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1st January 2012, 12:19 AM
Today, I got a 89 win streak before losing in the battle tower with this team:
Garchomp@choice band Adamant 252EVs Atk,Spd.
-Brick Break(Any others youd suggest?)
-???(need suggestion)

I used this garchomp as my lead. It performed well, almost OHKOing every other poke it faced. With a speed of 153, It outsped the majority of pokes, but still got ohko'd by ice moves from faster pokes, which was a little trouble to my team, and eventually led to our defeat. Outrage and EQ cover every poke for atleast normal damage, which was a gauranteed 1,if not 2 hit KO, I can potentially be walled by skarmory, and bronzong levitate.

Gengar@focus sash Modest 252EVs Sp.atk, Spd.
-Shadow ball
-destiny bond
-Focus blast
-Energy ball(any other move suggested?)

Gengar was the main reason that held our win streak for so long. Almost always took 2 pokes down with it. After garchomp was eliminated, hed revenge kill using appropriate moves, and if he had lost HP, would use destiny bond on the next pokemon. A speed of 162(i think. 252 EVs and 31 IV)outsped even more pokes than garchomp, but had a little trouble dealing with Weavile. Move set is made of 3 attacking moves to hit pokes with atleast normal damage. Destiny bond and focus sash gave it an additional kill most times. Had trouble dealing with the vast amounts of normal/flying with focus blast,the only move that could hit for normal damage, as it missed many times, and had to fall back to destiny bond, whearas if it hit, it could have taken down another poke as well.

Salamence@choice scarf Adamant 252EVs Atk, Spd.
-Aerial ace
-Thunder fang
-fire blast
Was our last option always coming out last due to the disadvantage of choice scarf. We counted on it to Outspeed all pokemon and try to ohko them with stab outrage from 205 attack stat. Did pretty well all around. It only played in about 15-20 rounds which was surprising, as my last team had to use all pokes most of the time. Any suggestions to replace thunder fang or fire blast? thunder fang is there to cover types which the other pokes dont have covered. fire blast for skarmory.

Aura Sensei™
1st January 2012, 5:24 PM
Garchomp Adamant/Jolly Nature
~Fire Fang
~Dragon Claw
~Swords Dance

Gengar Modest/Timid Nature
~Shadow Ball
~Hypnosis/Destiny Bond
~Focus Blast

Salamence Adamant/Jolly Nature
~Dragon Claw
~Dragon Dance
~Flamethrower/Aerial Ace

Hope I helped.

2nd January 2012, 1:05 AM
BTW if ur interested in how we lost:
I send garchomp, opponent sends frosslass.
Frosslass uses ice beam...OHKO.
I send in gengar. Froslass uses ice beam, about 80% of health lost. Gengar becomes frozen.
Next turn frosslass ko's it with yet another ice beam.
I send in salamence. Salamence uses outrage...OHKO.
Opponent sends in Walrein.
Salamence uses outrage, takes out 90-95% HP off walrein
And...Walrein uses ice beam...OHKO.
[sad face] good game...
If that freeze wasn there, we could have won, as gengar WOULD HAVE OHKO with shadow ball after frosslass hit it the first time. Then id destiny bond walrein and leave a 1 on 1 wit my salamence against mamoswine(never saw it, but found out by saving it as battle vid.) Hopefully salamence couldve OHKOd it and wed have won. Sigh. just 11 more...