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13th December 2011, 10:18 PM
Alright, so this is my latest deck and I am having trouble trying to fit in some cards... Just a little side note before people start giving advice on cards to get, I have bad credit and I can't get a credit card, so eBay and Amazon are out for options to get cards... I only have cards mostly from the Espeon deck and the Umbreon deck, as well as all the latest decks that have been made. The packs I can get are just from the newer sets, with the occasional HS pack...

Anywho, here is the deck... Below the deck I will write down some of the cards I have that I am thinking about possibly putting in...

Pokemon // 19
4 Eevee (Call for Friends)
2 Druddigon (Rough Skin)
1 Umbreon Prime
3 Umbreon (Moonlight Fang)
1 Espeon Prime
2 Espeon (Solar Suggestion)
3-2-1 Togekiss (Blessed Wings)

Energy // 18
10 Darkness
8 Psychic

Trainers // 23
2 Burned Tower
2 Life Herb
3 Revive
4 Interviewer's Questions
2 Flower Shop Lady
3 P.C
4 Potion

Now for what I might be able to take out and replace... I think having all of these eeveelutions is going to end up hurting me in the long run... I am thinking of keeping just the Umbreon Prime, the Espeon Prime and then one of each regular umbreon/espeon... This way I can still use all of the attacks of the other two regular eeveelutions when I have Espeon Prime out... If I do this, I might put in a couple of Sigilyphs, or some other psychic poke...

My whole plan for this deck is to be able to take damage and then using Espeon Prime, or the regular Espeon to attack with Solar Suggestion to move those damage counters around the field...

I might also be willing to make it a tricolor deck to use the Bellossom family line that came in the Espeon deck... I just need help to figure out if that is a good idea or not...

Plus help out guys, this is just a deck so I can play against my friends, however I still want it to be a little annoying to play against... :)

14th December 2011, 1:00 AM
Why do you run 4 eevee but 7 Espeon/Umbreon? And don't run so many dark energy, you won't need them all
Also, don't run Togekiss, its useless.

14th December 2011, 2:32 AM
I run the 7 eeveelutions incase I decide that I am going to play a different version then only playing one version all the time...

I could remove a few darkness but Espeon Prime needs to have the right color of energy if it is going to use the other eeveelutions attacks...

Also, instead of just telling me that Togekiss is useless, how about telling me WHY? Really not helping out when you don't explain your advice...

14th December 2011, 2:42 AM
then buy booster packs at stores that sell cards with regular money, I don't have any kind of credit, for various reason's, but I can pull out a deck like excessive violence using teir cards.

first off druddigon with no rocky helmet so he can deal 100 dmg per turn in theory, you don't need potion, 4 interviewer's, and togekiss, what you need is max potion and 4 pokemon communication, what you need is 4 rainbow energy and 3 different type's of eveon's, like agility jolteon to save damage, spiral drain vaporeon to take it back and deal decent spread damage, what you don't need is 3 umbreon which are useless in this format, what you don't need is 1 prime, if your major attacker is a prime with 100 hp put in evolite to reduce the damage taken, put in more cards you plan to attack with then what you don't plan to attack with.

There is only one deck in this format that use's pokebodys or power's when attacking and that's steelix and scizor, but with cobalion there's ways around umbreon, take into consideration the flexibility of espeon prime and umbreon prime taking on different attributes of the eveeon's, because a strong deck is an effective deck, and one attack is not always effective.

If you want to play in pokemon tcg tournament's you need new set's, we play with cards from heart gold soul silver to noble victories.

14th December 2011, 3:31 AM
I understand what you are saying Ven? I really do, but I don't really need anything more from Black and White sets... But anyway, back to the changes that I just recently made...

I changed the deck completely from a Psychic/Dark deck to a Psychic/Grass deck... I have the following in the deck right now...

Pokemon // 19
4 Eevee (Call for Friends)
1 Espeon Prime
1 Espeon (Solar Suggestion)
1 Leafeon (Miasma Wind)
4-3 Muk (Sludge Drag)
3-2 Gloom (Miracle Powder)

Energy // 18
10 Psychic
8 Grass

Trainers // 23
2 Burned Tower
4 Life Herb
1 Revive
4 Interviewer's Questions
2 Flower Shop Lady
3 P.C
4 Potion

Now with the changes the purpose is to get my opponent to have a bunch of status ailments and then hit for mass damage either using Leafeon, or Espeon Prime in a pinch... Muk would even hit for a lot...

Now to also address a few things here... Yea, I am new and also learning how to build decks that consistently work, but where I live I have no tournaments, no leagues or anything competitive... All I do is play with friends, so the decks don't have to be overly powerfull otherwise I end up making them so mad they won't play me any more... Please take this into account whenever you guys make suggestions... Thanks...

14th December 2011, 4:16 AM
I'm not telling you how to make you're deck over powered, I'm telling you how to make your deck more useful so you're making a more efficient deck making the game more diverse and interesting, giving you different style's of deck building, if I wanted this deck to be more powerful I'd tell you to try again, or scrap the eeveeon idea completely.

edit, putting in muk and gloom takes away from the aspect of using espeon, one miasma and 2 evolutions of eevee doesn't give the prime much room to move around with, if you're into status effect, lilligant from emerging power's with vicitini victory star is a much faster solution then using gloom.

edit: Try sharing information on deck building with your friends, that way both of you can understand how to make effecient decks and that way nobody is mad when they play against eachother. The deck advice I mainly give is to make a deck more efficient during play, weather or not it's op depends on how you play your cards an what combination's you use to make them more effective or less.

P.S. where are you from?

14th December 2011, 4:37 AM
I hear ya Ven... Sorry if it sounded like I was getting upset... Just tired of some people telling me that certain cards are bad in a deck and then not explaining why... lol

I am in Ontario, Canada... The city I am in doesn't have a hobby store that sells Pokemon cards so I am limited to only being able to get cards at my local Wal-Mart... This is why I am only able to get mostly Black and White with the occasional HS pack when they have any of the special box sets, like the Umbreon/Espeon decks... I already bought two of the Espeon one and one Umbreon and don't really feel like buying them all the time just to get the HS packs... lol

But thanks for the advice, I will certainly be trying to get my hands on at least another Leafeon, and the Lilligant's and the Victini... Again, much appreciated for the help...

14th December 2011, 5:08 AM
For a competition we had to use eevee evolutions, and here is the deck I put together.

Six Corners?

Pokemon: 20
2-2 Eevee (1 Espeon Prime, 1 Umbreon Prime)
2 Terrakion (Revenge)
1 Victini (V-Create)
2-2 Dodrio
2-2 Lanturn Prime
2-2 Electrode Prime
1 Shaymin

Trainers: 25
4 Collector
4 Communication
4 Junk Arm
3 Pokemon Catcher
2 Great Ball
2 Sages Training
1 Super Rod
1 Burned Tower

Energy: 15
4 Rainbow
4 Rescue
1 Fire
2 Fighting
2 Dark
2 Electric

This deck works pretty much the same way as Six Corners, where you play against your opponents weakness to win the game. Espeon, Umbreon, Terrakion, Victini, and Lanturn Prime all work to the Six Corners effect, able to 1 Hit KO pretty much every Pokemon in the format. Dodrio is for when your opponent switches Pokemon, Electrode is for the massively different amount of energy for this deck, and Shaymin is for switching the excess energy around. The trainer list is obvious, focused mainly around getting an Electrode and Attacker out turn 2. Rainbow is to help Electrode and Rescue is there because most of your Pokemon will be 1 hit KOed the next turn.

Counters List:
Espeon - Gothitelle
Umbreon - Chandelure/Powers up Espeon
Terrakion - Magnezone
Victini - Coballion
Lanturn - Tornadus/Reshiram/Donphan

I understand you probly cant get most of these cards, or at least don't have them, or don't even want them, but some parts of the deck can certaintly help, such as the trainer line.

14th December 2011, 6:30 AM
I see, interesting concept.

Edit: IT's retaliate not revenge.

Ontario, my province's consistent competition in canada, as far as I know ontario has the most amount of league's in all of canada, and most of the league's are in werid location's, here check and see if there's one near you. (https://www.pokemon.com/us/account/events/)

I buy mine from walimart to so no big deal.

14th December 2011, 1:31 PM
Yea, I live in North Bay and the city sucks not having any leagues... Our one store that did have a league went bankrupt so he closed... Not very fun in this city, unless I want to go play Magic: The Gathering all the time... lol

14th December 2011, 6:58 PM
If you want to you could go for your tournament organizer (TO) exam and run a league yourself, where they play magic or some place thats free to play at.