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4th October 2011, 11:15 PM
First post, yay!

Anyway,I'm an avid watcher of Seribii (so awesome) who recentely entered a POP leauge. The deck my friend helped me make is entirely electric (constructed from several old cards my sister and I have stored up over the years, mixed with some cards she had. So, here goes. Fear the out of format ness!

Type: Unlimited

Mareep CoL x 2
Electabuzz Expid. x 2 Triumph x 2
Magnemite EX Dragon x 3 FRLG x 1
Magneton EX Dragon x 2 FRLG x 1
Electivire Triumph x 1
Eevee Undaunt x 1, CoL x 1
Jolteon CoL x 2
Flaffy Expid x 1 CoL x 1
Ampharos Expid x 1, CoL x 1
Shinx Arceus x 1
Luxio Arceus x 1

Electric x 15
Double Colorless x 1

Flower Shop Lady x 1
TV Reporter x 1
Bills Maintenance x 1
Recycle x 1
Life Herb x1
Seer x 1
Potion x2
Town Volunteers x 1
Low Pressure System x 1
Energy Recycle System x 2
Juggler x 1
Professor Oak's Research x 2
Switch x 3
Energy Search x 1
Energy Removal x 2

Please Note : This deck is purely recreational. I came here to look for direction, and thats what I hope to find. Not tournament worthy in the slightest.

Note #2 : I'ma work on setting my self up on the site. Avi find time @@;

5th October 2011, 8:11 AM
Direction for a recreational deck, switch out arceus luxio for legends awaken, it's 2 attacks give more of a longer play period, take out flower shop for NM (night maintenance), switch for warp point (mixes the game up), also how about smoochum from hgss, works really well with electivire moving around energy on you're opponent's side making electivire's attack very annoying.

5th October 2011, 12:27 PM
I was wondering if some Pokemon moved energies. Really cool.