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27th October 2011, 5:55 PM
Well I found out that there is a local league near me and they are doing a tournament this weekend. I've decided to go and I'll be put in as an official player and hopefully be put in to the ranks(low down of course) in the UK. As I don't have much experience (unless you count practice with my sister) can I have someone review my deck so I can improve it. Remember this is my first ever deck I have made.

Pokemon 35
3-2-3 Gothitelle
2-2-2 Reuniclus
2-1 Zoroark(BW versions)
2-2 Cinccino(EP versions)
2-1 Liepard(EP versions)
1-2-1 Porygon-Z (Triumphant version)
2-1 Weavile (Undaunted)
2 Audino (EP version)
2 Tornadus

Trainers 10
1 Professor Juniper
1 Professor Elm's Training Method
1 Professor Oak's New Theory
1 Sage's Training
1 Cheerleader's Cheer
1 Flower Shop Lady
1 Pokemon Communication
2 Fisherman
1 Pokemon Catcher

Energy 15
10 Pychic
4 Dark
1 Rainbow

That's it really, I don't have a stratergy as much due to me so new at this game but hopefully people's input on my deck will help improve that.

28th October 2011, 2:06 AM
Okay welcome to the TCG! I will in fact start again when I make enough money for cards. Oh by the way, if a user called ven? shows, don't take it personally :p.

Okay, a deck consists of pokemon that fight and trainer to speed up your pokemon. For you as a starter, I suggest a 20 pokemon/25 trainers/15 energy deck.

Gothielle is the one of the most advanced decks in the format, as it needs great trainers to pull its own weight.

First of all, and I will explain why later, is you need a 3-1-3 goth and a 2-1-2 reuniclus. Your ONLY active should be gothielle so you should drop liepard, audino, and tornadus lines. A 1-1 cincinno tech is good enough.

SORRY must shower will finish later

30th October 2011, 2:26 PM
This is a very good start to a very good deck. I am going to assume Gothitelle is the one with telekinesis and magic guard, and Reuniclus has damage swap, if not you should try to get those cards in your deck. I will agree with above that you have too many Pokemon and will need more trainer cards. I would remove liepard, tornadus,weavile, porygon z, and audino lines, as they aren't that necessary. Getting rid of these will allow you to not need dark energy at all and give you more room for trainers.

I would run 13 psychic and 2-3 double colorless energy. The Double colorless is for Zoroark's Foul Play(can be very handy when facing reshiram decks) and using Gothitelle's Telekinesis a little faster.

A big trainer card you need will be Rare Candy's, which allow you to skip an evoulution stage (which is why origianal pikachu said to run 3-1-3 and 2-1-2) and I would reccomend 3-4

Supporter card wise, Professor oak's new theory is a good one to have to just get another hand and I would recommend more of them.
Here's an example set
4 Professor oak's
1 Flower Shop Lady
2 Professor Elm's
2 Twins
1 Fisherman
4 Rare Candies
Pokemon Catcher (the more the better as everyone says)
4 Pokemon Communication
Great Ball maybe?
Junk Arms (to get trainers back) or recycles (get any card back based on coin flip)
I personally am not a fan of Juniper and Sages, but that is up to you whether or not you want to switch them in. Cheren is also a better alternative to cheerleader's cheer. And this is just an outline, you don't have to use this.

Strategy wise, this is a common strategy, your main goal is to get Gothitelle loaded with energy and damage swap any damage off of it with reuniclus staying on the bench. Some people use a dragon (reshiram or zekrom) to swap the damage onto since it can hold 120 then cards like Super scoop up or seeker to pick him up and erase the damage, while at the same time powering up Outrage. Zoroark is for countering Reshiram/zekrom decks. Cinccino can be pretty good, especially the black and white one since it's Do the Wave can really pack a puch with a full bench.

Best of luck!

31st October 2011, 5:06 PM
Okay thanks for the advice, I'm posting an updated version as I've had help from of my friends as well. Tell me what you think of the improvents please and if I can make it better:
Pokemon 22
3-1-4 Gothitelle
2-1-2 Reuniclus
2-1 Zoroark(BW versions)
2-2 Cinccino(EP versions of minccino, 1 EP cinccino, 1 BW cinccino)
2 cleffa (HGSS)

Trainers 23
2 Dual ball
2 Professor Elm's Training Method
1 Professor Oak's New Theory(I am hoping to make this 2 once i get the 2nd card)
1 Cheren
1 Twins
1 Flower Shop Lady
4 Pokemon Communication
1 Fisherman
3 Pokemon Catcher
1 great ball
1 junk arm
(Hopefully 4 rare candy's but these are prooving hard to get)

Energy 15
13 Pychic
2 double colourless

The cleffa's and dual balls are an idea from a friend. Hope to hear your' opinions! :)

2nd November 2011, 5:38 AM
umm suggestion, get rid of cinccino for either reshi or zekrom (give's use to reuniclus) so you can deal the damage back (make's for easy tko damage, max potion so you can get rid of the damage you take, go 2-2 zoroark not 2-1 makes me cry, also with the 3-1-4 line and the 2-1-2 line you have no rare candy so that's useless, and 3-2-3 gothitelle (4 gothi's and 3 goth's, you might as well go 3-2-3 or go 4-2-4, 4-1-4 if you plan or runnin a 2-2-2 reuni line, the theory behind this is plain fact, if you play staged out, it will never exceed the amount of basic you have in you're deck, so even if you have 1 gothi prized, you might have 3 bantha fooder goth's waiting for they're own death, fact), and plus power's, even though zoroark is useless because of evolite now but whatever (can't ohko dragons anymore, but if you trainer lock them yes you can).

P.S. welcome to the tcg and have fun, also welcome to the format and good luck.

4th November 2011, 2:30 AM
I have a very similar deck here http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=546771
You might want to reference it. In addition, leagues are for making new decks and rying them out, so go and trade for the trainers you need, or buy them off amazon and ebay.