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15th December 2011, 7:57 PM
That's right, I haven't played Pokemon much since the Neo era, but I recently learned that my brother has been starting to play so I figured I'd glimpse into it. Dark Rush scans were revealed recently, and I feel like it would be a good assumption that the next Rotation will be BW and later, so I threw together a deck using cards from Psycho Drive/Hail Blizzard (Next Destinies?) and Dark Rush, as well as cards that already out.

The Deck:

Pokemon: 17
4 Deino (Noble Victories)
2 Zweilos (Noble Victories)
4 Hydreigon (Noble Victories)/(Psycho Drive Shiny)
3 Darkrai EX (Dark Rush)
2 Zorua (Dark Rush)
2 Zoroark (B/W)/(Psycho Drive Shiny)

Trainers: 29
4 Dark Patch (Dark Rush)
4 Rare Candy (Dark Rush)
4 Great Ball (Emerging Powers)
3 Pokemon Communicator (B/W)
2 Super Rod (Noble Victories)
2 Darkness Claw (Dark Rush)
2 Cilan (Hail Blizzard)
3 Professor Juniper (B/W)
3 Bianca (Emerging Powers)
2 N (Noble Victories)

Energy: 14
10 Darkness Energy (B/W)
4 Double Colorless Energy (Hail Blizzard)

My brother had a Hydreigon, which I thought was cool so I wanted to build around it. It's pretty much like Charizard of the BW era, but no real drawback and much more widespread with the Damage. Darkrai EX I felt made it so much better with the retreat cost, making it easier to switch around Pokemon. Zoroark rounded out the Pokemon, with little set up for Perfect Draw power and the ability to use opposing moves. After that, it was finding the perfect balance of Energy and Trainers for Drawing power. Hydreigon might be slow with getting set up, but with the draw power I can pull Dark Energy out as much as I can, and recycle them with Dark Patch. Darkness Claw just adds to the damage if I am attacking with Hydreigon or Zoroark. Btw, LOVE that they all can be Shiny Pokemon from Psycho Drive (with the exception of the 1 EX Pokemon). So what do you think?

16th December 2011, 1:27 AM
Hydreigon is decent, but he usualy needs energy acceleration. I suggest Emboar. Don't run Darkrai EX in such a huge amount, you only need 1 or 2. Thirdly, I would run a Fighting counter, like Tornadus or something. Lastly, Twist Mountain + Aerodactyl would make for even better spreading.
There a a few things I would switch around in the trainer section.
- 4 Great Ball
- 3 Proffesor Juniper
- 2 Cilan

+ 3 Proffesor Oak
+ 3 Twins
+ 1 Communication
+ 2 Darkness Claw

This is not a favored deck (this may change when some of these cards actualy come out) because of the fighting autoloss and how slow it is, but it is still an option. You should try it anyways, I ran the dead Magneboar and got second at cities, so anything can happen:)

16th December 2011, 3:50 AM
alot of people are the same on this, so yeah..., suggestion to lumos, don't add cards that aren't for our use yet, it confuse's new player's. second let's do theorymon...

3-2-3 hydreigon
3-3 bisharp (this pokemon in theory with hydreigon is a better combination, because 40+20+50= 110 + any additional damage from special dark and the poke tool, and you only need 1 energy to play which make's setting up hydreigon much more efficent)
2-2 zoroark (he's a tech, no more then 2 is needed)
1 or 2 darkrai EX (this card in theory won't come out for a long time so make certain to put other cards in here for just in case, but from playing from back when ex came out, ex cards we're always secondary attacker's due to the 2 prize's lost, in fact if you we're stuck with all 3 darkrai out in active, you're opponent would have the upper advantage, all they would have to do is stack damage on darkrai, and darkrai is a slow attacker)
2-2 or 2-2-2 of another dark type pokemon, dark type pokemon and it's style of play is made more in the idealization of a gang or a mob, meaning more people or more pokemon make up the potency of the deck's true play style.

outside black and white
2 cleffa

4 special dark
4 dark energy
(you have supporter's so you can grab the energy, any more energy and you're going to hemorrhage your deck so it makes it hard to play you're cards properly)

4 N
3 juniper
2 or 4 cheren or bianca

outside black and white

3 pont
2 twins

the goods
4 pokemon communication
3 dual ball
2 or 3 energy returner
2 or 3 switch
2 or 3 pokedex
4 plus power

if your conerned about adding more damage, plus power is a much faster way of dealing additonal damage, then you could use something as simple as junk arm to bring it back.
communications is more effecient then greatball and dual ball get's things started fast then from there N and junpier to grab whatever else you need out of your deck. Also be more concered with playing with actual cards you have instead of whats out in japan.