View Full Version : On Time Limit For Training A Team, Help!(<3 Gold)

28th October 2011, 5:04 PM
Hey guys, I have another thread but was very new here and didn't make it very well. So I"m going to re-do it.

I have 10 days left in a Heart Gold challenge with my friend. We had 30 days to make the best team we can. No legendaries!

So far, I have.
;195; ;068; ;198; ;156; ;065; ;181;

Level 32 Quilava(Will Get to 36 at least)

Item:None(Didn't find any useful one yet)
Moves: Ember / Flame Wheel / Swift / Cut(Mistake, I know)

Level 33 Alakazam

Item:Scarf(Was hoping it might help recover)
Moves: Psybeam / Confusion / Recover / ????(I Forget)

Level 32 Machamp

Item:The One He's Traded With?
Moves: Strength(Fail, I know) / Revenge / Karate Chop / Rock Smash(Also Fail?)

Level 32 Quagsire

Item:None(Prob will stack them with berries, IDK)
Moves: Whirlpool(Mega Fail) / Surf / Yawn / Mud Bomb

Level 32 Ampharos

Item: None
Moves: Thunder Punch / Thunder Shock / Tackle / Charge (Prob going to get the TM for thunder bolt)

Level 31 Murkrow

Item: None
Moves: Fly / Roost / Pursuit / Nightshade(Or Assurance, not sure)

Pretty much was just going for a balanced team with guys that can do some work and heal themselves whenever possible.

When I try to replace a HM it says you can't unlearn an HM at this time. So I was wondering is there a time when you CAN remove the HM?

Also not really sure who to use as a starter or better move reccommendation or poke's. Keep in mind my time limit. I just beat the Golden Rod radio tower mission, by the way.

28th October 2011, 6:44 PM
Locked. Post this in in-game RMT please.