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1st January 2012, 8:55 PM
The Veil Of Darkness
As usual, Spoink awoke to being cold and being soaking wet.

Loudred called from out the door "GET UP! IT'S TIME FOR WORK!" Spoink's eyes slowly opened to see Loudred walking away with the empty pail in his hand. Spoink got up and looked out his tiny window and rushed to grab his pearl locked away in his chest. He looked in his tiny cracked mirror to balance the pearl. He rushed out the door and hopped down the hallway to the meeting room.

Golem had assembled all of the workers to feed them their toast and give them their glasses of water. Everyone was seated. Spink sat down, alone as usual and waited for the food to come around. Everyone finished their meals and Golem called everyone to the working station outside. Golem spoke "Everyone, you know the deal, get to your work stations and report to dinner at 6 PM sharp." All the different Pokemon went to their designated spots. Spoink went to his which was to pound soil back in to the ground.

He began along with a Diglet who spread out the dirt. "Y'know these jobs are pretty easy after a while. We should be able to slack soon." Diglet said to Spoink. Spoink didn't say anything back and kept at working.
~ ~ ~

Loudred yelled, "DINNER TIME!" All the different Pokemon scrambled from their work stations to the cafe. Spoink sat alone again for dinner too.

The Chansey handed out small bowls of chili. The groups of Pokemon swallowed rapidly and soon after Loudred called everyone back to work.

In their work stations, everyone slacked except Spoink. Who worked hard hoping to raise enough money for his mother back at home who had become ill since last Fall. Spoink was sweating and thought of his mom and how much he was helping her.

Golem called everyone to the meeting room at 10 PM and told everyone their pay would be sent to those at home.

Loudred told everyone, "GET TO BED!" Everyone went to their bedrooms. Spoink locked his pearl away and washed his tail with the bucket of water that was changed once a week and dried himself with his blanket. All of the lights went off everywhere. Spoink closed his eyes falling asleep soon after.