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23rd November 2011, 2:47 AM
I don't see any ADV being discussed here, soooo heres a thread. I'll start by throwing in a few ideas that I feel are unexplored in this tried and tested metagame-

Trololo (Jirachi) @ Choice Band
Trait: Serene Grace
EVs: 108 HP / 252 Atk / 148 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Doom Desire
- Body Slam
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Fighting]

So I made this set solely to see what CB Doom Desire was like... have to say I'm more than satisfied with it so far. Mainly, it benefits from all the Blissey, Houndoom, Heracross, Jolteon, and Gengar switches Jirachi invites. 2 turns later it will OHKO or at least severely cripple whatever they have in play, and it completely screws up your opponents conventional counters when they take bonus damage in trying to counter you. Example scenario- Switch in Jira on a Skarm, they switch to Bliss as you predict and Doom Desire. Switch out to Salamence and Dragon Dance as they bring in Mence counter- Swampert. Swampert then gets hit by DD, puts it down to 10%, and now you're open for a sweep.

Honestly, the rest of the moveset is filler, and practically the entirety of Jirachi's physical movepool. Body Slam is useful for extreme parahax, Shadow Ball hits Gengar and Celebi hard, and HP Fighting rounds off coverage and does a number on Tyranitar.

Steamroller (Heracross) (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Guts
EVs: 252 HP / 40 Atk / 216 SDef
Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)
- Bulk Up
- Megahorn
- Rest
- Sleep Talk

In Adv, its hard to find really hard hitting Special attackers outside of CMers- most of which drop a brick at the sight of Heracross. This means you have little trouble bringing in this bad boy on something like Gengar. Heck, you can even bring it in on Zapdos, though that's shaky ground you're treading if they get a crit, or parahax you- but standard Zapdos doesn't even 3HKO this thing. Once you surprise them with Bulk Up, its slightly harder to play, since any fear you may have instilled into Skarmory is diminished once you reveal you're a mono-attacker. Remove Skarmory and this becomes easy to play, and can even beat last man Lax. Its also a decent CM counter, since you will be taking far less damage from them than they will of you.

Anyway, I hope this topic at least gets some notice...

7th December 2011, 11:03 AM
Maybe we should talk standards before talking gimmicks/somewhat viable sets. That way, we can get a better comparison from DP to ADV and be like "Oh I know that set!" and perhaps you'll get some talk. Being unfamiliar with a topic will make a person not post.

16th December 2011, 11:58 PM
I'd go far from saying they're gimmicks, they're ultimately two of the best sets I've ever played. However, if you want a guide for people transitioning from DP, I'll happily provide it. I'll do a quick sum up of the differences here though-

-Its a bright meta-
Very few Dark types and moves are in Adv OU. The only viable Dark Pokemon are Umbreon, Tyranitar, and Houndoom. The only common users of Crunch are T-Tar, Houndoom and (sometimes)Raikou. The only common users of Pursuit are T-Tar and Houndoom.
Knock Off only really crops up on Hariyama and Armaldo (which are both rare). Taunt lasts 2 turns. Oh, and all Dark moves are Special. That's a big one.
This also means that Psychic is a very dominant STAB typing- not a whole lot resists it in the OU meta, and those that do (essentially Steel Types) get hit with something else.

-You have One Choice-
No Scarf, no Specs. Speed Tiers actually mean something here, and Blissey WILL wall you to kingdom come until you actually get rid of her (or use something like Jirachi). Skarmory still will get the crap kicked out of it from CB Heracross Focus Punch though.

-Madness in the Method-
The offensive stat you use is determined by he type of attack. So, Fire Punch Lax is dumb. Fire Blast is your only option (and not a very useful one IMO, the idea is to get Skarm out of the way with something else first). Whilst physical attackers lose out on the elemental punches, they get eight types of Hidden Power and Shadow Ball, which is more than enough coverage for most. Special attackers retain half of the Hidden Power types they have in 4th gen, plus have access to elemental punches. Its different and illogical, but also perfectly balanced. Lack of STAB on a few pokes like Gengar and Gyarados isn't actually a problem at all- Gengar is one of the most unpredictable and dangerous pokemon in the game, and Gyarados is a powerful stallbreaker with Taunt and DD.

-Suicide Leading is Suicide-
Adv is a generation built upon picking at your opponents weaknesses. Not bashing through them, and certainly not compromising your own defenses to do so. Leading with Cloyster just to Spike up and Explode is stupid. How else are you going to deal with Mence? It's not really possible to have a team that with only 5 pokes can deal with the majority of the metagame reliably- and countering the majority of the metagame is paramount to success in Adv. Also, Skarm and Forry leads are plain dumb- any team that has Magneton WILL put you down a poke on the 2nd turn.

-If in doubt, Lefties-
Basically, put Lefties on everything that isn't Choice Banded or using a pinch berry. Nothing else is worth it, and Lefties are awesome.

-The great relay-
A lot of teams have Baton Pass on at least one Pokemon (often more). Sometimes they're not even passing anything. BP is essentially the U-turn of Adv, but nowhere near as cheap (on its own). I would probably say 60-70% of Adv teams have something with BP.

-Mental elevation-
Calm Mind is rife in Adv. Since there is no Nasty Plot, and Tail Glow is only available on Volbeat, Calm Mind is the move of choice for special sweepers. Often this leads to CM wars, which you MUST avoid unless you know the odds are stacked in your favour (eg, Jirachi with Psychic and TB vs Suicune with no Roar), but on the whole, a Calm Mind War is something to avoid.

-The last stand-
Seeing as CurseLax and Calm Mind appear a lot in Adv, its important to have a way to deal with last man Lax/Cune, two pretty much unstoppable pokemon once they can't be phazed. the best answer to both of these at once is probably Haze Vaporeon, but its obviously quite possible to account for both of these without compromising your team much- otherwise they'd have been Uber long ago.

-That friggin' mole-
No, not Excadrill. I'm talking about Dugtrio. This thing climbs its way near to the top of the usage charts consistently, because theres simply not a lot that can outspeed and threaten it- and in turn, it doesn't need to worry about Scarfers like in DPP, so it can use its good old friend the Choice Band without fear. only 2 grounded pokemon seen in OU outspeed it- Jolteon and the very rare Electrode- both of which are Electric and have trouble KOing with Hidden Power. In short, Dug has a very free rein on OU and is only scared by the actual process of getting in there. He even gets Physical HP Bug to deal with Celebi.

-Hazards aren't polarising!-
No Stealth Rock. No Toxic Spikes. Only pure, barebone Spikes. And Spikes are very good. Who needs crummy Spike wannabes anyway? Offensive teams based on similar ideals to DPP struggle in Adv because of this- they can't lay down their lame one turn hazard that damages everything anymore. Stall teams just use Toxic anyway.

edit- Oh, and no Sash. Stuff thats supposed to die, dies.

Thats everything I can think of from the top of my head. If anyone needs help gauging the viability of a pokemon in Adv OU, i suggest reading this-
- and all the replies :p