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5th October 2011, 8:39 AM
The final chapter

3 double colorless energy
7 psychic energy

Gust of wind
Flower shop lady
Wally's training
Bebe's search
Lux ball
Junk arm
Prof. Elm's training method
2 night maintenance
2 premier ball
3 lost world
4 rare candy
4 lv max
4 pokédrawer +

Giratina lvx
Giratina pt27
Uxie lvx
Uxie dp legends awakened
Gardevoir lvx
Gardevoir dp secret wonders
Gardevoir pt
Kirlia dp secret wonders
2 Ralts pt
Mime jr CoL
Dusknoir lvx
Dusknoir dp
Dusknoir dp stormfront 17
Dusclops dp stormfront 35
Duskull dp secret wonders
Shiny Duskull
Gengar lvx
Gengar prime
Gengar dp stormfront
Haunter ex legend maker
2 Gastly

Immortal healing

2 double colorless energy
8 grass energy

premier ball
Lux ball
2 bts ( broken timespace)
2 rare candy
4 expert belt
4 switch
4 potion
4 lv max
4 warp point
4 prof. Elm's training method

2 Tangrowth lvx
Tangrowth pt ar
Tangrowth CoL
2 Tangela CoL
Tangela ex legend maker
Shaymin lvx pt126
2 Shaymin hs unleashed
Leafeon lvx dp majestic dawn
2 Leafeon pt rising rivals
2 Eevee ex unseen forces
Serperior bw5
Serperior bw6
Servine bw3
2 Snivy bw1

5th October 2011, 10:10 AM
To tired to actually comment in full but for the grass deck, swasbuck from b/w is a good mix into that deck, 130 hp + grass drop, = 20 + x amount (max 8 grass so 100 dmg per turn + any additional from you're opponent).

6th October 2011, 5:04 AM
Actual comment response: Do you want to play these decks for competitive or leisure unlimited play?

14th October 2011, 6:16 PM
Competitive. I found the cards with cardex.