View Full Version : What do you think of my SS team?

2nd November 2011, 8:16 PM
;197; Umbreon (full support)

;149; Dragonite (overall good stat pokemon)

;212; Scizor (good att + switcher)

;094; Gengar (good special att + destiny bond)

;230; Kingdra (good water pokemon with few weaknesses)

;157; Typhlosion (just the begginner. no special reaon)

What do you think of this team? Sorry for not posting the attacks, since I'm still evolving them. I don't know if I remain with this team. I had also interest in using Jolteon ;135; Dusknoir ;477; or even others. Give me your opinion and tell me which should I change.

3rd November 2011, 6:41 AM
In-game team rate, or add descriptions, sets, natures, EV's, items and such.