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26th December 2011, 4:02 AM
Hey, this is my second deck here, this one is a Steel and Water Deck, please tell me if there is anything I should change. Well, here it is:

2-1-2 Feraligatr Prime
3 Kyurem
4 Cobalion (Noble Victories)
1-1 Palkia and Dialga Legend
2 Cleffa

1 Super Rod
4 Eviolite
3 Energy Retrieval
4 Junk Arm
4 Pokemon Communication
2 Switch
3 Rare Candy

4 Professor Oak's New Theory
4 Pokemon Collector

1 Burned Tower

7 Water
4 Special Metal
3 Metal

Well, here it is! Please tell me what I should change or how good it is!


My strategy for this is to start off with getting what I need through Cleffa's cowering. I then build up a Feraligatr Prime, Cobalion, and Kyurem, which is why I have all that Energy. I hope to take the down with Glaciate and Hydro Crunch, but if they have a Kyurem or more themself, that's where Cobalion and Bisharp would come in, whil I battle with these is when I set up Bisharp. If my opponent happens to be getting all of their Prize Cards, I use a Legend box (if I don't already have the Legends in my hand) and set up Palkia and Dialga. I use Time Control to add to their Prize Cards, I that doesn't work fully, I start using Cobalion's Iron Breaker, immobilizing the opponent, as I set up for Palki and Dialga's Sudden Delete and get rid of their bench Pokemon so they can't switch and I can take them down by them having no more Pokemon in play or I get all my Prize Cards before them.

Do you think this is a good strategy and deck? Please comment and tell me what I could change! Thankyou!

27th December 2011, 4:55 AM
A few things.
1. Metal isn't the best, but if you use it you might as well spam Coballion. +2
2. If you plan to use PDL (a card I really like:)) you need to add energy retrieval. +3
3. Add +2 Rare Candy to get Feraligatr up ASAP.
4. Consult my weird ex deck for Kyruem/Feraligatr
5. Bisharp is awful. -4
6. Can only use 4 special energy. -3 special + 3 normal
7. Trainers:
-2 Legend Box
-2 FSL
+1 Super Rod

There are a couple more corrections, but I'm tired and I'll do it later.

27th December 2011, 5:24 AM
Updated, will most likely update again if Lumos77 posts again. ^o^

4th January 2012, 1:28 AM
4 cobalion seems like over kill, and due to it's speed I'd rather not have it being a starter in this deck with reshiram and speed decks still at large, if dark bisharp was originally in this deck that is a good combo dealing 100 t2 dmg versus the original 60 dmg t2, the card itself has made it into quite a few top cut's in cities thus far. i disagree you should put in as many special energy in your deck for increased chances of play, as for energy retrieval, what if he gets trainer locked? fisherman.

Edit: 4 collector's is over kill.

5th January 2012, 9:38 PM
Actually, the Steel Bisharp was. So, I should take out a Cobalion and Energy Retrival and add 2 Fisherman?