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12th December 2011, 12:46 AM
Heres my deck and basic strategy...right now id love some suggestions on how to counter typhlosion/emboar/frag prime decks (pretty much decks that allow for infinite energy placement)...overall it is a very good deck so far but trouble starts when opponents start adding 2 3 and 4 energy per turn..

17 Pokemon

3 reshiram
3 zekrom
3 kyurem
4 + 4 phanpy (ability) Donphan prime

15 energy

4 Rainbow
7 fighting

28 trainers

4 collector
3 Cheren

3 junk arm
3 + power
4 Catcher
3 Pokemon communication
3 switch

The general theory,behind this deck,is simple. Like all donny n dragons decks the goal is to get a donphan prime out 2nd turn and start earthquaking opponents for 1 fighting energy meanwhile powering up all benched dragons outrage by 10 points per attack. the reason I run all 3 dragons in this deck (as opposed to just running the deck around 1 main dragon like other donny and dragon decks) is because of the excelent type coverage. With dce I can energize the dragon with the better type advantage for outrage and use rainbow energies to add,to outrage as well as providing type specific energy to all three dragons for their signiture attacks (in needed situations).

With 4 different energy types in thia deck its got excelent type coverage and with donphan as the only evolved poke in the dexk theres not much worry about evolutions. The trainers allow pretty,good draw support and with catcher and junk arm I can pretty much chose my opponents.

As stated earlier im looking for counters to fast decks so please feel free to review ( and even use this decklist) and,eventually i,may,need to come,up with,a counter to my own decklist.

12th December 2011, 5:27 AM
not anywhere close to how I would run dragon's... this engine is to slow, the t/s/s doesn't give much speed versus search and synergy, the re-draw rate in this deck is a waste and without cleffa to ground it, it's all over the place for instance you don't need elms in this deck, you need a solid line to search out your cards faster

4 pont
4+ juniper/N/Judge or copycat

3 junk arm
4 power
4 Catcher
4 Pokemon communication (4 com in any deck without trainer lock is s staple in this format)
4 dual ball
2 switch
2 max potion (this deck doesn't really run that much for energy for attack wise)

energy wise reduce the amount of fighting to 4 so 12 energy max and increase the trainer lines for more power or search to increase the playability of your deck more over.