any). Describe the viewpoint's outlook on the situation, including thoughts and senses (if applicable). These parentheses are meant primarily for the third-person omniscient viewpoint (one that I'm not particularly fond of, but I see its usefulness).

Give your characters a background. The longest background should probably go in the Prologue, if you have one, and provide details on the main character(s). Expand on these backgrounds throughout the story, don't give them all at once. Reveal other character's backgrounds a small part at a time, unless they are telling their life story or something (and even then, not everything about them will get mentioned, unless the entire fic is a life story).

Writer's block. The killer of fics and authors. The one thing we all dread about our fic. There are ways to combat it, mostly finding (as I call it) inspiration. Read books that are in the same general genre as your fic. Read your favorite book. Watch movies, especially (if there are any) movies on your topic. Watch your favorite movie. Listen to music, preferably about the same topic as your fic, while you write (make sure that you don't mind it and it's only in the background of your mind. The focus is on the writing, not the music).

Until we meet again...

Smile Guy
10th April 2006, 3:07 PM
Smile Guy, or Smiley, or Smile, or SG, if you're really lazy.
14 -- (yes, I know, I'm not as old as some people think I am.)
Strong Areas
Yow. Toughy. I don't really consider myself strong or weak in any areas. I guess people seem to like my levels of description and how well they fit into the narrative. People also like how my characters are super-packed with all different kinds of emotion. Me, personally? Well, I only ever go for a plot that got more twists and turns, and slows and fasts, and dialogue and ecetera than imaginable!
Weak Areas
I often rush an idea. I spill it onto a page in the fear that I'll lose it -- which I did, once (damn, Microsoft, damn!), but this often means I've got this very clever story in front of me, then I realise I just have to put so and so in.
Type of Writing
Well, I haven't been fan-ficcing on Serebii for that long, but I have had a variety of different projects. Adventure fics I find are always great fun, I've done a couple of one-shot tragedies, murder-mysteries, I've actually written scripts for plays, long-time projects (one coming very soon that I've yet to reveal), fantasy, humour (everyone loves a bit of humour), etc, etc. Essentially, I try to be varied.
Type of Characters
Mweh heh heh! People are often impressed by my characters. I never make them one-dimensional characters only existing for a reason. I have full, fully-fledged characters with multiple emotions. Take Kate, in my current story: so feisty, and yet suddenly, BAM!, you see her weakness.
Current Stories
The Uprising -- Link in my sig. Go on... you know you want to check it out. It's an action-adventure with mystery and humour and surprise and tragedy and etc. You'll love it. Honest!
Future Stories
*Cackles evilly* You'll see! And people in the Review Club will learn first. But don't worry, it will not take over my Uprising.
Writing Tips
1. No exactly where you want to take the story and it's characters but don't be too afraid to stray off every now and again. You'll be surprised at your own imagination.
2. If you're really struggling for writing ideas then write about something completely random. About anything. Don't care what you put down. You'll soon get your ideas back on track.
3. Always, no matter how dull you find it, try and describe things. It will make your creation seem much more real. eg) "He walked into the pokemon centre" is awful compared to "The sun shining brightly into his eyes, Robert eyed the golden globe adorning the pokemon centre nervously. But, he had a job to do. Briskly, Robert walked round the trickling fountain and through the pink, sliding doors so associated with pokemon centres the world over." Description isn't limited to sight and characters. Use all your senses, use adverbs, clever verbs, adjectives and anything else you can think of.
4. Never write a segment of the story because your forcing yourself too. It must be for your enjoyment. Or it'll be rubbish.
5. Love writing and leaving.

-- Smile Guy

Psychic Umbreon
11th April 2006, 5:44 AM
Name: On Serebii I’m known as Legendary Arcanine, but my real name is Katie.

Age: 21 years.

Strong Areas: Typing chapters in less time than it took to write them by hand. And also, descriptions.

Type Of Writing: Adventure.

Type Of Characters: I have no idea what this means, but I’ve been told that I’m writing a Pokeshipping story.

Current Stories: Pokemon: Generation of the Clones... and Assassins: Servants of Darkness.

[OPTIONAL] Future Stories: Nana and Demon - Life After Snow Dogs. And The Legendary of Night.

Writing Tips: Always check Word’s spell-check option… if you don’t, and there are mistakes, people will point them out.

Hakura May
22nd April 2006, 4:58 PM
Last Updated: May 11th

Name: Tavion, Tav, etc. Others have known me as Hakura May, May, etc.

Age: Eleven, but two more months until twelve. Just don't jump to conclusion, though. Don't go thinking I'm an annoying brat who doesn't use good grammar.

Strong Areas: Plot, characters, and descriptions. Characters are probably my best. I love to create characters and rack my brain trying to think up names for them, until I find the perfect one for him or her. I enjoy "being" the character almost when creating his or her personality, and deciding where he or she is going to go, etc. For plot, I enjoy making it twist and turn, so it keeps the reader hooked on. Cliffhangers, annoying, but nevertheless, one way to keep a reader on as well. Descriptions are another one of my strongest areas. I love to create vivid details that come within my head, and pass them on to a novel. I just love to describe many such things, so as I can almost be "in" the story, acting out as the main character. From towering mountains, and sloping valleys. Wherever you go in a story: It's a mega adventure.

Weak Areas: Proofreading, probably. I sometimes get a little impatient, because I want to hurry up and post the new chapter/novel. I've also mixed up "it's" and "its" more times than you can imagine. I never catch them, since I get so impatient. I have gotten better at being patient and spellchecking. Still a weak area, though.

Type of Writings: Adventure/Fantasy/Action. I love mega adventures mixed with fantasy, such as dragons, elves, and such. Along the adventure, sword battles, Pokemon battles, etc., always makes for a good Action story. If you ever read my fics, just note I'm a Fantasy lover.

Type of Characters: I don't have a real set of characters I just stay with. I always move around to make the story more interesting. Also, many of my characters also move around as well, such as being a poor peasant, to a soldier in training.

Current Fanfics and Novels

Phoenix Feathers
PG-13: Slight violence and blood in battle scenes. Not alot of it, though.
Current Progress: Prologue is up, and a preview of Chapter One.

"Here, the first hammer stroke will fall, and it is here that the first chapter of the final legend will be forged..."

Current Progress: Prologue is finished.

"There are risks within every path and step you take. You have to face them sooner or later. A tiny tick in time elapses. Seasons still flourish and time will continue its journey. Chances won't come again, so take them. Trust your instinct..."

Future Stories:

Just A Phase
Coming Fall 2006

"Time doesn't rest forever. It changes, it moves, it breathes, it lives, as is the night sky."

Soul of Iridescence
Coming Summer 2006

Every Kecleon is supposed to change color, right? Kayah is a normal Kecleon, except for one special trait...

Writing Tips: Replace boring words with vivid words. Always keep a thesaurus and dictionary nearby. Also let your imagination go wild. Don't be afraid to go a little off. Create a "background" with your characters. Give them details, and give them a personality. Don't "make" your characters, "be" your characters. Also when you have writers block, don't kill your brain trying to think up something. Take a break every now and then. Listen to music, read other peoples' fics/novels, watch your favorite movie, playing a game, etc. Something will give you a new idea sooner or later.

Banners made by Llybian Minamino. Arigatou!

23rd April 2006, 2:57 AM
Name: Derek {FireKP1}

Age: I am 13

Strong areas: Polt, description. I know how to describe the areas of places and I plan ahead. I also catch most grammar mistakes

Weak Areas: Length. at this point not that good at longer stories although I'm going to increase the length of what I write.

Type of Writing: Stopping evil organzations that make shadow pokemon, maybe adventure.

Current Stories: Now the main writer for The Uprise Of Cipher. Cipher has taken over the region with Shadow Pokemon and are moving into other regions! Now two heroes must destroy Cipher before the whole world of pokemon is under control of Cipher.

Future Stories: None planned yet....

Writing Tips. Always describe the things in your stories. And take ideas from your reviewers.

24th April 2006, 2:55 AM
Name: ShadowCloud62, ShadowCloud, SC....

Age: 13. Hey, just because I'm young does not mean I write in street talk or chat speak.

Types of Writing: Fantasy, Romance, a touch of horror....basically Fantasy

Types of Characters: Basically anything, from cheerful to dark pasts, mysterious to outspoken, I can do any character.

Strongest Point: Characters and plot. I find writing characters fascinating, just inventing and using their personalities to fuel the story and push it forward. Plot is something that just pops up into my head, I could be sitting in my house doing nothing and then a plot idea comes into my head.

Weakest Point: You guessed it, description. I am often straightforward and impatient, and I like to get to the point. I feel description slows me down. However I am working on this drastic flaw.

Summary: "My life changed forever....when IT infected me..."

Time's Sweetest Illusion
Summary: Who are you, Kay...? Who are you?

I don't plan ahead. Usually my stories just pop up out of nowhere. ^_^

Fallen Guardian
25th April 2006, 6:29 AM
Name: Fallen Guardian, Fallen, Fallen1

Age: 20, and loving it btw

Types of Writing: Science Fiction Adventure

Types of Characters: I like to create characters that are much more beneath the surface that readers can connect to. Although dark themes are often involved I try to provide some form a comedy in the characters to lighten the mood.

Strongest Point: From the reviews I have recieved from ACO (Armored Core Online) I have great character, plot development, dialog, and long chapters. But to be honest I really don't know, you'd have to tell me yourself.

Weakest Point: I feel that my biggest problem is conveying the battle scenes that I envision in my mind into my writing. Although I am working to rectify this it is a long process so you will have to bear with me.

E.P.O.C.S.-Dawn of Sorrow
World Conflict (multific)
Red Dawn (multific)

Sadly none at the momment. EPOCS is taking up all my time and will more than likely end up being a 400+ page fiction.

I have already begun to brainstorm for the sequel to EPOCS DoS and also have thought about making a third book but it is far too early to tell.

Hope you enjoy my writing as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

29th April 2006, 12:41 AM
Name: Sunkern/Ben

Age: 19

Strong Areas: Length and descriptive are my main strong points. I started off writing for deadlines so I am used to writing alot in a short time.

Type Of Writing: I'm used to writing roleplays. I am new to fanfic.

Type Of Characters: I like to keep my characters mysterious, but my best characters are always ones that resmble me personally, as I am able to get right inside their heads.

Current Stories: Tealtraum/PG/Not yet Rated

Writing Tips: Set yourself goals. I like to set myself word count goals. Try to vary your descriptive and not repeat yourself. Never force descriptive. Try and structure your work well enough that people will be able to read it without skipping paragraphs.

29th April 2006, 4:44 AM
Name: Pokegirl/Samantha

Age: 11 ( Don't underestimate my power!)

Strong Areas: Twists

Type Of Writing:... I'll get back to you on that.

Type Of Characters: Off the top of my head and myself.

Current Stories: The Spirits

[OPTIONAL] Future Stories: All I need is a home ( Story of a boy and his Pokemon)

Writing Tips: HAVE FUN!

Arcanine Royale
8th May 2006, 12:26 AM
Arcanine's Paw: A Fanfiction Collection

-Updated 7.19.2006-

Name: Arcanine Royale (Sceptile Frost or Sceptile2G everywhere else)

Age: 13

Strong Areas: Description, word usage and choice, non-cliche plot and such.

Weak Areas: Desribing - too much, then too little, getting myself to sit down and write.

Type Of Writing: Pokemon Fanfiction {Journey/Fantasy}, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Type Of Characters: Heroes, arche-types

Current Projects:

Now and Forever, Volume One: The Adventure (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=117776&highlight=Forever)
http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/Scepfrost/nowforever.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=117776&highlight=Forever)

Summary: Connor O'Brien hates his life. But when his one chance to escape it is taken away, what will he do?

Previous Chapter/Part: Chapter Six: From Master to Beginner, Part One completed
Next Chapter/Part: Chapter Six: From Master to Beginner, Part Two (50%)

Length: So far, fifty pages plus.

Rating: G so far, PG later on

Star Rating: 3.500 average, 4 votes

~ ~ ~

Jump {OT} {One-shot} (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=132900)

Summary: A young trainer about to enter the Hoenn League ponders the words of a pokecenter nurse at the cliff edge. One step is the difference between a painless eternity and a pain-filled, yet rewarding life.

Status: Complete

Length: Four pages at Verdan 12 pt.

Rating: PG

Star Rating: None as of yet.

~ A list of titles for fics that I will most likely write ~


Pocket Monsters: The Journey's End
Redlark's Song {Fantasy}

Many Chaptered

Breaking the Habit {OT, Action}
Jason's Quest {Fantasy}

~ A list of titles for fics that I am developing and may or may not write ~


The (Mis)Adventures of a (In)Famous Jigglypuff {Comedy}

Many Chaptered

The Tri-County League {OT, Adventure}
And there I stood, in the middle of the ball diamond, a pokeball in one hand, my other holding up my beltless jeans.

The Legacy of Fate {OT, Adventure}
Summer was the time I most loved, and the time that my journey of fate would begin...

Hoenn Quest: Emerald Saga {OT, Action, Horror}
If you had called me a coward prior to January 8th, you would have been right. But after the fated day, I know what is out there. And I am ready to face it.

The Truth Unmasked {OT, Action}
I am what most call a villain. But truly, I am possessed by a villian.

Silver Island Quest {OT, Adventure}
The muggy air was the last straw. I tossed my pop over the decking, grabbed a pokeball, and set off for a better life.

The Majiks of Orion Trilogy
Three heroes, three majiks, three ruined lives.
Runecraft - Scholarly talents were all I had, until one day in the Royal Library I touched a ragged old, leather coated tome and began to read...
Witchcraft - The moment my parents sold me to a witch, I knew it was going to get worse before it got better. How wrong I was.
Starcraft - I looked up at the stars, and saw my wildest dreams come vividly alive...

The Clone Wars Trilogy
Poke Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Ariados
Poke Wars, Episode II: The Clone of Fate
Poke Wars, Episode III: Vengeance Entangled

The Stantler Wars Trilogy
Santa Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Santa
Santa Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Stantler
Santa Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Silph


Arcanine Antholgy: Twenty Anime-based Poems
War of the Serebii / Fairy War {Fantasy}

Writing Tips:

1. Outlines help your writing. They provide a loose frame for your writing, and help it stay focused.

2. The dictionary, thesaurus, and writing guides as books and online are very helpful.

3. A few people online or inperson to encourage you to write are invaluable. They can range from siblings to friends to beta readers. Take your pick.

4. You don't have to write your chapters as they will appear. Heck, my upcoming fic, Emerald Saga, started when I wrote a Epilogue, and then I wrote the Prologue. Now, I am working on the League battles and the first few chapters.

Mysteria Pearl
21st May 2006, 4:17 AM
Name: Mysteria Pearl

Age: Yes, I am a teenager. Not sayin any more

Types of Writing: ROMANCE, fantasy, Mystery, Suspense, sometimes Drama

Types of Characters: People with a mysterious past, they come in all kinds. Mean, strict, sweet, kind, hunky, pretty, ones who hide their feelings and some ditzy (but not very many) I'm really good @ making them adorible!

Strongest Point: making people (the readers) crazy. Cute little romantic scenes; making people gag on the sweetness of it all :D And author's notes. They come to me randomly and people tell me that add a huge kick of laughter or even insanity to my works. Making things very stressful is also a very strong point of mine.

Weakest Point: um... making big long paragraphs (that everybody hates and skip over anyway) I kinda understand that narration seems boring to some people but to others they think i need way more of it.

Cape Of the Ninetails
Summary: "When Misty and Ash are trapped in a midEVIL Rocket, run by the mysterious Ninetails Yolanda, the others are quick to help... well maybe not so quick, but in the meantime, in order to save Ash, Misty's marrying their king, and MEANWHILE there's just chaos everywhere else."
Rating: pg-pg13

um... online? none so far, but COTN should be finished soon *tear*

WEll, I'm working on a humongous crossover currently that includes Pokemon, IGPX, From Far Away, Naruto, Digimon, etc.

uh... don't make paragraphs too long or people will skip over them or fall asleep XD Tenseness is always good. Occasionally will give peeps a headache, but hey, who care? Que Sera Sera!

~ Mysteria Pearl ~

21st May 2006, 4:48 AM
how could I have missed this? oh well, here I go...

Name: PDL, or Jon

Age: 20 (I feel old :()

Strong Areas: Well, I've been told I'm good at descriptive paragraphs and creating interesting characters. There's also pacing between chapters so it doesn't go too slowly or too quickly.

Weak Areas: My chapters tend to be short compared to chapters of other fics, mostly because I have a short attention span and can't keep writing for several hours. Initially I hated writing in school (my handwriting is terrible, even my printing sucks.) So writing usually hasn't come naturally to me, hence the grammar and spelling errors that occur every so often.

Type Of Writing: I prefer comedy especially silly moments, with a bit of drama and action as well.

Type Of Characters: I've found I often create characters that are cute or interesting in some way, I can't bear to make them "suffer" though. I also prefer writing about pokemon or non-human characters over human ones.

Current Stories:

Sabrina's Story
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/Pufflizard/Sabrina2-smaller.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=98602)
the adventure of a kirlia and friends

I had another fic called A torchic's idenity, but it's been pruned... perhaps I'll post it sometime in the future.

Writing Tips: It's best to "show" rather then "tell" don't just tell what your character or setting is like, give the reader sensory detail and make them experience what you want to describe.

13th June 2006, 2:13 PM
Name: Judai&Sho(aka Straw_hat_boy_luffy, shbl, showcreator)

Age: Teenager(old enough to understand the good stuff lol)

Strong Areas: General Story itself. You know, actually writing and creating characters and storylines.

Weak Areas: Oy, composition, grammer, drawing etc. I write good but actually getting my thoughts down in story form isnt really something Im skilled at. Thats why Katiekitty has agreed to help me. That way, it will be easier to enoy my story.

Types of stories: Mysteries. I love them. I like to create shows similar to LOST. A continuing mystery that streches across the whole series.

Types of characters: I dont have a specific type. I create all kinds of different characers. I think its good to not stick to a certain type of character and spread your variety of characters out more.

Current Works: Extermination you can find it in the non-pokemon fics here. Outside of a certain chatroom, all but 2 people who have read it, liked it. Its inspired by LOST and uses names of characters from other anime but is an original story.

Finished Works: Cosmic Frontier, a manga summry thing I did for a while, went over big with the few kids that read it. Split, this was a mysterious one shot I wrote. It was pretty cool with the few who read it, if you want, PM to request it and I can post it here.

Future Works: Im thinking of doing a story called Nightmare Academy about a haunted school later this summer. It would only be 14 episodes. Tell me what you think i should do about that.

Writing tips: Stay motivated and try make your story appealing to others. Try to keep it original as much as possible and just try to entertain people. Remember, lack of motivation could cause you to ruin a great thing.

15th June 2006, 11:50 PM
Name: I go by Banov on this internet thing.

Age: Age doesn't matter; telling my age can only hurt my reputation with somebody older than me.

Strong Areas: Argh! To name one of my own strong would be pretty conceited of myself. I'd say lately I've been focusing a lot on character development and writing individual chaacters.

Weak Areas: Uninteresting plots is a weakenss which I'm pretty certian I conquered with my latest work based on comments I've gotten. Grammar would be one, since I tend to have a lot of typos, but I always proof-read plus I get someone else to read over the story for me before I put something up. I guess my weak point would be..... the pre-writing process? I tend to not plan enough before I begin writing, and I can be very fickle with the overall plot of my stories.

Types of stories: Usually an adventure- style where the main character changes location a lot. So far that hasn't happened in my latest work, though.

Types of characters: As many as I can think up. I love a varied cast because if you've got 20 of the same person writing the interactions is really boring.

Current Works: The Forgotten Son, there's a link to it in my signature. It's a pretty angsty story (my first) but from the comments I've gotten it's going very well.

Finished Works: ...I'd be embarrased to put up previous works of mine. Each project tends to be vastly better than the last, so my last works are pieces of crap comapred to my latest work. Once I write something after TFS I'll probably be ashamed of that too....

Future Works: Ohhh, I just began a new one and if I began thinking about my next work I'd lose interest very quickly. Best not to look at this until much later. Perhaps I'll do a re-make of one of my last works which was corrupted by bad writing at the time but could be improved by my modern writing ability.

Writing tips: GOOD GRAMMAR. Nobody will read your story if it's got poor grammar.

When you write a story, try to incorporate lots of things you've never seen done before by anyone else- originality is key too. The journey story is/has become awfully static and uninteresting in the fanfiction world, so unless yours is vastly different from a journey story to the point where it can only remotely be called one don't expect too much popularity.

Oh, and good grammar's important too.

Did I mention good grammar?

21st June 2006, 8:28 AM
Name: Linx_389
Age: n/a

Strong Areas: Fantasy, description, adventure.

Type Of Writing: Fantasy.

Type Of Characters: All types, but they usually have some way to fly and have some sort of magic power.

Current Stories:

http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f153/linx_389/spiurtbdsuifo.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=3494843#post3494843)
Spirit Spell
By Linx_389
Up to: Chapter 5

Writing Tips: Whenever you are working in a completly new world, make sure you draw a map. You don't want to put a town in the east and it suddenly changes location to the west.

25th June 2006, 1:38 AM
Name: kitsune_boy389

Strong Areas: I'm good at description. I'm good at length and I'm good at Fantasy.

Type of Writing: Fantasy, Fan-Fics

Types of Characters: Usually males, always have some way to fly.

28th June 2006, 4:56 AM
NAME: King Harley, Emperor of Scarow

AGE: 14
SEX: Male
LOCATION: Bronx, New York, 10467

FINISHED FICS: They're Sagas, so...

CURRENT FICS: Pokémon XD: The Shadow Nebula

STRONG SUITS: People say I have talent for creating good plots and characters able to expand on characters and Pokémon with overwhelming but useful description, able to play the screen in a person's head.

WEAK SUITS: I have trouble with keeping up at things, like destroying part of the plot later in the story thanks to a forgetful mind (Think GS Ball).

CHARACTERS: They're either heroic or evil. Think MegaMan, Viewtiful Joe, Colosseum/XD

PLOTS: Random popups

28th June 2006, 7:55 PM
Name: deadlyrose

Age: 14

Strong Areas: descriptions, and imagination ;)

Type Of Writing: romance, fantasy, horror, thriller, adventure type stories.

Type Of Characters: a mary-sue and a bad-girl, sometimes mixed, and rarely, i make the characters normal..

Current Stories:
http://www.imagetrash.net/image_28912.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=125640)
The Deadly Rose
one sniff and you die

http://images.cjb.net/bb591.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=3773817#post3773817)
Hippogriffs are annoying

Future Stories: earth, flame and water, v.2, Unimorphosis {1 shot};107; and possibly a non pkmn version to the deadly rose and maybe the lizard

tips: have fun while writing and write what you want, always plan and always chilax when critisised

unfortunately, my story, the deadly rose was locked. you may read it and pm me comments though ;100;

3rd July 2006, 12:38 AM
Name: Faerie, but when I'm required to insert a name I use Aranoki. It's not my real name though. And I'll never say what it is. >x

Age: 12. Twelllllllllllve.

Strong Areas: I don't really tend to write long stories, so I can't say my strenght is in that area. However, if I do say so myself I consider myself pretty good in the category of character and description. Hehe. Well, people tell me that my characters are believeable, and I suppose that's because I spend a lot of time developing my characters and plotting how I can make their personalities and other traits fit into the story. Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough description in my stories, but I feel confident in what I have because I spend a lot of time (sometimes up to an hour or two, which is really ridiculous) thinkng about the best way to describe things. I'm not very good at rich prose, but I don't really like it either so I suppose that's a good thing. I also happen to take pride in my grammar...and well, my spelling also, but sometimes that isn't very good, so I use Spell-Check. The reason for this is not as much that I like good grammar as it is that I DESPISE bad grammar. The latter melts my insides.

Type Of Writing: I've always liked romance and fantasy. Romance is fun to write, although sometimes I wonder if I'm writing it correctly as I'm young and I've never been in love. However I still enjoy writing it. Can't say why. Fantasy is also great because you can do whatever you want with it and it can be as bizzare and nonsensical as you like. Or it can be creepy or mysterious. Fantasy is wonderful, yesss. Fanfiction's the most fun for me.

Type Of Characters: I like weird characters. They could be troubled, shy, antisocial, totally happy-go-lucky or anything like that. Normal people are sometimes fun to write about, but most of the time my characters are very strange. I experiment with different kinds of characters in all of my stories.

Current Stories:
http://i6.*******.com/1zdbx5j.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=77984)
“But what we want to know most is this: Will the Orb-holders play as important of a role as they did in the past? Will they be nothing but pawns, simply awakening the Titans and ending their role there? Or maybe they will be solo artists and we will be completely unimportant? If there is a prophecy written at the Final Resting Place, likely our questions will be answered.”
Tired of mild villains that don't seem much like villains at all? Looking for a story that's not about the good guys? Then Love and Loyalty's for you. Once you've read it, Musashi, Kojirou and Nyaasu will look like saints.
Reviewers Say:
“TWOOT! o.o I must say, bravo, BRAVO! *insert standing ovation here*” -xXSaberXx
“Wow, still great... why isn't this getting the respect it deserves?” -Quackerdrill
“FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC.” -Typhlogirl

Future Stories:
Why was going back to the house so important to her? It kept one of her most meaningful memories in its secluded hold, but was it something more than that?

Writing Tips: STILL coming soon...I am so lazy...

6th July 2006, 3:36 PM
name: Krys but my real name is Catalina.

age: 13

strong areas: descriptions, character designs, using good vocab and grammar, slapstick humor

weak areas: sometimes I make the stories too long and dragging and sometimes the plot gets wrecked

type of writing: I write a lot of Fantasy, realistic fic(especially in school when they give you essays and stuff) and mostly school history reports but I do a little fanfic writing when I can! That is mostly romance, comedy, action and edge-of-the-seat-thrillers

types of characters: I like to use smart-aleck talking animals like in my Pokemon fics, heroic protagonist girls who are super smart like me but have severe issues that they must overcome, supporting characters who have differnet and colorful personalities and bad guys who aren't really bad, just brainwashed into evil and have to face themselves in life-changing desisions.

plots: usually I follow the basic but I do like a good cliffhanger now and then.

future stories: currently I'm working on this one about Suicune and a bunch of characters from the GSC games. I started this little gag comic called Rug Rattatas which is about Ash's childhood and memoirs of living next door to Gary. I hope to novelize it soon.

tips for authors: don't get too elaborate with things because then your fic will turn into a New York Times Novel ! (I speak from experience >.<)
unless that's what you want!

7th July 2006, 10:02 AM
*~*~{The Profile of Owneik}~*~*

Name: Owneik

Age: 14

Strong Areas: Well, I wouldn't say I excel in description, but I like to call myself an 'innovative describer'. Heh. What I do excel in, though, is character's, in both creation and development, as well as the 'art of staying in-character'. And while it's not as much of a pro as it is a standard, my spelling and grammar is sufficient. Definitely sufficient.

Type Of Writing: Well, it depends. I find myself writing more action-geared, realistic stories with parts of fantasy a lot of the time...however, I do enjoy writing comedy (and I think I'm pretty good at it too >_>). Sometimes, mostly with smaller projects like one-shots (with exceptions -yeah, Unperfect Plan-), I like to take a completely generic and overused concept and add characters made to be interesting, and see if it's really possible to make any story good with some of that ol' character development and interaction.

Type Of Characters: Anyone, anything! I love all (most) characters...as for my favorite, though, I'll admit; I'm a sucker for the underdog.

Current Stories:

The Unperfect Plan (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=127720)
Genre: It is most definitely a trainer fic with a typical setting. Note, typical setting, and that's it. Thus, it has definite forms of action (namely pokemon battles), and for a precise genre...I'd call it General/Comedy.
Rating: PG13. So far, it's pretty safe for anyone, but just to be sure.
Stars: Oh, it changed. Eh, 4.33 average, three votes.
Current Chapter: Chapter Two: My Pride and Joy. Read it. It's good. >_>
Summary: What the hell to summarize? 16 year-olds Elliot, Rachel and Patch have finally been given their chance to set out and participate in the Daikon League. And that's about it. I don't wanna give anything away, as it's still in the first chapter. ^_^
Writer's Comment: In the words of Yami Rui (talking about the Advice to Aspiring Authors thread), 'fecking read it'. XD I need some feedback, all writers do.
Reader Comments (AKA Obvious Selective C+Ping to Make Me Look Good):
"this is really good!"
"I loved it. Absoloutely loved it, honestly."
"Rating: ;025; ;025; ;025; ;025;
For a first timer, you're good!"
"Great fic!"

Future Stories: Nothing, as of now. I probably will stay off full-fledged stories till The Unperfect Plan is finished, but a one-shot or two isn't impossible.

Writing Tips: Well, I'll give you the three golden Owneik rules;

1. If You Can't Read It, No One Else Will: Check your ****ing spelling and make sure you have your grammar under control.
2. The Five Senses Are Dead: Give us some insight into your story and characters; BACKSTORY and DESCRIPTION. However, don't be boring and say 'Jack has blonde spiky hair, pale skin and a red suit. He lived with his mother for a long time and blablabla. Now adventure.'. I'm not gonna give you an example, that's for you to work out.
3. Wake, Up, *****! Stay Off the PCP!: Be. Realistic. Yes, even though it could be a creeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyy fantasy fic, stay realistic to not just the scientific laws of its universe, but to the character, the backstory, the mythos, everything.

And that's all for now.

John's Knight
8th July 2006, 4:10 PM
John's Knight’s Profile

John or JK




Strong Areas
Pokemon Battles


Type Of Writing


Type Of Characters


Current Stories

Vengeance (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=128549)
Every act has its consequence...

The Legendary Realm, the sacred place where the souls of the legendary pokemon live, while their bodies live in Earth (the souls control the bodies) is threatened by a mysterious being: Celebi's soul is stolen, by that shadow character. But what it's more intriguing is that the being responsible stole Celebi's soul in Earth, an impossible thing, seeing that her soul lived on the Legendary Realm...

A young trainer named [????] was walking in the [????] Forest, when he was unlucky enough to witness another murderer: this time, Suicune [might change], and before the murderer spot by the trainer could kill him, the other legendaries appear, the murderer escaping. The legendaries accept the trainer’s help, and his soul is taken to the Legendary Realm. While he was learning the history of pokemon and its dark side, the murderer was taking the remaining souls. The legendaries then found out that the murderer isn’t what they thought it was, and that they were dealing with something much more powerful and dangerous than they expected…

Future Stories

The DD Project
Any copycat is harmless to society, since all it does is copy something. However, this copycat can change the world as we know it...

Writing Tips
Enjoy what you write ^^

The Admiral
8th July 2006, 4:27 PM
Name: ∆Prime Mover∆ (Make up all the funny nicknames you want)
Age: 15. (Isn't that amazing?)
Strong Areas: Plot development, core character-work. Every time I start a work based on something, I like to get in touch with the character's personality - like in my current story, Where Matter Vanishes, I'm already familiar with the characters of FFTA, and all of the other characters are made up, but many are inspired by other things, too.
Type Of Writing: I tend to write stories driven by action, occasionally some romance, but definitely some fantasy elements in there, too.
Type Of Characters: I like to write for the more insistant characters, personally, like Marche in Where Matter Vanishes and how driven he is to get home. People like that can be fun to write for. I'm pretty good at writing for really over-the-top characters, too, like a genius who spouts incoherent physics stuff as he contemplates the world with a random bystanded, and such.
Current Stories:
Where Matter Vanishes, which can be found here (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=128114). Rated PG-15 for violence, alcohol use, language and minor sexually-themed quotations. Based on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and sees the insertion of many new characters (around 20 major storyline characters) - a chronicle of Marche's quest to get back home, and a soldier on the road to seeing justice served...
-2 chapters up so far here, 4 written
-2 character dossiers up, 4 written
-No votes
-1 review
-Genre: I guess you could call it Fantasy, but it's definitely more on the action edge - sometimes there might even be some comedy in it. Not often, though.
-Summary: The story is about Marche, who was mysteriously warped into Ivalice by a magic book in his homeworld (which is essentially the real world) and Arashi, a soldier who works for the Queen of Ivalice, leader of an organization who defects from it in order to seek his own goals. The land of Ivalice is being invaded by strange brigands from across the sea and their green balding running-man partners who shoot needles from their receding hairlines... Or, at least, that's what the citizens see. The humans wear burlap sacks on their heads with eye-holes and a mouth hole - think off-white ski-masks. Among what exists here are some 20 special troopers like Arashi getting slaughtered, semi-transparent weapons appearing as if from nowhere that obliterate enemies and are controlled by one's mind, a treacherous captain, a plot to kill the Queen, another plot to kill the Queen, p.ssed-off lawmen, and half-drunken man-lizards.
Future Stories:
Margin of Error, probably to be rated PG-13, about a man who triggers the apocalypse with a time machine. One-shot.
The Sundogs, to be rated PG-13 for violence and language, uses the Final Fantasy 10 world, pre-Braska. Follows the story of a deranged cult. Uses frequent timestamps to separate the events, like used a bit during Chapter 2 of WMV, but with fewer of them, but throughout the entire story.
Writing Tips:
Self-insertion can be a bugger because you'll be tempted to overpower yourself, so avoid it unless you really know what you're doing.
Be open about your character's personality at first. Help your readers see your characters better. Trust me, in action-oriented fics, it can be tempting to throw personality to the wind and have the people jump right into the fray, but, Christ, make the characters something more than one-dimensional.
Avoid the normal stereotypes unless you're making a parody fic.
Have fun with the extras, seriously! They're usually only there for a limited time!
If there's an organization, make it organized. It's not called an organization for nothing.

More later...? Maybe...? I don't know.


Haruhi Suzumiya
8th July 2006, 4:52 PM
Name: Haruhi Suzumiya

Age: 11

Strong Areas: I do not know. People tell me I am gifted with the English language, so I suppose eloquence.

Type Of Writing: ..I also do not know much about this category, but I suppose angst and sarcastic, witty humor.

Type Of Characters: ...sarcastic, witty ones?

Current Stories: Faa Morgana - a relatively new story I made from the perspective of a disparaging adolescent.

Future Stories: Not sure.

Writing Tips: I have insufficient experience to provide useful tips..

Shrike Flamestar
8th July 2006, 5:09 PM
Name: Shrike Flamestar. My real first name is Michael.

Age: As of the time of this post, seventeen.

Strong Areas: The parts of writing I am best at tend to be my characters, deep and intricate plots, action and seriousness interspersed with comedy (derived from the clash between characters and the environment, or characters and other characters), and a good level of detail and description without being boring. I am also good at writing scenes containing a large amount of descriptive gore, although my current fanfic doesn’t do me enough justice in that area.

Weak Areas: The single weakest area of writing for me is my grammar. While I have vastly improved throughout the development of my current fanfic at the criticism of some of my reviewers, I still could use a ton of work on my grammar.

Type of Writing: For Pokémon, all of my fics were, are, and will be OT fics. That does not mean I necessarily write journey fics where the primary goal is to obtain badges, but rather that I just hate writing about the canon characters and instead prefer to always make up my own. As for genres, my two favorites are undoubtedly sci-fi and fantasy; specifically, the highly technologically advanced side of sci-fi, and the sword fights and magical powers from fantasy.

Type of Characters: While a lot of my characters do possess attributes that are Mary Sue-ish (a mysterious girl who can’t remember her past and has special powers? Where have I seen that before...), I try my best to characterize them and make them as realistic as possible. This isn’t because I am unoriginal, as some of my other characters prove, but that I just like writing those certain clichés in characters. Specifically, I enjoy writing mysterious and completely absurd characters the most.

Current Stories: Currently, I only have one fic to list:

http://zelos689.home.comcast.net/c.jpg (www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=107463)
~14 year old Shrike Flamestar has always yearned to be a Pokémon Trainer. However, after an incident at his
school sends him on his own journey, Shrike is thrust into a fight against two mysterious
organizations each with their own intertwining goals.~

Rated five stars, the original trainer (yet not a journey) fic “The Flamestar Chronicles” has received critical acclaim since its inception. While the fanfic’s chapters are given content ratings on an individual basis, the overall content rating according to the author would be PG-13 because of violence, gore, language, and sexual innuendo.

A few quotes from reviewers:
“You have had me rooted to my seat for 6 hours, reading all the way from chapter 1 till [chapter 11]!” ~ Hahahabvc87 on Serebii.net
“Original characters and plot, mystery, humor...READ THIS STORY! You will be glad you did!” ~ Katie on FanFiction.net
“Woohoo!!! GORE!” ~ Kyuubii on Serebii.net

Banner made by Tezza.

Future Stories: I am currently considering a rewrite of at least the first Part of The Flamestar Chronicles, however I am thinking that it would be better for me to wait awhile more to do that. I am currently also trying to formulate a plot for an R rated horror one-shot filled with gore, but have had no luck so far. I am also planning to start on none other than a lemon one-shot in a few days, but it will probably never be posted here, due to the fact that it will be rated NC-17, and will be highly controversial in nature.

Writing Tips: Always try to plan out at least the main parts of the story beforehand; this allows you to better integrates subtle clues that will eventually come together to form a big revelation. If you ever find yourself stuck, don’t push yourself into trying to write when you can’t; instead, try thinking out future chapters in the story, listen to some inspirational and powerful music, watch some anime that’s similar to the style your fic is written in, and other things to try to get your brain working again.

20th July 2006, 6:45 AM
Name: Zora

Age: Your current age

Strong Areas: Plot with in doubt.

Type Of Writing: Fantasy/Adventure/Action. Those three I like the most.

I think this will fall under here. What is labeled as a normal chapter is what I call an Episode. Each episode is split into 3-4 parts called chapters. Each episode focus's on a different aspect. Then there is a series, which every ten chapters (3 episodes), which foucs's on an entirely new concept.

Type Of Characters:
Villians: Though not seen often in my current (and my first real) fanfic, you will start to see that very rarely that they will say "I am a good guy now." These makes it very difficult to find them, and persaude them to the good side, especially put under a limit not yet revealed. Only two people (out of a good dozen) will actually turn good.

Current Stories:
Conflicts of the Ancient Worlds (---Stars)
(Ya, I know, a 's' is missing)

After a person named Stevat from Aflitaria (as seen in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) is forced from his home-world and sent to Avar, he must continue his life after a unfaithful murder. Though it seems like the murder was just a simple murder, clues from a mysterious organization gradually reveal that it is anything but. Know in the desperate rate of time, they need to find the myster and later have to fight in a war, but for what will happen? Also includes a lot of references and plot complications from FFTA

[OPTIONAL] Future Stories:
I will probably not do a Pokemon fic. Pokemon is not my main series (falls short to animal crossing), therefore I will probably not write about it. Also the ideal of Pokemon heavily effects the plot area. You can not really have bloodthirsty villians looking to be immortal.

27th July 2006, 4:06 PM
Name: -4J-, or RJ.

Age: 13

Strong Areas: My strong areas are constantly developing because of my age, and I find all those who read my works at home tend to comment on the same variety of mixed features. Description, Detail and Plot are perhaps the ones that myself and others find are the strongest aspects of my writing. My use of imagery and vocabularly are definitely in amongst my best features aswell. My vocabulary just seems to come out of nowhere; I find myself using hundreds of words and phrases that I can't remember learning from anywhere. I tend to get every bit of detail into the story, rarely missing out a thing. My chacterization is another mentionable feature, particularly how I develop the characters throughout the story and how I define their actions from past events.

Type of Writing: Suspense and Thriller/Drama are the genres I use most when writing. Comedy is another big thing for me; even during stories of tragedy and death I always try to sneak in a bit of humour. Stories to do with personal growth and achievment are another big thing for me; I love to show how the characters change and how they accept who they are or perhaps hwo they don't.

Type of Characters: The types of characters in my story have to be ranging, most of them compleetly different, and yet while have differences making it that one would not be that way without the other. Some have strong similarities that are only noticed through a series of events.

Current Stories:


Thorn In The Roses is my story which I am just begining to write, and it is my first fic I've written here (So yes, I'm sort of new here). Only the Prologue is up just now but I'm well underway in writing the first chapter. The Plot is rather dark and sinister, and takes turns at many points. The main story is about the leader of a secret orginization's search for a certain person he belieevs holds the key to his employee's research. The man has discovered that the boy is arriving shortly at the Hoenn League, and he decides he must take him by force. However, another boy of similair importance is arriving there too - but he holds the key to stopping and destroying the orginization. The man must retrieve the first boy while at the same time destroying his arch enemy.

Future Stories: The Streets is a story I am now probably writing. It's about a Pokemon Trainer, Grant, who lives in Glasgow. He gets caught up in the illegal world of underground Pokemon Battling, a no-rules no-boundaries style of battling. He and his Pokemon, Medicham, Electabuzz (?) and Kecleon must fight there way to the top to earn the title of the Ultimate Street fighter by facing the Elite 8 'Street leaders' - The eight most skilled players os Street Battling who reside in different areas of Glasgow. But will Grant's conscience catch up with him before the police do? Or will he bump into something much more interesting?...

The Streets is a story of love, war, regret, suspense, and ultimately a battle between a different kind of good and evil. PM me to tell me your thoughts on this fic-to-be.

Writing Tips: I honestly can't think about this one. I'm a bit young to be giving advice, I think. What I would say is that you should be as creative as possible (cliche, anyone?), make twists in the plot when you think people are leasting expecting it. Keep them on the edge of their seats gazing at the screen, and then make them nearly fall off of it with a dramatic climax and a turn of events. And be clever with the plot aswell, make people suddenly understand a series of mysterious events, from personal experience I know that I laugh and nearly kick myself sometimes when reading a Thriller when the plot suddenly comes into place. I'll get back to you when I can think of more :p
I have a new one! ALWYAS save regularly when typing on MS Word. ALWAYS. Don't make the same mistake I did and lose everything to a computer crash.

Pikki Zuka
31st July 2006, 4:24 AM
Name: Pikki Zuka. Pikki is fine (and less formal. I'm friendly, I promise ^^).

Age: Older than you.

Strong Areas: Grammar and spelling, along with characterization and dialogue. I write original characters and sometimes minor anime/game characters, like gym leaders. I give them lots of depth, and their conversations flow naturally for me.

Type Of Writing: I like to think I write gripping coming-of-age stories complete with drama and romance.

Type Of Characters: In Pokemon, I like original characters, both writing and reading about them. Pokemon is such a fascinating universe, so I like "meeting" different types of people, not just the same ones from the anime over and over. I like characters that are intelligent, witty, compassionate, and just a tad bit on the existential side, so long as they eventually find their answers.

Current Stories: Eternal Winter: Destiny Bond (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=134666) is the intertwining story of several young trainers and students trying to find their places in the world, while at the same time learning to handle a mysterious technology that may allow them to communicate with their pokemon on a spiritual plane... but at what cost?

Future Stories: That depends on how well things go. ^_~ Some things you might see include:

E.Winter omake stories
Boundless Sky, an E.Winter "spinoff" about a young trainer in Hoenn and her journey across the region (not a typical journeyfic)
Plastic Wings, about a gym leader, an elite trainer, and how their relationship incurs the vengeance of the self-appointed Saint of Dragons
a yet-unnamed story detailing the blossoming love and concurrent hardships between gym leaders Flannery and Winona (my favorite ship!)

Writing Tips: Always have a plot, and know what you want to happen before you start publishing your story. Even if you have an idea for the ending, figure out what will lead up to that, so you don't end up with filler chapters. I learned this the hard way.

If you can, have a friend who knows your style (and possibly your characters) proofread your chapters and check for continuity or out-of-characterness. Sometimes you miss things when you get caught up in writing.

Check your spelling and grammar, or have someone check it for you. Have a dictionary and thesaurus on hand. In book form. Don't trust Microsoft Word.

Pokémon Guard
31st July 2006, 1:55 PM
Name: Pokémon Guard, which is unoriginal. But I've had this name for years, so I refuse to change it!

Age: Only twelve, but I've had people say I have the mind of an 18-year-old.... o.o

Strong Areas: I have sufficient grammar and spelling, but nothing special. Also, I have good characterization, and I always tend to make my stories as realistic as I can. Most of my characters are original and are usually reflections of me, or my friends.

Types of Writing: I like to write flowing stories that don't have one particular genre. Depending on the situation, I try to make it flow naturally from action... to adventure... to comedy... to horror.... to romance...

Characters: It is a mixed bag. Basically, the way I see it is that my story is like a melting pot of the anime, the manga, the games, and maybe even the TCG (I have plans for including Delta Species Pokemon in my biggest fanfiction.) But with every character, I try to expand on their backstory as far as I can and give them color depth.

Current Stories: Pokemon: The Z Chronicles. (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=129755)


This SEEMS to be a typical trainer fic at first glance. But, boy, are you wrong. Not long after 10-year-old twin brothers Jordan and Dalton set off on their Pokemon journey in Kanto (their starters are Pichu and Eevee, and their hometown is Pallet Town), they realize that they're way in over their heads.

For example, take this. When Mew created the Pokemon World, billions and billions of years ago, some negative energy seemed to break off from the positive energy that Mew created. This eventually formed into the concept of evil, and from this evil hatred came a very ancient and intelligent demon. This demon was exactly the opposite of good - everything bad that you could think of, this demon had. All seven deadly sins.

This demon poisoned Jordan's brother, Dalton, and twisted his mind, eventually turning Dalton into a monster, who turned on his own brother and attempted to kill him.

But that's not all. A young Pokemon Breeder girl from a small village, named Kristin, finds Jordan and Dalton one day (before Dalton turned into a monster, which came much later). After they save her life, Kristin is devoted to the two brothers, and even develops a small crush on Jordan - but sadly, once Kristin fully realizes the horrors that this demon has wrought on the two brother's lives, she too becomes a victim of evil.

Jordan always seems to find a way to temporarily repel the demon's advances upon his life, and manages to put his friends back on his good side. Yes, the three friends love eachother very much, but sadly there is a lot of interruption caused by the forces of evil.

Enter something else: Type Z. Nobody knows what this mysterious substance is, but it's classified "Type Z". And it is a very powerful and mystical energy, that can be used for bad or good. In the wrong hands, it can kill millions. In the right hands, it can be a powerful, magical and holy force of justice. But no matter what this "Type Z" is, the heroes eventually find themselves having to deal with Type Z.

And, aside from the demon, there are some other bad guys too. Enter: Two new Team Rocket members, Bonnie and Clyde. They're so evil and brutal, it makes you wonder whether they are able to feel love or not. And don't forget the two kids known as Kadijah and Matthew, who attempt to harrass the good guys at every corner.

This fanfiction is basically based off of all of the different Pokemon mediums. It's like the games, the anime, and the manga all blended into one. For example, TMs and levels exist in this world, but also Ash and friends do too.

The Z Chronicle's plotline extends far back into the ancient origins of this Pokemon World. I have big plans for this fanfiction, and I hope you'll love it as much as I do. Get ready for one complicated fanfiction saga! And it's available to read NOW!

Writing Tips: Always have a plot. Think as much into what you're going to write as you can, BEFORE you write. You may have to think up some things as you go along - this is okay, it's perfectly normal to have writer's block and such.

Always run a spelling and grammar check, but be wary. Programs like Microsoft Word have a hard time realizing whether you're really writing correct grammar or not, so be careful.

If it helps, try to make your characters based off of someone you knew from real life. This will help your characters become more alive, because they share a real person's thoughts and feelings.

10th August 2006, 12:53 PM
Name: Dan Robert Hartas, known to most simply as Tachyon.

Age: Fourteen.

Strong Areas: My strongest area is plot, I think. I simply refuse to write anything unless I have pages upon pages of plan showing what hints to drop where and how to add to the mystery. I like to think my characters are good but I often neglect the minor characters in fics. My description leaves a lot to be desired but I think my chapter length is good, Clockrow averaging out at 15.2 pages per chapter at the moment.

Type Of Writing: I don't have a lot to go on yet. When I started planning Clockrow, I thought of it as a mystery. While those mystery connections are still there and very prominent, my style of writing has made it drift more toward adventure and that's how I classify it now. Of course, I love to sprinkle in a little humour here and there, to lighten the mood and keep the story from getting too dark. So my style summed up is adventure stories with a continuous sub-plot of mystery with humour scattered throughout to keep the reader entertained.

Type Of Characters: This is a difficult one. My main character is usually a great leader, a bit too talkative and always the one to make the jokes. He (I don't think I've ever written a story with a female protagonist) is usually accompanied by a sidekick, the one who always gets into trouble and has everything bad happen to them. Clichéd I know, but I don't really write it as comic relief like most would. The third character I tend to use is the braniac. A little eccentric but knows or has access to all the information you might need. Usually the one to solve the mystery. In Clockrow I've combined this character with the protagonist to create Roan, to create a tenth Doctor-ish personality, which I love to write. The sidekick is May in Clockrow, but I write the story in third person limited from her point of view, so she doesn't seem as much of a background character as your average sidekick. Villians are difficult for me to place as I've never got far enough into a story so that you know who it is, though Clockrow is getting to that point. The hooded man is quite sinister and knows everything about Roan including things he's never told anyone before. I like that in a villian, where they're strangely intimate because they know you so well, and yet you hate them for the things they've done. I like my minor characters to be relatively smart people put in a situation where they're hoplessly naive, that happens a lot in Clockrow.

Current stories:

http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a239/Psychic_Wynaut/Clockrow-2.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=108717)

4 Stars - Adventure/Mystery

May is faced with a hopeless situation. Groudon and Kyogre have been awakened and are at war with one another, Ash is dead and all chance of avoiding the calamity has gone. She is just about to lose her own life to the floods when a mysterious trainer saves her and makes everything okay in the blink of an eye. Captivated by him, May joins Roan's adventures though space and time, making sure the course of history runs the right way. But does Roan have something to hide?

Future Stories: The only things I can think to put here are Parts 2 and 3 of the Clockrow Trilogy. The existing part is officially called Paradox, but only in the same way Star Wars IV is called A New Hope. Part 2 is called Multiverse, and I can't risk giving too much away about the plot for fear of spoiling the ending of Paradox. This part of the series will be directed more toward the adventure side, and will be less about mystery than Part 1. Part 3 is a prequel in a way in that it features a younger Roan as the main character, but I like to think of it as a sequel. It finishes off the story nicely, giving it a very circular feel. This looks like an adventure at the moment though the main content of the plot is being revised extensively and may include an underlying mystery like the original.

Writing Tips: My stories were rubbish at first until I learned the 3 Ps: Plan, Progress and Personality. (Okay, I just made them up now, but they are things that are important to use and are things I use in my stories).

The first tip is to Plan. You're fic is going nowhere without proper planning. For me it is important to know exactly where my plot is going before I start. I have reams of plan for Clockrow, I had developed Roan's extensive backstory before even putting ink to paper to write the first chapter. Speaking of chapters, before I start any chapter I have about five pages of plan saying exactly where that chapter is going and when, I even plan most of the jokes before starting. Some people have written excellent stroies completely spontaneously and that's fair enough, but you're far more likely to suceed if you know where you're going.

Secondly, you need to allow for Progress within that plan. By progress I basically mean beefing it up and making it longer. I've seen entire fics that could fit into a single Chapter of my Clockrow, if it doesn't have the capacity to be lengthy then don't bother. Description is one way of adding to length but it's by no means the best way, too much of it can be boring. Really it all comes down to plot, you need to have a plot that allows your fic to be long. If your idea is short, then include it as an opening mini-arc or even chapter rather than the entire fic, and develop your ideas further. Your plan should be like Blu-Tac, water tight but extremely stretchy. Be careful not to stretch it too far though or it might snap.

Personality is the one I consider the most important. By this I don't mean the character's personalities, I mean yours. The first thing to say here is that if you don't enjoy the story, then don't write it. It shows in an author's work if they don't enjoy what they write, it becomes slow paced and dull. Quoting J.K. Rowling: "At the end of the day you have to please yourself before pleasing anyone else." Make your story suit you, so you can put as much of yourself into it as you can. That is the single best piece of advice I can give you for writing a story.

12th September 2006, 9:09 PM
Name.x Blizzard //or// Dokusei

Age.x Almost 14 o_O

Strong Area.x Description. Im crap at writing lenghty chapters though =(

Type Of Writing.x I would like to be able to write humour, but Im better at saying funny things aloud, rather than writing them down...
However, I like to write stories that involve death. I tend to make the murder happen at the very beginning, and have the rest of the story explain it. I do the same thing, not just with deaths, but with any big event, such as the explosion of Cipher's factory at the beginning of Shadowsight,

Type Of Characters.x I like to write about rebellious characters, and/or strong silent types. Usually teenage males. As I can relate to their feelings etc., as Im a teenage male too ;D

Current Stories.x Shadowsight. An epic tale of the girl who destroys Cipher's only Shadow Pokemon Factory, and the boy who gets framed for it.

||Shadowsight.x (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=144594) (Banner pending)

Writing Tips.x Describe your characters well. I need to do this better myself D:

Draco Malfoy
11th February 2007, 8:25 AM
Updated 2/4/07

This Thread should be Stickied. Seriously.

Name: masterwannabe/Digital_Encryption/Winged_Follower

Real Name: It's Josh. I'm not revealing by last name though.

Age: Twelve Going On Thirteen

Gender: Male.

Strong Areas: My forte in writing you ask? Well I'm not quite sure really but I suppose Characters. I love to portray and explore deep into character relationships, simple or complex. I'm pretty good at Descriptions and such as well. I also love to explore and break down the various complexities of the human mind, persona and psyche. Psychological Thrillers are my favourite types of fics due to this. XD.

Weak Areas: My weakest areas are probably writing long drawen-out chaptered stories and giving them satisfatory endings. That's why nearly all my fics are one-shots. XD Also, sometimes I have problems with the conventions (Grammar, Spelling, etc.)

Type Of Writing: Psychological/Drama/Romance/Action/Adventure/Comedy/Drama... all types, to be honest. Well, maybe except Fantasy. My favorite genre to write in though is Psychological Thriller. But obviously the Genre wrote the most is Romance and Comedy. My stories are sometimes either very character-oriented (i.e. my Romance Fics, some Psychological Fics and even Mystery Fics) whilte others have been more Plot-Oriented (i.e. Comedy fics, Action/Adventure Fics, sometimes even Horror Fics). Most the time I do Third Person but occassionally I get the craving for First Person or Second Person.

Type Of Characters: Mixed really to say. It really depends on the nautre of the fic. But often you will find I would always have an interesting array of characters in my fics. I love all personalities and the Human Mind and Psyche is my playground. Yes, I'm a scary little boy, aren't I? My most favourites characters to write about are either comic and spontaneous characters or troubled characters with issues...

The One-Shots

http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/thirdplace.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=134198)

Costumes, Fairytale characters, cross-dressers and Clownderella. The fragile sense of order in the Class Room crashes and burns as one girl goes to extreme lengths to win a Costume Show. Involves frilly lace and drag queen make-up. Costumes and Ketchup and Cross-Dressers! Oh My! This is truly of Hullabaloo Galore and Wacky Festivities

http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/Cruel.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=125735)

It is the inevitable storm that brings both joy and sorrow.
It brings in happiness and surprises.
Or so we think...

http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/rturu.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=123139)

A simple little confectionary we all love to enjoy.
But can a simple cupcake tell more than that?

http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/RainPart1.pnghttp://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/RainPart2.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=122611)


How far would you go to get someone's attention?
Love truly works in mysterious ways.

http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/rumours.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=124089)


We all love to gossip every now and then.
But what are the consequences to starting a rumour?
Rumours are not as innoncent as they look...

THE SHOE THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=168745) [No Banner As Of Now]


One Shoe Will Achieve His Dream-To Steal Christmas.
But Not Unless Glenda Glass-Slipper Flipper Could Help It!

WHITE BLUR (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=194221) [No Banner As Of Now]


You never know know what truly lies behind the canvas...

The Chaptered Fiction

http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/Digimon-Saffire.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=144789)

[Episode 03: The Dark is Rising // Episode 04 In Works]

They are the chosen. Chosen from a group of young ones. Chosen based on their traits and characteristics.

It is unknown who chose these children. Children of light, children of destiny.

When the time comes, they will be called upon to save those who selected them.

Welcome to the Digital World, DigiDestined.

http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/PicturePerfect.jpg (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=125039)

[Chapter Six In Works]

One girl has wanted all her life for something she never knew she needed.
Now, a chance photo shoot may give her the chance to fulfil her dreams and find true love.
Sometimes the person you would have least expect is the one you treasure the most

http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/HumilationPart1.pnghttp://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s55/humilation/HumilationPart2.png (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=198102)

[Chapter 05 In Works]

The owners of popular websites are dying, and journalist Kitty Pratt wants to know why.

When she begins investigating their deaths, Pratt discovers the seemingly random deaths are really assassinations.

In the process, she uncovers a conspiracy that reaches across the Internet and threatens the foundations of order and society.

And she may be the only one who can stop it.

Future One-Shots

Currently, none! But I'll update soon.

Writing Tips: Be original. When you get your 'spark' of inspiration for a new story, expand it well, think 'how can I make this story more enjoyable?' Never give up on a project half-way and even if you do, try and revive it and start it up again.

Also get a beta-reader or at least someone to read your stuff prior to posting! Someone like a friend or a family member can offer you surpringly good advice on how to improve and always listening is the key to success. Take in advice, harsh and constructive, and absorb and improve and hone your skills until you feel happy with them.

*The Springtime Rain Banner, Dead Links and Creulty of Rain Banner are made by Umi Mizuno, The Hullabaloo Banner and the Rumours Banner made by Misty-Fan-Forever, the Picture Perfect Banner and the Digimon Banner is made by Saffire Persian. Kudos to once again to all three of you guys for your fantastic banners!*

12th February 2007, 5:34 AM



Strong areas:I usually write fiction about Pokemon Battle and my story receive a lot of comment from my friends

weak areas:Grammar.

Type Of Writing:Action/Adventure.

Type of characters:i like rebellious

Current Stories:Legend of gode-adventure/action-rated:13-Story of kings

Pink Parka Girl
12th February 2007, 7:57 AM
Name: Alyssa (Pink Parka Girl)

Age: 21

Strong Areas: Description, charactization.

Weak Areas: Plot, getting started with a story, spelling, very long periods between updates.

Type Of Writing: Pokemorphs, AU, mixed canons, Pokemon POV, Sci-Fi, drama

Type Of Characters: Pokemorphs, adult nontrainers, Pokemon (animal-like), villians

Current Stories:
Title: Where Even Kilroy Hasn't Been
Rating: PG
Star Vote Count: 4 (one vote)
Genre: Historical/Fantasy (set in 1941 during WWII, involves a man from our world travelling to the Pokemon World)

Title: Unheard
Rating: PG
Star Vote Count: 0 (no votes)
Genre: Mystery Dungeon verse

Title: Lost and Found
Rating: PG
Star Vote Count: 4 Stars (three votes, got Phantom Monostarred once)
Genre: Pokemon POV, Pokemon Ranger canon

Future Stories:

Title: Sunrise
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Pokemorph, mystery, Sci-Fi
Summary: A tale of Pokemorphs, the FBI, and the history of the extraordinary Ketchum family...and how one man's tragedy changed the world.

Writing Tips: Don't be afraid to find inspiration in the works of others, but work in ideas of your own, too ^_^ If at first you don't succeed, rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite! Welcome concrit; it is most assuredly not the same as a flame, and can help you very much :)

12th February 2007, 8:14 AM
Name: Hrist[ALT]

Age: 23

Strong Areas: My description is solid, my plots are intricate, and my characterization is generally good.

Type Of Writing: In the realm of Pokemon, my stories are usually dark, with a tinge of realism. Outside of that, I like to write realistic science fiction. Fantasy is my bane, since most of it is derivative.

Type Of Characters: I love writing colorful villains and strong women. The men in my stories tend to brood alot, but be sarcastic.

Current Stories:

Ashes of Johto (Sacred Fire #1)
Rating: PG-13
Votes: 10
Star Rating: 4
Summary: Part One of a trilogy. Everything changed the day the bells tolled and Pokemon turned against their trainers. A rare Pokemon trainer is found unconscious near a tiny village struggling to survive, and he sets off on a journey to find the villages champion. But there are questions: Who is he, why can he still train Pokemon, and why does he want to kill Takeshi Miyai? Follow his journey as he unites the few remaining trainers in the world and discovers the secret of the bells.

Writing Tips: Write everyday, don't stop. Even if you have a lot of talent, you can only improve with talent.

The day that you think your writing it perfect is the day that there is probably something very wrong with that writing.

Stick to what you know.

When inspiration strikes, don't wait.

Have a loose plan, but let the characters do the talking. They might surprise you.

28th April 2007, 8:00 AM
Name: Griffinkit

Age: 13

Strong Areas: Ideas, somewhat good at description

Type Of Writing: Humor/Action/Adventure, with some Drama and Horror thrown in.

Type Of Characters: Pokemon/Animal charries, maybe some humans as well

Current Stories:

Ripples (PG/PG-13) (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=206436)
Rating: 2
Like ripples in a pond, one action affects the world.
A stone is dropped.
A hero is forced forward.

Shadows of Despair: Kiran (PG) (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=209539)
Rating: 2
When you give yourself to darkness, who can bring you back? (Based on a forum-based RPG [Dark Despair])

Future Stories

Black Rose (PG/PG-13)
When Romeo is lost to the darkness, Veritias must bring him back... (Based on Dark Despair)

Writing Tips: Write about stuff you enjoy and know about. Take constructive criticism. Use flames to fuel your winter fire. (XD)

28th April 2007, 10:58 AM
Name: Charmander_From_Hoenn, more known as CFH.
Age: 15 years old.
Strong Areas: Plotting romance, plotting settings, plotting teams, plotting characters, planning.
Type Of Writing: I'm too used up to action and adventure, but I can write commedies.
Type Of Characters: Anything that isn't hard enough to handle. But I prefer thta the character is schemed up by myself, of course.
Current Stories: None running by now.
Future Stories: Well, my future story is currently not ready to show informations or teasers/previews.
Writing Tips: a) Learn what is cliché and KILL IT. b) Keep on reading a bad fic, so you can einheighten your harshness ability. It can be used at comments and to be harsh enough at your characters.

RaZoR LeAf
15th August 2008, 10:57 PM
Name: RaZoR LeAf - Dan, if you actually know me.

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Types Of Writing: Whatever takes my interest really. I've only ever properly written fantasy/science fiction and comedy, but if the opportunity arises, I'd like to try horror. Romance though, is of no interest to me.

Strong Areas: I LOVE creating characters. I'll make up characters when they aren't needed, I'll make up back stories for background characters that have one line, I'll have the entire life of a character planned before I even know what else is happening in the fic.

Type Of Characters: Ha ha, I can do ANY sort of character. Some examples include a crazy one armed ex-military terrorists, bi-polar pokemorphs, eccentric liberty-taken-on-species-design Humanoids, and so many more that I can't think of right now.

Current Stories:

Legend of Zelda : Battle For Hyrule (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=166513)
The bearers of the Triforce must seek a powerful and ancient treasure in order to fend off the attacks of a being with the power of a god.
Current Status: Writers Block

Future Stories:

Legend of Zelda : Equinox
A sequel to BfH, featuring a whole bunch of Zelda stuff not seen yet

Legend of Zelda : Unnamed
A Zelda fic set in the continuity of BfH, but pretty much a stand alone.

A Smash Bros fic based on the same premise as my upcoming RPG

Secret of Mana
A novelisation of the game

Writing Tips: If you're writing something you don't know much about, then RESEARCH! Watch a film or read a book that is or is similar to what you're writing. For me it's sword fighting. That's meant watching any film with sword fighting in, be it Fantasy (Lord of the Rings) or Science Fiction (Star Wars), or from different periods of time (Last Samurai / Gladiator). It really, really helps to watch something and then try to write out what you see. It will vastly improve your ability to describe the actions and later improve your ability to write it on your own.

16th August 2008, 4:24 AM
Name: kcander(plan on having it changes, but can’t think of anything)

Age: 17 (18 in November)

Strong Areas: Plot, Description

Type Of Writing: Adventure

Type Of Characters: Characters that have a problem that they must overcome.

Current Stories: One uncompleted story: This is home.

[OPTIONAL] Future Stories: Two:
POV of a Pokémon. Starts as an OT but ends differently.
The second is about a trainer who doesn’t like violence so he never leaves home to collect gym badges until….

Writing Tips: Think your story though. Don’t just blindly take off writing. You will soon become confused and lost.

Kutie Pie
16th August 2008, 4:24 AM
Name: Kutie Pie

Age: 16

Strong Areas: I'm very good at descriptions, it's all my brain can think of. Back when I was a new writer, I did some descriptions that were good, but could do better. But I can be good at giving non-human creatures (or Pokémon, in this case) a way of human life and a story line that can make people stir up emotions. Some of my wonderful one-shots from long ago actually show this.

Type Of Writing: It's Romance a majority of the time, but I can do Friendship, Family, and maybe a slight chance of Humor. But if I put my best effort in it, I can write anything.

Type Of Characters: I like to create characters with backgrounds that are similiar to real life, or maybe me to some degree. An example of this would be Azalea Vanner from my fic The Battle for Friendship, though she's a twin and I'm not (but I have brothers who are), and a future character Bree Fuji who will be in a future fic. However, with the case of such characters, I give it a twist of reality to a fantasy world. Sometimes, I'd get lost inside the character's mind without meaning to, thus giving him/her characteristics of such.

Current Stories:

The Battle for Friendship (PG)
Rating: 3
A forbidden friendship in the midst of a war between humans and Pokémon threatens a hidden village with destruction.

Hello (G, one-shot)
Ambertwo was wise in everything during his childhood, though she was all in his head. But was she? As told through Mewtwo's point-of-view.

Future Stories:

Finding the Golden Rule (PG)
To save the parents of two lost kittens, a pair of twins and their sister have to mend a broken bond along the way. And it's critical, for time is running out for the captives. Sequel to The Battle for Friendship

Writing Tips: There are many ways to be a good writer, mainly patience, dilligence, determination, et cetra. Yet in a majority of the many cases of writing, the author must put him/herself in the shoes of the character through-out the whole story. This is critical, and very true for first-person stories, however difficulty of the character. This helps develop their characteristics deeply, and thus why so many wonderful authors have loveable characters.

I used this technique in my current one-shot, Hello. I've tried first-person before, but this happened to be the most successful one I've had. The way a newborn describes things is different from the way a matured person does. Trying to describe clothing, the imaginary world and even furniture was extremely difficult. There were times I stopped in frustration trying to THINK of a plausible way for Mewtwo to do this without actually saying "Oh look, a dress!" or "Houses!" But in the end, I think it turned out perfect (though he knows body parts, lol).

Well, no need to bore you with my experience. Just remember to keep your focus on everything in your story. You can't just build up on a character you like and leave others in a weak state, expecting no one would notice. Every single one of them, even the minors, are equally important to adding on to the whole plot. Especially if there's a key person there who plays a very important role, no matter how small.

poke poke
16th August 2008, 11:17 AM
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27th August 2008, 8:24 AM
Name: MasterMind_Trainer77 (Famous Usernames: Ice_Scarred (Almost always find me on this one), iScarred, IceScar, and Jnin)

Age: 13

Strong Areas: I really don't know. I used to be kinda good at compiling story structure and stuff. Characters were meh....

Weak Areas: Storylines. I really am not that great on that, and Character development. I really suck at writing stories......But I still try....

Type Of Writing: Manga Style/Adventure/Action/Mystery

Type Of Characters: Protagonists who have doubt or have troubled qualities. Never really wrote "The Joyful Hero". I hope to oneday.

Current Stories: List all of your current stories that are out. Summaries are optional. For stories, list rating, star-vote counts, genre, ect.

Finished Stories: No Gravity. Not that good. About 2-3 years ago. A manga themed 7 chapter story. About a 2 kid (Kite and Jin) who's parents die and get sent to a place known as "Rupture". Anyway, they go into the realm of rupture and fight the ruler named "Zerk" who offers to battle them, and if they lose he keeps their soul. Anyway, they both die anyway. So it was kinda a twist. You would think they would survive, but they were toasted.

Future Stories: I plan to release a story mid-September. I pondered many ideas. I'm thinking of a Darker themed Shonen type story. I have some of it planned out, still need a thesis though (lol!). I had a Bounty hunter one planned, but didnt fall through good. Also pondering a Drama. Who knows?

Writing Tips: Keep inspired. Try to make the characters real as possible. Use your imagination, and try to be innovative. Strive for what you want to do, and dont give up on an idea (I gave up on about 5 stories).

27th August 2008, 8:29 AM
Name: MasterMind_Trainer77 (Famous Usernames: Ice_Scarred (Almost always find me on this one), iScarred, IceScar, and Jnin)

Age: 13

Strong Areas: I really don't know. I used to be kinda good at compiling story structure and stuff. Characters were meh....

Weak Areas: Storylines. I really am not that great on that, and Character development. I really suck at writing stories......But I still try....

Type Of Writing: Manga Style/Adventure/Action/Mystery

Type Of Characters: Protagonists who have doubt or have troubled qualities. Never really wrote "The Joyful Hero". I hope to oneday.

Current Stories: List all of your current stories that are out. Summaries are optional. For stories, list rating, star-vote counts, genre, ect.

Finished Stories: No Gravity. Not that good. About 2-3 years ago. A manga themed 7 chapter story. About a 2 kid (Kite and Jin) who's parents die and get sent to a place known as "Rupture". Anyway, they go into the realm of rupture and fight the ruler named "Zerk" who offers to battle them, and if they lose he keeps their soul. Anyway, they both die anyway. So it was kinda a twist. You would think they would survive, but they were toasted.

Future Stories: I plan to release a story mid-September. I pondered many ideas. I'm thinking of a Darker themed Shonen type story. I have some of it planned out, still need a thesis though (lol!). I had a Bounty hunter one planned, but didnt fall through good. Also pondering a Drama. Who knows?

Writing Tips: Keep inspired. Try to make the characters real as possible. Use your imagination, and try to be innovative. Strive for what you want to do, and dont give up on an idea (I gave up on about 5 stories).

27th August 2008, 8:30 AM
Name: MasterMind_Trainer77 (Famous Usernames: Ice_Scarred (Almost always find me on this one), iScarred, IceScar, and Jnin)

Age: 13

Strong Areas: I really don't know. I used to be kinda good at compiling story structure and stuff. Characters were meh....

Weak Areas: Storylines. I really am not that great on that, and Character development. I really suck at writing stories......But I still try....

Type Of Writing: Manga Style/Adventure/Action/Mystery

Type Of Characters: Protagonists who have doubt or have troubled qualities. Never really wrote "The Joyful Hero". I hope to oneday.

Current Stories: List all of your current stories that are out. Summaries are optional. For stories, list rating, star-vote counts, genre, ect.

Finished Stories: No Gravity. Not that good. About 2-3 years ago. A manga themed 7 chapter story. About a 2 kid (Kite and Jin) who's parents die and get sent to a place known as "Rupture". Anyway, they go into the realm of rupture and fight the ruler named "Zerk" who offers to battle them, and if they lose he keeps their soul. Anyway, they both die anyway. So it was kinda a twist. You would think they would survive, but they were toasted.

Future Stories: I plan to release a story mid-September. I pondered many ideas. I'm thinking of a Darker themed Shonen type story. I have some of it planned out, still need a thesis though (lol!). I had a Bounty hunter one planned, but didnt fall through good. Also pondering a Drama. Who knows?

Writing Tips: Keep inspired. Try to make the characters real as possible. Use your imagination, and try to be innovative. Strive for what you want to do, and dont give up on an idea (I gave up on about 5 stories).

27th August 2008, 8:40 AM
Name: Lucy or Sinclair

Strong Areas: Description, diction, character building, avoiding unwieldy exposition.

Weak Areas: Working out the semantics of plot (I can get a vague idea of how things are going to work out in the beginning, but I have to sit down and really think about the details to make sure there aren't any glaring plot holes), realistic dialogue.

Type Of Writing: Science-fiction, dark humor, satire, adventure, low fantasy, tragedy.

Type Of Characters: I try to write characters whom are distinctive of one another and of myself, without resorting to the writer's cry for attention in the form of minorities ("Look at my cliched ethnic and gay characters! I'm so tolerant!").

Current Stories: None at the moment. :c

Future Stories: Well, one is a prequel to my other stories, and tells how Pokemon came to live on Earth through a small number of alien species, and how the world and society were forced to adapt to carry Pokemon as a form of life as well, because obviously if aliens came to live on the Earth we would not instantly live in a symbiotic relationship with them like in the Pokemon canon.

My other stories take place within this universe several centuries after those events, are are more banal journey-fics with heavy emphasis on the characters and getting a strong feel for how the world would develop with Pokemon in it.

Writing Tips: Write every day - even if you only salvage one good paragraph, sentence or phrase from pages and pages of crap, it is worth it. It is okay to find inspiration in anything - and you should keep eyes open for it. TVtropes (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage) is a great source of inspiration for me.

poke poke
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