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27th December 2011, 4:45 AM
This is the first deck I've ever built. Its purely fighting, no mixed decks. Just wanted to know how it looks so far:

2x Terracion
2x Machamp SP
Shining Groudon
Colorless Arceus
Arceus Lv. X
2x Gigalith (with prior evolution pokemon)
2x Makuhita
22x Fighting energy

2x Stadiums (Snowpoint Temple & Indigo Plateau)

Underground Expedition
Interviewers Questions
2x Switch
Gust of Wind
Prof. Oaks New Theory
2x Prof. Elms Training Method
Pokemon Communication
2x Bebes Search
Cynthias Guidance
Cyruss Initiative
Energy Search
Rocky Helmet

I was going for straight forward speed and power. I think I got it.
Let me know what you think.

28th December 2011, 8:56 AM
I'm going to be straight forward, this deck is going to have a lot of trouble when playing against another deck. Your deck is really random.

Start by finding the card you want to base this deck off. I like the gigaleth.
2-3-4 stage 2 evo chain
Then get a stage 1 pkmn, the hariyama and Makuhita set works
2-3 stage 1 evo chain
at this point find a couple strong basic's or pokemon SP. if you want to stick w/ arceus, then get 3 arceus and 1 arceus lv X
2 terrakion and 2 machamp SP works too.

There are a lot of trainer's that you probably don't really need. for your deck, it seems that you need to focus on drawing pkmn of your choice and getting energies for them. Don't worry so much about using cards like gust or switch.
4 interviewer's questions to find energies
3 fisherman trainer cards to reuse energies.
2 pkmn communication,
have 6 cards that will find pkmn, (ie. pokeball, dual ball, great ball, luxary ball)
2 professor oak's new theory
2 professor elm's training method
get rid of the stadium cards

You should stay with 22 or so fighting energies, but know that you'll need to repeatedly search for energies from the deck (interviewers questions) or from the discard (fisherman)
If you want to use switch or gust, invest in cyclone energies and warp energies, they function gust and switch except as energies. 3 of each will be good and swap them in for the fighting.

you should now have 19 pkmn, 19 trainer, and 22 energies

28th December 2011, 10:16 PM
What does that mean 2-3-4 evo chain?

I've been playing at the comic book store I go to and my record is 24-5. The deck hits really hard and I can usually build up my bench pretty good.

29th December 2011, 12:17 AM
2-3-4 means, stage 2 pkmn - stage 1 pkmn - basic pkmn.
example. 2 charizard - 3 charmeleon - 4 charmander

so in your deck, use 2 gigalith, 3 boldore, and 4 roggenrola.
the 2-3-4 gives you better chances of evolving your primary pkmn.
because if you had 2-2-2 if one of the roggenrola is prized or KO'd, you have no chance of getting both gigaliths out.

you could use the rare candy technique, though that's a preference choice, and i won't go into that.

try the new decklist i gave you, and see if it works out. if you were winning 24 of 29 with the old deck, you will demolish your opponents with the new deck.

31st December 2011, 9:55 AM
So I tried what you said and it seemed to work a little slower. Instead I took out the Gigaliths and instead put the new BW Machop, Machoke, Machamp. That seemed to go a little faster. I also traded out the switch and gust of wind with rare candy.

31st December 2011, 8:56 PM
That works too, another chain stage 2 evolution, you can choose whatever chain you like, I just picked gigalith out of the ones you originally posted.
the rare candy is a complicated card to use, and I generally don't recommend it unless you absolutely know what you are doing. the rare candy can let you bypass the stage 1 evolution and use a 2-1-3 in stead of 2-3-4 for you stage 2 chain. but you have to have the stage 2 in your hand, you need to have trainers that will find the exact card you want, like computer search or twins. it changes the dynamic of the game, you play a lot faster, but you have to have the exact cards in your hand to do so. it's a personal preference.