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Midnight Darkrai
14th October 2011, 9:38 PM
I was considering running TZPS but I've been having a lot more fun playing this lately, and I think in a slightly slower tournament like States it will fare better. I'm not overly sure about the techs but this is what I've come up with so far, feedback is most appreciated:

3-2-3 Gothitelle (Magic Room)
3-2-2 Reuniclus
2 Zekrom
2 Cleffa
1 Pichu

2 Switch
4 Twins
3 Pokemon Catcher
3 Pokemon Collector
2 Seeker
4 Sage's Training
4 Rare Candy
3 Junk Arm

3 Double Colourless Energy
12 Psychic Energy

Of course, Gothitelle is the main focus, with the trainer lock on the opponent's side of the field and the Madkinesis attack which whilst slow to power up, can eventually deal consistant, heavy damage the more psychic energies you attach, something you can get away with due to the aforementioned trainer lock. Reuniclus can move the damage to another Pokemon IE a benched Zekrom so if you wanted to switch (no pun intended) strategies and bring out Zekrom you could hit for 140 with Outrage/DCE. Or, if you wanted instead, use Seeker to heal the damage away. Pichu is a situational tech in certain matches if I have a bad start but the opponent has a good one, Cleffa is just a staple set up card. Of course, the Rare Candies are vital for getting the evolutions out, and Junk Arm's useful for getting back Catchers or maybe even switches.

Collector and catcher are pretty much staples now ^^;

Twins is great because you're likely to fall behind on Prizes with this deck, so you can use Twins to get exactly what you need at the right time from your deck.

Sage's Training is one of the ones I'm not so sure of. The good thing about it is that you can use it to dig through your deck a lot more quickly to get the cards you need, and more often than not if you discard something that you DO need, you can get it back with Junk Arm, but there is that risk of drawing 5 things you all need and having to get rid of three of them. I might replace them for PONTs, I'm honestly not too sure.

I would run Tropical Beach in here, but it's ridiculously expensive, so I think I'll try my best to make do without.

Anyway, that should just about cover everything, I'd love to hear your opinions on this, thanks in advance! :)

15th October 2011, 5:33 AM
You got the right idea pokemon wise but this is more accurately what you're decklist should look like

3-2-3 Gothitelle (Magic Room)
3-2-2 Reuniclus
1 Zekrom
1 reshiram
2/3 Cleffa
1/2 shaymin UL

2 Switch (trainer)
2 Twins
4 Pokemon Catcher (trainer)
3/4 dual ball (trainer)
4 pokemon communication's (trainer)
3/4 max potion (trainer)
4 prof oaks new theory
3 prof elms training method
4 rare candy (trainer)
2 fisherman, burnt tower, energy retrieval.

3 Double Colourless Energy
8 Psychic Energy

This is a skeleton but it gets the point across, you don't want to be using supporter's instead you want to be using as many trainer's as possible to setup gothi and reuni asap, this being said you just use max potion to take out damage counters, beware of sniping deck's so always be sure of a counter, max potion and reshia on zekrom helps on this one. Also the reason behind having both dragons is for multi purpose type advantage. The reason why this deck is a tier 1 is due to it's use of being able to have incredible use of trainer's while shutting you're opponent down, also consider the new Gardevoir as it doubles psychic energy. Shaymin is for energy support.

Also as a rule to new player's, don't play to many twins or it will slow down you're deck and make you fall behind and lose the game, they're a reason why this card was never fully excepted in the format and still is to this day due to the fact that this card is a double edged sword.

Midnight Darkrai
15th October 2011, 3:04 PM
Thanks for your feedback! I'm definitely throwing Gardy in when it comes out. I've been eyeing up that ability ever since I found out about it. But there are a few things about your suggested decklist that I'm not sure I agree with.

First off, the reason why I'm reluctant to rely so much on trainer items is due to the fact that there's a very real possibility of mirror matches in upcoming tournaments - imagine how much that trainer line you suggested would be crippled if my opponent were able to get their own quick Gothitelle out? I can see the strategy with max potion and one of those energy recovery trainers though, I'll definitely consider that, maybe bumping up the energy to 10 psy instead of 8.

As for having both Reshiram and Zekrom, I think having just the two Zekrom is the better play. Think about it, most of the top cards that AREN'T Gothitelle or Zekrom and Reshiram themselves seeing play right now in our format are stage ones like Yanmega, Donphan and even Kingdra. Reshiram has a type advantage over none of these, whereas a Zekrom has a type advantage over two (Granted, he is weak to Donphan, but with a fully powered up outrage at 140 damage you'd be OHKOing Donphan anyway.) This also means it's less likely that your one Zekrom will be prized, potentially crippling you in the lategame if you can't get your Gothitelle set up quickly enough.

Finally, I'm also bit confused about your addition of Shaymin. Surely if you aren't running Jirachi as well then he wouldn't really do much apart from maybe move a DCE from Zekrom to Shaymin? But even then, if you're attaching that to Zekrom, you're bringing him out for a OHKO with outrage, which will then result in him getting KOed by pretty much anything your opponent puts out next which puts said DCE in the discard.

17th October 2011, 6:07 AM
Hmm, having played against this deck I know how it works really well, reason's...

If it's psychic versus psychic it's usually the same rule as for dragons, the first person to attack usually always wins. So essentially if you start off with a good trainer engine you will setup generally before they setup gothitelle, 90% of most to all gothitelle T/S/S lines are a pure trainer engine minus the use of a pont or juniper that in mind the first person to setup faster with the most trainer's usually wins, slowing yourself down with supporter's doesn't help you win first.

Why shaymin? What if you have no reuniclus setup and you have to worry about a close to quick mirror match? there's you're answer in itself. This also deals with ohko's because if you are playing gothi, zekrom or reshi, they play a mysterious 150 attakcer, you're gonna see that card seting up, you know there's no way you can deal with it other then to ohko everything else until they have it setup, then the pre gothi decimation, shaymin, setup for you're next gothi and then you have the energy to mirror tko.

2 zekrom is not better, reason excadrill 70 earthquack, both you're zekroms are useless where as you had a reshi can actually take the damage, what if it's a donphan with blackbelt ohko. every format has donphan, zek dies to donphan if you're screwed without trainer lock they play plus power, pow 130 easy ohko. Zekrom out of ZPS is a gamble until evolite.

.Run down for donphan, renui, vile, dragon's, they start off by having donphan active turn 2 they have benched reuni, cleffa, solosis, dragon, vileplume, they start off by hitting you with earthquake + plus power first zekrom, next you setup whatever attack donphan minus the tko, reuniclus drops 2 tko's on cleffa and solosis, black belt second zekrom, even match minus you're 2 zekrom's.

If you're format is heavy zekrom and gothitelle, playing gothitelle versus gothitelle doesn't work, thats why you use vileplume/reuniclus, vileplume even trounce's ZPS.