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2nd January 2012, 2:44 PM
Hello, deltakurumiru here. This will be my first fan fic. I'm a little nervous about this, so bear with me. Hopefully, you will enjoy this. Everyone at my school enjoys it, and a friend of mine keeps pushing me to post it. So, here it is.

THis is rated PG-15 for violence, blood, and a little pokemon killing.

Good Hunting!

Chapter one: The Fallen Hunter

The rocky beast roared at my group, very mad. I dove through its legs, and slashed at it unprotected legs. It fell down, but before it could get back up, my father Hooyew pierced its neck with his long sword. I, Adam, Hooyew, and Darthlass sheathed our weapons, and breathed a sigh of relief that the beast finally died. The Gravios was one of the most challenging wyverns that we ever fought, but the shock traps, traq bombs, and a few clever traps helped make a three-day mission a two-and-23-hour day mission. I should tell you where we are, but the volcanic rock and lava speaks for itself. The name is Halt, and my father, cousin, uncle, and I are all Monster Hunters. “Seriously, what was that thing doing here? I thought it lived in the swamp” asked my cousin Adam.

“That’s the smaller kind. The bigger ones live here, in the volcano zone” I replied

“Might want to scratch that record book, because this puppy is a baby, or in other words, a Basarios” replied my father Hooyew after measuring the immense beast.

“WHAT! Only 13 meters?! That’s pathetic! Why did we have so much trouble?” complained Adam.

“Son, we came prepared for a Gravios, so we took it on with the mind of a much more cautious Hunter. It was only natural that this was tougher” said his father with a calming voice. Darthlass was a fresh Hunter, but he was coming along quite nicely and proved his worth during the Blangonga hunt, which wasn’t as hard as it should be thanks to the many fire affinity weapons we had access to. Turning around, I noticed a strange creature near some of the rocks. It was red, with a lizard like body, and a flame on the end of its tail. It only measured two feet tall, but it looked about 13 pounds.

“Hooyew, what is that?” I asked, crouching near it.

“Most likely from that blasted Pokemon Continent out to the north” growled Hooyew. We Hunters hate the other regions for keeping monsters that are stronger than them as pets when they can kill them and make such powerful weapons from them. Personally, I kind of agree with their thinking, but sometimes an animal must be taken out. Drawing the twin swords known as the Guild Knight Sabers, I slashed the little monster’s head off with one clean slash.

“I’m sorry little guy, it’s just business” I spoke in a quiet tone. Reaching for my belt, I pulled out a slightly curved knife, and cut the creature’s tail off. I placed it into a pouch at my belt.

That was the moment that changed everything. “YOU BASTERDS KILLED MY CHARMANDER!” shouted angrily a kid that appeared from behind a rock. Dressed in classic pokemon trainer fashion, it was obvious that he wasn’t prepared for the volcano’s environment, for he was sweating like mad. I noticed a strange sound emanating from the mouth of the volcano. Looking up, I saw a medium sized dragon shot a blue missile shaped fireball at us. Lifting my fire based shield, I took the fireball dead on, shaking my entire body. Lowering the shield, I saw a burly man riding it throw a double bladed axe at Adam, but his dad’s shield blocked the axe. The black dragon landed next to the trainer, and the rider announced that they were a group of teenagers that wanted to help restore order.

“Yeah….no. You cause chaos by coming to the volcano of this continent, while we have been minding our own business. So, get out or your pretty little beasts will pay the price” I said maliciously. Reaching behind me, I grabbed the handle of a spiked sword with green dragon scales and drew it, at the same time my other hand switched out shields for a green one with a ring of spikes on the edge and a cross on the middle. The trainer opened a small red-and-white ball and a strange beast came out. It was just as small as the red thing, only it was blue with an oyster shell on its stomach.

“Oshawott, use razor shell on the person who killed Charmander!” commanded the trainer as the otter thing charged me. I sheathed my sword, and stepped aside as the little beast attacked and stumbled. I drew my gunlance, made sure that it still had a shell loaded, and pointed it at the Oshawott. “Oshawott, no!” shouted the trainer.

“Price has been paid in full” I said flatly as I shot the thing. The volcanic gas helped ignite the bullet and engulfed the creature in a typhoon of fire. When the fire cleared, the otter was lying facedown on the ground, with a hole blown through its chest. I looked away from it, as the trainer and the Viking ran to it. Stepping near the other hunters, I grabbed green sphere from my bag. Near the opening on top of the volcano, my cousin shouted at the monster lovers “Come to the Pokke Village, there we will finish the job that Halt started.” Throwing down the sphere, I felt a little sad and tossed a special potion to them.

“Spread it on the otter’s wound, it will be revived immediately” I said as I stepped on the green smoke cloud caused by the sphere. “Ignore my cousin toooooooooo” I added as the smoke threw me into the air, through the rocks, and right into base camp.

“I radioed Kari to tell her to pick us up here and fly us to the village instead of back to the town” said Adam from the tent “You still have that potion that can bring someone back to life?”

“No, that otter thing must have knocked it from my bag.”

Before they could press me for answers, a great whirring filled the air. Looking up, I saw that the airship had arrived with my sister at the helm. A rope ladder dropped down, and my sister’s voice boomed over the intercom “To the village, then the town, they have a Kushala Daora problem at the moment.”

Arriving at the village, I dropped down to the ground and signaled Kari to head to the town with the others. “Good Hunting, may the Almighty smile upon you” I spoke to the ship before it flew off. Looking at the village that I started my hunting career at, I felt a kind of homecoming. I walked up to the house that I grew up in, and opened the door.

“MASTER, nya!” shouted a furry cat as he jumped at me.

“Boyd, get off me! It’s been a while, huh” I complained as I finally got the hunting felyne off me. Hunting Felynes are a special breed of cats that walk upright, can speak, and have the unique talent of throwing bombs at the worst moments. Boyd is one of the “bad models” as they call them, though the only problem that he has that he only throws bombs on my signal. I petted him behind the ears for a little bit, and then I headed to the box that housed my weapons. Lifting the cover, I saw my old favorite weapon on top, the Sanctioned Drill Lance. It was the coolest weapon, since when I advanced to Hunter Rank 7; I hunted and mined for days in order to make it. When ever I charged something with it, the drill spun, giving it another massive cool factor. I was given the challenge to create it when the rest of the family went to the town, and they did not want me messing with their farms, so they gave me the challenge of making it. Putting in the few weapons I had on me, I latched on the lance, and felt a sense of pride; since it was only through sheer perseverance that I finally forged it.

Stepping outside, I saw the worst thing possible—the teens from the volcano were there and the trainer was arguing with the elder. Staying in the shadows, I overheard some of the things being said.

“This village has hunters, and they do their job faster than anyone else. We have no need for more mouths to feed. Please leave” spoke the Elder calmly.

“Shut up, you old lady and dumb cat, and listen! We can spare the monsters from death or whatever you use the tranquilized beasts for! We give them life, and you take it from them!” shouted the trainer. The Viking hefted an axe and held it to the Elder’s throat. Unsheathing the Drill Lance, I got into position to charge. “Tucker, take her bleeding head off and-CRAP!” shouted the trainer as I charged between them and the Elder, using the rotating drill to create a wind current to push them back.

“You heard the Elder, leave this place or I will kill you” I threatened the teens. Nodding to the Elder, the Elder quietly thanked me, and then scurried away with the Felyne Elder.
“You have the skill to save the monsters, yet you threaten humans?! You must leave before I call in the Guild to finish the job I started” I threatened them again.

“Chuck, can I kill this one?” asked Tucker to the trainer.

“Yes Tucker, kill this one for what he did to Charmander!” ordered Chuck before a girl stepped between the two of them and me.

“Woah! I think we started on the wrong foot! My name is Kari, and this is Chuckie from the Sinnow continent and this Tucker from the Taris continent. And you are?” asked Kari. Sheathing the lance, I took a better look at her. She looked pale, and her right hand was in a mechanical looking glove. She had long purple hair, a purple vest, and a black skirt. My hunter senses were tingling, but I ignored them and started speaking to her.

“The name is Halt, and I protect this village as a hunter here. Once again, I ask for your purpose here, other than causing trouble”

“You heard of the legend of the creation of the world, though every continent has a different story, right?”

“Yeah, my legend is that the white and black gods mixed together to provide the world, and all of its bounty, but in order to keep the world stable and to keep the many inhabitants from interacting, they used fusion between the Elder dragons in order to create the Sky Prism.”

“Well, some dark people from each corner came together and broke the Sky Prism into five pieces. Then, each shard was hidden in a different part of the world. We found one here, at the highest point. Know where it is?”

“Sigh, the Snowy mountain, but during this time of year, it is far to dangerous because of the K—‘

“Thanks!” shouted Kari as she winked, and then jumped onto the dragon with Tucker and Chuckie. The dragon flew off, heading for the large snowy mountain that loomed in the distance. I heard the airship land, with my sister Kari jumping out with the other hunters, who were badly beaten, came up to me and started yelling at me, but I couldn’t hear any of them. I walked off, and locked myself in my house. Sitting on the floor, I tried to process my emotions. This was the one chance I was looking for, but what if these fools screwed it up for me? My best chance of fixing the problem I started years ago was slipping through my fingers. Boyd walked up to me, and started purring.

Petting him, I realized that I had to help them. The Kushala Daora was dangerous, and the frightful storm it whipped up would be the worst thing to fight in. I already had experience fighting it, but would my drill lance be enough? “Boyd, tell Cocoa, Dora, and Rain to pack their things. It’s time to leave.” I ordered Boyd. Smiling, the cat immediately went into the kitchen to tell the other chefs and hunters the message. Grapping my box, I hefted it onto my soldier, and walked out the door.

“I won’t allow a Hunter Rank 10 hunter who fought a Fatalis and killed it solo go and interact with the likes of animal lovers” ordered my father as he brandished his sword, the Centenarian Dagger, along with Adam and Darthlass in front of the entrance to the village.

“It’s my choice, Dad, and I will go through with it” I spoke out to him and with my cats, walked past them and towards the mountain.

“Halt, if you continue, you give up all the progress that you made and forever be banished.” Taking my hunter card out, it read with big bold letters Hunter Rank 10. Tears streamed from my eyes as I threw it at the other hunters and ran off towards the mountain, with the cats meowing after me.

Hiking the mountain was not in the least difficult. Hunters train to climb any obstacle, leap any ravine, swim any river, all while carrying multiple weapons. Once we reached one of the areas on the summit, I could already hear the roars of the Kushala Daora and the scraping of rusted steel on rusted steel. “Wait a minute, was that rusted steel? The Kushala Daora doesn’t have rusted skin, unless……OF COURSE! That’s why they are fighting it! It’s here to molt the rusted skin and grow new metal skin! Cats guard the supplies. I’m going hunting.” I commanded the cats. Reaching into the box, I drew out a new lance, this having a bat-shaped shield, and having toxin sacs attached to the teeth at the business end of the weapon.

“Long time no see, Ouroboros Serpentblade. May our hunt be prosperous.” I said, and then attaching the lance to the hooks on the back of my armor, I marched into the snow storm.

“HELP! ANYONE! HELP!” shouted a voice from the snow. My helmet was made from the Kushala Daora, so I was able to see in the snow storm. Chuckie had that otter thing out, but it was taller, had two shells, and had larger hips. The Viking was in his element, but neither he nor his dragon was strong enough to break the dragon’s barrier. Kari was commanding a panther looking thing, but it had no movement and was looking quite frozen. Putting the lance into battle position, I waited for the dragon to start sucking in wind. All three of the teens waited for the end, before I came crashing through the mountain wall and imbedding the lance’s spikes into the Kushala Daora’s leg. It roared in agony, but before it could do anything the poison took affect, effecting the organs and getting rid of the barrier. It was starting to limb, but its tail threw me into the others, sending us sprawling.

Laughing, I watched as it charged at us. It stepped on the disc that I placed when I was thrown by the tail, causing it to go into convulsions. Reaching into my bag for a tranq bomb, I found that I forgot them! Looking around, I found a sphere, half red, half white, with a large white button on the front and a black line in between the two halves. “Hey, free bomb! You’re…..MINE!” I shouted, throwing the “bomb” at the beast. It hit the Kushala Daora, but instead of exploding, the sphere opened, and in a flash of white light, the Kushala Daora was absorbed into the ball, and the ball fell onto the ground. It twitched once, twice, three times, and the white button flashed red, and gave off a ding. “Uh….what?’ I asked the others. Chuckie’s mouth was open, and looked completely destroyed.

“Wait, you can catch beasts here with poke balls?” asked Kari as I used a Thawing Agent on the panthercube. The ice defrosted, and the panther thing jumped on me and started purring.

“This is a…..what?” I asked Kari.

“That is Gabumon, a furred creature from my continent. They are quite popular, though most people prefer an Agumon.”

“Right….and back to the poke-ball, what is it?”

“The poke-ball is a capsule system, which allows it to absorb monsters of ridicules size difference, and hold them comfortable. Right now, you own the….what was it again?”

“That is an Elder Dragon of the wind, known as the Kushala Daora. If you had listened to my warning, you might still be in fighting position. DORA! RAIN! BRING THE PORTABLE KICHEN!” order I as the felynes scurried in with large pots and pans. Rain and Dora started to select materials for food, while Cocoa and Boyd heated water and set up tables. I sat the three teens down before conducting the chefs. “They need a health boost, so cook the hearty steak and the western parsley for them. Throw in a few—what?” I was saying when I noticed the others ran off for the mountain. Catching up to them, I gave each of them a red drink that felt hot to the touch. Greedily, Kari drank it all while Chuckie and Tucker sipped theirs carefully.

“Hey, I don’t feel cold anymore, what was that?” exclaimed Kari.

“That was a hot drink, made from crushed bitter bugs and hot peppers mixed together.” The second I mentioned bug, both Chuckie and Kari starting spitting it up and wiping their tongues on the “statue” while Tucker simply shrugged and continued drinking it heartily. “You do know that the statue is the skin of a Kushala Daora and Khezu mate on that, right?” I asked before the two of them fainted at the thought of what they licked.

“That’s a good drink, got any more?” asked Tucker.

“Yeah, but it’s used for surviving the coldest environments with nothing but…..nothing”

“Really? Cool! You have to come by my continent; you would make millions as a bartender.”

“Tempting, but I like my freedom to much.”

Chuckie and Kari woke up and started shivering again. Shrugging, I pulled out a pickaxe and started mining the skin. Suddenly, a weird worm looking thing jumped out and started biting Kari. Chuckie started laughing, but another jumped out and jumped on Chuckie and did the same thing. The two of them started shrieking, and started run in circles, while I reached inside the skin, and pulled out an extremely shiny piece of rock. “This is what you were looking for?” I asked as I held it out. Kari stopped screaming for a second, and gasped at the rock. Taking her mechanical hand, a holographic map popped out with a red arrow pointed right at the rock.

“THAT’S IT! IT’S A SKY PRISM SHARD!!” shouted Kari excitedly. Taking the rock, she placed it one of the bags she was carrying around, along with the Khezu whelp, and started jumping around excitedly. Taking off his own whelp, Chuckie joined in the chorus of shouts of triumph from the whole group. Not adding my own, I faced the direction of the camp, where I heard the sounds of an air ship. My sister jumped out, dressed in her Velociprey gear, and marched to the mountain.

“Brother! I know you’re up on the cliff. Jump down, the Guild has you under arrest!” ordered Kari.

“Who is this hot chick?” asked Chuckie, turning to me.

“That, my friend, is the Guild’s chief mechanic, airship pilot, vermin exterminator, and my sister. She is also the one who carry outs the Guild’s arrests and such.” I signed.

“Really…..can I have her number?” Shaking my head in disgust, I jumped down the cliff and faced her. Her twin swords were at the ready, the swords that I gave her for her birthday, the unique Fire and Ice weapons. Drawing my Sandman Inducer, I faced her in battle when the Kushala Daora picked her up, and gently placed her in the cockpit. She flew off, though I knew I had only one option left now.

“So, where’s the next shard?” I asked.

Delta Hunter
6th January 2012, 3:30 PM
To be honest, its hard to tell if any intreast is being taken into my fan fic. if you enjoy it or have any comments about it, post them! please, it helps me see if i should continue it or not.

I'm planning to switch to a weekly update on wensdays, so yeah, here's chapter 2!

Chapter 2: Digivovle your spirit! Danger in File Island

“You guys are far too slow on the ground” I stated as I looked down back to the others. Tucker had a lot of equipment, so he was about equal to my area. He lay down and began to pant, while Kari and Chuckie were barely half of the way to us. Plus, I could here them through my high-grade earplugs panting. After I joined them, I led them to where the next continent, File Island, had struck Minegrade. The collusion caused mountains to form, giving us a mountain about a mile tall. It was no where near the height of the Snowy Mountain, but since Fang the Nightfury dragon was resting at the top, we had to climb. Not that I cared, since I wanted to keep my body in shape in order to drag my extremely heavy weapon box. Kari and Chuckie together couldn’t carry it five feet without giving out. Back to them, Kari suddenly gasped at something behind us

“GUYS! METALGURUMON! BEHIND YOU!” warned Kari. Looking behind me, all I saw was a static outline of something.

“Uh….what is that?” I asked before it made some kind of clanging sound and fired some kind of missile at us. However, I could only see the fire jet at the end, not the actual missile.

Diving aside, I opened my box to grab my own weapon when the outline leapt in front of my box, knocking me aside. I smiled at the thought of a hunt, and threw a white ball at the static outline. The ball burst, coating the area in smoke, allowing me to see the creature in front of me. It looked like a mechanized wolf with razor wings and a strange symbol on the chest. “Just like the Chameleos.” I snickered. Jumping at the wolf, I kneed it in the snout, and then kicked it in the head knocking it away from the box. Reaching inside, I pulled out a pink shelled square thing.

“How will that work? It’s just a squ—oh” questioned Tucker when it unfolded into a cannon. Loading three large bullets, I fired one at point-blank range at the wolf. In the air, the bullet opened, releasing three bombs that all exploded when they hit the wolf. I fired two more in quick succession, engulfing the wolf in a fireball that broke the side of the mountain. When the smoke cleared, the wolf had little damage and looked more angry than hurt.

It opened it’s maw to reveal a shining light that grew into a large sphere before a large blast of metallic color blasted towards me. Taking a gamble, I grabbed my Corona and used the shield to block the blast. The blast knocked me off the mountain, but a large flame-colored bird caught me in its talons. Seeing the bird, the wolf backed off, and then it ran to the top of the mountain where a strange male stood. He was dressed in classic explorer grab—kacke shorts with matching shirt. He was in the same color scheme as Kari, black and purple, though he had a beret and square glasses. “Agent Pure Heart, have you completed your mission of gaining scans of natives from other lesser regions?”

“Agent Ice Raven, I have brought back a native creature and natives of the regions.”

“Well done, bring them up via Birdramon, so you may remain presentable for the chief.” Nodding, Kari made a few hand motions with a strange device, and the bird swooped down and capteredcaptured us in its claws. Bringing us up to Agent Ice Raven, the bird dropped us roughly on a strange glowing circle.

“Sorry” spoke Kari when the circle teleported us to some kind of dungeon. Kari and Ice walked onto another panel that sent them to a square plaza, where thousands of similar dressed people created her with enthusiasm worthy of a queen. She greeted all of them as Ice brought her towards another glowing square, this one a light green.

“We are trapped, we are going to rot, we are going to stay here for the rest of out lives” chanted Chuckie as he paced the dungeon. I was busy searching the cells for anything that I could use to create a bomb, but even their insects were partially mechanical. The jail had three steel bars, but in between they had electrical wire that was crackling with electricity.

“There is always a way out, no matter what!” shouted Tucker to Chuckie, shaking the wire, but he let go the second it shocked him. “Hey hunter, got anything?”

“Give me a fish, and I can make you a bomb. However, without the right materials, I can’t do squat.” Just then, the jail guard’s bipedal mechanical dragon stamped its feet, telling us to shut up.

“Listen, either you guys shut up or my Wargreymon will mess with your faces.” Muttered the guard.

“I would like to see it try, you over weight paper weight!” snarled Tucker. The dragon suddenly ripped open the bars and charged inside. Placing my hands on the floor, I shot my feet up into its neck, using my hands for leverage. It staggered back, and then took a full on body slam from Tucker. It dropped, complete out of it. In the impound area, I grabbed my chest, and pulled out the cannon from before. Placing it at its chest at point blank range, I loaded my weapon with a blood red clip.

“Dragon bullets, my personal favorite. They will rip through any kind of armor this thing has, taking out what ever organ it has.” Cocking the gun, I started to squeeze the trigger when Chuckie’s Dewott knocked my gun away.

“We will not kill another living creature, no matter how evil it is!” ordered Chuckie, clearly angry.

“You idiot! It will not hesitate to kill us if it has the chance!” Suddenly, a massive lance broke through the floor, spearing the Wargreymon through the head. Looking at each other, we ran towards the stairs, me spiriting up the steps, two at a time, while the other two did one at a time. Near the top, three large mechanical wolves stood guard, each one with a weird dressed master. Placing my chest down, I pulled out a golden triangle shaped blade with matching shield. “Guys, keep going, and see if Kari is up there. She betrayed us, she must be punished.”

“She did what she had to do, but if we see her we will give her a piece of our minds” the two said in unison. Nodding, I faced the three wolves, remembering that the one at the mountain had a laser, so I had to keep up my guard.

“Let’s dance!” I shouted as I charged up the steps, my golden blade lighting on fire.

Charging through the door, Tucker and Chuckie saw that Kari was fighting with the large bird and a large stag beetle against a hot woman with large hairdo resembling a fang. Her creature was a dark knight with a lance and a shield. “If only Fang was here….hey, where is fang anyway?” questioned Tucker as he drew one of his battle axes.

“We must have left him on the mountain! I choose you, Suicune!” shouted Chuckie, throwing a half white half purple sphere, releasing a lion shaped creature with a large diamond shaped shield on its head. It shot a long stream of bubbles at the knight, causing it to stubble back.

“Filthy mutt! You will rue the day your diseased breath touched the royal armor of ChaosGallantmon!” shouted the knight in anger. Suicune roared and shot more bubbles, but this time into his helmet. Roaring again, ChaosGallantmon shot a laser from the tip of his lance, but Suicune used the diamond shield to create a bubble barrier to reflect the attack into the wall.

“Chaos, you need an up-grade?” asked the fang-haired woman.

“Yeah, I can’t believe I need to go into EX mode so soon” grumbled Chaos.

“Got it! DNA….BURST MODE!” shouted the woman as she moved her metal glove over the device that controlled Chaos. A particularized beam shot from the device, covering Chaos. Seeing what was happening, Tucker grabbed the ivory horn that hung at his side, and blew one long note, causing Suicune, the bird, and the bug to all go into convulsions. A few seconds later, Fang burst through the ceiling, landing onto the floor with a thud, and let loose a massive battle roar. Climbing onto Fang, Tucker let loose a savage roar as well, and the dragon took flight, circling the glowing Chaos. When the light left Chaos, he had transformed, turning into some kind of crimson knight with a laser double pointed lance and a golden shield.

“ChaosGallantmon EX mode engaged!” shouted Chaos. It leapt at them, showing that its speed had increased as much as its power.

“Rotten mutts!” I complained, lifting my sword from the wolf’s, or Metalgurumon, throat, leaving it for dead. Facing the three dead bodies, I shrugged, and walked through the door, just in time to see ChaosGallantmon Ex mode shot a high powered laser from its shield right at my defeated friends. “NO WAY!” I shouted, diving it front of them, whipping out the gunlance from the volcano. Hitting a few switches, a bright flame appeared at the business end of the lance. When the flame turned blue, I hit a hatch, causing the area right in front of the lance to erupt in flame. The bombs that I hid under the floor also went off, causing a pillar of flame to rise, blocking the laser.

“Filthy creatures! You will be turned into superior designs, just enough to be used as marketing schemes!” snarled ChaosGallentmon.

“You’ll never get away—will we have Kung Foo action grip?”


“THEN PERISH!” Whipping out my Golden Falchion, the golden sword, I stabbed the ground, and left the blade in the steel. Suddenly, a pillar of flame erupted from the ground, burning Chaos’s face. When he staggered back, he stepped on the shock traps that my cats placed, going to paralytic convulsions. Taking out two red spheres, I threw them right into his face, but for some reason, the pink mist did not affect him.

“You idiots! Our digimon are not effected by natural forces, such as the compound you just used!” shouted Kari.

“But the tranq bombs are made with the strongest mushrooms around! How can they have no effect?”

“Digimon have no DNA! All they are is data!”

“Uh…data is…what, exactly?” Chaos managed to break out of the shock trap during the yelling, and promptly threw his lance at me.

“GACK!” I shouted, lifting my shield to block the lance. However, the lance was strong enough to pierce my shield, go through my armor and under armor, and still go through my arm and pin me to the wall. “OUCH! That’s going to leave a mark!” I yelled, trying to pull the lance out of the wall. It was simply too big for me with my increased strength to pull out.

“Kari, you can get what you truly desire, the spirit evolution, if you simply kill the two boys with the dragon and the lion….thing.” spoke the fang-haired lady to Kari. Kari took one look at Chuckie, and clenched her fists in frustration.

“I hoped for years of this day, and now I don’t know that I can do what needs to be done to achieve the long awaited spirit digivolution. Someone, help me make the choice!” thought Kari. Suddenly, her digivice started to glow, and transformed into a pink device, with a small square screen, an electronic reader on the top, and a more defined black grip. “A-A—A D-reader! But that means…..YES!” shouted Kari excitedly. A blue ring of data formed over her hand, and she faced the lady. “Sorry, chief, but the bits may be good; my friends mean more to me than the money.” Spoke Kari confidently to the chief. Sliding the data ring over the electronic reader, she shouted “EXECUTE! SPIRT DIGIVOLUTION!” A large white orb of light surrounded Kari, and it was so blinding that even with my helmet I was forced to look away. When the light faded, Kari was replaced by….a fairy? It looked human like, but had large butterfly wings, white metallic gloves that looked too big for her hands. Her legs were covered completely by large pink boots, and her private areas covered by a simply bikini. All of the clothing was connected by pink straps. The only remarkable feature on her was the sliver visor over her eyes, and the tiny wings near her ears. Her hair color was a dark pink, but that was not important. The important part was that she was starting to beat up ChaosGallentmon Ex.

“Man, she is dominating this. I should most likely hang here—dang it! I almost forgot! My emergence stash of attack seeds!” I noted. Reaching into my back pocket, I pulled out a strange looking red seed. Popping it into my mouth, my muscles grew about 10%, enough for me to rip the lance out of the wall and down to the ground. “Chaos! Get ready, I got another power up ready for y--” spoke the chief before my sword pointed at her throat.

“Game. Set. Match” was all I said to the chief. Meanwhile, the fairy was absolutely beating Chaos.

“Roseo Temporale!” shouted the fairy before it started kicking Chaos in the face rapidly.

“That is it! You are grounded!” shouted Chaos before he swatted her to the ground.

“Ow…that might hurt in the mourning” moaned the fairy before Chaos stepped on her legs, causing her to scream in pain.

“Call him off, before I slit your throat.” I threatened the chief.

“You can’t kill me. Just like our creatures, the people here are also data. You can’t kill us!” she scoffed.

“Wait just a minute.” I said before leaving to my chest. Opening it, I pulled out a new sword, this one a purplish grey with blue highlights around the shield and down the back of the blade. I smiled in sear pleasure of what I was about to do.

Putting the new blade near her arm, her arm’s data became fuzzy. “What…but how did you find that weakness?”

“Simply. You and your people work around metal and such, but I never saw a single flicker of a spark anywhere. So that led me to believe that you and your creatures have a weakness to electricity, hence the Kirin Bolt Indora here.”

“Chaos….back down. They beat us”

“NO! I WON’T LET THEM BEST ME!” roared Chaos as he lifted his shield to smash the fairy into nothing ness. I threw the thunder sword at his head as hard as I could, but it bounced off and stabbed into the ground near me. Panicking, I reached into my bag again and found the two bottles that I needed. Drinking the two bottles of red liquid, I gasped as my muscles grew again, doubling in size. Grabbing the sword again, I threw with all my might again, this time piercing his helmet. Chaos staggered, unable to breath or even think with a blade inside its head. “Sola….I am so sorry….”spoke the dying Digimon before it fell, dead. The chief, or Sola, started crying to her hearts content while I walked over to the body and started hacking away at its armor and weapons, gathering an abundance of materials. Dumping the materials into my box, I looked at the dead digimon’s chest, where a familiar crystal lay. Ripping it out while Tucker and Chuckie checked on the fairy, I licked it, tapped it, and held it to the sun sky in order to tell that it was indeed a Sky Prism Shard. Tossing it into the box, I saw Tucker and Chuckie help the fairy up.

“She says that she is Kari, but we think that she used magic in order to switch places” spoke Tucker.

“I say that since Kari and this fairy are both data, Kari’s data was rearranged into the data of this fairy.” Spoke Chuckie with a sly glance at Tucker.

“My name is Kazemon, and Kari and I are one being. Thanks to her overwhelming conviction to help you guys, she was able to spirit digivolve into me.” Spoke the fairy.

“How do you return to Kari, then?”

“Uh….I don’t really know…..”

“WHAT! WHAT KIND OF DATA BEING ARE YOU!?” and basically Kazemon and Chuckie argued for who-knows-how-long while Tucker and I looked at a nearby map of the recent terrain damage. According to the map, something large was killing off several of the species here.

“No dragon from my continent would be able to devourer that many creatures in short period of time. Anything from yours?” asked Tucker.

“Maybe….but I thought it went extinct….the Deviljho…known to eat several species extinct with its ravenous appetite…I thought my dad killed the last live one…” I spoke with fear present in my voice. The beast is near invincible; my dad hunted it for three days on end without rest until the beast finally died. Together, we might have a chance…no. We have no chance. The brute wyvern can only be slain with the Centenarian Dagger, a one-of-a-kind long sword that my dad wields.

“Hey, lovers get over here!” shouted Tucker to Kazemon and Chuckie. After getting dirty looks from them, he continued. “Look, turns out there is some kind of monster here that might eat everything here into extinction. We have to go and kill it. Halt, you with us?”

“No way. That beast is too strong to be killed by us. We will only become food for it.”

“Bah, forget you, come on guys!” and with that Tucker and Chuckie leapt onto Fang, and with Kazemon leading them, they flew to the area that the dragon was at. I stood there, my spirit gone. I fell to my knees, and began to cry. It wasn’t tears of sadness or frustration or happiness, they were tears of hopelessness. No one can kill it. No matter how many times you strike it, it can simply eat to regain health. Nothing, I mean nothing, can kill it. Kicking my box, it fell over and a weapon went spiraling out. The handle was purple hide, while the blade was techno color. A stripe of purple skin went up the handle a wrapped around the blade. The end of the blade had a hook, though the rest of the blade was straight. Picking it up, the purple stripe of hide curled down, clustering around the hilt.

“I don’t remember making you, how?” I started to say before I noticed the note on the blade. I hid in the airship on the mountain, but I realized that this was your task. I snuck this Phantom Mirage blade into your box, knowing that this would help you on your quest. Remember, the Dagger is only one weapon made of Elder Dragons. Remember when we made the pact to each hunt one dragon? I chose the Chamleous, while you picked the Kirin. Elder Dragon weapons have more power than average weapons, remember that. My spirit goes with you within this Chamleous blade. Godspeed. Adam. read the note. I almost forgot the pact! It was a brilliant blade, but if I was to help my friends, I would need the blade I forged, not his. Placing the long sword carefully into the box, I pulled out a MASSIVE blade, bigger than my body. The blade was a blue tinged purple spike, with alternating straight hooks the same color. The hilt had a large tuft of white fur right above the hilt, at the cross guard. “Let us kill that Elder Dragon, ImperialThunderSword.” I spoke before jumping out the hole Fang made and into the night forest. Meanwhile, Tucker, Chuckie, and Kazemon found a large number of skeletons along a path, which led to the horrible beast. Standing taller than ChaosGallantmon, it had a thick tail, a thick, bony, spiky lower jaw, and the entire body was a dark green.

“That must be it, but it doesn’t look threatening. What was Halt all scared about?” asked Kazemon.

“Must be some kind of legend. We already defied our legends, what is one more?” replied Chuckie, with Suicune running next to them. The dragon noticed them, and let loose a roar that sounded like an explosion being choked. Suicune stopped dead in its tracks, and stood there, whimpering. “Suicune…” questioned Chuckie, for the first time feeling scared. Suicune was never scared, but this thing simply roared and Suicune was already down for the count.

“Who cares if your mutt is scared, this thing is so dead!” scoffed Kazemon before flying at the dragon, and proceeded to use Roseo Temporale on its face, but it seemed that Deviljho was more interested in the smaller, weaker prey. Roaring again, Deviljho jumped, yes jumped, over them and landed on Suicune, and proceeded to start feeding.

“NO! SUICUNE!” yelled Chuckie, tears going down his face. Fang launched fireball after fireball, but they seemed to by little more than burns to Deviljho. Even Kazemon, who absolutely destroyed ChaosGallentmon Ex mode, did nothing. Deviljho backed down, and Suicune was in obvious danger of dying, with most of its body eaten away by the Jho. Suicune had enough energy, though, in order to let loose a Hydro Cannon, which caused Jho to stagger back. Jho had fed, but was angered than it was interrupted. It roared again, but this time its body swelled in size, and became red. Wounds that existed before became clear, including a dark red wound on the neck. Swinging it head to the right, in sucked in a deep breath before breathing out over the group with a dark, reddish lightning breath. Suddenly, they were all exhausted, unable to so much as lift their arms. Deviljho smiled.

As my friends were fighting, I was running in their direction, but I haven’t used a great sword in so long, that I found it hard to move fast. Slowing down, I realized that I had no idea where I was going, nor which way. Falling to my knees, I heard the sound of the Deviljho feeding, and screams of pain. “There’s no way I can find them, even with the sounds of Deviljho. I can’t reach them in time. We lost” I said in a depressed tone. Suddenly, I felt the incredible warmth of lightning, and I saw the Kirin. We stared at each other, before I realized how Chuckie, Kari, and Tucker were so powerful. They fought beside not beasts, but friends. Standing, I struck my chest with my fist, causing my armor to fall away, revealing my under armor. It consisted of a unicorn helmet, a black and white chest piece, and a skirt like tasset with the same color design, only the white parts were tufts of white mane fur. The leggings were white boots, with tufts of mane at the top, and the greaves were black with the same white mane fur. The Kirin watched me, and nodded. I leapt.

While I was stripping, the others were dealing with the effects of Dragon Blight, a reaction that causes your reflexes to dull due to electricity. Tucker was flying around on Fang, but neither of them could so much as scratch the Deviljho, especially now that he was in rage mode. Kazemon was trying to get Chuckie and Suicune out of the area, but each time she moved, Deviljho threw a rock at her, sending back down to the ground. “Ah! My right wing can’t move anymore…that last rock must have broken it!” cried out Kazemon. Suddenly, she reverted back to Kari. “Oh crap oh crap oh crap!” said Kari in a fearful tone, as Deviljho reared his ugly head over her. Stamping on her legs, she screamed in pain as her bones cracked. Deviljho lowered its head, and was about to bite her head off when it staggered back, roaring in pain. Dark red blood splattered from the stump that was once its tail, as the end of the tail fell to the ground, twitching twice before lying still. White lightning rained from the sky, each one causing the Deviljho to flinch. Roaring in pain, it turned to its attacker. I was riding the Kirin, and my ImperialThunderSword had blood on it. “Sorry Deviljho, but your no match for G-rank.” I said, feeling confident that my G-rank armor and weapons would destroy a mere High-Rank monster. Deviljho suddenly spun around, and three rocks came flying at me. If it wasn’t for my Great Sword, I would have been crushed. Now I knew how hopeless it was. This was no High-rank Deviljho. Somehow, it got an upgrade to something higher than G-rank, but was that possible? Kirin fired a thunderbolt from the sky, and it crashed down on the Deviljho, causing him to stagger. Charging my energy into the sword, I smashed it into Jho’s face, then comboed into a smack. Electricity crackled along my sword, paralyzing the beast. Moving to the right of its head, I comboed into another charge, this one involved curving my body to the right. I aimed at the old scar, at the same spot my dad nearly killed the beast on. My charge complete, I slammed my sword onto its neck. My sword bounced. I fell back, surprised by this. My dad was able to cut it, then why can’t—

The Jho roared, and its body swelled again, this time becoming black. Now I could see why the scar was there. The wound was bright red, and wounds are only that color when inflicted by a longsword at red spirit release. My greatsword didn’t have the penetration needed to cut a double enraged Jho. Before I could get my footing, Jho went to point-blank dragon breath when the Kirin kicked me out of the way. I could only watch as Deviljho fired a point-blank dragonbreath at the poor Kirin, sending it flying into a tree. I felt rage, a rage that I never felt before, course through my veins. It felt like my entire village was under attack, and I was the only able to defend it. Deviljho leapt in the air, and was about to land on Suicune to finish it off when I threw my blade at it. The ImperialThunderSword flew through the air, and smashed through the Deviljho’s body, removing its heart. The Jho fell with a thud, and lied still. Breathing hard, I managed to stagger over to Suicune and forced it to take a dark red potion. Suddenly, its entire body glowed, and the beast emerged without a single wound on it, all of its lost organs replaced. The Kirin staggered to me, and placed its horn on Suicune. The horn glowed for an instant, and Suicune groaned a little before receiving what was left of the Kirin’s power. The Kirin fell to the ground, dead. Tucker flew back on Fang, having run off with both Kari and Chuckie. Chcukie ran for Suicune while Tucker helped Kari off of Fang. Tucker carried Kari with him, since she had no legs left, and she said quickly “You killed it. Why! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL IT!” she began crying, since she thought that I had forsaken the path of killing monsters. I killed the large knight digimon, I killed the Deviljho, and I saved them from the Kushala Daora. How was I still a killer.

“Simple. It was not a matter of saving you, as Gallentmon was. It was a matter of pride. No hunter worth his weight in rubies would leave a monster to suffer. My dad let the Deviljho escape, and it roamed in agony, and it began to hate. Once something has hate, it will always be in pain. I simply removed it from that pain” I said plainly. No beating around the Basasiros on this, since it was clear I had to kill it, or else it would continue to hate and be in pain. Kari shut up, but she still wasn’t happy. Leaving the corpse to rot, I walked in the direction of the path, and the others followed.

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dude, love the story keep it up

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Enjoy the third chapter! in the opion of my teachers, this is when the fan fic gets much better.

Happy Hunting!

Chapter Three: Crystal Memories

“Can we rest for a second?” asked Kari as we made our way through a dense forest path. I used some potions on his wounds, but her legs were still healing. My arm wound was already healed, and Suicune was on its feet again. I sighed, my golden armor glinting in the sun. Because of the damage to my Kushala Daora armor, I switched to a simple gold armor with gold scales on the shoulders for protection.

“Alright, but let’s make this rest quick. I have a feeling that something is near…” I muttered, motioning for my cats to drop my box near the others. Reaching into my sack that hung from my belt, I pulled out an orange drink, and chugged it, much to the dismay of Kari and Chuckie. I closed my eyes, and allowed the effects of the psycho serum to work. Instantly, a map of the surrounding area appeared in my mind, as well as a large mark moving in our direction. Snapping my eyes open, I turned to the others before saying “Something is coming. Get on your guard, this might turn ugly.” I drew from my box the same blade that killed Deviljho, the ImperialThunderSword. I placed my right hand on top of the left on the hilt, and held it in front of me. Kari crawled back, while Tucker drew his double bladed axe and Chuckie sent out Dewott. Suddenly, a large bird flew over us, and bathed the forest around us in flames.

“Moltres! Why is it on a rampage?” asked Chuckie, completely confused, before the bird swooped down at us again, its wings burning with heavenly fire. I prepared to swing at it as it past, but it was too fast and merely knocked me off balance.

“Ow.” I muttered, standing back up. Part of my armor was burnt, but it was nothing compared to good-old Rathelos. Tucker had little more luck, but Chuckie’s Dewott jumped with two shells in hand and cut Moltres’ wings. The bird fell to the ground with a thud, and as it opened its mouth to spit flame, I jammed my electric blade into its mouth, and forced the fire back down its throat. It blinked twice, before the electricity from my blade finished its nervous system. Pulling my blade out, I sheathed it before removing my chest armor. The right side and the middle were on fire, so I was quick to us some red berry juice to put it out. Beyond being charred, it was fine, so I refashioned onto my chest before lifting my box once more. Chuckie retuned Dewott to its ball before joining Tucker and I. Kari hobbled after us, though she was more alarmed by the forest fire than I was.

“Should we put this fire out? The pokemon inside are in pain” asked Kari before she saw that I was already leaving the party behind. Chuckie was happy to help, and he was quick to us both Suicune and Dewott to put out the forest fire. “Thank you” said Kari, and she smiled before giving Chuckie a small kiss on the cheek. Chuckie blushed bright red before Sayu ran to meet back up with me, Tucker, and my cats. Chuckie smiled, and skipped to us, clearly happy.

“Come on, love birds. I need to kill something” I muttered, turning to see Chuckie skipping and Sayu smiling. I yawned, and pulled out an odd drink that was a strange yellow color. I was about to chug it when Chuckie knocked it from my hand. It fell, shattered, and the liquid steak become wasted.

“What the hell?! I need my Energy Drink in order to stay awake!” I yelled at Chuckie, before yawning again.

“No. You haven’t slept in ten days! You are going to sleep tonight, and that will be the end of it” Chuckie ordered. I growled, but I had to agree with him. I have not slept in the 13 days that we have been on this adventure, counting the time that my family and I were hunting the Basasiros. The reason I was actually heading back to the village was to rest after the days without sleep.

“….fine. We will rest here for the night” I muttered before clapping. My four cats came forward and quickly set up the portable kitchen. While Tucker and Kari sat down for some of the food, Chuckie stood near me while I took a small furnace from one of the cat boxes and set it near a workbench.

“Um….Halt, was it? Could you do me a little favor….” asked Chuckie, as he stamped nervously. I took out some hammers, tongs, and pulled my box near me. “Kari has this amulet that her mother gave her…and I was wondering if you could repair it…” I continued to ignore him, though as I searched my box, I pulled out some armor pieces from ChaosGallentmon. I turned to Chuckie, and I saw that he was red in the face, obviously embarrassed that he was asking me to repair a gift to Kari.

“Let me see it” I said, surprising him. He handed me a charred and broken silver necklace. “Hmm….it’s made of Digichrome. Rare stuff. Especially this kind, a form of pure Digichrome.” I looked up to see Chuckie with a worried face on. I smiled, and removed my helmet, to reveal my youthful face and large amount of messy black hair. “Relax, Chuck. I can easily repair this simple necklace, especially since it seems to matter a lot to you that I do repair it.”

“You’re….you’re younger than Tucker! But how?! How can you do those things like chopping through that dragon and pulling a spear out of your shoulder?”

“Simple. I’m a hunter. We stay in our prime longer than humans, so while I’m sixteen in human years, I’m actually 36 in hunter years.” Leaving Chuckie to eat with the others, I cleaned the soot from the necklace until I uncovered a small mark on the back of the amulet part. It was a printed paw, the standard mark of blacksmiths in Mindgarde. The center of it, however, had an X etched in, with a small gem in the middle of the X. “So this is your child Sayuya….” I muttered. As I continued to clean it, the amulet opened and a folded piece of paper fell out. Picking it up, I opened it, and read it. “I thought you might have said that. I know you too well, Little Yuya” I said. A smile spread across my face, and I put the note in my pocket as I continued to work on the necklace. Heating the armor I carved from ChaosGallantmon, I beat the Digichrome into the broken half of the amulet, the hinge for opening it. The lock that kept it closed was competently gone, so I repaired it so simply pressing it would open the amulet. The finished product was still digichrome, but the right side was red with a gold border. The raised image on the front was changed from a blue fang to a purple diamond, and the rest was the same. Opening the amulet, I placed the folded message back into it.

“Halt, you should really sleep, nya” advised Boyd with a nervous voice, but saw what I created on the workbench. “You made it again, nya? You should tell her that you are her uncle….”

“Right. I should, but it would be better if she read the message first, then the rest of us could talk about the past….and my age…” I agreed, though I was slightly hesitant. The rest of the group was asleep, and I could feel the heaviness grip my eyes. “Keep guard, Boyd. And be sure to shake me roughly. You know why I hate sleep.” Rolling out my bed roll, I laid down in my gold armor, and closed my eyes.

As all ways, the first thing that hits me when I sleep is the screaming. My ears feel like they will split at any moment, and the sheer amount of fright that it causes makes me shiver with intense fear. That is the curse of the helmet. The second curse is that of the chest. A deep throbbing that it causes makes me feel the dragon’s heartbeat. Every beat throbs through my body, causing pain and despair. The third curse is of the gauntlets. Whenever they are seen when under the first two curses, they appear to be the arms of the dragon that they are forged from, the infamous Fatalis. All cursed armor pieces come from the three mythical Fatalis, and the set that I am cursed with is the first of the Fatalis, the Black Fatalis. The fourth curse is of the tasset, and every time I sleep, I see the same nightmare. The nightmare is of the Fatalis burning down a village, and for some reason, it focuses on an inn that I have never seen before. A girl, about sixteen, is trapped, and she smacks against the window, trying desperately to be released. I always run to attack the wall, but that’s when the fifth and final curse affects me. The leggings give the feeling that your legs are always gripped by the Fatalis. The curses grip me, and I can only stand by as the Fatalis descends, and the girl screams as the Fatalis opens its maw. I always wake up at this part, but my reaction is always the same.

“NO!” I shouted, and stood up right in the bed sheet, panting. Boyd managed to keep my yell down, but the other three were still awake. They sat around a small fire, and Kari was hanging on Chuckie’s arm, holding the necklace that I repaired.

“Well, hunter, you seemed to make the lovebirds a way to connect” commented Tucker as I sat up and sat down on a nearby log. I nodded, but my mind was on other things. Who was that girl, and how was she connected to my curse?

“Halt, I can’t believe you were able to fix this! Digichrome is rare enough on File Island. How did you ever find the material?” asked Kari, still marveling at the pendent.

“I took some of the armor from ChaosGallentmon and heated it to the point that it could meld with the pendent. Check the back.” I commented, and motioned for her to turn it over. “The paw print shows that smiths from Mindgarde made it. The X and the ruby, though, are my personal smithing signature.” Kari, Chuckie, and Tucker all looked at me with the oddest looks on their faces. The fact that I was old enough to know Kari’s mother was one thing, but the fact I looked almost the same age as Tucker was another thing.

“WHAT!? You knew my mother!?” shouted Kari, her mouth wide in confusion.

“Actually, my brother was your father, so technically, I’m your uncle” I added, and sat back to watch the expressions spread. “In all honesty, hunters have incredible life spans. We mature slowly, and while the years tick by, we actually ignore that and age at a slow pace. My age is 39, and I was born two weeks after you mother Sayuya. My twin brother Delta was born a day after me. You think that the four continents hated each other for years, or before you were born. That is not the case. It has only been at war for about 14 years.” The second that I said fourteen years, Kari sharply inhaled, since she turned 14 before she decided to search for the shards. “Actual…it was because of my heart that the hate started….”

I looked at the sky, and smiled that I could finally tell someone this tale. “When I was growing up, the four continents and their people seemed to be happy with each other. Yuya, Delta, and I played together every day for the first ten years of our lives. But, because both Delta and I are half-hunters, we had to make a choice. Be human and mortal, or hunter and life of death. Delta choose human so he and Yuya could be happy and live together for mortal life. I….choose hunter. He choose a happy and mortal life, and mine was one of death, hatred,” I continued, but I began to choke up when my choice came up. Kari, watching tears roll down my face, stood up and sat next to me, and draped her arm around my shoulders. I couldn’t help myself—tears that I kept inside for years came rolling down. My story continued. “One day, when I was 25 hunter wise, your mother, pregnant, asked me to make the necklace that you wear. It took a day to make, but it was one of my best masterpieces. It integrated a special lock, one that would only open when the holder is subjected to intense data reconfiguration, or in simple terms, Spirit Digivolution. As I was completing the amulet, Sayuya gave birth to you, Kari. However…” I looked at them, and shook my head. The emotions were clouding my judgment. “Sorry, but I would prefer that we continued tomorrow night. I’ll keep watch, I got enough sleep.” Kari gave me a sympathetic smile, before laying down on her bed roll. Chuckie was out like a light, and Tucker was no different. Kari tossed and turned a little before finally settling down. I kept the fire going, but all the while, I forced my turbulent emotions down. They would only get in the way, but I needed to release them. The Hunter Credo…was it always life and death with us? I smiled again, realizing what I could do now. I looked at the sky, and said softly “I can finally live. This is way you chose human, Delta. If I went down you path, though, I would have never met these three. I will always remember you, brother.”