View Full Version : cities version 3, anti-lock

7th December 2011, 3:13 PM
so last cities I was one win shy of top-cut, but I noticed what people we're playing and decided, why not mess with they're heads, this deck is made for my jan 14th cities.

2-1-1 magnezone
1-1-1 vileplume (side-tech)
2 tornaus
2 cobalion NV
1 shaymin UL
1 kyurem NV
3 cleffa

6 electric
4 special steel
2 water

2 burnt tower
3 rocky helmet (more universal then evolite)
4 communication
2 seeker
2 max potion
2 IQ
1 flower shop lady
4 N (been play testing, I like the disrupt of judge, just not the hand size, and once magnezone is out, I can deal with low amount hand size's)
3 rare candy
2 dual ball
2 great ball

1. cleffa to cobalion to magnezone.
2. tornadus to magnezone.
3. tornadus, cobalion, kyurem trio.
4. cleffa to X, X= all major attacker's.
5. everything to vileplume = catcher shutdown.
6. first come first serve.

Those are the 6 major strategy's for the deck in a nutshell, if you'd like explanation of other combinations or play styles ask.