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26th December 2011, 11:57 AM
Hey all, please help me improve on my deck

Pokemon - 18
4 Larvitar (stormfront)
3 Dark Pupitar (EX rocket) 009/20
2 Dark Tyranitar (EX rocket) 19/109
3 Eevee (rising rival)
2 Umbreon (Undaunted)
3 Darkrai (great encounters)
1 Darkrai lvl X (great encounters)

Trainer - 19
3 Buck's training
2 Interviewer's questions
1 Prof Cozmo's discovery
2 twins
2 Professor elm
2 dual ball
2 pokeball
1 Rocket's pokeball
1 luxury ball
1 premier ball
1 pokemon retriever
1 moonlight stadium

energy - 23
4 darkness energy
4 double colorless energy
2 cyclone energy
13 dark energy

Hopefully with the amount of draw power, I can get darkrai as my place holder, while I get Tyranitar ready, Umbreon if I need it.
Umbreon is for opponent's pkmn w/ pokepowers/pokebodies and can be really quick to use, considering he only needs 1 dark energy for moonlight fang.
Tyranitar is my main pkmn, does plenty of damage so long w/ more energies (grind) and spinning tail damages all opponents pkmn, and I have 2 of him. If the opponent has the unfortune of having a pokemon ex, then I'm doing 120 damage.
Darkrai lv X's endless darkness is a pain for most pkmn, defending pkmn is asleep and needs 2 coin flips to wake, and is knocked out if they're both tails. Also w/ the number of dark energies I have, Darkrai lv X's pokepower can turn all dark energy into darkness energy.

This deck is mostly a damage deck, with Darkrai lv X's endless darkness as the only affliction dealer
Not feeling like using a rare candy trainer deck, just because I'm not accustomed to it, the explosive evolution from Dark Pupitar can evolve and deal damage. eevee can quickly search for evolutions. and with all the pokeballs I've got, I'm not worried about drawing pokemon.

Alter ego
26th December 2011, 8:05 PM
You need to post a strategy to your deck, or people will not know what you pretend to do with it. Also, I don't thing that 2 different Stadiums should be good. One will work.

27th December 2011, 4:57 AM
Um, you know you can't use this deck at tournament or stuff, right?
Also, add rare candy. I'm not an expert on old cards and I'll leave it to others.

27th December 2011, 5:04 AM
why not? what are the new rules and regulations that ban this sort of deck.
and I'm not interested in rare candy considering I'm dealing damage in my evolution and it costs me $10 to get 2 of them

30th December 2011, 5:44 PM
You can get 4 for $14.
Anyways, they rotate out old sets so that you have to buy more cards. The currrent leagal sets is HGSS-NV. HGSS-CL is due to rotate out next summer.

2nd January 2012, 8:30 PM
right...that's a shame. but just the deck alone, as in how it fares in a battle