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Dark Side4
8th November 2011, 4:11 AM
Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to this, so I'm trying to make a thread about "walls." What do you think is the best wall pokemon in the games? Btw I'm only on fourth gen, haven't got the 5th gen games and I don't plan to. I have heard a lot about blissey being the best special wall, but I've always hated blissey and I know that they are defeated relatively easily from any physical move. Ive also heard a lot about skarmory, but it's really mixed with how skarmory could be a wall.

My team is a mono-dark team, idk why I love the dark type so much, I just do. This causes me to have a bias toward dark types, and when it comes to walls, I really don't think you can beat a good umbreon. Here's my umbreon. Rate/edit/attack it as much as you want, but I'm pretty set on it right now. I've made about 12 umbreons looking for the "perfect" one and I think I found it. But here it is. And please tell me your opinion about your favorite or best walls, I'd like to hear them too.

Umbreon w/leftovers
Impish Nature
Faint Attack

sp. attack-150

Umbreon is my all time favorite pokemon, so I put in the effort to make him good. I know a lot of people say to put ev's in hp, but I prefer to have the insanely high defenses. Also, with no ev's, he still got 330 hp, which I think is pretty high enough. He can take almost any attack without getting too hurt (except for maybe a machamp's dynamic punch). But for the stats I'm again pretty set, I love the balance and really good iv's.

On to the move set. I think curse is a must. Umbreon already has huge defense, and with one or two curses, he's unbeatable, even against a heracross or machamp. It also boosts his attack to a decent level, so against those steel and poison types he has a fighting chance.

Toxic is also a must. A good wall MUST have some kind of status affliction move, and in my opinion toxic is one of the best. Once he gets up a toxic, all he has to do is wait, which is easy with his high defenses.

Moonlight is a preference thing. I like it for it's boost in sunlight, and I don't have to waste a move slot for protect like I do for wish. Also I have a houndoom on my team with sunny day, so I can use him to boost moonlight or eliminate any other weather effects.

Finally faint attack. First, it is dark type, which umbreon gets a stab bonus for. Second, it never misses, so even the double teamers can't avoid umbreon. A lot of people use payback, because of the higher power and curse works well with it, but again it's a preference thing. Faint attack has more pp, 32 with pp max, and never misses. Finally, and again, faint attack is dark type, which means it DOES HIT shedinja. I've faced many shedinjas and it doesn't matter how well your wall/tank/sweeper is set up, if you can;t hit a shedinja, you can;t hit him, so faint attack is a plus. I;ve thought about this for a while, so I think I've got him pretty well set up.

I know i've written a lot here, but please share your comments. Please comment on how you make your umbreon or walls, and edit or rate mine. Thanks!

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P.S. Please no telling me to "try making him a sweeper." I;ve seen lots of people put like dark pulse and psychic on umbreons, but let's face it people, they suck as sweepers, or even attackers at all. They get 250 in attacks at the very max, which is just sad, and they just don't work. I'll take on anyone's "sweeper" umbreon with my wall umbreon and win 100/100 times. But seriously comment. Thanks!

8th November 2011, 7:48 AM
This looks more of a discussion thread about how much you love dark types rather than a rate my team.