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11th November 2011, 11:30 PM
There's method actors, who act by drawing on similarities between themselves and the characters they're portraying. There also seem to be method RPGers, who typically use characters who are either like themselves or have something in common (speech habits, mannerisms, history, personality, etc) with the character. A lot of people have said that they're only comfortable RPing as characters that are similar to themselves.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you do it? Or do you prefer to just make a new character who's completely different (or even unintentionally have only a few things in common with you?)

11th November 2011, 11:40 PM
Hm, my characters don't tend to relate to me. I draw on archetypes, mythology, characters I've liked from anime/novels/TV/fanfics/stuff to make my RPG characters, but I never generally style my characters on myself. My female characters are pretty much never like me, and the male characters are distant from myself too. It's like, I try what I feel comes easily to the character inspirations.

Generally, as a rule? I just do what seems appropriate. I'll take inspiration for character designs from places where appropriate (Gabriel and Palamedes from Weapons were inspired by Vanguard cards), but usually I'll just go along with what I feel fits the character concepts I get from reading the RPG plot and SU details.

Metal Bagon
12th November 2011, 1:00 AM
My Character MB McSmogon and David Griffin (usually MB but David when GM's don't like MB's surname XD ) all look like me although when I did my Gijinka I based MB off murkrow so that obviosuly didn't work out. Despite that I always edit MB and David for each RP even if it isn't needed.

However, I'm thinking of making my albino in the next RP I sign up for.

Monster Guy
12th November 2011, 4:11 AM
I do have a character based on myself, Though his history is different from mine (Obviously), and we don't dress the same, his personality, tastes, and parts of his appearance are based on myself. It's awkward talking about myself in third person though.

I think all of my characters have at least a little bit of me in them, or at least how I wish I could be. (Even the girls.) It makes it easier to keep them in character.

12th November 2011, 9:41 PM
I sorta do it. I always take my good-guy thing with every character and I throw in at least one of my other quirks. Naomi Frost has my curiosity, Kyra Hunter has my social block, Aqua has my lack of self confidence from my younger days, and my newest one Terra has my preference to be a support character.

12th November 2011, 9:49 PM
My characters are based off of me. Except for history.

If I was to make a character that is not based off me, he'll slowly turn into me.

Method is the only way I roll.

EDIT: I used the word "me" a lot in this post, huh?

12th November 2011, 9:54 PM
I don't usually base characters too much off of myself other than a pretty consistent tallness (I'm 6'1"). Though one of my favorite characters was basically an overexaggeration of my own personality and he was really fun and easy to RP as.

12th November 2011, 10:45 PM
Ha! Practically each character I make reflects me in some way, mostly personality. I usually take a base of my personality and tweak it, sometime throwing in traits of my favorite characters from books, video games, ect. History is where I branch away from myself, mostly because I don't own living Pokemon, but sometimes their personalities only share one common trait with mine. In fact, I'm gonna start on a character now that probably won't be too much like myself. Description is almost always made up, but one of my first characters looked a lot like me.

12th November 2011, 11:06 PM
I used to roll with a certain "Method formula" for a character, in which he was essentially an caricature of my own personality. Don't get me wrong, I still hold this character very near and dear to me, mostly because of the RPs that I have used him in and his fun easy-to-RP-and-make-trouble personality. However, I've found that RPing Characters that aren't like myself are just as, if not more fun, and pose a special kind of challenge on their own.

Though all my characters have some vague semblance of myself I suppose, even if only in a small piece of their personality.

20th November 2011, 5:14 PM
Personally, I prefer to make and RP as characters who are different from me. There's always a chance that they'll share certain aspects of my personality, but if they do, it's not because I made a point to make them that way. It's probably coincidence. I just think it's more fun having all sorts of different characters as opposed to playing basically the same one most of the time. I like to challenge myself. For example, I'm not exactly religious myself, but I came up with a character recently who is very religious. It's interesting to try to get into the mindset of someone very different from you. In my opinion, that's why it's called "roleplaying". That said, in my first fanfic, I had a character who started out as a self-insert, but he evolved to his own character who's not like me at all. A lot of characters evolve differently over the course of the story.