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10th November 2011, 6:53 PM
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Stuck at home with SBURB 2
It has been exactly 931 days since our last adventure began, dear reader.We thought you may wish to know this fascinating information. 931 days since a copy of SBURB arrived at a young 13 year old named John Egbert's house. Shortly after its arrival, meteors started raining down. On EVERY house SBURB was being played. What then occurred were many simultaneous and excellent adventures.

In one such adventure, the kids found themselves in a new world full of odd creatures to kill, planets and moon never seen before, a battlefield host to a glorified game of chess, and an evil guy ruining it all, named Jack Noir. All of this with the aim of creating a new Universe. They found that their world was in fact the result of a session by some trolls (the name of the species that they were) from a planet named Alternia.

However, unlike what was told to these many adventurers, the world did not end. That was just a convenient lie, told to utterly stop anyone who'd survived SBURB and somehow made it back to Earth from warning people about the game's power (presumably if anyone ever got back they'd be convinced it wasn't Earth). Eventually, the meteor shower stopped. Nobody on Earth knew the reason for it happening in the first place or why it suddenly stopped. According to scientists, the meteors were a freak shower, happening far too rapidly for any Earth telescope to be able to pick it up in space.

And so, Earth's people forgot the very existence of the meteors. life returned to normal. Country leaders once more began their pointless and endless rambling about the "serious matters" of economy, war and running a country. Sports stars once again dazzled us with their amazing skills and some appalled us with their woeful behaviour). Movie stars and their directors created stunning films for all to enjoy. Musical geniuses created catchy tuned that we are still singing today.

Crucially, though, the gaming networks came back online. Playstation, Xbox, and even Nintendo started becoming available once more and addictive games were made. Along with the internet, they facilitated the newest game. It seems extremely unimportant, but it will change the world. It's name is SBURB 2. It's supposedly the new and improved version of SBURB. It was released the day before yesterday, on Halloween. Want to see the case?


That's it. No other information. Nothing on the back. but for some reason, the kids all love it. All of them. They're getting it in droves (it doesn't cost anything). Soon the world will once more be host to a fascinating meteor show. more craters. more death. More insanity. And that, dear reader, is where you come in. You are one of ten friends about to embark on the journey that is SBURB. You will play the game. You will no doubt discover great things. Hopefully, you will win.

Good luck!

Differences from the original SBURB.
SBURB on MSPA Wiki (http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Sburb)
In terms of entry, the style of the game and all the little artefacts available, SBURB 2 is exactly like the original. There is a server player and a client player. When you get the game, you get both discs, the server disc and the client disc. The game cannot fully begin and therefore finish before all players are both clients and servers and within the game. SBURB 2 (and its predecessor) allow you to control the real-life and real-time surroundings of your client player. The client can roam freely without needing to do anything. The server player is then able to build rooms, add on to existing rooms, deploy game objects, and manipulate objects in the Client's environment. Unlike the first SBURB, this construction is not limited to a certain radius. It is therefore possible to create massive houses, though usually, it isn't necessary. A returning factor from the first SBURB is that there are building blocks needed to create all of this called Grist. Server players get given some at the start of each server-client forming, but once that has gone, the only way to accumulate it is through defeating enemies.

Unlike the first SBURB, there are not millions of different types of grist. There are instead three types. These are called Build Grist, needed to do all the Server players' actions, Item Grist, needed by the player to create, enhance or combine their items (and weapons) and Medium Grist, which is very rare, but can be used to create ingame items from scratch by either player. There is an app called Gristorrent that can either give level the players' Grist, or take certain amounts of grist from other players, but aside form this, Grist cannot be given to others. Whatever Grist obtained only works for the players who got it (unless if using Gristorrent as mentioned).

You enter the game by creating a kernelsprite. This is a sprite who becomes a wise game manual, who you can interact with fully. They will speak English and sense if they're a sentient being. In the new game this has become more advanced and you can now prototype your sprite with anything that is an image or representation of a sentient being, including the sentient being itself. You can prototype your sprite again if you prototyped it with something useless, and you can re-prototype it once more, but after that, you're stuck with whatever you have. But starting the process itself makes a meteor start to bear down on your exact location. If in the time it takes for the meteor to hit your location, you have not managed to enter the game using your entry item (they all make you enter the game in different ways and the materials to make them are give as ingame objects), the meteor will crash and you will get killed. You "enter" into a place known as the Medium, where the game takes place. The medium is a stepping stone into the actual game itself, known at the Incisphere.

The objective of the game is to create a new universe. And actual proper new universe. It can do that. And in the universe you create, you are Gods. I will get round to the other aim, a new core aim that means you completing the game, later, after I've explained the new plot of the game.

In the original SBURB, each player had a planet. From that planet they gradually upgraded themselves and learnt to be fantastic fighters. They then could kill the black king and queen, the main antagonists, who fought against the white king and queen, the protagonists, in a glorified game of Chess, on a massive planet known as the battlefield. The Kings were on the battlefield at all times until the black king and queen were killed. The queens lived on yet two more planets named Derse and Prospit. All ingame sentient beings, apart form the consorts (animals that lived on each players planets that were pretty irrelevant) got given the powers and some of the looks of each successive prototyped initial kernelsprite. The objective was to kill the black monarchs and then gain the queen's ring and the king's staff, and then gain the white monarch's items (which were the same, but were given to you by the White King and Queen and did not need to be forced to give them). This would then allow you to create the new Universe, via the successful breeding of the mother frog, the universe frog, the genesis frog (by whoever has the planet where you can breed frogs on) who IS the universe that you create. You also had to kill an evil killer named Jack Noir, who appeared in every game, who was after the black queen's ring in order to gain its abilities. Each player had one "life" in the form of a dream self, who awoke when the player went to sleep, on the moon of either Prospit or Derse.

This has been altered slightly in this second version of the game. Instead of Chess being the main element, there are now two interlinking games occurring. Chess is still present (although there is not a "queen" figure and Prospit and Derse don't exist- there is one Monarch/Leader of either army) but as well as that, there is a four-way "war" or sorts going on between four separate factions. The two wars don't interact with eachother much. Each side (there are a total of six sides) has their individual planet which is their base of operations. There is also a battlefield where the Chess-Like War takes place, but the other war takes place on the four planets controlled by the four factions. There is no side in either or the two wars that can be seen as either Protagonistic or Antagonistic.
The second aim is to stop both wars from happening. There is an artefact for each player somewhere on their planet. The first part of the game is extremely individual, with a proper "level" structure, and with the final level being finding the Artefact. They must find all of these and combine them to create a peace item that stops fighting from happening. This then allows the group of players to interact with eahcother and prepare for the final stage that is creating the new universe.
Instead of one life that is a dream self, players have three lives. When a player dies the first time, just before they die, a shield that stops death shields them. Once it is use,d it cannot be used again, and that life is lost. The second life is a healing agent that automatically heals the player just as they are about to die. After this, the player dies properly, and the other players must continue the game without them.
Consorts no longer exist, and enemies are not prototyped by the kernelsprites. Instead, whatever the first player prototypes, they will somehow create all enemies form that for the whole game. For example, if the first player prototyped an image of Ninetendo's Mario, all enemies and the fighters in the wars would look like Mairo characters. As we are a Pokemon forum, this quest's enemies will be Pokemon. The planets all provide different services and each have an agent who will try and corrupt your game as much as possible.

Sylladex on MSPA Wiki (http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Sylladex)
Hey, big news. You can't carry things anymore. Instead, you have to rely on an inventory system known at the Sylladex. You can "Captchalogue" (put into inventory) items. They will then be transformed into cards. Easier to carry, but it can be dangerous if done wrong. Each Fetch Modus (way of organizing the inventory) is different. There is the basic Stack modus, where things are just put into a stack. You can only use the item on the top card, and if you captchalogue one too many item, the bottom item will be propelled out into the real world again. If this is a dangerous item, like a sword, you can imagine what a flying sword might do in terms of damage.

There is a list of different Fetch Modi on the page I provided for you. Choose one of those, or make up one of your own. You will have to fully describe how it works if you choose this.

As well as your standard inventory, there is also your "Strife Deck". Strife basically means fight. In your strife deck, you can have up to three different weapon classes. So... Hammer, Sword and Needles (anything your can justify as being a weapon basically). You have one as your main one. The other two are only used every so often.

Pesterchum and Titles
Everyone has a games console or computer if they have SBURB and can play it. There is also the Pesterchum on every device. It's a simple chat system. Each player has a screen name different from their real name, and a two letter capital letter abbreviation of their name. They all have a different text colour and a different typing quirk that differentiates them (for example, Writing Every Word With A Capital Letter At The Start, or WrItInG iN aLtErNaTiNg CaPs, or WR1T1NG 1N C4PS 4ND L33T SP34K (these are all actual typing quirks form Homestuck).

As well as this, every player has a "title". John Egbert, the principal character in Homestuck, is the "Heir of Breath". Rose Lalonde, the second introduced character, is the "Seer of Light". Dave Strider, the third in their group of friends, is the "Knight of Time". And the last of the four, Jade Harley, is the "Witch of Space". The formula is "Title of Noun". This should incorporate both types. Likewise, each planet follows a formula, which is "Land of ___ and ___". In our adventure, each player will be taking two types in Pokemon (with three "Extra" types, Time, Space and Light). They will eventually inherit the power to control these types. The three new ones are pretty self-explanatory. Whoever gets Time and Space also gets "boring" types, like Normal and Ghost. This is to balance it out a little. Also, whoever gets Space is the person who has to do the frog breeding to get the Universe Frog. They will get Normal type. Your kernelsprites MUST all be of the two types you have. My character will be Fire/Fighting, and as such, will get a Combusken as his kernelsprite. Therefore, when picking two types, make sure that that type combination has an existing Pokemon. If you are one of the three non-existing types, you take the existing type you have and take a Pokemon that is just that type.

God tiers. Due to the lack of dream selves, God tiers work differently to the original SBURB. Instead of dying on a Quest bed, once the whole team creates the Ultimate Peace brought about by the artefacts' bringing together, everyone becomes "God tier". It is nowhere near as powerful as it was in the original SBURB, and it does not grant immortality (until you become a God in your new universe), but you will at this point be able to control your two types.

The Cast:
Thomas Smith [anvilFist]- Fire/Fighting. (Knight of Fire, Land of Flames and Hardship) [Proby3]
Aden Jackson [peculiarCreator]- Ice/Dragon. (Artist or Myths, Land of Snow and Scales) [Monty]
Alex Suaréz [hardyRuffian]- Rock/Ground (Page of Sand, Land of Soil and Stone) [Proby3]
Pascal LaFoudre [dashingGent]- Space/Electric (Bard of Space, Land of Sparks and Stars) [Monty]

"Blue" Hilroy ****eacherousThinker]- Water/Light. (Reaper of Spectrums, Land of Storms and Glow) [Killer Squirtle]
Lily Milligan [carnifexLunaris]- Bug/Steel (Shikari of Screws, Land of Machines and Webs) [Mariya Shidou]
Elena Anavari [deviouslyDisastrous]- Normal/Psychic (Seer of Thought, Land of Wisdom and Mind) [SpyroxPikachu]
Anya Harris [cannyThespian]- Grass/Flying. (Songstress of Trees, Land of Skies and Flora ) [Raiden193]
Elizabeth Maxwell [deceitfulSyndrome]- Dark/Poison. (Necromancer of Acid, Land of Toxic and Shadows) [SpyroxPikachu]

Ok then! In this discussion thread, if there are any questions regarding the RP, such as questions on SBURB, or if you're trying to organize a time to chat (most posts will have a Pesterlog in them).

When doing a chat for the Pesterlog, imagine you are that character. E.g. Thomas will definitely not be happy in his logs. I'm generally speaking quite cheerful and optimistic in my real-life chats, but for the RP, I'll be acting Grumpy and even angry quite a lot.

Chat Mediums available:
The Actual Pesterchum (http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?37333-PESTERCHUM-3.14.1-New-Pesterchum-%286-26-3.41-8eta-pg54%29)
Xat group for our RP. (http://xat.com/HomestuckSBURB2)
Any other shared Chat medium. The Pesterchum needs to be downloaded but is probably better. The Xat doesn't need any downloading or Username or anything.

10th November 2011, 6:54 PM
Right, I need someone to Chat with me to start a conversation between Thomas and your character. it will appear in the first post of the RP. Whoever it is is likely to be Thomas' server player, just so you know.

I can't download Persterchum yet, but I'm working on it. It will need to be Xat for now.

EDIT: Should probably mention I run on English time (GMT). People from USA are 5 hours behind me.
EDIT2: Actually, I have Pesterchum now. We should probably just use this to make it easy for everyone.
EDIT: Registered on Pesterchum as anvilFist. Added everyone so far. Make sure when adding yourself/other people that you use the first word (anvil) as lower case and the second word (Fist) as upper case. It won't recognize the name otherwise. Also, use exactly the same spelling as you have here for everyone.

12th November 2011, 1:00 AM
I didn't know we had a discussion thread. XD I suppose I'll try Pesterchum out.


Oh, I edited Anya's SU; she no longer translates verbs into Morse, just acronyms and swearing.


So, I finally downloaded it, added everyone, and set up my quirks. *Is now in ready position to pester.*

Mariya Shidou
12th November 2011, 7:42 AM
Well, my laptop got cooked pretty spectacularly, so that's down. I could probably set up Pesterchum on the computer I'm on temporarily, though. I'll probably do that tomorrow. Hopefully that works out...

12th November 2011, 4:22 PM
Ok, I'm starting to get ridiculously confused as to how Pesterchum works... I think both parties need to be online at the same time which will be a right pain.

Ok then: Who is going to be online tonight at 8-9 PM my time? (3-4 PM in the USA). Or, if you can't make tonight/this afternoon, then tomorrow night/afternoon? If we can't get Pestcerhum to work, we'll just go to the Xat chat I set up and do it there. I really need this though, so we can actually get the RP started.

EDIT: Yep, got the answer back. Both parties have to be online for the chat to work. So I really need someone to be online from 8-9 PM (3-4 for you) either today or tomorrow (or 5-7AM/10-11 AM in the day for you)

So, on weekdays, for USA people, I'm online:

So it would be very much appreciated if we could do chats then with me/other English people. Come to think of it, it would be useful to have what timezone everyone is in (and the relation to GMT) so I can just see when everyone is accessible.

12th November 2011, 6:50 PM
Aparrently, I'm in GMT -5, and it's now 12:41. And even stranger, my quirks are gone. Maybe I didn't save them properly? I'll be right back.

checked, Canada and US time are practically the same. Screw my dumb logic >.<, I'll be on Pesterchum in half an hour. Gyaah, Pesterchum is being a pain, it'll take a while. T___T

After reinstalling it, I'm back online... and ready~!

12th November 2011, 9:08 PM
I just downloaded a pesterchum and added everyone. I'm still figuring out how to use it. I can chat with you Proby. I'll be on from 3-4 PM[us].

edit: I think I have a handle on things. What are supposed to do on Pesterchum, talk about SBURB2?

Mariya Shidou
13th November 2011, 12:35 AM
So I really need someone to be online from 8-9 PM (3-4 for you) either today or tomorrow (or 5-7AM/10-11 AM in the day for you)

So, on weekdays, for USA people, I'm online:

Which time zone? (I think you're measuring to GMT-0500, or Eastern Standard?)

I'm in GMT-0600, just so you know.

e: Also, unless I really suck at this, I can't set the "de-capitalize all letters past the first" quirk.

13th November 2011, 9:29 PM
Yep, that's Eastern Standard. So for you, it's:



Mariya Shidou
13th November 2011, 9:37 PM
Yeah, that's about right. (Those morning times suck, but I can probably catch you in the afternoon, at least on Tuesday and Thursday. My Monday/Wednesday classes would probably interfere. Friday is also a go, assuming I wake up on time.

I have the week of the 21st off completely, so I should have more time then.

14th November 2011, 12:35 AM
I'm on EST just so you guys know

14th November 2011, 7:34 PM
I'm in the mountain time zone, as i make this post it would be 11:30 am.
just thought i would let you guys know

Yes I agree; why do we need the pesterchum? Is it to make the logs for your posts or?

Mariya Shidou
15th November 2011, 7:08 AM
Yes I agree; why do we need the pesterchum? Is it to make the logs for your posts or?

Basically, yeah. You log on with your handle, add all your quirks (or, in my case, hand-type one of them just to be on the safe side), and use it to make IC pesterlogs between the other players to post to your post.

P.S. I'll be without Pesterchum until about 3PM GMT-0600 on Thursday, just FYI. Though, the game since to be off to a slow start.

15th November 2011, 6:39 PM
Spyrox- Is that GMT+5 then?

KS, you're probably aware of this, but to everyone else; my next post will feature "turntechGodhead". You probably know what this means; trolls. You will have a patron human (who you will share with 2-3 other characters) and a patron troll too. Your patron human's Title will tell you where you fit. For example, Thomas is the Knight of Fire. Dave is a knight and he lives on a hot planet. Blue has Rose (Both are heroes of Light). Aden would have Jade (Her planet is Frosty.) Anya gets John (Flying = Wind). If you can't think who'd fit you best, ask me.
The Patron troll just mirrors your star sign. I get Kanaya. If you share the sign with someone else, again, tell me, I'll choose who gets who.

Patrons will seem to troll you if they're human, but when you enter the medium and find out about the game, we see that they're just being nice. Trolls will genuinely mean but will slowly warm to our characters.

I'm also allowing second characters so we have a full house. I'm taking one spot, so there's two more up for grabs.

Mariya Shidou
15th November 2011, 10:23 PM
Spyrox- Is that GMT+5 then?

That's an hour back from me, so GMT-0700.

KS, you're probably aware of this, but to everyone else; my next post will feature "turntechGodhead". You probably know what this means; trolls. You will have a patron human (who you will share with 2-3 other characters) and a patron troll too. Your patron human's Title will tell you where you fit. For example, Thomas is the Knight of Fire. Dave is a knight and he lives on a hot planet. Blue has Rose (Both are heroes of Light). Aden would have Jade (Her planet is Frosty.) Anya gets John (Flying = Wind). If you can't think who'd fit you best, ask me.
The Patron troll just mirrors your star sign. I get Kanaya. If you share the sign with someone else, again, tell me, I'll choose who gets who.

How are other patrons handled? Are any patrons assigned to multiple players or something? Or do other humans besides the kids get to be patrons?

Also, I don't have a birthday set for Anya Lily (I'm an idiot, trufax), so. Part of me wants to give her Eridan so she can just make him miserable over his form of loneliness.

15th November 2011, 10:25 PM
w000000000t I get 2ollux and Rose works two-fold because her representative element in Water, too

16th November 2011, 3:13 AM
Hmmm well I'm Seer Of Thought
Well either Dave or Jade probably Jade; maybe even John.

Oh and my patron troll is Nepeta so yeah :33

16th November 2011, 11:59 AM
Aden's patron troll will be Feferi, and his patron human is Jade.
I also changed Aden's title to Mage of Myths if that's okay.

EDIT: When is the next time anyone will be on Pesterchum?

18th November 2011, 4:41 AM
Yo; I'm going to make a second character Proby. You said it was alright. Oh hey because he is also me meaning we're both leo's; could I just give him one of the untaken trolls?

EDIT: I noticed we had an even number of Boys and girls so I'd like to just make another lady instead. c:

EDIT2: Put up my second SU in the SU thread

18th November 2011, 6:30 AM

I apologize for my unexcused absence. stupid homework. DX I'll be trying my best to get my first post up, so don't worry. :P

And, yay! Patrons!

... Sorry, I'm at a loss. What was a patron again? X(

Mariya Shidou
18th November 2011, 8:08 PM
Aden's patron troll will be Feferi, and his patron human is Jade.
I also changed Aden's title to Mage of Myths if that's okay.

EDIT: When is the next time anyone will be on Pesterchum?

I'll be on tomorrow, most of the day. I'm finally getting my main computer back.

19th November 2011, 4:35 AM
Hey guys, I won't be on for most of the day tomorrow cuz I'll be doing stuff, but in-game reason being is that Blue is asleep and is having serious freakin' nightmares.

She also got a code for the game order[?]
There's gaps for the missing players:

Aura Wolfe
19th November 2011, 4:45 AM
Sorry for my absense, I only just finished these stupid exams. Anyway, I believe my timezone would be GMT +10

19th November 2011, 11:33 AM

There you go. I added Elizabeth in too, and fixed the bit at the start. Anya is Thomas' server, so I swapped her and Lily around.

Ok, so now all of our Patrons. Patrons were the trolls that were particularly interested in a specific human (John got Vriska, Dave got Terezi, Rose got Kanaya, and Karkat was Jade's). In our RP we have a patron Human which we share with 1-2 other characters, and a patron troll that is unique to that character. I'm going to assume that somehow every troll is alive again.

Thomas: Dave, Kanaya
Blue: Rose, Sollux
Anya: John, Tavros
Sean: Dave, Terezi
Lily: Jade, Vriska
Elena: Rose, Nepeta
Aden: Jade, Feferi
Alex: John, Karkat
Elizabeth: Jade, Gamzee

Ok, there's like four Virgo characters, being Thomas, Sean, Lily, and Alex. I just went to the next star sign available upwards. Sean got Libra and therefore Terezi. Lily got Vriska, and that's twofold because Vriska is based on spiders which matches Lily's bug type. I decided I had to have Karkat in there somewhere, so I gave him to Alex.

Mariya Shidou
20th November 2011, 12:53 AM
Somehow I feel like Rose would do better with Lily than Jade, but they might mesh too well. Just a thought.

Anyway, I have Pesterchum back up, along with my whole computer. Since I have the next week off, I'll be on mostly around noon to sometime past midnight GMT-0600. Just so you guys all know.

20th November 2011, 1:32 AM
Meh. I'll think about it.

Raiden, we really need to do an Anya/Thomas chat, or rather several of them. I want to get Thomas into the game.

Mariya Shidou
20th November 2011, 1:40 AM
Meh. I'll think about it.

Raiden, we really need to do an Anya/Thomas chat, or rather several of them. I want to get Thomas into the game.

It's just a side-thought. I mean, her and Jade would probably be an uphill battle, while her and Rose might connect too readily, which is probably an argument against it.

Though I don't see her getting on well with Vriska, either.

(Also nobody is on. Or is that just the Typewriter skin not displaying that very well? I don't think I've seen anyone on while I used it yet.)

20th November 2011, 5:15 AM
Hey, how are we spose to do the whole patron chat thing? Do we talk to ourselves, or get another person to take up that role?

Mariya Shidou
20th November 2011, 5:37 AM
Hey, how are we spose to do the whole patron chat thing? Do we talk to ourselves, or get another person to take up that role?

I think we have to do it ourselves. But I'd prefer to have someone help me with mine a little, since I don't have much confidence writing my patrons.

20th November 2011, 6:16 AM
Hey proby; could I switch Elizabeth's patron from Gamzee to someone else? Perhaps Equius? I just don't exactly like Gamzee's quirk or Gamzee for that matter...

20th November 2011, 11:37 AM
Yeah, you do the patron things yourself. I just opened a notepad and alternated randomly between the tow characters when I wanted to. If you want help with it, I'm sure I can, or someone else can, do the chat with you as that person.

@Spyrox- actually, yeah, go on. I want Equius in there more than Gamzee anyway. Make sure you change your post in the RP though because the chat between Elena and Elizabeth and Thomas and Elizabeth both mention it's TC (Gamzee).

20th November 2011, 10:00 PM
Order of entry into the game:

Thomas: Dave, Kanaya
Blue: Rose, Sollux
Anya: John, Tavros
Sean: Dave, Terezi
Lily: Rose, Vriska
Elena: Rose, Nepeta
Aden: Jade, Feferi
Alex: John, Karkat
Elizabeth: Jade, Equius
Pascal: Jade, Eridan

The Four Way war in our session is between Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. The Chess-like two way war is between the Hoodlum army (Dark or Fighting types) and Purity (Normal or Psychic types). Six of our characters will each have their own faction of the wars that they are individually responsible for stopping. They will essentially be "holding back" the wars form getting too serious until Lily finishes her work.
-Earth: Alex
-Wind: Anya
-Water: Blue
-Fire: Thomas
-Hoodlums: Elizabeth
-Purity: Elena

Other roles are as follows:
-Army Maker: Lily. Lily's job is to create a massive army of Robots that will be used to cease the fighting between both wars. Once the fighting has stopped then the second phase can commence.

-Frog Breeder: The Infamous Space Hero, Pascal. pretty self-explanatory. Breed Bilious Slick.

-Messenger: Aden. Aden's job is to essentially act as a messenger between all our characters. He is also there to lend a helping hand to those that need someone else at a particular instant. If Thomas was surrounded by Fire Army fighters, Aden would come and help him clear those, for example.

-Time Shenanigans: Sean. Sean's job is to assist Pascal in breeding Bilious Slick. He also has to do what Dave did and make a huge amount of Boondollars. Paying for the new Universe is mandatory. It costs A LOT. Finally, when he's doing neither of these, he is a secondary support role, like Aden, but without the messenger title too.

Note that these roles only come into effect once everyone has cleared their planets and has gained their artefact.

20th November 2011, 10:07 PM
Now this makes sense!

23rd November 2011, 10:51 PM
I realized that I haven't decided on a server player for Anya. -.- Is anyone open?

23rd November 2011, 11:35 PM
The order is already selected dude, see above


Curtacy of the Noble Circle of HorrorTerrors ^^ they say they want fries in return

24th November 2011, 2:24 AM
*throws fish*

Oh, that's what it was for. -.- Thanks anyway.

4th December 2011, 11:24 AM

Aura Wolfe has opted to leave the RP in fears that they won't have enough time to RP well. I want to thank you for joining in the first place if you're reading.

However, that does mean we need a new character. We need a Male Time/Ghost guy.

On a different note, how is everybody getting on with the daisy chain? I'm planning on starting a secondary one half-way through the chain and then joining up the loose ends when necessary.

So it would look more like this:

I'm guessing Anya and Aden enter at roughly the same time, as do Blue and Lily, as do Pascal and Alex, as do Elizabeth and the new character, and Elena enters last. Aden gets the new character in and Thomas gets Elena in.

Mariya Shidou
5th December 2011, 5:03 PM
I'm on my second to last week of my semester, so I'll still be sparse for a while. Most of my legit finals are this week, save my C++ one. My Sociology exam I have to do at home, likewise my Anthropology exam (which I'm already done with). So, uh, yeah.

Though I'm gonna try and recruit someone for that tenth position.

19th December 2011, 6:18 PM
I will be on Pesterchum today if any one wants to anything involving one of my characters. Also, from now on I grant anyone permission to control my characters if I'm not online for a day or longer, and if they need them. Just be sure to keep them in character. My job is really eating up my spare time, but I will try to be online as often as I can.

20th December 2011, 11:55 AM
Ok guys, we have got serious issues.

We need Raiden and Mariya to hook up and get Anya in the game, or Aden and Blue to hook up and get Aden in the game. I haven'y seen any of you online for practically ages! I'm starting to worry that we may not finish this RP...