View Full Version : Plasma Rain (HGSS-On)

6th November 2011, 3:38 AM
x3 Mareep
x2 Falffy
x3 Ampharos Prime
x4 Rotom
x3 Electabuzz
x3 Electivire
x3 Pichu
x2 Oshawott
x1 Dewott
x2 Samurott
x1 Reshiram

x3 Great Ball
x2 Junk Arm
x3 Pokemon Communications
x2 Pokemon Reversal
x2 Rare Candy
x1 Switch
x2 Professor Elm's Training Method
x4 Professor Oak's New Theory
x1 Twins

x12 Lightning Energy
x2 Double Colorless Energy

Ampharos Prime punishes the opponent if they attach energy by placing a damage counter on the card with energy on it. The other pokemon then set up and help the energy punishing theme - Rotom deals 20 damage for each Energy on a target pokemon, and can alos use his Power to get a prize I want. Eletrivire hits EACH pokemon the opponent has with energy for a solid 50, and can also deal 30 and recover lost energy(With a small price with ampy in play). Pichu sets you up. Samm and reshi clean up bad matchups. The deck runs on relativity low energy, and Pokemon reversal with Junk arm for easy sniping, as it's not TOO needed.

6th November 2011, 5:07 AM
I see great minds think alike, I made a deck almost like this, but this is what I ran.... I made this like 2 days ago, lawl

2-2 RSL
1-1-1 samurott B/W (ability)
2-2 electirvire TR
2 smoochum promo (move's energy to setup electivire's attack)
1 cleffa
1 reshi
1 zekrom

6 electric
4 water

4 legend box
4 communication's
3 dual ball
2 switch
2 indigo plataeu
3 judge
2 Bianca
1 N (never played it yet)
1 super rod
1 cheren
1 fisherman
1 copycat
1 seeker
2 juniper
1 prof elm's
1 catcher
1 burnt tower
1 interviewer's

It looks sloppy but it's pretty solid, once it's setups it annoy's then tkos' benches like a mofo, and annihilates like a boss, I was thinking of putting in that new prehistoric bird aheoah (whatever), stop's evolution. This deck even though sloppy runs really smooth, maybe somethings you want to add maybe not, you never know.

7th November 2011, 3:21 AM
I like the idea of samurott ability. It seems like it might work better as a tech vs donphan the purpose I intended RS Legend to fulfill. I also like the reshi tech for coverage.
-1-1 RS
-2 ES
-2 Water nrgy
-2 Energy Search
+2-1-2 Samurott ability
+1 Reshiram
+2 DCE