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Amphy used drugs
19th December 2011, 4:59 PM
I have four pokemon I use right now. They have won for me alot, but I was wondering if something I could do better.

Forretres @ Leftovers
252 def/252 spd/4 hp
Rapid spin
Earthquake/Explosion(No idea whice right now I am running Explosion)

Ninjask @ Focus sash
Speed boost
Jolly(I care about getting the right nature)
126 def/ 126 sp def/ 126 spd/ 126 hp/ 4 atk(useless)
Baton pass
Swords dance
Aerial ace(Useless sweep)
X- scissor(Again useless)

Electivire @ Expert belt
Motor drive
252 atk/ 252 spd/ 4 hp
Cross chop
Thunder punch
Ice punch

Dusknoir @ Leftovers (this one is bulky)
Brave(not much bulk)
252 def/252 sp def/4 atk
Fire punch
Thunder punch
Shadow sneak

They are all good, but I want to know what I could do better and some good ideas for what I could replace and have for the 2 last spaces.

Aura Sensei™
25th December 2011, 6:49 PM
Dusknoir could use:

~Shadow Punch
~Pain Split

26th December 2011, 6:39 AM
Sorry, you need to read the rules (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=517344). Six Pokemon are required, in addition to descriptions of all of your Pokemon. If you manage to fix this, PM me and I'll add them in. Afterward, I can unlock your RMT!