View Full Version : RMT all gen team, Need some def opinions!

27th December 2011, 7:45 AM
OK so far I have:
Electivire adamant, 378/atk 288/spd
-thunder punch
-fire punch
-ice punch
-cross chop

alakazam timid, 362/spatk 372/spd
-energy ball
-shadow ball
-focus blast

charizard* modest, 331/spatk 296/spd
-air slash
-focus blast
-over heat

Ok these 3 guys are a MUST in my team!! I want to balance out my team by adding a wall or two followed by another physical sweeper. I'm already thinking a haxorus and should be ev'ing one soon. Any thoughts on what def/spdef walls to use? and what movesets?

27th December 2011, 5:28 PM
Read the rules please. Locked.