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Squirtle Squad
20th November 2011, 9:09 PM
Hey! This is a deck Ive built around using Vanilluxe paralysing, Victini refliping if I miss both coin flips and Vileplume preventing Switch and just general trainer locking. In all of my tests against ZPST, Reshiboar, and Ross' deck it hasnt lost but all of the matches have come down to the final prize due to low damage output of the deck:

4-3-3 Vanilluxe (NV)
2 Victini (NV - Reflip abililty)
3-1-2 Vileplume (UD)
1-1 Dodrio
1-1 Beartic
2 Reshiram
1 Cleffa

4 Pokemon Collector (HGSS)
3 Professor Oak New Theory (CoL)
2 Juniper (BW)
2 Cheren (EP)
2 Twins (Triumphant)
2 Flower Shop Lady (UD)
3 Rare Candy (UL)
4 Pokemon Communication (BW)

10 Water Energy

Vanilluxe is the main attacker in this deck. Its Double Freeze can paralyse over 90% of the time every turn when combined with Victini. Frost Breath is another alternative move when you simply need to knock out the defending as it hits for 60.
Victini is in the deck due to its Victory Star ability which allows Vanilluxe to paralyse almost every turn.
Vileplume provides trainer lock and works well with paralysis as it prevents the use of switch, and full heal, which is never used anyway.
Dodrio provides free retreat for every pokemon in the deck apart from Beartic.
Beartic is a secondary attacker to be used in between setting up Vanilluxes as it provides attack lock similar to paralysis with the option of retreat.
Reshiram is used as both a starter to stall with outrage whilst setting up but also a counter to Steel decks as the deck falls easily to steel.
Cleffa is Cleffa and is pretty selfexplanatory


21st November 2011, 12:18 AM
You might want to put in a Pichu for set up and some trainers to do that too, since you can't afford to let your opponent set up first. Great idea though:)

Squirtle Squad
21st November 2011, 1:43 AM
Hey thanks for your suggestion! Ive tested with Pichu but ive never had to use it! I can always get all the basics I need with Collector and Ive noticed that Pichu is really redundant! Do you have any ideas for trainers that would work for setting up??

21st November 2011, 3:14 AM
0_o exclamation overload.
Anyways, Proffesor Oaks New Theory is a great staple, you want to have 3 of those probly, and twins is good, since you seem to have a slow set up and its even better if you start with a baby. And you only need three collector, four is overkill.
PS: Look here for great deck analysis http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/forum-deck-garage

Squirtle Squad
21st November 2011, 3:54 AM
haha ive already posted this deck on pokebeach :P ive got the same name on both pokebeach and here! (Squirtle Squad). I did have four twins but when ive been testing i found that i didnt really need four so maybe Ill
-1 Gloom
-2 Cryogonals
+1 twins

How does that look??

And i agree with only having three collector but what should I use in its place??
And this is the link to this decks analysis on pokebeach:

This list is 61 cards :P So ill -1 Collector!

21st November 2011, 6:51 AM
Lol, I love your pokebeach avatar. Anyways, I,think the SEL would work really well, why did you take it out?
And tell me how this deck plays out at leagues and stuff. I might want to make one:)

Btw, take out the buffolant. It can't one hit many things, and it doesn't keep paralysis.

Squirtle Squad
21st November 2011, 7:55 AM
If i take out the Bouffalant then I would also take out the Dodrio line as I would have no reason for it! If I take out the 1-1 Dodrio and the 1 Bouffalant I might consider putting in the 1-1 SEL.
SEL's original purpose in the deck was to counter Donphan and fire variant decks but I already had Cryogonal for Donphan and everything in my deck is water so fire decks died anyway. But then I took out Cryogonal cos Vanilluxe owned Donphan and fire decks anyway. (which btw is why i still think SEL isnt needed)
By taking out Bouffalant I feel i really need a back up attacker, something as a just in case all my Vaniluxe die and im left with nothing! Any ideas??

Also in testing the deck has been really good! It hasnt lost in tests against ZPST, Reshiboar, and Ross decks. However ive only done a small number of tests and the games could have gone either way, paralysis just won it in the end!


EDIT! I have an idea!! What about adding a couple of DCE and then adding a Basculin (Final Gambit - Can be used with Fliptini) and maybe even a 1-1 Beartic line which also provides attack lock!

EDIT 2: Ok so I:
-1 Bouffalant
-1 Water Energy

+1 Basculin
+1 DCE

Ive decided that I do want to put in SEL but im not sure what to take out for it and a rainbow energy.
Im going to take out 1 Rare Candy but otherwise i dont know what im going to take out.

Making many changes atm and im not sure if they are good:
-2 Sages Training
-1 Rare Candy

+1-1 SEL
+1 Rainbow



21st November 2011, 11:42 PM
The Basculin idea is good, but it needs a deck by itself, its not a cure-all.
Golduck is a general good water deck staple.

Squirtle Squad
22nd November 2011, 12:17 AM
What if I replaced the basculin and DCE for a 1-1 Golduck line? Its like a weaker version of lanturn prime. I think ill go with it...
ok so ill:
-1 Basculin
-1 DCE

+1-1 Golduck line

Ill test it out but im not entirely convinced. Thanks!!

22nd November 2011, 2:26 AM
Tell me what happens:)

Squirtle Squad
22nd November 2011, 3:12 AM
Did some more testing and Golduck was really unneeded. My deck also had its first lost against ZPST :( The Dodrio line i also find isnt needed as I dont really need to retreat at all. What else could be used to replace the 1-1 Dodrio and 1-1 Golduck. Some of the slots definetly need to be used for another attacker. maybe basculin. or maybe beartic. If i put in beartic should I use a DCE? Any ideas?

Squirtle Squad
22nd November 2011, 4:19 AM
Ok ive made a monster amount of changes to the deck that im yet to test but i think has potential.
-0-0-1 Vanilluxe
-1-1 Golduck
-1-1 SEL
-1 Twins
-1 Water
-1 Rainbow

+2 Reshiram (Counter to steel type and also can be used as a starter with DCE to absorb damage and hit for outrage)
+1-1 Beartic
+1 Collector
+2 Communication
+3 DCE

What do you think? As mentioned this hasnt been tested but I think itll work.


22nd November 2011, 4:44 PM
I would keep the SEL, but thats opinion.
However, you need all of your Vanilluxes, so take out a Comunication or something.

Squirtle Squad
22nd November 2011, 10:20 PM
I was reading someones VVV thread on pokebeach and he was saying if Vileplume is set up first then it will be hard to get the 4th Vanilluxe out. I dont really like the LEGEND cards much... In my opinion ive found them hard to get out and I think Reshiram could work.... But then again I havent tested yet so im not sure.
Apart from the fourth Vanilluxe are my lines looking solid??

23rd November 2011, 12:43 AM
From what I can tell, though I've never run this deck.

25th November 2011, 7:51 AM
You're pokemon line is to messy, so I suggest...

4-3-3 Vanilluxe (NV)
2 Victini (NV - Reflip abililty)
3-1-2 Vileplume (UD)
1-1 Dodrio
2 Reshiram
2 cleffa
1 pichu

How this work's to solidify you're lines: now in theory you're only running vanilla as the main attacker, everything else is tech, playing an extra attacker other then a dragon in actuality is just bantha fodder (a.k.a. easy prize), so let's reduce the bantha fodder to something that can benefit you, in other words cleffa and pichu, they give easy prizes to you're opponent yes, but they also give you a world in terms of advantage, so using a solid T/S/S line that can make good use of you're pokemon is helpful in that factor

T/S/S is to slow, even for trainer lock
2 Pokemon Collector
2 dual ball
4 Professor Oak New Theory
3 Juniper
3 Twins
2 Flower Shop Lady
3 Rare Candy
3 Pokemon Communication

Dual ball + collector, is the fastest way to setup you're bench without the use of a re-draw card like pont or juniper, cleffa, or pichu, this gives the multiple option of drawing out the pokemon you need from you're deck asap and from personal experience as I run trainer lock the faster way of running trainer lock, reducing the amount of pokemon com only reduce's the chances of drawing more com's then you need to after trainer lock, because 9/10 you're going to open with trainer lock and play with a heavy trainer drop, from that you have to luck out with pont into 5 trainer's with juniper, sure I did take out 1 trainer for 2, but in theory those dual ball will be played even while setting up the t2 vileplume that much is guaranteed. Also look at the benefit of losing cards in you're hand and you're deck faster in the opening game to increase the amount of supporter cards you want to play mid to late game, as a simple strategy like using/reducing cards just as opposed to just using cards does come in handy.

why minus 2 cheren for juniper and pont, answer, it's better to have 6-7 cards added to you're hand then 3.