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3rd November 2011, 10:25 AM
Grimmer(60 Hp, Sticky Liquid, Sludge toss, 2 retreat cost) X2
Grimmer (60 Hp, Division Poision gas) X1
Muk (100 Hp, Sludge Drag, PESTER (Main attack of the deck)x2
Espeon X 2 ( 90 HP Solar sugestion, Confuse ray)
Leafeon (90 HP, Misama Wind 9doese 50X damage for each specail condioion on defending pokemon, Soothing scent) X1
Evee (50 Hp, Call for Family, tickle) x3
Evee (50 Hp, ENERGY EVOLUTION , Smash Kick)X1
Dosiriox2 ( 80 hp Retreat aid, Incessant Peck)
DoDuo x2 ( 50 hp Peck, Double head strike)
rattata x2(40 Hp gnaw)
raticatex2 (80 Hp, Razor shap Incissors, Gnaw up)
togepix2 (40 Plead)
togetic x1(80 Hp, CHASE UP, fly)
Oddish x2 (40 Hp, FIND A FRIEND)
Gloomx2 ( 80 hp Poision Powder)
Tangela (70 hp Poision poweder, nutrituinal support)

life herb x2
interviwers question x2
sages trainning x 2(Is this a good card?)
poke ball x2
teamrockets trickery x2

GRASS x9 (Green)
PhysicX11 (Purple)

the staryegy of this deck is to poison the oponents pokemon and then finish them off with Muk's Pester which dose 80 damage if they have specal conditions. Leaferon's atacks can SLEEP and if they are Poisioned, leaforin can do 100 damage to them. espron can heal my pokemon while at the same time do 40 damage to my opponent. Raticate is a good card to use if the opponents pokemon has enough damage from the poision or from other attacks because it actuly doubles the amount of damage the pokemon already has. if the deffending pokemon has 4 counters, the damage 4 more and the deffending pokemon know has 80 damage!

Also, the Bold Means that the attack or ability is a main part of my startegy or that i'm just going to use that card just for that one effect.

4th November 2011, 2:01 AM
You're new, I can tell, so lets make this deck a deck.

this is the inital pokemon to make each pokemon shine

2-1 eevee/Leafeon (this should be the main attacker)
~~~~~lets make this annoying now...~~~~~~~~
2-2 roserade UL (with 1 rainbow it does confusion and poison to your opponent's active, this turns leafeons attack into 110 turn 1)
2-2 lilligant EP (heads paralyze+poison, tails confusion, this is a great setup and stack attack card, making leafeons 110 longer but an actuality versus something that would take an additional turn to setup)
~~~~~~back to the deck~~~~~~~~~
2-2 muk or 2 mew prime and 2 muk and just use muk's power asap, muk on itself is a slow card.
2 tropius HGSS (basic grass pokemon search engine)
2-2 or 1-1 sunflora hgss (grass pokemon search engine)
1 to 2 cleffa hgss (get a new hand)
1 to 2 shaymin UL for combo.
2-2-2 serpieror (heal)

T/S/S line (trainer, supporter, stadium)
4 prof oak's new theory (new hand)
4 pokemon communication (switch for the pokemon you need)
3 dual ball (get the basic's you need)
3 or 4 plus power (more damage equals more power in decks like these)
2 to 3 switch (dodrio slows decks down)
2 seeker (shaymin UL combo)
2 max potion (shaymin UL combo)
optional 2 juniper
optional 2 twins

5 psychic
6 grass
4 rainbow energy
2 rescue energy

This is essentially how it should run, strategy is simple, setup you're muk, roserade and lilligant stall with status damage, the setup leafeon for the ohko's, shaymin is there for technical support+heal with seeker and max potion so you don't have to drop energy to heal you're pokemon, you could run the serperior but it would be the same amount of cards for less effect. I explained everything else through the side of the card, if you have any game mechanic questions give me a hollar.

P.S. sleep is not a good thing to be doing to you're opponent in this kind of game currently, hasn't been that effective for a long time.

10th November 2011, 8:37 PM
lol...... Isnt this the Theme Deck?

10th November 2011, 9:12 PM
the leafeon and roserade yes, everything else no, and the theme deck was only released in japan.

13th November 2011, 4:32 AM
I was talking about what he orginally posted..... its from Daybreak I belive?

Anyways..... yes since it seems your main focus is around cripiling them then sweeping let me help you out a bit I used to run a simillar Deck........

Why don you try taking out

Rattata and his Evo for Emerging Powers Lilligant
Tangela for Vileplume(He prevents both players from using any items, so they cant Full heal)
and I would probably drop
Espeon and 1 or 2 Eevees for Scolipede(Black and White) and his line

Espeon is ok, Solor suggestion doesent really help angaints primes or heavy hitters also, you seem to lack some hard hitting cards so scolipede would definantly help alot.

17th November 2011, 9:01 AM
Scoliosis? You suggested scoliosis? at the point of running scoliosis it's a slower attacker so it would seem more prudent to not add in either scoliosis or vileplume and suggest the player runs gothitelle (which is a better option), or the use of adding in primes like terrakion/donphan or dragons to deal with certain situations. how about the new cofagrigus with the attack, damagriiigus, it allows you to move as many damage counters as you want instead of solar suggestions.

27th November 2011, 8:07 PM
yeah, I have this theme deck as well which turned into an awesome tranerlock tank deck. you may wnt to check it out. any ways I suggest getting rid if some pokemon and adding a lot of triners. and I can see you have got some advice from the intruction manual... but good decision. it is a good deck. get some synergy in their though. you need to couple pokemon up to make them stronger and nice spelling