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20th December 2011, 8:25 PM
Okay I really suck at making good decks but here we go.

x24 Pokemon
x2 Petilil BW 9/114
x1 Petilil NV 4/101
x2 Lilligan EP 14/98
x4 Snivy BW 1/114
x3 Servine BW 3/114
x2 Serperior BW 5/114
x4 Tangela CL 75/95
x2 Tangrowth CL 34/95
x1 Maractus BW
x1 Heracross HGSS 43/123
x1 Tornadus EP 98/98
x1 Virizion NV 97/101

x15 Trainers
x2 Pokemon Communication
x1 Rocky Helmet
x2 Copycat
x1 Bill
x2 Professor Juniper
x3 Professor Elm's Training Method
x1 Interviewer's Questions
x2 Energy Search
x1 Judge

x21 Grass Energy

Basically I want to try and evolve and power up my Pokemon as fast as possible. Tangela is good for getting the energies I need in case I need them, so I don't really think I need Energy Search but I don't know what I could replace them with. When Tangrowth comes out I can do a lot of damage as long as I have the energy attached to it. Grind and do 20 damage times the number of energy. Once I get Virizion out I can sweep with it, I put Tornadus in there becasue he basically does the same thing as Virizion. I use Lilligant to buy time by using Bemusing Aroma, that all I use it for. Lost of drawing trainer cards to get the cards I need to power up. Heracross also helps with drawing, with his Green Draw, I can draw a card for each of my grass Pokemon. And Maractus is basically a filler.

21st December 2011, 3:16 AM
if you want to evolve them add rare candy, I'm not good with grass deck construction so I'll leave it up to sumone else.

22nd December 2011, 4:42 AM
if you want to evolve them add rare candy, I'm not good with grass deck construction so I'll leave it up to sumone else.

Thank you for your advice! :) Just curious what type of decks are you good with?

22nd December 2011, 7:20 AM
Here is a kinda similar deck someone made on Pokebeach:
Pokemon (20):
4 Celebi Prime
2 Sunflora
2 Sunkern
2 Vespiquen
3 Combee
2 Tangrowth
2 Tangela
1 Dodrio
1 Doduo
1 Cleffa

Trainers (24):
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Twins
4 Professor Oak’s New Theory
4 Sage’s Training
4 Potion

Energy (16):
1 Psychic Energy
11 Grass Energy
4 Rainbow Energy

The goal of this deck is to make Celebi Prime invincible. The removal of all the big basics in the BW sets was great for this. Sure, Celebi is still vulnerable to a couple of basics, but we'll get to that later.

Basically, your game plan starts off with getting Vespiquen on the bench and a Celebi Prime active. Vespiquen protects your bench from snipers, while Celebi Prime attacking prevents your opponent doing big damage to the active. Celebi uses his Poke-Power to charge himself up, as well as a Tangrowth/more Celebi on the bench. Tangrowth is used as a late-game attacker to finish up against their last couple Pokemon. One of the two reasons Rainbow is used over more Psychic is to get more out of Tangrowth's first attack.

The format was a little lacking in search/drawpower after the loss of Juniper, Cheren, Tropical Beach, and N. Hence, I included a Sunflora line since the entire deck runs off of Grass types. The deck does not do a lot of damage and requires a good amount of setting up, so a high Twins count was used for set-up as well. I figured it was better than a random inclusion like Emeece's Chatter or whatever it's called, and there really wasn't anything better to add. Fortunately, the deck usually goes down a prize naturally and takes a few turns to get caught back up. Oak's, Collector, Communication, Cleffa and Sage are obvious consistency inclusions.

The Potions are used to remove three damage counters from a Celebi Prime. Most standard basics won't be doing more than 30 damage to it, so that works perfectly for keeping Celebi alive as long as possible. I opted not to include Junk Arm, since the deck does not need PlusPower, Pokegear, Pokemon Reversal, etc, and with only two trainer lines I felt like it would be dead draw most of the time. Adding it would probably cut into those trainer lines anyway.

One obvious counter to this deck is Pokemon Reversal/Pokemon Circulator. The Dodrio is used as a permanent alternative to Switch. It brings everything's retreat cost down to 0 or 1, and it's great for switching a damaged Celebi with a fresh one. It still doesn't solve the problem of leaving your active vulnerable for a turn, but it's fine with me if they want to attack with an evolved Pokemon one turn for big damage and have that Pokemon be useless for the rest of the game. It's also vulnerable to snipe, but I found that Yanmega was the only sniper capable of doing this with any consistency, but that card's basic is so weak that the deck would still win without it.

The other hard counter to this deck is basics capable of doing real damage to you, such as Hitmontop and Tauros. The deck uses an interesting built-in counter to this - Combee. The little bee is actually a great attacker, and it's capable of OHKOing pretty much every powerful basic they try to throw at you. Rainbow was included over extra Psychic for this reason as well. Tangrowth can also handle a couple big attackers late-game, so the deck really has no trouble dealing with these types of cards.

The last counter to the deck is cards like Machoke that bypass Celebi's effect, but no cards like this do enough damage to threaten me anyway.

Other than that, nothing in the format is really capable of standing up to this deck in untimed format. If they can't Reversal/Circulator around you, they can't do anything to you except try to snipe Dodrio. Most decks don't run Circulator, and Reversal is flippy and unrelaible; much less reliable than Dodrio, so odds are even in the deck's favor there.
Again, I didn't make this, so don't ask me much about it:)
Also, this is HGSS-CL, so there are cards you might want to add from those sets.

23rd December 2011, 5:15 AM
okay thank you so much for that! Every little bit helps. :)

24th December 2011, 3:49 AM
The format was a little lacking in search/drawpower after the loss of Juniper, Cheren, Tropical Beach, and N.

what are you talking about? then that would mean all b/w cards are useless now?

My proficiency's rely on varoius strategy based deck's, or by type, electric, psychic, colourless, and fire.

there's one big issue as to why that deck isn't that useful it fall's heavily to a deck called reshiram.