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4th January 2012, 7:06 AM
Tynamo (NV 38)- 4
Elektrik (NV 40)- 4
Pikachu (HGSS 78)- 4
Raichu (UD 83)- 4
Thundurus (EP 97)- 4
Cleffa (HGSS 17)- 1

Trainers- 27
Engineer's Adjustments- 4
Pokemon Collector- 3
Pokemon Communication- 2
Pokemon Catcher- 2
PlusPower- 3
Junk Arm- 3
Super Rod- 2
Professor Juniper- 4

Electric- 12

Raichu- Able to do 120 for EEC, with the only penalty of discarding all energy attached to Raichu. This penalty is a major setback, which is why Elektrik is used to restore these energies with dynamotor, then Raichu's ability brings them right back for another 120. This consistency allows for 120 damage each turn, the only setback being is two/three elektrik are needed, as long as one energy can be attached from the hand.

Thundurus- Intended starter. Able to use charge to get attacking by T2, Thundurus can start getting energy into the discard pile, and searching the deck for energy, all while starting to hit the opponent for 80 a turn. While doing this, I can work on setting up Raichu/Elektrik on the bench.

Tynamo- I choose the 40 HP for the simple reasoning that Kyurem is a potent threat, and being forced to discard an energy for retreat isn't too awful considering the point of this deck is to restore energy from the discard.

4 PONT/Juniper- To keep consistency I need 2 or 3 Elektrik to start decently attacking, and at least a second Raichu would be smart to have, so I need to refresh my hand as much as I can get set up.

Engineer- Discarding an energy as now I have fuel for dynamotor, and 4 cards is the highest amount I can draw out of supporters without altering my hand, so it's a win-win situation.

Catcher- Same reason as ZPST, major disruption, hit anything for 120 is useful.

Super Rod- Return Raichu/Elektrik to the deck is helpful, and the deck can get skinny quick with a few turns of Juniper/PONT, so the few extra cards doesn't hurt either.

PlusPower- Boost Raichu's thunderbolt to 130, and now I can KO dragons and new pesky threats like Chandelure.

4th January 2012, 4:31 PM
tornadus would be a better card to add into this deck instead of thundurous and the reason behind that is energy synergy and type advantage, also running 4 communication and 4 juniper are you're best bet, for instance, here's an engine I developed for dynamotor,

2 dual ball
4 N
4 communication
4 evolite
2 max potion
2 defender
4 switch
3 junpier
4 cheren

everything's in 3-4 ratio meaning that N is to grab juniper and juniper is meant to nerf you're deck to nerf the energy needed, the 4 communication is a must considering that you have 2 4-4 lines which means your never going to draw the pokemon you want, but thats okay with 4 communication where as 2 wouldn't.

sure it's for a zekrom engine, and I'm not saying use this exact build but it's a very good engine for setting up dynamotor, but I find the zekrom engine more flexible then raichu, 130 + 120 damage reduction and with a defender it goes to minus 40 damage reduction taken, turning zekrom into a 150 mountain, given the deck, dark knight of light was based off of this deck that you've made.

4th January 2012, 6:59 PM
I'm not even sure why I didn't run 4 comm., but thank you for pointing that out. I'm curious why you run 4 N though? In a deck I'd run two at most as a late game disruption, but for 4 you could run PONT instead, and I've found myself in situations where I played N being desperate,and gave my opponent extra cards I didn't want to. Also why Cheren? It's decent drawing but Engineer has nice dynamotor synergy. This might just be my opinion though

4th January 2012, 9:16 PM
why 4 N, reason in a slow start up deck where you need a minimum of 2 energy before you can attack you need to be able to setup dynamotor instantly, even if it means giving your opponent the advantage in reality you're more concerned about getting the cards you need to win faster, you could use pont but at the same time I look at the disruption rate of a deck, even your opponent could get shutdown with a really bad shuffle and thats the game maker right there, when in theory all you need is dynamotor, zekrom and electric energy.

cheren is better then engineer for various reason's, 1. there is no stipulation saying you need to discard anything so for instance your game starts with an engineer and 1 energy, your not going to use the energy on engineer because that slow's you down an extra turn in setting up the actual flow of electric energy, because with that 1 energy you can start up a card like thundurous, but if you did use it you would be slowed down by a turn, 2. when used in a hand with juniper it's just a card used to thin out the deck making it easier to draw the cards need to actually be used, so even if you use it or you don't it's a win win no matter what, and 3. trainer lock option, if you run a non trainer lock deck where you only run support to get new hands then what happens you need an extra card to help carry the weight of the deck, you can't use com anymore and collector doesn't grab dynamotor, also with only 8 supporter's for re-draw it's better to have a 10+ idea that doesn't slow you down where discarding more energy then you need does.