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4th January 2012, 8:06 AM
Pokemon- 24
Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr- 3-1-2
Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume- 3-1-2
Cleffa- 2
Kyurem- 2
Victini(V-Create)- 1
SEL- 1-1
Doduo/Dodrio- 1-1

Trainers- 23
Rare Candy- 4
Pokemon Communication- 2
Pokemon Collector- 4
Twins- 3
Prof. Elms Training Method- 1
Fisherman- 1
Sage's Training- 4
Juniper- 2
Seeker- 1

Energy- 13
Water- 11
Fire- 2


Feraligatr- The energy source for the deck. With Kyurem, SEL, and even Feraligatr itself having high energy costs, it's ability is a necessity. He would be more suited for a bench-sitter, though it's attack can make it useful, as it would be able to hit any pokemon affected by glaciate for 90, totaling 120 damage, which isn't ideal, so I don't rely on it for as a fighter. I include 3 copies of Totodile so I can attempt to have at least two on the bench, even if one is prized; I have 3 Feraligatr to give high chances of getting a Feraligatr by T2 or T3.

Vileplume- Once Feraligatr is down (though some decks it may be preferred to lock first and rely on evolving w/o rare candy), I'd use the lock to cripple the opponent's resources. Assuming kyurem is set up, or another pokemon, I could begin to spread damage. Same card amount reasons as for Feraligatr.

Kyurem- The main attacker in the deck. Able to spread 30 damage on every pokemon can be very threatening, especially with trainers blocked off. This puts most pokemon at a lower, more ideal HP. Low HP pokemon like Shaymin, Pachirisu, and basics are at easy risk. With the lock established, low HP basics won't be able to evolve, making them even more prone to Kyurem.

Pichu- The intended starter. Even when not starting, it can be easily grabbed and switched to with communication, can make an easy first turn setup. Exactly which pokemon would be grabbed depends more on the deck versing, though grabbing a Kyurem, and two of Totodile and Oddish is ideal, though sometimes a doduo or victini in exchange for a totodile may be a better path.

Victini- A useful attacker for two reasons. One is it's 100 damage for two energies. While a full bench is required, the large amount of Pichu and Collector make it little to worry over. 100 damage is ideal, as with Kyurem's Glaciate, all big contenders like Chandelure, Vanilluxe, and Dragons to 100 HP, making them easier to KO. Another important reason is Cobalion, which is a new threat in the format, and can be OHKO'd with weakness.

SEL- The deck's sniper. While it can be used for attacking the active, it's aiming for the bench is more useful. For the same reason as Victini, any benched pokemon are more at risk due to Kyurem. Even without Kyurem, SEL can hit important techs at their basic form, or Pachirisu, Shaymin, or Elektrik. Feraligatr's Rain Dance keeps consistency with attacks, and the 160 HP will take almost any pokemon at least two turns to KO.

Dodrio- Being able to CC reduction on retreat cost can be very useful, as Switch is gone with the lock, and everything but Feraligatr can now retreat for free, which can prove useful.

Rare Candy- 4 is alot considering they'll be locked afterwards, but the necessity for a T2 lock and/or Feraligatr makes it important.

Pokemon Comm.- 2 is just enough to pull one or two to get the ideal pokemon out before the lock.

Collector- Along with 3 Pichu, 3 Collector almost guarantees a full bench by the end of turn one.

Fisherman- Fitting in extra energy is hard, so being able to get a few extra is worth the supporter for the turn.

N- This card isn't all too important, but one copy helps for a late game comeback.

Seeker- This card is intended for pulling up the lock, which can be important as occasionally it hinders myself more than the opponent, especially when I need to use a rare candy/communication. If possible, I'd attempt to re-establish the lock after pulling it.

Some things I need help with:

Draw Supporters- With the testing I've done, I found myself in need of hand refreshers, but cutting corners gets hard in this kind of deck. I'm looking for opinions on which cards should be dropped/decreased. I was hoping to at least have two more draw supporters, also which draw supporters you'd recommend would be nice too.

Dealing with Vanilluxe/Chandelure- Through all my testing, the thing I've confirmed is this deck falls apart against these two new decks, mainly because I'm paralyzed and can't retreat, or I'm confused and don't have an attacker that can step up to fight right away. Any techs/strategies that could counter these two is something I'm struggling to figure out.

4th January 2012, 5:34 PM
you're biggest issue right now is other trainer lock decks and cobalion tech's. Also I'd say

-3 pichu (you play against a ZPST, reshiram, kyurem, cobalion/steel, trainer lock, damage spread, you just signed your death warrant)

+1 kyurem (if kyurem is your mainline attacker, use it as such)
+2 cleffa (stall for a better outcome, you'd rather have a better hand then a good bench in setting up trainer lock)

4th January 2012, 7:50 PM
Alright, makes sense. I'll definitely consider, especially since I don't even have any Pichu on me anyways xD.

6th January 2012, 8:10 PM
Took some of your advice, shifted around some things. I decided N was more of a burden most times in this deck, running some Juniper, and upped my supporters in general. Also swapped PIchu for Cleffa.