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4th January 2012, 3:04 AM
Hey guy's I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I've got the 2 cities the next two weekends. For those with knowledge of the meta here it goes. Now the people I play against are pretty tough opponent's, tough in this factor, and the thing is coming up with a varied strategy is very hard, for-instance even if you run the most solid reshiboar deck you can tank for 0-2 in the first few rounds or go 5-0 next cities, or come up with anti-meta ideas, or ideas that revolve around taking various mechanics of the meta so coming up with a deck you want to win with isn't just about playing a deck that win's, because these people make decks that beat winning deck's. So I try to make decks that make people cry inside.

3-3 lilligant EP
2 zekrom b/w
1 kyurem NV
1 victini (victory star)
1 shaymin UL
2 cleffa
3-1-2 vileplume ud
2-2-2 reuniclus b/w

3 electric energy
5 grass energy

2 dual ball
2 twins
1 prof elms
3 seeker
3 rare candy
3 pont
4 copycat
1 flowershop lady
2 burnt tower
3 communication

strategy, for those that do and don't know: setup lilligant with vileplume, victini tech, go into setting up the dragons for additional damage/support and win the slow win.

then there's the reshiboar idea, in skeleton run's

2 cleffa
3 reshiram
4-4-4 emboar, 2 ability/ 2 flare blitz
2-2-1 magnezone

10 fire energy
2 electric energy

2 fisherman
4 evolite
3 rarecandy
2 super rod
2 Interviewer's questions
4 plus power
2-4 switch (catcher counter)
N, dual ball, communication, judge, E. retrevial, and juniper.

Strategy if need be: you have three option's, deal 120, deal 150, or deal X the amount of energy = pwned.

4th January 2012, 11:27 PM
Lilligant. It is the much better deck, though time might kill you.

4th January 2012, 11:36 PM
Deck 1: The stadiums seem unnecessary, and unless you use it's second attack, Lilligant can probably live with only 4 grass energy, then you could add water energy to attack with glaciate also, and/or rainbow energy.

Also 3 PONT and 4 copycat? I don't see the reasoning there, let alone run copycat. I'd suggest some Juniper/Sage's Training/Cheren instead.

Honestly this looks like the truth with Lilligant instead of Donphan, do you have a reason to use Lilligant over Donphan?

Deck 2: 2-1-2 Magnezone seems more reliable, and since Magnezone can hit 150 for less energy than flare blitz, perhaps only 1 bad boar and run a 3rd ability-boar?

Why no PONT?