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22nd December 2011, 12:34 PM
I have been playing in-game only since red/blue and I now have the option of playing competitively. I thought maybe a good way to get my feet wet would be with a rain team. Ive always been fond of water types. Im used to being able to get by with whatever random assortment of high level sweepers Im feeling in-game, (scizor, metagross, dragonite, starmie, lucario, slowking) and Iím no good at making supportive or defensive sets, I simply donít know what works well. I need some help with that. Also need help with EVs and I donít really use hold items in-game either but Im not worried about that for now. Please help a brother out, I know the mechanics of the game well but what I lack is experience. Here is what I have planned so far

;145;Zapdos (He is their Leader)
Serious (best I can do)
EVs: Speed-252/ Def-?/SpDef-?/HP-?
-Rain Dance

EVs: SpAtk-252/Speed 252/ HP 4
-Dragon Pulse
-Ice Beam
-Signal Beam/Rain Dance/?

EVs: Atk 252/ Speed 252/ HP 4
-Swords Dance
-Stone Edge
-Brick Break/Aqua Jet/X-Scissor/ Rain Dance/?

;395;Empoleon (for an extra dancer that can sweep and take some hits, or support, its still lv. 5.
EVs: Def-216/ SpDef-216/ SpAtk 76
-Ice Beam
-Aqua Jet
-Rain Dance/Earthquake/Stealth Rock/Toxic/Agility/Flash Cannon/Grass Knot/?

;121;Starmie (support)
EVs: Speed 252/ Def 128/ SpDef 128
-Light Screen
-Ice Beam/Rain Dance/Rapid Spin/Toxic/Confuse Ray/?

;121;Starmie (sweeper)
EVs: SpAtk 252/ Speed 252/ 4 HP
-Ice Beam
-Thunder/Psychic/Cosmic Power
-Rain Dance/Rapid Spin/?

EVs: Atk 236/ Def 120 /SpDef 148/HP 4
-Ice Shard
-Ice Beam/Toxic Spikes/Spikes/Rapid Spin/Avalanche/Toxic
-Rain Dance/Iron Defense/Protect

EVs: Atk 252/ Def 120/SpDef 148/ HP 4
-Avalanche/Brick Break/Rain Dance/Stealth Rock/Toxic/?

Others Ive considered and am able to get are: Ludicolo, Bronzong, Scizor, Metagross, Lapras, Slowbro/King (I love these two), Floatzel, Quilfish, Ampharos, Suicune, Tentacruel,

23rd December 2011, 12:15 AM
Read the rules. Please PM your revised RMT if you would want me to re-open this.