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18th October 2011, 12:29 AM
Hey, heres one of the teams i thought of:
Lugia@light clay Bold nature.(Not been trained yet)252Evs Def& Sp.Def. 4HP
Light screen
thunder wave
My lead`s job is to paralyze the opposing poke, set up the 2 screens, and if is low on HP,recover, and switch an appropriate counter. As the screens wear of after 8 turns, i switch him back to do its same old job.

Kyogre@chesto/lum berry Timid nature 252EVs Def & Spd. 4Sp. Atk

Calm mind
IF this sweeper is sent after lugia, his job is to calm mind as much as possible, rest if it has lost 2/3 HP, use its berry to wake it up and sweep the next turn.

Palkia@sitrus berry Modest nature 252EVs Sp.Atk 216 Spd. 20 Sp.Def &HP
Spacial rend
aura sphere
One of 2 revenge killers of kyogre. Used to take advantage of kyogre`s rain to boost its brine and make thunder 100% acc. Spatial rend is a hard hitting STAB move that will be used if the other poke resists water, or if the sun is out. brine is for basic revenge killing, usually getting 130 base+STAB+rain boosts. Aura sphere is for any dialga or darkrai that can threaten my poke. Thunder is there to hit other kyogre in the rain.

Tyranitar@Shell Bell Adamant nature 252EVs Atk 216 Evs Def 40 EVs HP
fire punch
Stone edge
Is my other switch out option after lugia sets up the screens. Sets up a sandstorm to work with, boosting its sp.def. Usually starts with payback utilizing its speed to its liking. stone edge is a STAB move is for ho-oh and other flying types which can threaten him. EQ is for the Dual stab resistant steel types. Fire punch if for any levitating steels or skarmory EQ cant get.

Garchomp@lum berry Adamant nature 252Evs Atk, Spd 4 HP
Fire fang
swords dance
MY tyranitars revenge killer who also uses the sandstorm to its liking. Great speed is ideal after a quick SD. after sd, i usually proceed with outrage, unless a steel type is present. As outrage basically OHKOs any other poke for 2-3 turns, the berry can snap out the confusion and can give garchomp another outrage turn, or any other move. EQ is a good STAB move for any grounded steels,especially dialga. Fire fang is for any ungrounded steels.

After both weather teams have been used, i proceed to my hard hitter:
Dialga@white herb 252 Evs Sp.Atk 224 Spd 32Sp.Def
draco meteor
dragon pulse
earth power
Dialga hits hard right off the bat with either draco meteor or overheat in the sun which any other poke could have set up. As the white herb replenishes
its lowered stat, it can hit with a STAB d. pulse or Earth power if any other
steel type is present. Just before it dies, i can fire another d. meteor or overheat to OHKO or severely cripple the opposing poke. The only drawback is if the rain is present, seriously lowering overheats usefullness.

And for my ultimate and final revenge killer:
Mewtwo@choice scarf 252Evs Sp.Atk, Spd 4 HP
aura sphere
shadow ball ice beam
The fastest poke by far, mewtwo`s sole purpose is to revenge kill anything using its massive sp.atk to land many super effective hits on the common UBER pokes. Taunt was an anti-darkrai killer, but is useless here, as im training another mewtwo.(any move suggested would be appreciated.)
Ice beam is for the dragons,aura sphere for dialga, other steels and dark types, and shadow ball for the numerous psychics as well as a couple of ghosts. Hope the chosen move can last for the duration of the battle, and hopefully get us the win.

So theres one of my poke teams i developed. Please comment, recommend, and suggest on any changes you have. Also if you have a better item for palkia and tyranitar, please tell me

18th October 2011, 12:30 AM
oh and for mewtwo and dialga, their natures are modest. THX. =)

18th October 2011, 1:59 AM
you need to list evs, what you listed are just stats
if you want to edit something,just click "edit" in the lower lefthand corner

dont use two different types weather on the same team, it doesn't work very well

kyogre would be walled by a grass type (shaymin), ice beam would be better instead of rest. give it leftovers or something
brine on palkia is a bad idea, hydro pump or surf would be more suitable
let palkia hold life orb instead of sitrus berry
payback isn't very useful because it always goes last. crunch would be a lot better. try a ddance tyranitar as it is a great sweeper. tyranitar would be better off with leftovers
jolly nature would be better for your garchomp because you already have swords dance. fire fang is weak even when it is super effective(130 base power) so try stone edge
dragon pulse is useless on dialga when you have draco meteor so replace it with stealth rocks becuase you have nothing to set up entry hazards
mewtwo shouldn't have taunt. a darkrai would go immediatly for the dark pulse and finish it off. replace it with psychic because it is your only STAB move

18th October 2011, 10:33 PM
Thx much for the suggestions =)
Ill try and see how they work out.