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14th October 2011, 4:25 PM
Hi all. I'm working on an Emerald BF team atm and this is what I plan it to be. It will probably be lv. 50-60

;214; Heracross @sitrus berry
Adamant (+atk -spatk) or Jolly (+spe -spatk), 252 atk, 252 spd, Guts
Swords dance
Brick Break
Rock slide

This will be my physical sweeper. Heracross is really tough and can hit crazy hard especially with SD. I haven't started breeding him yet so changes can be made.

;143; Snorlax @leftovers
Careful (+sp def -sp atk) 252 HP, 128 sp. def, 128 atk

My tank and special wall. Snorlax is very difficult to take down in late game especially if he gets a curse in. I have bred him but he's currently only lv. 11. He has 114 hp evs so far and 100 sp. def and 100 atk but moveset can still be changed.

I haven't bred this

;131; Lapras @???
Bold (+def, -atk) 252 HP, 128 sp. atk, 128 def. Water absorb
Ice beam
Sleep talk

Lapras is very solid. Boltbeam combo hits everything except lanturn, magneton and shedninja for at least neutral. He can also tank pretty well and has a huge HP stat which will greatly appreciate a rest. Sleep talk just lets it last for aaaaaages while still dishing out decent damage. I haven't started breeding this one either so it's open to changes.

14th October 2011, 5:19 PM
Maybe make Heracross Salac Sub Reversal? I am not sure how common Focus Sash is. Not sure on Lapras either. Maybe something a bit faster, Blaziken seems really scary to this team. Maybe Salamence > Lapras?

Also, maybe try like an "auto-win" team. I remember very successful BT teams which used like Trick Latias, then just spammed Charm. Then brought in like Curse Registeel, then for for +6 since the computer never switches.

Perhaps I will give this team a closer look later.

14th October 2011, 8:37 PM
Idk what the HP IVs on the heracross will be so Idk if it will work with sub-reversal otherwise I could take the endure road. It is risky as one quick attack and I'm dead but I guess I could give it a shot. I thought about Salamence and you're right about the major blaziken weakness :/. It's just salamence is such a pain to raise and it seems a shame only to use it's special attack over it's higher attack and I've used Salamence so much in the past (I even think it's a bit too overpowered in emerald myself, lol).

Edit: Ok, I've decided to replace heracross *sniff* with either bellyzard or mixmence. Though this will create quite a large rock weakness, both of them can carry eq which can help with covering the weakness and salamence has intimidate which also helps.
I guess salamence is the more obvious choice but I would rather take charizard myself (to keep it a bit original) but I understand if this isn't competitive enough.


19th October 2011, 4:15 PM