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Monster Guy
29th October 2011, 3:09 AM
I'm putting more non discussion thread topics in the Cafe. xD

The title is pretty self explanatory. What aspects of the RPing process do you enjoy, and what parts do you not like, and why?

My favorite part is the actual RPing. I like to develop characters within the action of the story, and do stuff I can't do in real life. Before I was active here, I lurked in the RP forums, and I used to think the 200 words per post rule was difficult, but after actually RPing here for a while, I found out it isn't. xD

My least favorite part, making Sign Ups. Don't get me wrong, I like making characters. But coming up with a good detailed SU is time consuming and annoying. Plus, I get intimidated when I see really long Sign Ups for RPs.

Besides, when you meet someone for the first time in real life, it's not like you get a piece of paper explaining every detail about them before you've even spoken. You only have their actions to go on. Revealing character within the RP is so much more interesting.

No I am not complaining about making SUs.

Edit: I also don't like RPs dying. But no RPer likes that. xD

29th October 2011, 3:36 AM
I didn't use to like SUs. But now, they're one of my favorite parts. I'm the kind of person that gets really hyped for things, so in the days leading up to an RP, I'm all excited for it to start.

I enjoy making characters. I start with bad traits first, often a 'fatal flaw', then fill in other traits. I can pump out a long, Munna-loving RPer intimidating SU pretty quick. It's why I always use new characters. I've never reused a single character. I don't even keep the Word docs they're written on. RPing is a way for me to get out of my boring everyday wake up, go to school, work, sleep life. I love new things.

Eh, 200 words seems intimidating at first, but now I can't RP anywhere but Serebii. I can't do this:

"Hey Mike, let's fight."

Mike looks over and punches Joe in the face. "Shut up!"

... Exaggeration, yes, but most sites have pretty light rules in place. I want to write a novel one day (doesn't everyone? Few succeed though...), and this is a good place to practice. Better than those writing workshops at school. You can't write legendary sagas about Pokemon at school. It just doesn't happen.

So... tl;dr... I like it all? 'Cept losing interest. It makes me feel bad. Because I'm not interested, RPing is no longer fun, but I don't want to go to other RPers and go, "Hey, this is boring! I'm gone! Peace!"

29th October 2011, 5:10 AM
I agree with Niihyl, I like sign-up. But I’ve always like making them; a brand new characters that fit into a specific storyline and giving each their own special personality, look and life. Maybe it because I just like to be creative or I get so excited about seeing how my character will get along with other character.

Also love conflict and seeing human interaction in RPG. It make me kind of sad when I go through a RPG and near everyone is a loner so no one communicate and it all just about the ‘mission.’ But then there is the case too much interaction in which the plot goes nowhere… But I think I prefer that the character feel alive instead solely moving on with the story.

What I hate about RPG is when they incompletely end... I know it happens all the time and sometimes I’m probably the cause but it’s always saddening when a RPG that you’re really into dies… Especially before anything spectacular happens, before you get the reveal something more about your character and before your character get the chance to mend their old habits and change. When it ends really young you can't even say, it was fun while it lasted.

Avenger Angel
29th October 2011, 4:28 PM
There's a bunch of things I like about RPing.

First and foremost, coming up with storylines, and then seeing other people come up with characters to immerse themselves into the universe I created. That's really quite cool, actually, and most people don't really stop to think about that. I also like a good battle or intense action sequence that involves a few characters. RPGs with a lot of intensity, intrigue, creativity, and suspense really grab my attention as well. For this reason also, I'm not too crazy about academy-style RPs.

Things I don't like about RPing... couple things. Most major pet peeve is when people ask in character what's going on totally abruptly, sometimes in the middle of a fight! If you need to catch up, ask a quick OOC, don't make it so your character has been totally oblivious to everything that's been going on. Another thing is when too many RPers are in the same spot at once, and they complain when every other person doesn't address everything their character does. I remember spending two pages of text just addressing what other people were saying and doing. It's a heck of a lot. The more people that group up together, the tougher it becomes to address everyone's actions and statements, and the slower things move along.

29th October 2011, 4:38 PM
What do I like? Most of it.

If it weren't for RPGs, I would never have gotten into creative writing, wouldn't have gotten a BA in it, and wouldn't be pursuing my masters in it. I wouldn't be the person I am now. RPGing is a lot like practice for me, a chance to work out characters, ideas, and concepts before working them into my "real" writing. It's a way for me to let loose with my fantasy/sci-fi/fanfiction side, so my other work can be a bit more down to earth.

Something I share between the two mediums is my love of characters. I love exploring that idea and concept, and the evolution of characters. It's why I don't mind using the same/similar character in different RPGs...or at least the same/similar signup (since settings and fandoms usually require altering). Once the RPG starts, the character develops differently depending on a thousand different factors, and I love exploring that.

I don't like...hugely drawn-out fight scenes. I used to...I used to write these elaborate, sweeping, epic battles...I still write them, and I try to infuse them with the same explosive energy, but now...it just gets a little tedious.

29th October 2011, 7:49 PM
My favorite thing about RPGs is when the RPG is running and things are going along smoothly. I also like making sign-ups, even though I lack creativity. It's a way to improve my writing skills.

One thing I definitely don't like about RPGs is some of the sign-ups and RPers that don't make an effort at all to make it half-way decent. It angers me when they make one sentence posts or one sentence descriptions. It also makes me wary of users with less than 100 posts as most of the rule breakers are usually below 100 post count.

7th November 2011, 9:13 AM
My favourite things about RPing?

- Making sign-ups. Even if it's for a re-used character. Even if the RPG doesn't progress very far, I know quite a bit about the character by the time I'm done writing the signup. Which is especially true given the detail I put into signups nowadays...

- Describing things in detail Well, this is my favourite part of writing in general. If I'm given a world or situation, I love to describe it and how my character reacts to it. This is one reason why my signups tend to be long, for I get carried away with really getting into something and describing things in detail.

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote one post which was the most fun I've had posting in a very long while. In it, my character had to react to a situation where the moon grew bigger, everything went dark, blood ran down the walls, something out of a nightmare. I had fun describing my character's reactions in detail and really getting into his head. Of course, that post ended up being massively long, but I didn't care.

Least favourite things about RPing?

- Probably the thing I hate the most is when an RPG I'm the GM of dies. At that point, I feel like all the hard work I've put into writing up the RPG has gone to waste, and since many of my RPG ideas are similar to my story ideas, it makes me wonder if people will think my stories are boring once I publish them. Of course, I understand that RPG's often die due to writer's block or people being busy, so maybe this is just me being paranoid. Or in my case, maybe it's the fact that people are intimidated by the length with which I describe things...

- Another thing I hate is when someone posts a decent signup, but once the RPG starts, they don't make good posts at all. In those cases, it makes me wish the GM was more stringent on the signups, and/or that they required an RP sample.

- Similarly, I hate it when everyone else in the RPG makes really short posts. Since I like to go into detail and make things relatively long, RPG's where everyone keeps it short make me feel out of place. This especially sucks if it's an RPG I'm really interested in otherwise.

- Finally, when RPG's move TOO DAMN FAST! As in 3+ posts a day. Yeesh, I can't keep up with that! Don't people have a life? This tends to occur during battles, which usually causes me to miss out on them...

Mariya Shidou
7th November 2011, 4:33 PM
Very generally, I just like writing out scenes in general. I love writing fiction. I'm not necessarily good at it, but I do love writing it.

The thing I don't like is writing histories. Some of it can be useful for a character, but a lot of it isn't. The length standards never work out for me. Where background could give such important details as motive, etc., personality could do the same. A fair bit of it does seem to just be puking out facts that have no bearing on the game.

Monster Guy
7th November 2011, 5:38 PM
Very generally, I just like writing out scenes in general. I love writing fiction. I'm not necessarily good at it, but I do love writing it.

Same here. :3

The thing I don't like is writing histories. Some of it can be useful for a character, but a lot of it isn't. The length standards never work out for me. Where background could give such important details as motive, etc., personality could do the same. A fair bit of it does seem to just be puking out facts that have no bearing on the game.

I agree! 8D You worded it much better than I did.

I understand the point of it, it gives some insight as to what events in your character's life made them the way they are, but rarely does anything mentioned in it come up during the game anyway. Often times, it feels like I'm throwing in whatever pops in to my head for the sake of the history section being long. :/

8th November 2011, 3:16 AM
The thing I like the most about the RP games here, would be the story concepts.
I joined the Persona OP because the whole "I'll Face Myself' theme mixed with high
school and fantasy sucked me in. I also love watching a story unfold when the end
is still being decided.

Not to be a kill joy, but there's a lot I don't like about the RP. After having read a
rough outline of the plot, people just flood in characters at the dozen. With a cast
hovering around 9-15, the pacing is really uneven. I have no idea when a fight
scene is going to end,or who's going to finish it. If there's an important creature outside
the front yard for example, I'm planning to engage it. With no idea of where
in the story we'll be tomorrow, other players can wander around town, jump off
the roof or whatever. It's like we just d**k around until someone kills it.

I was real confused when I saw that we were required to basically create a
fully personified character to shoe-horn into a story. Normally in books, a charactees
history, personality, and quirks are weaved throught the narrative gradually. We just
know who they are, and what they want at the start. Why he/she wants it, or plan to
obtain their goal is discovered progressively. Having to complete a whole back story,
and well-rounded personality BEFORE anything is actually written? That looks
unnatural and forced to me.

I know that this is a group we assemble to craft a story as we go, but I feel like
the only person who has any sense of direction of wherever the plot is going is
the GM. No one knows how it'll end, or what emotional obstacles our characters
might have to endure. If it was just one author, then yeah I could understand.
When a whole group of strangers of unknown numbers and goals for what they want
for their characters assemble, I'm always confused that first post.

I write out development for character within questionable constraints and
a blind fold. No one can do anything major unless the GM is active as the rest and
pushes the plot strong with every post. Ok, I'm starting to ramble now so I'll get this
over with. Maybe if there was some sort of pre-planning phase with a set limit of
writers/players. We'd beat out the story im rough form and beats for when
different characters would undergo serious confrontation to give us some kind
of scope.

I'm in my first RP, so being a newbie this process of writing kinda goes
way from any method of story architecture I've seen. I give a ton of credit to
people who can write like this competently. I don't know how this makes any sense,
but I don't think you guys take things really that serious here. It's not like we're
writing an upcoming epic trilogy or anything, it's Pokemon ok! Ha

I love this because it's new and fresh to how anythings been written in my eyes.
I know something truly beautiful can rise from here somewhere. Excuse me, I need
to get better at my character dialogue writing :D